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2012-04-01 Pre 1940 • Reconstruction


Start: 11:46:36
End: 13:17:02
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, deannie, keli1, Selma, Statustray, vkn

vkn: and now I am back afain

AYWalton: Good morning vkn!!! Greetings!

vkn: Well howdy Mz AYW

AYWalton: how are you this morning. ?

vkn: Fine just learning about the Elaine 12

AYWalton: quick question---I was going to check on the message board and got some strange messages about registering something on Afrigeneas. Seemed to be something for BJ to comprehend. you must be talking about Arkansas.

vkn: at a story

AYWalton: and the Elaine riots of 1919, I believe it was.

vkn: Oh forum is being upgraded

AYWalton: ahhh ok. whew!! do I have to do anything? oh and Scipio A. Jones was the attorney for the case.

vkn: A terrific Little Rock story Yes I was just reading his bio

AYWalton: Scipip Jones was an amazing man. He is buried in Little Rock.

vkn: The person authoring Blood In Their Eyes was on BookTV yesterday

keli1: Good morning, I just wanted to say hi, I am running to Lowes, but wanted to share that the Battle at Pea Ridge is running on cspan-3,

vkn: Howdy Lady Keli1

keli1: The Little Rock talk that was on last night was good as well, thanks for sharing vkn, I would of missed it

vkn: ok The 1937 flood was something else howdy alt

keli1: I will be back later and hopefully catch you all, hi Art..

AYWalton: there were no USCTs at Pea Ridge. I have visited the Battle ground though because some folks marched through at area during the war, from Missouri going down into the state where they would later meet USCTs

vkn: yassum

AYWalton: howdy alt

alt: hello ladies.... vkn, keli1 & AYWalton

AYWalton: hope you are well, alt.

keli1: None, wow...

AYWalton: went to see Thomas at a Baltimore library yesterday, vkn. Good presentations on technology. there were not that many blacks who lived in NW Arkansas period. not even lots of slaves. the terrain of the country (foothills of the Ozarks) did not fair well for large plantations.

keli1: Is it because of the area/location?

AYWalton: that is why the Delta on the eastern part of the state was largely black.

keli1: okay that makes sense

vkn: Yes I grabbed a listen to his conversation Friday evening. I saw you there AYW

AYWalton: Lots of good farm land---and that meant plantations. oh in his chat on Friday evening? he presented all day yesterday at a library in Baltimore.

vkn: Yes I grabbed a listen to his conversation Friday evening. I saw you there AYW. Well I guess I heard about 15 minutes

AYWalton: I think that sometimes those 1 day sessions can be quite valuable events. Maybe one day AfriGeneas can hold a 1-day event down in Atlanta VKN. I would come. lol

keli1: they are valuable, I rarely miss a chance to listen to Thomas, I like how he presents the info

AYWalton: (ok yeah---an excuse to come to Hot-lanta!!)

vkn: Grrrrrrrrreat

keli1: Oh that is a great idea AY

AYWalton: I bet you could fill up the house, vkn!!

vkn: It certainly is

AYWalton: I wonder if Miss Emma would do such a thing. She could attach (partner) with the FHExpo.

keli1: Oh I would come...need to visit my fam...

vkn: Possibly with Lady Emma and Mel Collier

AYWalton: could be interesting, and would bring folks out from all around the place. oh yes!! I bet that would turn the place out for sure!!!

keli1: Art how ya doing?

AYWalton: I have attended the Fairfax events in the past. They used to be 1 day, now they are 2 day events.

alt: Hanging in there keli1, thanks

AYWalton: I missed it this year, though. It was last week and I had a schedule conflict.

keli1: did it become a two day event based on attendance?

AYWalton: alt, I finally got the issue straight with the census. was telling folks last night.

vkn: Mel is now vice president AYW

AYWalton: oh is he? Hmm..........might not be a bad idea!

alt: okay AYWalton, what's the 411 LOL

keli1: The Charlottesville FHC still holds a one day even-300 folks

AYWalton: the census will be released at NOT

alt: that's what I read too AYWalton

keli1: our group will be attacking the Virginia images....I can't wait

AYWalton: the Archives . com folk have something to do with it----but that is not where one goes to see the images. I think that there is too much info out there---and that is what is confusing folks.

keli1: As an indexes we have been getting updates but only pretaining to the indexing

AYWalton: Yes---it needs to be indexed, and yes they need volunteers but folks need to at least have one day----one magical day to play with the images and look for their folks.

keli1: indexer

alt: so go to for images @ 9:00 AM on the 2 April, right

AYWalton: We here, archives .com, archives . gov, 1940 census .gov, etc. No alt---------------- go to THAT is the site. and then we hear--something about Delaware will be the first one to roll out at 9 am. BUT-----------that is only for INDEXING!

alt: okay , I forgor the 1940 census part, but it is on .gov & not .com, right?

keli1: there are 5 states being rolled out only for indexing

vkn: Yes that is correct about Delaware

AYWalton: so at least give us a day to at least look before confusing us with saying only one state is rolling out. the fact is---at 9 am tomorrow----folks want to see the records.

keli1: all five come out for indexing, not just one

AYWalton: they don't care about Delaware getting indexed at 9 am so they need to at least be quiet about that for 1 day!! give folks a chance to enjoy the moment of seeing the images!!!! when we have a challenge finding who we want to find then the indexing will be more understandable.

keli1: I have my list ready, it was awesome to hear Steve Morse Friday

vkn: Steve's site is like magic

AYWalton: at least wait till Tuesday before demanding that folks start giving their free labor to assist these commercial sites. and so----the at 9 am you know where I will be.

alt: Steve Morse does a good presentation on his one-stop website & census records.

vkn: lol

AYWalton: (along with the photographers!) he has done a remarkable job. He has put up links to the Enumeration directory. it is amazing.

vkn: Congrats on being on the tube ayw

keli1: Yes, he and the other guy (can't think of his name) did an awesome job

AYWalton: not on the tube, vkn. USA Today----a newspaper.

alt: I first saw him about 6 years ago at an OGS Conf.

AYWalton: you know---the one you get for free under your door at hotels. that newspaper.

keli1: lol

AYWalton: thought it is a national papers. paper I think they have an online version, so I guess by Tuesday the article will be there.

vkn: I am old school ayw Gotcha USA Today

keli1: well if people aren't prepared for the release, I feel sorry, because we are overwhelmed with the information, but I commend folks, on getting folks ready and thinking about what they have to do

AYWalton: it is overwhelming.

alt: you betcha on getting prepared keli1

AYWalton: I found my districts and put the images from the ED directory on my blog.

vkn: thanx

AYWalton: as a precursor to my experience tomorrow.

keli1: I attended every session I could, folks have done well. I sent your blog out AY, excellent walk thru...

AYWalton: should be fun, though. thanks, keli1

keli1: well I know I won't be around to see the 1950 release, enjoying my last one

AYWalton: alt I am quite impressed with the Ohio line up of speakers.

alt: I think it was a year or two before I finally had 'milked' the 1930 census of most of it's 'connecting' information for my families.... and 10 years later I'm still finding 'new' connections

AYWalton: say what keli1? oh yes, there are still wonderful gems in 1930 to find. no keli1, it will be 10 years.

alt: yes AYWalton, OGS is doing it's best to encourage AA participation .... speakers & attendee's

AYWalton: I hope you are still going to be around for that one, now. 72 years for the 2010 census.

keli1: you are right, well I plan on being here for that one, lol

AYWalton: hope you are not checking out in the next 10 years, keli1. hey there, deannie!

alt: right 1950 will be available in 2022

deannie: Morning All

AYWalton: I might look into it, alt.

alt: hello deannie

AYWalton: I have been impressed with OGS, as well as Indiana and Illinois.

vkn: Howdy deannie

deannie: While who going to stay up tonight...I will try...but I still work....

AYWalton: they have good things why are you staying up, deannie?

deannie: I want to get on the 1940 census

vkn: Go to bed sleepy head

AYWalton: deannie---go to bed. the census will be released at 9 am tomorrow morning. 8, your time.

alt: we have 3 PBS stations in our viewing area and the one that carries Finding your Roots, I can't get... :(

deannie: I just like waiting for Santa Claus.....we try and then we wake up and the presents are there

AYWalton: it won't be released till 8 am your time, deannie.

vkn: oh dear alt

keli1: for those interested in John Brown, Raid on Harper's ferry, on cspan 3 is a talk by Tony Horwitz, airing now

AYWalton: so you can go to bed tonight as usual. thanks keli1

keli1: yes go to bed, they will be there

alt: so I'll watch Finding Your Roots online as soon as they put it up.

AYWalton: you not watching it tonight, alt?

vkn: lol its like Xmas deannie lol

deannie: Ok...I will be at work then.....thanks for telling me I did not have to miss my beauty sleep lol

AYWalton: deannie, here is the link:

keli1: oh no Art, really, we have two PBS's, its on both, here


keli1: I gotta head to Lowes, will chat with you all later! Enjoy your day

deannie: Is it on prime

alt: can't get it on the 2 PBS stations my TV carrier has AYWalton

AYWalton: by keli1 I see, alt.

deannie: Hi keli'

vkn: Call the station alt and ask them what's the deal

AYWalton: good suggestion.

alt: They have all 3 in some areas vkn, just not my area ... the 1 that carries it is WOSU-PBS at Ohio State

vkn: I see Scarlett Ann Grey alt

alt: right vkn

deannie: we have 3 also....wttw, wttwp, also a area wttw....we have comcast

alt: hello Selma

AYWalton: greetings, Mizz Selma!

deannie: Hi Selma

vkn: We have two. Howdy Selma

Selma: Good Sunday mornin alt, AY, deannie and vkn

AYWalton: how are you Mizz Selma?

Selma: Doing pretty good folks and you? Is Gates on this evening..I haven't checked

AYWalton: yes, he should be.

deannie: He is in Chicago

AYWalton: who is in Chicago?

alt: I asked the other day and no one repsonded so I'll ask again... has anyone read the 'specifics' of the Reconstruction Act of 1867 and how it impacted the voter registration in the former Confederate States? I hadn't read it until the John Lewis story on Finding Your Roots.

AYWalton: oh sorry I see what you mean, deannie. I have not read the specifics, alt.

Selma: So you got your hair done and your house clean AY.. for the big day AY.. LOL

AYWalton: puleeze!!

deannie: I meant to say he's on in Chicago (Dr Gates) tonight

AYWalton: was just trying to decide where I should be tomorrow.

Selma: I have some material on that alt..but I will have to dig out..

AYWalton: On my laptop in the dining room, or down stairs with my laptop near my work station and my desk top.

alt: okay AYWalton, my big question on the Voter thing is did those who registered in 1867 actually vote in 1870?

Selma: You should be sitting in a comfortable chair showing your Best Side

AYWalton: about to start my cleaning an organizing. I am not certain about that, alt.

Selma: Which ever one is cleaner AY.. LOL When they registered in 1867..they were voting then..

AYWalton: alt---there was no election in 1870. the year was 1872, I believe.

alt: not so Selma.. at least I don't think so... there was no national election in 1867

AYWalton: Grant was elected in 72

Selma: I believe these were state wide elections..alt These areas were still under federal control..

alt: I see.. yes in 1867, but not by 1870-72

Selma: Let me dig out my stuff before I get it all wrong.. LOL

AYWalton: I don't think that the military put folks on the rolls, I think they voted locally---because some (well many) of the voter registration rolls are state based and not federal records that one would find with RG 105 howdy Daviss!!!

Selma: Thats what I mean Ay

alt: as I obviously have it wrong Selma LOL

Daviss: hi alt, AYWalton, and deannie! Hi Selma and vkn!!

deannie: Hi daviss....

alt: hello Daviss

AYWalton: otherwise, I don't think we would have some of those voter registration rolls, we would just be discovering them in the FB records.

vkn: heyyyyyy daviss

AYWalton: and those rolls have been out for years. wassup, Daviss? I know that Daviss sent me some records from TX. (with some of my Bass folks on it!) thanks Daviss!

alt: I know the RC of 1867 also had to with the "Loyalty Oath" which had to be signed by "white's who had voted in national elections prior to the CW.

AYWalton: I have stumbled up some oaths of allegiance in the Arkansas FB records. but that is different I guess---since they had left the country and were not being "re-admitted" as citizens again.

vkn: Yes that followed the 1867 convention and readmittance to the Union

alt: I know they have been out for years AYWalton, but was surprised that the ACT only applied to the former rebel states.. as FPOC had the right to vote in local and state elections prior to the 13th, 14th & 15th amendments, at least they di in Ohio.d

Selma: Can't find what I was looking for..will have to dig deeper later

AYWalton: true---discrimination against people of color was still considered "normal" "okay" and "legal". That was simply the mindset.

Selma: Not sure why you are surprised...

AYWalton: (still is in in fact)

Selma: I don't believe FB folks in VA had the right to vote.. I found my husbands males family members on the Poll Lists for 1867..

alt: because the 'normal' statement is that Blacks could not vote and were not 'citizens' before the 13, 14 & 15th amendments.

AYWalton: that is probably why it took the 15th amendment to be passed to allow that---till of corse they repealed all of that. folks have a lot to answer for.

Selma: When you read VA RG still find white folks being called citizens..and black folk Freedmen

alt: VA was one of the States included in the Rec-Act of 1867 Selma

Selma: Yes i know

Daviss: I found the Freedmans Poll Tax Roll in Grimes County but have been unable to find them for Harrison or Fayette County Texas

alt: so perhaps FPOC in VA were 'Excluded" from voting rights ??????

Daviss: I can't figure out what they did with them

Selma: I do believe so alt..

AYWalton: on a shelf somewhere, perhaps, Daviss. or by now discarded.

alt: my question is .. are the records of who 'actually' voted in elections following 1867.

Daviss: I am thinking the latter

Selma: Or in some folder that has misnamed

AYWalton: that too, Selma. well I had better run, folks.

vkn: k

AYWalton: don't forget the right link, folks:

alt: I have a record of an ancestors who voted in Sacramento County in 1870... not registered, but actually voted.

AYWalton: have a good day.

Selma: Bye ..

alt: I think the 1867 'record' was a quasi-census to count AA males over the age of 21 in the former Confederate States... just a thought

Selma: No was not..

alt: okay Selma, why not?

Selma: They voted..and there were black folk who got elected to state offices..and caused all kinds of uproar..

vkn: In Alabama county lines were re drawn and new counties were formed in December 1867

alt: I know... Henry C. cherry, an ancestor served in the NC legislature.

Daviss: oops sorry

alt: following the CW

Selma: and how long did he serve alt.

alt: those were State elections and not Federal 2 terms as best as I can determine Selma

vkn: and a king relative served two terms in the Alabama House

Daviss: When was Blance Bruce elected

alt: Check George Henry White of NC who served in the US House of Representatives ca 1898-1902. White was a nephew of Henry Cherry

Selma: Alt that was the point in many areas blacks outnumbered whites..and they fear was that they would run the state governments

vkn: During Reconstruction Daviss

deannie: I have to run...go searching tomorrow

Daviss: ok got it he was elected in 1875 U S Senator

alt: I know Selma and that's why I'm looking to see who served when & where.

Daviss: 1875-81

Selma: I have to run folks...see you all tonite

Daviss: ok later

alt: later Selma

vkn: Cyall 2nir at 8

alt: excuse me y'all, not trying to argue, but to learn

Daviss: not that I could see alt

vkn: Learning is a tough job alt

alt: especailly when you don't know how to ask your questions ... tactfully LOL LOL

vkn: So much to unlearn

Daviss: lol alt I know about Bruce because he was a relative of someone I knew

vkn: What's tact got to do with it

alt: the question goes to the point of all registered folks are/were not voting folks... same as today when the vote is in the 60-70% range of registered voters.

vkn: wasn't it Bruce who died a pauper?

Daviss: hmmm don't know vkn

vkn: True or a lower percentage than that

alt: not sure vkn, but it is highly possible.

vkn: I think he squandered the money brought to marriage by wife

Daviss: what was it crumbling ventures or just squander vkn

alt: and I don't doubt that the fact of him being a former "black' senator did not help him following his day in office as would in today's society.

vkn: I am less excited by 1940 cause I saw me in 1930 lol

Daviss: lol vkn

alt: Former Sen. Brooke of Mass (?0 is a classic example of not being able to reap the rewards as say a former Sen. Dole and others in today's society.

vkn: true alt

alt: you've been there & done that, huh vkn?

Daviss: Barbara Walters lover lol

alt: 30 Census vs 1940 Census

vkn: lol yuppers I was in a school in NC in 1940 developed by the Freed Bureau and the Presbyterian Church

alt: is that right vkn... Wow!!!!! that's good stuff vkn!!!!

Daviss: so you may see yourself in school with your classmates

vkn: Yep that is where I met Barnetta she is 3 years my junior

alt: oh wow!!! 6 degrees of separation and all of that stuff vkn LOL LOL

vkn: lol

alt: that is really something... Well, you and Barnetta turned out GOOD vkn!!!!!! LOL

vkn: Mary Potter Albion Memorial Academy Granville County NC

alt: proud to say I know of the two of you

vkn: Herman Davis was my principal daviss

Daviss: wow vkn with one s or 2

vkn: oops only one s for Herman

Daviss: not that it matters I guess because I think we started as one my greats are from NC but no idea of county

vkn: alt have you found your ED's I know daviss has daviss

alt: was gonna say spelling dusn't kount....hence Calhoun Co., AL Wood vs Woods & Embry vs Embrey I think so vkn on the ED's

vkn: Then yall are ready to roll

alt: waddle is more like it LOL LOL

Daviss: I wonder who will come to chat with a found ancestor lol

vkn: lol lol

Statustray: Good afternoon everyone... sorry i'm late.

Daviss: Hi statustray!!

vkn: Heyyyy Status

alt: hello Statustray

Statustray: Sup there alt, Daviss, and vkn... how goes it?

vkn: and what ED are your folks status

Daviss: alt, did you get the pic I sent you for the other night re numbers

alt: sure did Daviss, guess we didn't win LOL lOL

Daviss: lol

vkn: Oh yes I forgot to ask alt did you get pics of the triplets

Statustray: what is ED? - sorry don't know that term

Daviss: Enumeration District

alt: not yet vkn on the triplets

Statustray: to be honest, i'm not sure

vkn: Where you peeps were enumerated in 1940 status

Daviss: 1940 census coming out on Monday

Statustray: :( i guess i would be able to tell by looking at a 1930 census?

alt: they may or may not have changed from 1930 to 1940 Statustray

Daviss: not necessarily Statustray

Statustray: ohhhhh *wow*

Daviss: but ya never know

vkn: Prolly not status unless in rural area

Statustray: the majority of family was living in rural mississippi

Daviss: look up Steve Morse site

alt: but that's a good starting point the 1930 census... at least for a possible city, township & maybe even a street name and address or even an RFD # Statustray

vkn: or dirt road

alt: yep LOL

Daviss: RR

Statustray: mostly dirt roads heck even my father's parents lived on a dirt road until 1990 or so rofl

alt: those ED's may be easier to follow than say in a city like NY, Phila, etc/

vkn: rofl

Statustray: my mother's parents lived on a asphalt road because they were in the city limits... my dad's folks lived in the county/country

Daviss: which state is already indexed alt, is it N dakota?

alt: not sure Daviss, thought I heard Delaware

Daviss: oh ok that may be it.

alt: well, let me get outa here and get started on the rest of my day.... y'all take care

Daviss: bye alt me too statustray and vkn..

Statustray: see ya laters thanks everyone for the info

Daviss: still early here and need breakfast bye

Statustray: i guess i'll head out too vkn... guess i need to do some research real quick... rofl i do have a question though.. .what is RFD? well vkn... guess you are away... have a great day... hope to see you next week... again sorry so late... c ya!

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