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2012-04-08 Courthouse Heavy Lifting


Start: 11:28:54
End: 12:58:39
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, deannie, vkn

deannie: Hi Daviss

Daviss: heyyy deannie! happy Easter

deannie: Moring Alt

Daviss: Hello Alt, happy Easter to you also

alt: good morning ladies, Happy Easter

Daviss: how is going deannie?

deannie: Happy Easter

Daviss: Are you 1940'd out yet? lol

deannie: Not yet my Misssissippi

alt: working 2 computers.....census on 1 and chat on the other LOL

Daviss: lol lol

deannie: Or Illinois Mult taskings

alt: trying LOL

Daviss: I may have take a break for a day or two. Only found two of my peeps

deannie: ditto here

alt: wow!!! that's not good

deannie: When mississippi hits.....I'm on it.....

Daviss: I know alt...and with all the enumeration dist they are supposed to be in, they are not. So I have been scouring the ones that are before and after

alt: I'm working my old hometown and finding the families of my childhood friends

Daviss: they are all up deannie

deannie: one week from todaly...I'm on my way to Mississippi what state Alt

alt: wonderfull deannie .... Daviss, ancestry says they have them all up ?????

Daviss: I think they were all up on Friday

deannie: On...

Daviss: yes alt they are..thats what I was telling deannie

alt: Ohio deannie .... Miami County,

deannie: great

Daviss: I am sticking strickly with ancestry to look for mine

alt: I thought you were missing some ED's Daviss right, me too Daviss

Daviss: no, they are all there its just my peeps are not in the districts that they should be lol

alt: darn it ....don't those folks know that they're supposed to be where we think they are LOLLOL

deannie: My niece had a baby shower this weekend and I made it a genealogy moments....

Daviss: I found my great grandmother in one on my Taylor side and my grandfather on my Daviss side on another and that is all

alt: gotta just keep on truckin' Daviss LOL

Daviss: so the games still on

alt: right, the 'fat lady' hasn't sung yet LOL

Daviss: right alt, I don't even think she has learned the words to the song

alt: folks must be in the Easter Parade

Daviss: :?

alt: Happy Birthday to BD and his twin

deannie: I have all the guests completing a questionare like the baby was asking them....

Daviss: yes, thank you alt lol

alt: great idea deannie !!!

deannie: I will places the paperwork in a book after I have placed the information on my family tree....

alt: you're just too inovative deannie :)

Daviss: very interesting deannie, I bet you got some good answers

deannie: Also I get 2 people interest in doing their family

Daviss: very good!

deannie: I have to find my information where every I find it.........

Daviss: thats for sure deannie

alt: fo sho deannie

Daviss: when did you say you are going to Mississippi deannie?

deannie: When leave Sunday nite...those that are taking the train....some are flying they leave Monday....i'm with the Lettie and Nettie....we will be in the Archives by 1:00 when they are just leaving Midway, in Chicago

Daviss: do you have any Zephyr's /Zepher's in your line anywhere out of Ms deannie? last name

deannie: No...wesbter, tyler,bradley,hall,shelton

Daviss: One of my Cooper's married a Zepher from Ms' Alt I heard on the news today that the Mac had a virus. I know Mac users are reeling supposed to never get a virus

alt: is that right.... I thought Mac's were immune to viruses

AYWalton: Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Daviss: the guy said " think again"

AYWalton: Hello alt, Daviss, deannie!

deannie: Hi Angela

alt: Hello & Happy Easter AYWalton

Daviss: Hi and Happy Easter to you AYWalton!! thanks for the poster pics AYWalton

AYWalton: ah yes, I thought you would like. I am going to write a list of their names so I can make a quick look up if anyone is interested. Plus I might make a blog post out of it eventually.

Daviss: let me know when you get the list made

AYWalton: sure thing.

alt: this is the week of the OGS Conf in Cleveland,,,starts Weds. night...

AYWalton: that conference looks really good, alt. will you attend, alt?

Daviss: Is that the one that Shelly will be speaking at alt?

AYWalton: no she will be speaking at NGS in Cincinnati in May

alt: yeah... and I'm gonna have to miss it..1st miss in 8 years... Dr. advises against travel at the moment

AYWalton: oh sorry to hear that, alt. well do what the doctor says.

deannie: we are having a big breakfast with my immediate family this morning before everyone heads back to school, work...the re here from...Carbondale, Macomb, midlorthain, Il, and St Paul, we have about 20 present.........

AYWalton: that is more important. sounds like fun Deannie! all at your house?

alt: me too AYWalton :{ boohoo

AYWalton: well it is better to cooperate with the doctor. Wish I was there---I may have to try to make some of those midwestern state conferences.

alt: wonderful deannie, who's from Carbondale? Are they at SIU?

deannie: They are here for breakfast...but they all did not stay here...but I did have a 4 bedroom if you are every here just drop in

alt: yeah, gonna miss Tim. Debbie, Shamele, Tony & some Ohio folk who will be presenting.

deannie: Yes, my niece attends SIU

alt: ah so, deannie

AYWalton: I am still pouring through 1940, Daviss! going in an orderly fashion this time and now with Ancestry, I can see a whole page at a glance. Once I find my dad, and grandparents, then I will look into indexing. deannie have you been searching much?

alt: Have y'all made a printout of the blank form I posted on AfriGeneas? It is a big help

AYWalton: I have not made a print out of it, but have looked at it a few times.

alt: it prints on 2 sides of paper (PDF) and has an expalnation ffor all of the columns plus the supplementary questions

AYWalton: they did ask some interesting questions. I have enjoyed going through the old neighborhood. I can tell who the oldest neighbors were in the neighborhood that I grew up in during the next decade. Happy Easter, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alt: the income amounts are quite interesting

AYWalton: hope you are well today!

vkn: Howdy this morning on Easter

alt: I'm walking my neighborhood now, finding the families of those ZI greww up with...quite enjoyable Hi & Happy Easter vkn

vkn: doing ok

AYWalton: I bet it is enjoyable, alt. Seeing old names again is fun.

vkn: and renewing old friends

AYWalton: ahhh yes. I loved seeing the names of the folks whom I only knew as old folks and there are before they were "old". Fascinating.

alt: who you talking bout AYWalton !!!!!!! LOL LOL

AYWalton: lol

vkn: Hope the experience is productive

AYWalton: really odd looking at folks who were living in my house--before my parents bought the house in the 1950s. Who are those people and why are they in my house? lol looks like they were there also in 1930. Hmm.....wonder who they were and where they went after that.

alt: hahahahaha @ AYWalton

AYWalton: vkn did you see the video that I put up? Regina Spencer of the Adoptions Forum was featured.

alt: only da shadow knows LOL

vkn: Not as yet ayw Recd link to video from bbenn but it did not open was that it

Daviss: Hi there vkn! Happy Easter

AYWalton: not sure.

vkn: and to you daviss


vkn: okies will take a peek

Daviss: really nice video AYWalton, I enjoyed it very much

AYWalton: thanks, Daviss

vkn: Still working on taxes

Daviss: those kids were so cute lol all figetty

AYWalton: they were too cute, and very sweet children. and polite.

Daviss: that lil guy with the tie on had me heehee

AYWalton: actually she was a girl. She was too cute, though. I think it was part of a uniform.

Daviss: ohhhh ok still had me lol

vkn: So how goes the census

AYWalton: they were sweet. it is going---in fact, going rightnow. still hunting for my father and grandparents and uncles.

vkn: very good

Daviss: vkn did you get to chat on the Edie Falco segment?

vkn: wasn;t that a week ago?

Daviss: me too AYWalton, I am now going through most of the ED's before and after the one they are supposed to be in Fri vkn

vkn: I saw the one on Friday see the log but not recalling the name of the prime character

Daviss: I was telling alt and deannie I may have to take a break for a day or two. i am getting frustrated and my wrist is hurting lol

alt: I thought the Edie Falco episode was pretty goo, theyfoundsome interesting records in the UK

AYWalton: yes don't give yourself an injury, Daviss. that could give you carpo tunnel.

vkn: I recall the surname of the family but not the researcher

AYWalton: Not fun to have.

Daviss: I dont want to upset that again AYWalton, when I worked at the Clerk of Superior Court years ago I had CT

vkn: was she researching the newspaper man and the baby born at sea?

AYWalton: ahh so you know. Yes do be careful.

Daviss: yes vkn

alt: yes

AYWalton: well I better run, folks. Have a Happy Easter!

vkn: focusing on my own research these days

Daviss: I did not really enjoy it that much alt, mabe because my head was stuck on the census

vkn: and pre 1940

Daviss: have you been back to the courthouse vkn the one in Talledaga

vkn: No that was a final. Books too much for me to handle any longer

Daviss: ]oh vkn did you see on the news that the Mac has a virus.. There is a download for it

vkn: Have to carry an assistant which gets to be expensive Not yet

alt: I'll work for LOL

vkn: courthouse work is heavy lifting

Daviss: just to lift a book for you vkn...I wish I were there to help ya yes but!!!

vkn: lol thankee Most of my courthouse work is done

Daviss: ok that is good

vkn: I now hire someone to do the courthouse work remaining

Daviss: I see

vkn: alt is your courthouse work finished and what about you daviss and deannie

Daviss: ha! vkn I live too far away for that

deannie: I'm sorry but I get trap in the moment wit my family....breakfast is on....I'm otu have a great week and do not forget to watch Dr Gate tonight

alt: not really vkn, but I don't go too often,,, and most are right here within 10=20 miles

Daviss: deannie you two and if you get a chance they have a chat going on to watch it

vkn: are you doing the heavy lifting when you do go alt

Daviss: sheesh I cant spell today

alt: okay deannie.... take care not if I can help it vkn

vkn: lol

Daviss: they have a chat deannie where they all watch together and discuss as they go.. It's in the Roots to you room here They also have a WDYTYA room deannie

vkn: Did you check out Gloria Breckinridge daviss

alt: gotta run y'all take care

Daviss: I saw where you said she came in vkn

vkn: okies alt No feedback on whether she was a member of your group

Daviss: she was about an hr late what group vkn

deannie: is this site on Afrigeneas

Daviss: yes deannie

vkn: your genealogy group she is in AZ

deannie: ok. i have been checking in between bites

Daviss: just go to the dropdown menu to get the right room deannie I have not heard of her vkn. She may be in another city do you have her email if so, send to me and I will e her to see where she is located

vkn: Sent all of that to you young lady

Daviss: hmmm I must have missed her email addy

vkn: I thought maybe I was doing an overload lol

Daviss: I will check again for that

vkn: I stay in overdrive lol

Daviss: too fast for me vkn, I drive an Edsel lol

vkn: oooooookay

Daviss: lol

vkn: lol

Daviss: deannie good luck with your Ms trip..come back with lots of goodies

vkn: indeed deannie

deannie: Ok...have a great day

Daviss: I better run start din din

vkn: will you put up invite daviss or link to old one

Daviss: do you mean for tonights chat

vkn: sad to learn about Edda r Pittman but I suspected sh died

Daviss: yes vkn I saw AYWaltons email

vkn: yesmam re chat

Daviss: I will check to see if its still on for tonight via programing...May be Easter specials on If so will post either way

vkn: I did not actually see the Pittman detail could not find in article nted to post to mailing list wanted

Daviss: dunno vkn I will look again also on that

vkn: ok and y'all take all care

Daviss: later bye

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