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2012-03-21 "Back of the bus"


Start: 12:03:51
End: 13:25:11
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, Daviss, fierybug08, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, STG, vkn, yatah

vkn: Happy Wednesday to alt and all

alt: hi vkn, you're early today??? how ya doing?

vkn: I be leaving early lol I be ok what about yourself alt

alt: just trying to keep up with all of the 'good stuff' you're sending... it's difficult LOL

vkn: oh dear best I slow down

yatah: hi all

alt: no don't do that, keep doing what you're doing vkn.

vkn: howdy yatah

alt: Hello yatah

yatah: hi

vkn: Did you explore Evernote alt? It is a miracle organizer for me

alt: haven't really tried it vkn.. should I?

vkn: You will be pleased at what it can help with

alt: I need some organizing vkn LOL

vkn: lol

alt: how's yatah today?

vkn: and I can just point you to evernote in the cloud via link and not clutter your mail box

alt: how is Del Jupiter recovering from her fall vkn?

vkn: Recovery is for the long haul 2 fractured ribs and LOTS of pain

alt: I'll have to look into Evernote vkn.... Taxes are about to jump on me now tho' ... sad to say

Seventies Soulchild: Good afternoon all. alt, vkn, yatah

alt: Oh my, please give her our warmest get-well regards. Hello Seventies Soulchild, where you been? some other lady has been in here taking your place LOL

vkn: heyyyyyy seventies There were some 200 fpoc in the Alabama first census will send you data

Seventies Soulchild: lol I thought you had forgotten about me.. lol

alt: oh no, never Seventies Soulchild !!!!!!!!

Seventies Soulchild: Thank you vkn for thinking of me! So what's the hot topic today?

alt: you name it Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: I know I definitely have one.

alt: Hello Daviss..

Seventies Soulchild: hello Daviss

Daviss: hello there lol

Seventies Soulchild: Two words: Trayvon Martin.

vkn: heyyyyyyy Daviss

Daviss: how's everyone..

yatah: i am doing fine

vkn: fine as wine lol

Seventies Soulchild: fine as wine? lol

alt: I'm trying to figure out these trail's "paper & DNA" 9th grt grandma w/Sykes & 1oth cousin with Underwoood.

vkn: white zinfandel

alt: 10th cousin

Seventies Soulchild: I'm a Shiraz. Strong dry and you can only have me with real

vkn: Beautiful post on GenHist from Regina

alt: I can see Sykes , she can name folks generation by generation and make a connection.

Seventies Soulchild: brb

alt: haven't seen Regina's posting yet vkn.

yatah: you think i able find quiller an darby 1920 ?

vkn: Check at Family Search yatah

alt: just took a peek at Regina's posting.. looks like a great read.

Daviss: ok back, first son, now sister..whew lol Hi everybody

Seventies Soulchild: hmmm brb

yatah: ok did i tell you that quiller has more children after has luther ? vkn

vkn: Regina is starting a Revolution and it will be digitized Heyyyyyyy Daviss

alt: that is a wonderful project and it looks as if it is growing 'legs' to stand on.

Daviss: hi there vkn I need to look at her post

alt: it's great seeing the wonderful things folks are doing and how this genealogy & family history thing is expanding in the AA community.

Daviss: ok looks good and her and Angela''s picture looks great

yatah: hey i ask you question how i need trust birth year ?

Daviss: and ProDru with her project who are you asking yatah

vkn: Yes must keep the church centered for success in the Black community

alt: I hope this 'feeling' can get around the 'crab in the barrel' & clique type problems that seem to invade our success stories... Art T, ever the pessimist LOL

Daviss: what do you mean trust birth year.. I guess you would have to have a birth certificate to be really factual

yatah: any of you who answer quick lol

Daviss: if you do not have that compare several census. I usually give or take 5 years

yatah: i have my grandpa death cer with me

vkn: Well alt you know the reality

alt: at my age, unfortunately so vkn

yatah: i mean alike 1910 said born 1890 and 1930 said 1895

alt: I'm with Rodney King... can't we all just get along LOL

Daviss: if that is the persons age you are wondering about yatah then use that date

yatah: yeah

Daviss: so true alt lol

yatah: if in 1940 said 1890 or 1895

vkn: Da debbil be busy alt

yatah: make me wonder lot

alt: yatah.. dates are NOT absolute on any record... you need to use them in conjunction with other records an come to a consensus on any given date for birth ,marriage, death, etc.

Daviss: are you saying the death certificate has two birth dates

vkn: 'sides white mans ice be colder lol

yatah: no i mean cencus how spelling forgive me

Daviss: lol thats what they use to day vkn

alt: that's a BIG problem vkn

Seventies Soulchild: lol yeah right.

yatah: let me get death cer

Daviss: that is a good range yatah..remember I just said I am in a 5 yr plus or minus range that I give

alt: and me... I"m tired of having to blacker, more african, more indian, more ghetto, more this & more that.... I just want to be me LOL

Seventies Soulchild: back. I was just in a heated disucssion at work... sigh

vkn: 'sides white mans ice be colder lol that delusional thinking keeps us from getting along

Daviss: I am me and me alone lol

Seventies Soulchild: The older I get, the less I want to be around these evil white people.

yatah: cert death said he born 1921

Daviss: Hi STG

Seventies Soulchild: Hi STG

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy STG

alt: Hello STG.. how's it going? ierybug08

STG: hello

Daviss: hello fierybug

Seventies Soulchild: hi fierybug08

vkn: Fierybug how you be

STG: Fine alt and you/.

alt: Hi Selma...

fierybug08: hello everyone *virtual wave* to alt Daviss Seventies Soulchild vkn STG yatah Selma

vkn: Selma heyyyyyyyyy

yatah: hi

alt: I "be's" okay stg lol

Daviss: if DC says 1921 and the census has 1890 to 95 one of them is not the right person

Selma: Good afternoon alt, Daviss, fiery, seventies, STG, Vkn and yatah..whew lots of names

Daviss: mabe you have a son's dv

STG: Hi Selma

Daviss: dc

fierybug08: hi Seventies...I hope everything is okay.

Daviss: Hi there fierybug08 and Selma lol

yatah: daviss, you talk about my grandpa's death cer ?

Seventies Soulchild: Its tough being black in this country.

alt: be careful Seventies Soulchild, your 'anger' can be frustrating and it doesn't help with your over all health.

Seventies Soulchild: That's why so many are expected to live shorter lives than in past generations.

Daviss: who was born in 1895 yatah

yatah: josephine darby quiller

alt: LOL @ Seventies Soulchild, wit until you've been black fro more than a few years LOL wit=wait

Daviss: oic yatah and whose birth are you trying to trust

alt: fro=for

vkn: Yes seventies my baby sister turned 80 today

yatah: i think i trust one is 1890 daviss

Seventies Soulchild: lol alt you know... I think if I feel this way at this age, just give me 5 more years... lol

fierybug08: I don't mean to sound condescending...but sometimes I try to kill folks with kindness. I try to live with humility and genuiness. I can't change the heart or mind of folks...but my hehavior and thought process I have control over. Sometimes people have a *heart/mind* change just by having a superfical relationship with you

Daviss: happy bd to your sis vkn

vkn: thankee Daviss

Daviss: ok so then you have your answer yatah lol

fierybug08: wow vkn...congrats on your baby sister's bday

alt: yes vkn Happy 80th to your sister

fierybug08: oops...hehavior=behavior

yatah: i wonder why change 1895 in 1930 hide or something or i have wait found 1940

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

fierybug08: hi AYWalton

alt: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: howdy alt, Daviss, fierbug08, Mizz Selma, SoulChile, STG, yatah.

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seventies Soulchild: let me get going. See y'all later

vkn: Thankee fiery and I support your philosophy

alt: cool it Seventies Soulchild Oops, too late for Seventies Soulchild

Daviss: either one could be right yatah it does not mean they are hiding.... Hello AYWalton!!

yatah: daviss, yeah true mean more digg lot

Daviss: guess what yatah, we all are diggers

fierybug08: I would like to turn that anger into something positive...advocacy...mentorship. I don't try to figure others out. This is what I do know...people that have ill intensions are not trying to worry about me. They are hurting too. I just ask God to bless them and keep it movin'. I don't waste time on foolishness. If it's that much of a toxic environment...I will find me another JOB

yatah: ok

vkn: Great project with Regina AYW super wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alt: yatah, I would think that if you have the 'correct' family structure... the who, where, when, etc. that a couple of years difference between records, census and otherwise shouldn't be that big of a bother.

fierybug08: well....vkn...fill me in. What's the great news?

Daviss: fierybug08 there is a post on the GenHist Forum

yatah: yeah i know i am right nose on family

Daviss: nice post and a great picture inc

fierybug08: okay...I guess I'll go there. Sorry.

vkn: Continuing the Journey fierybug

yatah: race different bet 1910 and 1930

Daviss: no sorry needed lol

alt: for the birth year you can always say abt=about, ca=circa or around, it doesn't have to be exact.

Selma: What is the race given on the 1910 then 1930

AYWalton: Thanks vkn, yes Regina's project is excellent!

yatah: 1910 saidMulatto and 1930 said black selma

AYWalton: howdy bbenn!!

alt: hello bbenn

AYWalton: Good to see you!

Daviss: howdy bbenn!

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

Selma: yatah..same thing..the census taker took a look... yatah..the bottom line this person was NOT seen as WHITE

vkn: vkn Drusilla and Regina need to patent copyright and publish their projects

yatah: yeah

Selma: Afternoon bbenn

fierybug08: Hi bbenn

AYWalton: indeed they both do. they did a great job, both of them.

yatah: yeah my skin not dark black

alt: at least publish & publicize their thinking of new ways to do genealogy and to get a broader group of folks involved.

bbenn: Hi :}

yatah: light tan not like my mom's side family i am on my dad's side

fierybug08: is it wise to self-publish or use a publishing group?

AYWalton: both can be useful, fierybug08.

Selma: I like to say "light tan" woulda gotten you in the back of the box in VA every time back of the bus

AYWalton: Look at what Marion Woodfork Simmons did with her book Memories of Union High. She did a great job and it was self published.

fierybug08: back of the box? ohhh...bus

AYWalton: and has gotten good feedback.

yatah: my mom's side family has strong black no mix and my dad's side family mix race

AYWalton: and many of the publishers are now using the same Print on Demand companies used by independent writers.

fierybug08: Well I think it would be interesting to see more cases where the terms of mulatto > black changes in the Census records.

yatah: i mean i would said olive skin that better to you ?

AYWalton: Create Space is used by Heritage Books.

fierybug08: hmm...interesting.

Selma: You can see them all over the records is not unusual

yatah: yeah

AYWalton: Melvin Collier used Heritage for his first book. His second book he used Create Space and is selling copies quite well. and I used Heritage for my book. I will use Create Space next time as well.

alt: publish/self publish... it's another example of technological advances of doing the same thing that has been done in the past, just using what is available at the present time...

fierybug08: I have a 3grandfather who is recorded as mulatto in 1910. But then in 1930s he is black.

yatah: there is go

AYWalton: if you have a small audience--such as a family, extended family and community primarily---then Print on Demand companies are the way to go.

fierybug08: I wonder if it depends on where you are geographically too? OK/MS region is where it happened.

AYWalton: you can order as few or as many copies as you need.

vkn: Heritage publishing has a not so good reputation

AYWalton: and is sinking faster, vkn. though interestingly the current director is as popular as ever in the genealogy circuit. Heritage Books.

vkn: So I am hearing AYW

alt: is that Craig Scott (?) ... Heritage

bbenn: Has anyone used Blurb?

AYWalton: yes, alt.

fierybug08: I think its challenging now that e-books have started to become competitive. I did see one independent print service that charged $199.99 starting fee to create e-book versions

AYWalton: I have download some e-books but my audience---mostly black readers, from family, and associates, prefer hard copy books.

yatah: i enjoy learn different race in my family right

Selma: Yes i do AY.. Lol

vkn: Yatah what application do you use to record your research?

fierybug08: lol....I appreciate hard copies too.

AYWalton: As a reader, I have downloaded many books to my Kindle, but nothing new. Only classics---(and free books!)

Selma: AY..we did a test run in the cemetery yesterday..that is hard work..we need some folks with younger bones..

yatah: vkn, what you mean ?

fierybug08: I have a nook...a gift, but I like kindle's book collection--much richer. It wouldn't surprise me if B&N suffers now that the kindle fire is out

AYWalton: it is not easy work, Selma. But I would cover the cemetery with a digital camera and recorder. That form was not useful for work "in the field". Well Nook has a color tablet as well. Nook can compare to Kindle. Nook Color Table compares to Kindle Fire.

fierybug08: yeah...I have the first generation color nook. There really is no difference. I can browse the web on the 1st generation.

Daviss: AYWalton did you download that book that Ann Lee offered

AYWalton: I might get a Kindle Fire. Will still use one to read and the other to surf.

vkn: Hmmm daviss can you help yatah re documenting her research I am getting impression that she is not using a program

AYWalton: I think there is a difference between the Nook Color and the Nook Tablet. Not sure what though.

fierybug08: My guess is that the Nook Tablet is the newer Nook Color. *shrugs*

AYWalton: I will still use the reader just for books, and would use the tablet for light surfing.

yatah: my bad sorry vkn

AYWalton: no there are two different things...I had someone at the BN store tell me what it was---though I can't recall.

yatah: i need re order again

AYWalton: The readers are better for reading with a month-long battery life. the color ones have to be charged more frequently. I love my Kindle, though. The basic reader and have over 100 books on it---and have yet to pay for any of them.

Daviss: yatah I think vkn is asking you where do you keep your information.. Dont you have family tree?

fierybug08: if you turn the Wifi off on the color you can preserve the battery.

AYWalton: Oh bbenn, I did order Anne Brandshaw's books with a gift card. I see, fierybug.

bbenn: Sorry to change the subject - does anyone know if 23andme is getting ready to offer another round of free DNA test?

AYWalton: more free tests? I have not yet heard, bbenn.

bbenn: Interesting book. Have you read it yet?

yatah: ohhh i have keep record order my hubby put way while fix that house , daviss

Daviss: They will bbenn but not sure exactly when. They will need another couple thousand

yatah: i do have one i have get them back

bbenn: She is a guest on May 10.

AYWalton: that is a good thing to know.

Selma: Is Who Do You Think You are back on this week

AYWalton: bbenn, are most of the stories Mormon-focused? So far that is what I am finding.

Daviss: that is why they want the outstanding kits in by the 31st of march

bbenn: They will expire on the 31st if you do not return them..

fierybug08: yeah...I am among the delinquent @ daviss

Daviss: right,bbenn then they will see just exactly how many more they need to get that 10,000

bbenn: I know of some folks who are not Mormon...I was asked to submit a story.

AYWalton: fierybug08 you did not send yours in?

Selma: Folks..gotta run..have a great day.

vkn: So am I delinquent

fierybug08: I am still having issues with privacy. i don't feel comfortable sending in my DNA. I know that sounds so bad.

AYWalton: I am finding that a majority of the stories are Mormon focused.

bbenn: I have a lot of matches..folks do not know their family history.

Daviss: If you are not going to use it, fierybug and vkn you should gift them to someone'

yatah: who member of mormon this chat i just wonder

AYWalton: not much they can do about your identity with those markers. Except tell the world that you can't taste bitter substances.

bbenn: Gift it today...

fierybug08: haha AYWalton

AYWalton: I don't know that anyone is, here, yatah.

Daviss: are you Yatah

yatah: lol you got me

AYWalton: Are the kits coded though? They might have her name on it.

Daviss: I am going to get a Flake and Bankhead to talk at our gen meeting who is AA

AYWalton: what does that mean, yatah?

bbenn: You can register a kit under another name... I have done it.

AYWalton: oh that's good. Then fierybug, you should share it with someone who can use it.

Daviss: right bbenn and email addy

fierybug08: I need to go do it. It says you can't eat/drink anything for 30 prior to doing the test. I got to go. I will do it this week. Wish me luck.

Daviss: thats not hard to do fierybug08 lol

vkn: Yatah so you are Mormon

AYWalton: I know that there were folks who requested one, but who never got one. If you don't choose to use, please share it. Of course time is passing. they expire next week.

fierybug08: Remember...I'm directionally challenged AYWalton :)

yatah: ok vkn , yea

vkn: Thanx

yatah: welcome

bbenn: When you get ready to give a sample...think of a big juicy pickle:}

AYWalton: you can find your way to the post office I am sure, fierybug08. lol

Daviss: how about tonight fierybug08 and mail tomorrow

fierybug08: Union Station of course AYWalton

vkn: lol bbenn

AYWalton: if you communite on the MARC train to DC I know there is a post office right before the entrance to the metro.

alt: AYWalton, how far away from Silver Spring are you?

AYWalton: 30 minutes or less, alt. and bbenn live in Silver Spring, alt.

bbenn: You can mail it from MD. Did it and they got it...

yatah: dna can prove anything alike where i come from or who i relation to ?

AYWalton: so yatah aren't you required to do genealogy with the LDS? I did too, bbenn.

alt: okay thanks, is that right on bbenn .... I have a cosuin in Silver Spring, he lives in the Leisure World (?) complex.

AYWalton: certain kinds of tests yes, yatah.

vkn: Y'all be good great chat

yatah: no , just suggest to do genealogy

AYWalton: the DNA tests for genealogy are used for origin. I thought it was one of the tenets of the faith?

yatah: both

AYWalton: that is why and how they seal ancestors to the church. more than a suggestion, I thought.

bbenn: Hey...has anyone submitted a proposal to NGS?

Daviss: not I bbenn

AYWalton: and of course why they have the largest genealogical collection in the world. I have not bbenn.

alt: for 2013 deadline is 1 April 2012

bbenn: Trying to come up with a few catchy topics...

AYWalton: not sure if I will. Still struggling with whether it is a useful exercise or not.

yatah: who not have hear the gospel or want know about them before died

bbenn: Maybe we should share our thoughts with each other and each submit three proposals...

Daviss: I am going to get a Flake and Bankhead to talk at our gen meeting who is AA and a direct to both.. should be very interesting

AYWalton: I would submit at least two of the four that I submitted, but again---if they won't bother to read---then why? On the other hand, I think it might be useful to publicize an effort of many who wish to be considered.

yatah: i not good about general but want me do family history for gen future

bbenn: AYWalton - I just don't know where I am on this issue. So much to do...need to really concentrate on my research.

alt: the grapevine has it that multiple proposals are the way to ... some folk have submitted up to six (6).

AYWalton: Not sure though. Is it worth it? Are they that important? Do they have that much power or significance?

bbenn: I submitted three last year and they were all rejected.

Daviss: sheesh alt has it always been that way

AYWalton: I submitted four. And we know that our friend Tony submitted five. So is is worth it? Or do we just put our energies in areas that are healthier?

alt: did Tony say he submitted 5 or is that a grapevine story?

AYWalton: Not sure they are that important.

bbenn: Don't know. Other platforms are available to showcase your research.

AYWalton: that was from two people in Chicago who know him well.

Daviss: byw are they through with the IBGS selections yet

yatah: i miss what you said about dna genealogy i can found out if i not cherokee or yes or another tribe ?

AYWalton: exactly, bbenn. yatah there is no test to tell you if you are Cherokee, or any Indian tribe.

alt: with an average of over 2,000 attendee's per conference I would say that is significantly important event.

AYWalton: and of course DNA does not replace sound research.

bbenn: I was selected for IBGS. Happy about that and looking forward to the conference.

yatah: ohh ok how i know ?

Daviss: are they thr with the selections bbenn?

AYWalton: I hear ya bbenn. Same here. Not sure Daviss.

Daviss: thr = through

bbenn: Yes, they are.

AYWalton: they might be because they have mailed out contracts. I got mine last week.

Daviss: oh wow, Leafshaker had hopes

yatah: i never use dna before i want learn about it

bbenn: I got mine...

AYWalton: they should have notified speakers. tell her to check her spam filter.

Daviss: ok I will

AYWalton: they should also have notified those not selected as well. sometimes items with attachments go to spam.

Daviss: no notifications at all. I talked to her last night

AYWalton: yatah, I would recommend doing your research before taking a dna test.

bbenn: yatah, DNA test results are interesting. The problem is that many matches do not respond with any meaningful information. I prefer to follow a paper trail.

AYWalton: that way you know what line your testing and have the right person to take the test.

alt: Bankhead,, is that Tallulah (sp) Bankhead Daviss?

AYWalton: stick to the paper trail to tel the story. and remember that DNA does not replace the stories. only research will give you those stories.

Daviss: no Bankhead from Utah

bbenn: I love telling the story:}

alt: oh, okay Daviss

AYWalton: that is what really matters, I think, bbenn. well I better run folks. Have to run an errand. Have a good day everyone.

bbenn: Sometimes I get a little crazy with my research but, I absolutely love the hunt!

Daviss: ok I better go too bye

alt: me too bbenn,, the thrill is in the hunt

yatah: ok bben

bbenn: that's exciting!

yatah: yeah i will do family history 1940 first before do dna

bbenn: Well, bye. Send it that sample today:}

yatah: where i can find ?

bbenn: Ok, I will pick up your test. ok? I can u:} se it

yatah: huh

bbenn: just having a little fun with you:}

yatah: lol

bbenn: bye

yatah: byev

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