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2012-03-31 Supplemental ?'s 1940


Start: 21:11:42
End: 21:59:51
Chatters: AYWalton, deannie, HistoryBuff, Khathu, ProfDru, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy Deannie and how are you? You are in early. So have you looked up all of your ED's Just watched the most wonderful lecture on BookTV

AYWalton: good evening, all.

vkn: Just watched the most wonderful lecture on BookTV Given by Neil deGrasse Tyson

AYWalton: Hello Deannie, and greetings VKN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: AYW howdy doody

AYWalton: greetings, vkn!!!!! How are you doing this evening?

vkn: Doing nicely and how about you? Days are getting MUCH longer

AYWalton: doing ok, kind of chilly this evening. But at least we did not get the rain that was predicted. Went to see Thomas Macentee today at one of the Baltimore libraries. He was interesting.

vkn: Rained here last evening so my recently planted Spring flowers enjoyed the drink lol

AYWalton: oh that's nice. are you ready for the census on Monday, vkn?

vkn: Good what was his topic, blogging I bet

AYWalton: among many things.

vkn: was there a full house

AYWalton: He gave 4 lectures---blogging was one, as was Facebook for genealogists, Google for genealogists and updating everyone on the 1940 census. it was useful. it was a full house. saw some folks from his Friday evening blog talk show audience. I got a bit of a clarification on the census. Glad I did, as it has been confusing.

vkn: Sounds like it. Well this will be my 2nd time in the census ayw so I am chilling lol Yes it has been confusing

AYWalton: I know that hosts the census, or however one puts it, but to see the images one will have to go to that is where they will be visible, NOT at add to that with their big push for volunteers, they are further confusing things by saying that Delaware will roll out at 9 am and other states later in the day.

vkn: yes has the prospect of mega dollars by doing the hosting

AYWalton: But that is not for viewing---that is only for INDEXING. I think they should lay off for at least the first day, and allow folks to look and see what they want to see. Then after Monday push for volunteers as much as they want.

vkn: archives will get lots of hits and many viewers

AYWalton: so even though one will be on a .gov site, they have paid to scan and put on the cloud. but they are not hosting it at all. so not sure why one has to go there for anything.

vkn: interesting to say the least

AYWalton: the portal will be through

vkn: hmmmmm

AYWalton: very strange---but I got that cleared up today.

vkn: great

AYWalton: and wondering whatever the deal was ---why did the public even have to hear the name of deals happen everyday and if the public won't touch their site to access the records--I wonder why they got mentioned at all.

vkn: call it marketing I guess

AYWalton: glad I found out though, since I will have the press at my house on Monday morning. don't want them watching me get frustrated wondering where the census is and why I won't see it. lol

vkn: Still very cloudy AYW and may never really be clear to ordinary people Oh really?!

AYWalton: well now that I know I am telling everyone----go to the .gov site and NOT the .com site.

vkn: The press will watch you search?

AYWalton: oh yes I thought you were in the room when I mentioned it.

vkn: Howdy ProfDru

AYWalton: USA Today will be coming to my house on Monday morning!!!

ProfDru: hello gang

AYWalton: Greetings, ProfDru. hope you are well. they want to watch me search for my folks.

vkn: That is wonderful thanx for the refresher

AYWalton: Greetings Ms Selma!!!! have you come back down to earth, Mizz Selma?

ProfDru: hello selma

vkn: Howdy Selma and wb deannie

AYWalton: howdy deannie!

Selma: Good evening AY, ProDru and vkn...and deanie..

ProfDru: hello deannie

Selma: AY..I have the little darlins..they bring you back to earth real quick.. LOL

deannie: Evening aywalton,,pro,selma,vki

Khathu: Hello everyone

deannie: yes they do...hi khathu

ProfDru: hello khathu

AYWalton: howdy khathu!!!

Selma: Good evening Khathu..I was asking about you the ohter day..long time no see

vkn: Howdy Khathu glad to see ya

AYWalton: good to see you!

Selma: Everything OK

Khathu: It has been awhile. I've been missing you all

AYWalton: Selma folks are asking for Part 2.

Khathu: I have been swamped at work

Selma: Oh jeez.. Ah. work..yes that does into the way of doing what we love

ProfDru: encore encore Selma LOL

Selma: That up to Mizz Bennett

AYWalton: oh she agress with them!! Just read it on FB

Selma: Oh you know I never go there.. LOL Go to whose facebook page..hers? I know I know is said.. I meant to say "sad"...

AYWalton: on Bernice's page.

Khathu: Yes work does get in the way sometimes

Selma: So with all your work Khathu any time to do any research?

Khathu: Off and on

Selma: You ready for the 1940 on Monday?

Khathu: i had to take a break until the end of April Honesty I haven't even thought about the 1940 Census

AYWalton: been too busy, huh khathu? well that is allowed. lol

Khathu: I am not really excited about it for some reason

AYWalton: you must be working too hard, khathu.

Khathu: it will probably hit me later

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey AYWalton, Deannie, Khathu, ProfDru, selma and Vkn

AYWalton: some of us are old enough to know people who will be in the census and seeing them will be a kind of exciting thing.

ProfDru: hello HistoryBuff

AYWalton: howdy History Buff.

HistoryBuff: Yep, I'm looking for my parents this time.

Selma: Evening historybuff

AYWalton: so am I. Although they will not have met, it will still be fun to see what they were doing.

deannie: I went to see my mother as a teenage

AYWalton: I know already but I am anxious to see how they were reflected in the census.

Selma: I am looking forward to finding my Mom and sending her the image

AYWalton: and don't forget the two supplemental lines----14 and 29. additional questions are asked if the names appear on those lines.

ProfDru: I'm hoping to find more about my grandfather, his first wife, and their son.

AYWalton: should be fun.

HistoryBuff: My mother did give a me a picture of her as a 9 yr old a few years ago.

vkn: good to know ayw

AYWalton: if anyone if the family's names are on those lines, then there will be supplemental questions asked. not sure where the answers will be though.

Selma: What are the questions AY

AYWalton: Let me see.........

Selma: off topic..but I take it none of us won the Mega Millions I did think of you when they said MD.. AY

AYWalton: ok here they are.......

HistoryBuff: I didn't play.

AYWalton: (somebody a mile away from where I live won, Selma.) shucks!! here are the questions.

Selma: Shucks is right.. LOL

deannie: I still have not checked my ticket....trying to hold out there was a winner in illinois

AYWalton: one is an old question---but it is now supplemental. Birthplace of parents---where was your father born? where was your mother born? What language do you speak at home in earliest childhood? Are you a veteran? What wars did you fight in? If the person on line 14 or 29 was a child, then the question is asked of their parent. Do you have a social security cards? Have soce. security deductions been taken out of your wages? What is your usual occupation and industry? For married women---HO many marriages have you had? What was you age at your first marriages? How many children were born alive? (not still living---but how many live births did she have.0 that is all of the supplemental questions.

vkn: Thanx ayw

AYWalton: you are welcome, vkn.

HistoryBuff: Thanks ayw.

AYWalton: sure thing. and folks-----a tip----the census records will be found at: that will be the portal to view the images. if they were in a rural area you will find them easily. If they will be in a large city they will be more difficult to find.

ProfDru: no index yet

AYWalton: true, no index.

ProfDru: hope everyone has signed up to index census I signed up this morning

AYWalton: and only 5 - 6 states will roll out on Monday to be indexed. I will sign up after Monday.

Selma: Apparently they are giving organizations credit of something if they volunteer to index?

AYWalton: taking time for enjoying the records before I start indexing.

ProfDru: The signup took less than 30 seconds

AYWalton: for motivation, Selma. making it a kind of "competition" so a group can get an award for taking on a project.

Selma: Nadasue sent me an email about our group indexing Dru..

AYWalton: well, I am yawning folks........tired after a long day. Going to turn in. Have a good evening everyone.

HistoryBuff: Nice

Selma: I told her that individuals might sign up..but I don't see our folks volunteering en masse

AYWalton: Night to all.

ProfDru: That would be a good project Selma

HistoryBuff: Night AYW.

vkn: niters ayw

Selma: Dru...yes it would

ProfDru: gotta run

HistoryBuff: Cya Dru

Selma: I am getting sleepy to folks..have a great eveing

vkn: u2

HistoryBuff: Nite Selma

vkn: short nite 2nite

deannie: Well Historybuff and vkn it's going to be a early nite....

HistoryBuff: Okay well I'll get back my RootsMagic. Nite all.

vkn: lol Getting tired before Monday gets here. Will hang tight until the hour of ten and then skedaddle.. Daviss may still show Late arrivals please leave your email address. See you at Sunday Morning Brunch and then again at Finding Your Roots

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