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2012-04-08 FindingYourRoots


Start: 20:01:47
End: 21:00:08
Chatters: bbenn, Daviss, evpace, jhonora, keli1, Khathu, Nadasue, Selma, vkn

Nadasue: Evening Daviss

vkn: Howdy to all

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

vkn: Nadasue Daviss BBenn

Daviss: hello bbenn, nadasue and vkn! Is everyone excited about tonight's show?

keli1: Good evening to all.

Daviss: hi keli1!

bbenn: hi keli1 I did not realize that they had been married for 25 years!

Daviss: Oh keli1 check your msg on fb for me please..

vkn: Hi Keli1

Daviss: long time in that arena bbenn

keli1: oh yea, they have been together for a long time, great couple! Hi Vkn

bbenn: yes, it is...

Nadasue: Sorry. Hello again to those who came in since I first spoke. I'm in and out for a few. My daughter has just come in from an outing, and picks THIS MOMENT to get ready to leave for her trip back to DC. :)

keli1: lol

vkn: Del Jupiter the genealogist who lives where I do is a Sedgewick daughters come first Nadasue owdy evpace

Nadasue: So ummmm, I told her it was time for my "weekly show" (didn't mention there's another one) and showed her the chat. Her response, "Why in the world would ya'll do that? That's just strange." Sigh... Misunderstood mother

bbenn: hello evpace

vkn: owdy evpace and howdy

Daviss: hello evpace!!

bbenn: lol lol lol

keli1: Hi evpace

Nadasue: Correction... misunderstood GENEALOGIST

evpace: Evening,howdy,hello all.

Daviss: lol@nadasue is Del in that line vkn?

vkn: Yes in the Sedgewick line

Daviss: interesting...Hello there Selma!!

bbenn: Hi Selma

keli1: That is not a modest home

Selma: Good evening bbenn, Davis, evpace, keli, Nadasue and vkn

evpace: Nadasue,tell daughter wemare addicted.

keli1: howdy to you Selma

Daviss: heyyy give me back my "s" selma

bbenn: Money, money, money...

Selma: Sorry you an extra one..

Daviss: lol

Selma: Daviss..and yes we landed up at Golden Corral

vkn: She is watching it at her house now daviss they the line is documented in her book Heyyyyy Selma

bbenn: hi jhonora

jhonora: Evening Everyone, Happy Easter

vkn: Howdy JHonora

Daviss: They have good food and I don't blame you Selma

evpace: Mo money,mo money!

Daviss: hi JHonora

bbenn: Definitely mo moneylol

keli1: he helped build Yale????

Selma: No he went there

keli1: okay,

jhonora: Don't you hate when these shows reveal that within the guest's immediate family there already is a genealogist; it isn't really a new revelation then

evpace: Bon jour jhonora.

jhonora: Bonjour evpace

keli1: Selma, wonder if he is linked to the Bacon Rebellion

Selma: Does he have VA roots..we will find out

Khathu: Hello everyone

Selma: Evening Khathu

keli1: Hello Khathu

bbenn: Hello Khathu

vkn: hi khathu

evpace: Where were the indigenous people,Mative Americans? Native oops

keli1: he knows darn well he didn't do any of his research, acting like he did with the book, lol,

Daviss: hello khathu!

bbenn: jhonora, you are right...what's new if the family historian has also conducted research and written a book?

evpace: keli1 lol

Selma: Becasue the family historians..don't always include it all..just what looks good

bbenn: ok...a bill of slave...maybe that's a new finding.

Khathu: that is not surprising

Selma: Would someone tell me why he is stunned

jhonora: He always make it seem as though slave owning was uncommon, I think it is an expected finding for many wealthy caucasian families

bbenn: they would not include that in the family history...that's property...

Khathu: Most white who do their research do not document their ancestors slave holding past

keli1: it was a way of life whooooo wonder if there are any babies

bbenn: wouldn't that be an interesting finding..pull out the DNA testlol lol

evpace: Surprise,surprise!!

bbenn: what? not aware of slavery in Mass...

keli1: well you talk about the north, it was not as prevelate as the south and a Quaker own means own, no matter if you were a nice owner or not, you OWNed someone

jhonora: It is a good series, but to me, thus far it needs to be named "Blacks Dealing with Whiteness and Whites Dealing with Slavery" lol

keli1: good for Kevin for saying this

evpace: Quakers owned slaves and when you read the minutes of Va meetings some women accepted ec-communication rather than give up their slaves.

Khathu: 35 y/o was considered old back then

Selma: I was gonna say..the life expentency was about 40 or 50\

keli1: sometimes I think the southern states did not allow slaves to read and write, is due to then not being able too why does he keep bringing his stuff in the show, we have went thru his whole family...hmmm

Daviss: lol @ keli1

bbenn: he is making certain that we know his admixturelol lol lol

keli1: well I can bring my stuff out too! lol

Nadasue: LOL... Daughter's friend before they left... "Wow.. I didn't know they left slaves to people in their wills!" Smh...

Khathu: if he do another dna to show the students of color how much white blood they have, i am going to scream i meant dna test

Nadasue: I'm back now, :)

bbenn: ok, let's see how long it will take for him to bring up the admixture issue...

keli1: just shows how deep the "screwing" went on...

bbenn: lol lol lol lol

Khathu: Gates is really silly. His analysis of Lincoln is so incorrect

Nadasue: I've missed a lot. Will have to watch again tomorrow.

Daviss: Now Khathu you know he is a Historians Historian :?

Khathu: The Office of the President has one sole duties and that is to maintain the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution Daviss he is a literature major not a historian

Daviss: could have fooled me Khathu since thats all I see when I hear about him lol

evpace: I thought he majored in history at Yale.

Selma: Was he still owning his own slaves?

Khathu: He is not a trained historian. His speciality is literature. He is an honorary historian........

evpace: OK thanks Khathu.

Selma: Wonder if she is in Freedmen's Bureau records

Daviss: Gates: I was interested in American political history. My first degree was from Yale, in history, and John Morton Blum was my mentor. who is Blum Khathu

Khathu: Undergrad degree does not classify someone as a historian

Daviss: Aha!!

Khathu: He is considered an American literary critic He is not even considered an historian by his peers

Daviss: Selma new Masters champion named Bubba

Selma: I know Daviss..caught it on the news

Khathu: Blum was a political historian

Daviss: thanks Khathu

keli1: hmmmm interesting... this is where he and Kyra are related

vkn: Selma I expect you will help us learn

keli1: that was expected

bbenn: sure waslol lol lol

keli1: that was not new

Khathu: How come he did not do that with the African American guest?

keli1: he has with others

jhonora: Khathu, it doesn't matter with black gates, all they need to know is that they have "White" in them

Nadasue: Gonna check out Oprah with TD Jakes next.

keli1: its good Nadasue

Khathu: yeah, good ole gates

bbenn: Good night everyone! nice chatting with ya...

Daviss: nite bbenn

evpace: Where b vkn?

Khathu: ither hate him or love him good night everyone

Selma: Nite..all

evpace: Nite all.

vkn: here

Nadasue: nite

Daviss: I am looking at the Trumpet Awards, next Gates and then Oprah

vkn: A good show tonite Busy nite daviss

Daviss: I will see lol but listening at all the comments I can tell it is

vkn: Busy Hpw shall we rate Gates presentation for 2nite How

Daviss: I can't comment vkn because I wont see it for another hour I am just a lurker in chat lol

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