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2012-04-06 WDYTYA


Start: 20:02:07
End: 21:02:40
Chatters: evpace, fierybug08, jhonora, keli1, Selma, Sonia, vkn

vkn: I am here but taking a break BRB What is family News article re wedding gave genealogy data BrownHowdy Sonia McGrath Welcome back atcha and how are you News article gives info born Wisc not Wales All Saints Cathedral and how are you Sonia ?

Sonia: Good evening Valencia! Have you been diving into the 1940? I'm well. How about you?

vkn: Just a bit Sonia Plan to wait for further when index is available

Sonia: Got bumped off. I just took a quick look today, but haven't found anyone yet.

vkn: 1876 Baptismal recordback newspaper provides clue = clue

fierybug08: Hello everyone Hi Selma and VKN

vkn: howdy fiery pickings have slimed sonia was here and left

fierybug08: lol

vkn: owdy selma

fierybug08: I see. Well she'll be back

Selma: Hi fierybug and vkn..where is everyone else? Still looking at the 1940

fierybug08: Hi Keli1

keli1: hello to all

vkn: howdy keli1

Selma: Evening Keli

keli1: I was indexing and had to finish before I let loose of it

fierybug08: I am too busy to try anything related to the Census yet. I'm at the tail end of the semester. Three more major papers due until a break before Summer session

keli1: I make myself do one or two images per day

vkn: i understand fiery

fierybug08: That's great keli1 I still read from time to time the Afrigeneas postings and general blogs about AA genealogy. The NARA in DC is hosting an annual workshop soon. I may stop by during lunch for one session.

vkn: how is the indexing going keli1

fierybug08: Hi evpace

Selma: Evening evpace

evpace: Evening all.

vkn: howdy evpace

keli1: Hi evpace this man should not be marrying folks, he can't keep a wife

fierybug08: lol

vkn: lol

keli1: vkn the indexing is going good, I wish I could do more

Selma: So what happened to the estate?

fierybug08: keli1 have you done previous years? Or are you concentrating on 1940 records?

vkn: good to hear keli1

fierybug08: Selma I'm guessing there wasn't nothing left try spliting stuff up 4X ways

keli1: I have done a little bit before. but now just concentrating on 1940, I have school obligations as well, plus work the full time job

evpace: Remember Georgie and his wife and children in the next county unknown to the wife and daughters he an episode last year.

Selma: Yes..I remember

vkn: good memory evpace

evpace: Newspaper men and Sailors have a lot in common.

vkn: lol

fierybug08: Sister Catherine Brown...was she clergy? wow...look @ her iPad3.

keli1: she might be named Sister and not of the clergy or nun, hmmm

jhonora: Evening Everyone!

keli1: hi jhonora

fierybug08: wb Sonia

keli1: hi Sonia

fierybug08: Hi jhonora

vkn: jhonora howdy

Sonia: Hi everyone. Had to put the dog out, etc.

Selma: Evening jhonora and Sonia

vkn: its moving fast though cloudy to me

evpace: Sister Catherine is her church name.

keli1: well she became a Sister, which was not unusal, some women went to the sisterhood when hubby passed

fierybug08: hmm...interesting keli1

keli1: Cornwall, prirates

evpace: Child-birth death?

Selma: I don't think it is all that unusual..mortality rate was very high..we are talking 1831 When she is born..

fierybug08: it didn't really say.

keli1: yep, I like that she is asking questions and validated that some of the family history was a bit different than recorded

fierybug08: or maybe I wasn't paying attention....they skipped quite a bit

Selma: She is 10 in the 1841 census she was born circa 1831

fierybug08: well...Kate's surname Kindley was spelled Rindley in the Ancestry record

jhonora: Another genealogist just called me to tell me that they find this episode lacking in plot ... anyone agree/disagree?

fierybug08: does

evpace: What???

vkn: agreed jhonora but maybe it is building

keli1: lacking in pilot? plot?

fierybug08: I'm still lost about C.C. Brown. I am not satisfied with what happened to Kate's child

jhonora: lacking in novelty or uniqueness

fierybug08: hmmm...first time for gloves/

vkn: Gloves for the first time great minds fiery

evpace: The show is named "Who Do You Think You Are" fkr a reason. This episode requires rapt attention.

Selma: LOL I am rapt

vkn: rapt is a good word

evpace: Me too!

keli1: they died while at sea,

Selma: Mom died..child was 2..I could see her living with grandmother

keli1: how cool to go out on the ship,etc...

vkn: strange smile on his face

fierybug08: he's probably smitten

Selma: He is meeting Tony Sorprono's wife.. LOL

keli1: beautiful!

vkn: shaky Sonia

keli1: my 3x grandfather was a boatman, lol. He took the rich white folks across the Potomac or Shendoah river to Shanndale Springs

evpace: Did you see the rainbow?

keli1: Shannondale Springs Resort

jhonora: Question: Is there a second episode out for "Finding Your Roots"?

Selma: I think there have been 3 so far jhonora

keli1: I dont think so, only the kevin and wife

evpace: Keli1 he must have been highly skilled and fearless.

Selma: Wynton and Harry Connick John Lewis and Newark NJ mayor

jhonora: O.k., so the Barbara Walters show is this week?

keli1: naw...just took those folks across the river on a raft type think, lol, but I will consider him a captain

Selma: I saw the Walters show last sunday..

keli1: this week is only kevin and his wife

Selma: I agree with you keli..sounds like a Captain to me..LOL

evpace: So did I Selma.

keli1: that was in Jefferson county, VA now WV, @Selma that is how she got to NY...

evpace: Slave ship....the Africano.

Sonia: If this was 1831, was England still involved in the slave trade?

Selma: Not in the international slave trade at least legally that is

Sonia: What kind of ship was it he was captaining?

keli1: agree Selma

fierybug08: merchant raw materials

keli1: not sure if slaves were on the merchant ships

evpace: New York Port and black market possibility.

vkn: interesting outcome

keli1: she didn't go back to her mom and tell, hmmm

Sonia: Have a great evening everyone and a blessed Easter!

keli1: oh well, I think I will get one more done, talk to ya'all later

vkn: who is the next weeks guest

evpace: Episode cut short for viewing only.

vkn: okies keli

jhonora: o.k. Have a blessed Easter!

Selma: Good night

vkn: happy easter be good evpace

evpace: Night all and blessed Easter and Passover!

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