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2012-03-25 SundayMrn • Just Talkin'

*SunMornBrnch ~ weekly

Start: 11:38:24
End: 13:33:29
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, bearnut2, Daviss, jhonora, ProfDru, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

vkn: Howdy alt

alt: howdy Mz vkn, how you "be's" today?

vkn: be's doing fine

alt: good, are ya ready for 'finding your roots' this PM?

vkn: Running behind but had a good birthday time with baby sister just turning 80 80 Running behind but had a good birthday time with baby sister just turning 80

alt: wonderful, happy birthday to 'baby sister'

vkn: Ready for Gates and company but we will be in the room next door

alt: right, I saw where you set up the Sun night "Gates" room.... you're on the ball!!!

vkn: lol the ball is on moi lol

alt: oh my!!!! Lol

vkn: Only 4 were in here at SatNite

alt: I see Tim posted a link to the OGS Conference booklet..... great line up of AA presenters & presesntations. I was busy 'hooping' last night, watched Ohio State win it's way into the Final Four of NCAA basketball.

vkn: Yes good looking list. No need to complain only need to plan strategically way to hoop alt lol

alt: that's what I was trying to say vkn... it can be done, we just have to get in the game.

vkn: absolutely and amem amen I would like to see us focus topics on a weekly basis in the chats and ask people to focus their speciality in the topic of the week

alt: some structure, that would be nice.. at least start the daily chat with a question/concern that is universal and not too personal genealogy wise.

AYWalton: Good morning alt Greetings,vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alt: Good morning AYWalton , how are ya?

AYWalton: good and you, alt?

vkn: and the topic would say do the city directories and maybe the next week take on cemeteries etc

alt: doing fine .. so far LOL LOL

vkn: Hey hey hey AYW

alt: yep vkn.... I would like to hear how using records in 'combination' have solved problems, not just focusing on a specific type of record alone.

vkn: AYW trying to come up with a system of discussions across the internal cites sites

alt: somewhat like the 'record tree' that keli1, or someone mentioned.... how one record can generate a 'set' of records in solving a problem.

AYWalton: mean on the AfriGeneas boards?

vkn: yes ayw

AYWalton: so you mean a theme to discuss that is similar across the boards?

vkn: we somehow keep reinventing the wheel rather than referencing what has been said

AYWalton: or do you mean procedures or protocol? Not sure I am following the thought.

vkn: well more or less but more specially to begin on genhist to look at say court houses and exhaust the topic

AYWalton: howdy bearnut2

alt: you think the 're-invention' might be due to a turnover of users? seems like folk use AfriGeneas until they are satisfied with where they are and then they move on.... and then you have a new user come in and ask the same questions as the person who just left. hello bearnut2... how have you been... and what have you been doing latley?

AYWalton: I think alt might have a point.

bearnut2: Mornin' AYWalton alt and vkn

vkn: well more or less but more specially to begin on genhist to look at say court houses and exhaust the topic internet community how to search and then how to search

AYWalton: many of the regulars see the same topics often, but newbies will ask simliar questions.

vkn: n' bearnut mawnin'

AYWalton: perhaps we need to simply re-vamp things a bit. Which is why a new look is always good. Kind of like commercial products---same old Tide but a brand new box. :)

bearnut2: I've been well...trying to solve a new dna mystery and coming up stumped

AYWalton: kind of a basic principle of marketing, I guess. dna mystery, bearnut2?

alt: oh, oh bearnut2, DNA has taken me for a loop....

bearnut2: yep I've got my paternal grandma's first cousin who is showing up as a 5th cousin! Im loopin' right now too!

vkn: Yes that is true ayw and the responder would be able to link the questioner to an original questioner with responses

AYWalton: is what with 23 and me?

bearnut2: I'm trying to find another cousin to test so we know if its my line or his thats the problem

alt: especailly those cousin relationships as stated genetically, they don't seem to fit genealogically... at least not to me.

bearnut2: yep 23andme

AYWalton: well keep in mind the 23 and me relative finder says someone is a "predicted" cousin on a certain level. Not an exact match.

vkn: gonna get a cup o tea back in a minnit

bearnut2: yeah alt, its mainly a guess on the dna companies part which is why they give a range

AYWalton: I would not worry so much about what that says. Follow the paper trail.

vkn: howdy jhonora

alt: hello jhonora.. how goes it?

jhonora: Hello AYWalton, alt, bearnut2, vkn

vkn: BTW the Gates sessions will be in the room next door aka The Learning Center

AYWalton: I think lots of times the DNA results get folks putting down their real research trying to solve mysteries that have no paper trail. I have several mysterious "new" cousins as well---but until I find the common ancestors they are not mysteries to solve, they are just interesting things to read on the 23 and me sight.

jhonora: I thought the WDYTYA last night was lacking, how about y'all?

bearnut2: No, you don't understand, the paper trail is that he IS a 1st cousin. The dna however does not support that. A first cousin should share between 8 and 12.5%. He and my grandma only share .13%.

AYWalton: hey hey hey--there's honoray! wassump jhonora?

bearnut2: hi jhonora

alt: is New Orleans ready for the Final Four jhonora? or is it the other way around around .... Final Four ready for New Orleans?

Seventies Soulchild: good afternoon all

AYWalton: and if he IS a 1st cousin then that's that!!! hey SoulChile!!!

jhonora: alt, the city is ready, great weather, great times

bearnut2: doesn't work that way for me AYWalton lol

AYWalton: lol

alt: Hello Seventies Soulchild

bearnut2: nor him hi Seventies

alt: jhonora, the Ohio Stae basketabll fans will be there... in great numbers LOL

AYWalton: I have a cousin who took a DNA test and it came out that she was not even related to her own sister. (This was about 2-3 years ago.) Of course in her own case---they retook the test---she and her siblings--and they all came out related.

bearnut2: yikes! I'm hoping its just a fluke-- I'm waiting on results from two of grandma's siblings so hopefully that might clear things up a bit. And hopefully I'll get another cousin on a different line from the same ancestors to test.

AYWalton: Funny thing is---they all did the wrong thing before taking the test. She had rinsed and gargled with Listerine before taking the test. He brother was chewing some kind of spearmint gum that day, and her sister had just eaten lunch!! They all had stripped their cheek cells clean of the traceable DNA traces that were needed ahead of time. so none of them turned out related to each other!! That was so strange!

bearnut2: Hmmm...i'll have to ask him if he followed the instructions! lol

AYWalton: they retook and all came out related!

jhonora: That is very strange and funny

bearnut2: oh well, back to the topic at hand...

alt: bearnut2 my problem with those %'s & sharing is that the 'laws' of genetics are considered in the test results... Mendelian Law, dominant/recessive genes & inhertiatnce, sex-linked characterics, heterozyogsity & other factors.

bearnut2: why is that a problem cuz?

alt: are considered= are NOT considered.

bearnut2: ah...gotcha hi ProfDru

AYWalton: see? I have no idea what alt just said! lol ProfDru is in da house!

bearnut2: lol

ProfDru: hello gang

alt: hello ProfDru.

bearnut2: but would those laws really have any basis on determining relationships?

alt: me, neither, just remembering terms and conditions from my biology major days in Genetics classes AYWalton. LOL

AYWalton: that is why I say--stick to the paper trail Otherwise you will be talking about heterozyogsity.

jhonora: lol

bearnut2: lol AYW

AYWalton: Only thing I recall is that deoxyribonucleic acid is DNA. otherwise----I still chase the stories!

alt: they would if you look at what "traits' are shared on specific chromsomes & locations bearnut2

AYWalton: greetings, bbenn!!!! how was the conference in Fairfax, bbenn?

bearnut2: true but you can share those traits with someone based on ethnicity or population and not heredity can't you?

bbenn: Good morning:}

bearnut2: hey bbenn

bbenn: Great conference - I will send you a few photos. Char did a great job!

jhonora: Hello bbenn

AYWalton: I am sure she did.

alt: we all share the same chromsomes, but the genetic, or genes, housed on those chromsomes differ so individually that I'm not sure you you can attach 'relationship %'s .. accurately.

bbenn: hi jhonora!

AYWalton: did you stay all day bbenn?

bbenn: Hi bearnut2 - still waiting to hear from my DNA cousin...

bearnut2: true alt--though I think thats why they provide a "guess" and then a range

bbenn: Yes, all day on Friday and Saturday.

AYWalton: great!!!

bbenn: How was the Baltimore expo?

bearnut2: He probably won't ever be managing his account unfortunately bbenn...I'll have to give you his number, but fair warning--he LOVES to talk! lol

AYWalton: It was fun. I will put up images on my blog today.

bbenn: I saw your name on the IBGSummit agenda!

alt: hello bbenn, seeing your great pictures on Facebook... looks like a wonderful & well attended workshop.

bbenn: Ok, with our three segment match, I want to know to hear from him.

bearnut2: I'll FB you his number

bbenn: Yes, very well attended. Char had a full house at each of her sessions. Please send it by email.

AYWalton: I saw some of them. Saw the photo of Myrtle. Oh who were the ladies Stephanie and someone else. I wondered who they were.

bearnut2: ok--will do

AYWalton: were there many Black folks there on Saturday?

bbenn: Jackie is the military expert who works at the FHC with me. Only a handful! Maybe about 20 people. alt, that for the email message concerning the Ohio conference.

alt: Military.. an FYI, just found a letter to Gov. Andrews who forwarded ti on to Pres. Lincoln from a relative who wrote to complain about the pay for USCT's being less that that of whites.

bearnut2: Oooh...I'd better get outta to go pick up my tickets for the Oprah show LIVE on monday nite! :D

AYWalton: do you use a curriculum for the FHC classes? Or do you do one on one while there? you going bearnut?

bbenn: I meant to say thank you alt..fingers are moving too quickly(

AYWalton: wow--you go girl!!!!

bearnut2: yep! I'll be there!

alt: yw bbenn

bearnut2: have a good day all!

AYWalton: will that be with all of the stars--Deepack Iyanla, etc?

bearnut2: AYW--Iyanla is there on Monday

alt: Gov. andrews was from Massch. and the soldier was with the 54th.

bbenn: no curriculum...we just work on whatever problems individuals present when they come into the center.

AYWalton: I see. I don't really follow her program that much, but I have seen the commercials.

bearnut2: at our taping--I can't remember who is at the earlier taping

bbenn: I tried to get tickets for the NEW YORK luck.

bearnut2: bbenn has it taped already?

AYWalton: so these are taped and then aired how soon, bearnut? like the one you are going to----when will it be aired?

bearnut2: I'm not sure AYWalton, they are taping an earlier one on monday and then ours at 7pm is live

bbenn: logging off, i have a tea to attend today. Big hats and little cups with the pinky finger in the air!lol

bearnut2: ooh have fun bbenn

AYWalton: I like Oprah, but not into Iyanla, or Deepak or TDJakes. Nothing against them, just don't quite get it.

alt: have fun bbenn

AYWalton: have fun at the tea, bbenn.

bbenn: Tune in on Thursday for Selma's big show!

AYWalton: you got your hat?

alt: gotcha on Selma bbenn

AYWalton: Oh yes, I am anxious to hear Selma and to cheer her on!!!!

bbenn: yes, my husband said that i look like an old ladylol

bearnut2: Yeah, I agree AYWalton--I used to like Iyanla but after all the "stuff" ...

AYWalton: oh what stuff bearnut?

bbenn: bye:}

bearnut2: and I really don't follow Deepak or TD

AYWalton: I didn't know that something happened. oh well---that's ok you have to run.

bearnut2: A long time ago she was Oprah's first Protege...

AYWalton: some of the self help gurus are a bit hard for me to follow and find out what is so hotabout them.

bearnut2: O was grooming her for her own show but Iyanla was impatient

AYWalton: the other guy as well-----Robbins I think. they are popular and making money, but I just don't follow what their message is.

bearnut2: and decided she wanted her own show with or without 0prah so she hooked up with Barbara Walters

AYWalton: I see.

bearnut2: and I don't the show lasted a season...

AYWalton: well they are all pitching in with Oprah's class.

bearnut2: I don't think the show lasted a season

AYWalton: But O's network is struggling to hang on.

bearnut2: she and oprah finally buried the hatched last year hatchet yeah I know...i rarely watch it anymore but I've always wanted to attend an Oprah show ok--outta here--later y'all!

alt: for the militayr letter google Ira Berlin's The Black Military Experience & 'Rachel Wicker.. it's on pages 402 & 403 of the book.

AYWalton: ahh what time is the PBS show tonight?' which letter alt?

alt: 8:00 PM EST here in Ohio.

ProfDru: gotta run

jhonora: Who is on tonight?

alt: mentioned earlier her in Chat.... Rachel Wicker wrote to Gov. Andrews of Mass & he forwarded the letter to Pres . Lincoln... it was about the "shortages" in payment to the USCT's compared to the white troops

AYWalton: ahhh ok. Not sure who is on tonight jhonora. I hear they will do two people per episode. But we have the "room" set up to watch as a group.

jhonora: Oh good, his segments on each guest are usually pretty brief Basically he presents them with a "magic" scrrapbook

alt: I know jhonora

AYWalton: yes, but he leaves out a lot of detail. I recently did part of the story on Don Cheadle with data not given to Cheadle.

jhonora: Yeah, I often wonder what criteria they use to determine which line of a person's ancestry is most interesting for t.v.

alt: me too jhonora

AYWalton: I posted to my blog at I think what becomes the easiest story to tell is what gets told.

jhonora: I saw an article about his upcoming episode on Duval Patrick

AYWalton: who knows though----his research team from Salt Lake City---are the ones he trusts to research and tell the story. So that's that. interesting. Well, I shall run folks. Going to update my blog Have a good day both of you.

alt: later AYWalton

jhonora: Well, alt, I'm skidaddling too! Take care!

alt: later jhonora

Daviss: heyyy Selma!

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