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2012-03-20 Helping Yatah • OH Vets Burial


Start: 12:05:22
End: 13:26:02
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, L.T. Lanier, vkn, yatah

L.T. Lanier: good afternoon alt. How are you doing this fine day? alt?

alt: Hi L.T. Lanier, how's it going?

L.T. Lanier: great. I think that I may write about my 2nd great grandfather and the man I suspect is his brother.

alt: How's Seventies Soulchild doing, is she still around?

L.T. Lanier: LOL yea too lazy to change the user name from yesterday lol

alt: no problem with the name thing, just having some fun witchca LOL

L.T. Lanier: Spelling in MS was kind of bad... lol I know! :} So let me bounce this off of you.

alt: well as AYWalton keeps telling us .. write your stories, so go for it an your suspscted 2nd great granduncle.

L.T. Lanier: I have Scott Washington in 1900 and 1910 in Adams Co. MS. I have his DC 1917 in Adams Co. MS. His marriage record shows a Jack Westrope as his bondsman.

alt: hello yatah.

yatah: hi aLL

L.T. Lanier: Jack Westrope shows up in the Adams co. records from 1910 forward. hi yatah Jack also shows up on county tax records living near Scott Washington in Wilkinson Co., MS on the Bunker Hill Plantation.

alt: hello vkn

L.T. Lanier: This was prior to 1900. Jack Westrope also shows up in 1880 census and 1870 census.

vkn: Good afternoon to all

L.T. Lanier: In 1870 Jack is living with Mary Walker as Jack Watrob and also with a Scott Walker in the household. hi vkn

yatah: HI VKN

vkn: and to L.T. Lanier and yatah hello

L.T. Lanier: in 1880 Jack is living about 3 doors down from Mary and her daughters and a son.

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Howdy alt, SoulChile (L.T. Lanier), yatah. Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!

L.T. Lanier: So do I have enough information to establish a sibling type relationship between Jack and Scott and the two sisters.

alt: so , you think you've connected Jack to Scott & Mary as Scott Washington's brother?

L.T. Lanier: Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: hope you are all well.

vkn: yatah I was hoping vicky daviss would be here to help you since she is so familiar with your research

AYWalton: Greetings, Daviss!

alt: Hello AYWalton, I'm doing well, hope you are too.

L.T. Lanier: I think so alt. I've looked at the county records, deeds, estate record, tax records etc.

AYWalton: allergies, but otherwise ok, alt.

vkn: AYW hello to you!

Daviss: hi alt, AYWalton, L.T. Lanier, vkn anf yatah !!

alt: me too AYWalton

L.T. Lanier: DAVISS!

yatah: vkn, i know daviss?

vkn: Howdy Daviss

yatah: hi

Daviss: :?

alt: hello Daviss, how are ya & where are ya? LOL

vkn: Yes yatah daviss is vicky

Daviss: I am back in Phx the home of the chill wind lol

yatah: ok

L.T. Lanier: good to see you made it back home.

AYWalton: glad you made it home safely Daviss.

Daviss: Lanier, how are you?

L.T. Lanier: Doing well.

alt: L.T. Lanier, is there an 1860 slave schedule record showing two males that ages of Scott, Jack and a female the age of mary in the 1870?

yatah: ok i will ask vicky smile

vkn: Pollen is a mile deep locally

Daviss: thanks everyone even though we drove through a dust storm, rain and hail plus a crawl that lasted about 20 miles lol

L.T. Lanier: alt, I hadn't made it that far back. I figured I'd have a better chance looking at post 1870 records

Daviss: ask me what yatah lol

AYWalton: oh gracious!! Glad you came through ok, Daviss!

alt: a Blog posting coming up..... The Travels of Ms Vicky & Family LOL

L.T. Lanier: yesssss! :}

yatah: lol vicky i ask you if you know well with research famiy history

vkn: lol

Daviss: yeah AYWalton "she" finally let me relax lol

AYWalton: lol

alt: okay L.T. Lanier, just another record(s) to consider, slave schedules for 1850 & 1860.

yatah: i hope if you can help me some of my family history , vicky

Daviss: did you find some new people to add yatah?

L.T. Lanier: thanks for 'listening' alt.

alt: yw L.T. Lanier

yatah: yea on davis side and mintz side as far plently information and wait fot 1940 come out i work on

alt: might also look for family of Jack to see if there are other possible connections to Scott & Mary thru his children L.T. Lanier

yatah: just hard find is quiller and darby is brick , vicky

Daviss: oh yeah yatah the 1940 should give you plenty of clues on your quiller and darby

L.T. Lanier: Mary had four other children in the 1870 household Sarah Thomas, Nellie, and Martha.

vkn: What state yatah

L.T. Lanier: Nellie and Martha were Walkers

yatah: yeah that why i hold that now i need finish on my mom's side family all name is come from south carolina , st matthew vkn

alt: follow those suranmes thru that time period for possible connections L.T. Lanier ,,, ie the community approach we keep talking about.

yatah: i need find of jonathan madison's parents name , vicky

alt: looks like Wanda Sykes is the "big' story this week, huh?

L.T. Lanier: Nellie married a guy named Lewis Cason. Mary had another son John Martin Walker. I think he may have also lived with Scott at one point. in 1910. There were some additions to the family at that time on the censu

yatah: i do have birth date and dead , vicky

L.T. Lanier: I think so alt! 9 generations! Incredible

Daviss: yatah one thing you will have to do when the 1940 census comes out is to go though the census page by page because it will not be indexed...ok

L.T. Lanier: I'm definitely going to make sure that I watch the episode when it airs in May.

Daviss: when was Jonathan born yatah

yatah: april 1910

alt: the NY Times article did mention Paul's work on FPOC and white women having children with enslaved black men.

AYWalton: I saw that, alt. It was a good article.

L.T. Lanier: yes they did. They also mentioned Ira Berlin's work as well.

yatah: and jonathan madison born in ky, lexington, vicky

AYWalton: I see it also mentioned Ms. Cerny the lead genealogist for all of Skip Gates's programs.

vkn: ayw what is claim to fame of Wanda Sykes ?

alt: that's why it is hard for me to get 'shook' up with the FPOC stories.... my entire maternal line follows that pattern so it is most of my research.

yatah: his wife jeanetta hawkins born ky, lexington too

L.T. Lanier: So it would be interesting to see if like the Mozingo family if there are white descendants of the daughter Mary and mother Elizabeth Banks.

AYWalton: She is a popular comendian, and actor vkn.

L.T. Lanier: Do you have 'white' relations alt?

alt: Oh, I'm sure there are L.T. Lanier (Mozingo)

AYWalton: there are lots of families that stem from these families, and I thought I detected a theme that her history was so "rare". It is really not "that" rare.

vkn: OK thanx ayw I was missing the details but seeing many posts

L.T. Lanier: That would interesting to trace those people.

Daviss: Yatah James and Mary his parents

yatah: where you find ?

Daviss: Jonathan Jones [Jonathan Madison] Gender: Male Birth Year: abt 1911 Birthplace: Kentucky Race: Negro (Black) [Black] Home in 1930: Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky View Map Marital Status: Single Relation to Head of House: Son Father's Name: James S Jones Father's Birthplace: Kentucky Mother's Name: Mary Jones Mother's Birthplace: Kentucky

alt: without mentioning surnames I have 'several' familiy lines who have been "white' for a few generations L.T. Lanier

L.T. Lanier: ok

yatah: why jones

Daviss: No idea yatah mavbe it was indexed that way

yatah: i think last name use by mother last name madison ? maybe

Daviss: mabe this James is the step father

yatah: make sense i keep the record in case

vkn: Yatah can you plan to attend conference in Salt Lake in October? AYW Daviss Alt and daviss will be there

yatah: what day ?

L.T. Lanier: WDYTYA didn't come on this past week, right?

vkn: Daviss please post the dates

AYWalton: It was a re-run.

yatah: jonathan madison married to jeanetta hawkins

Daviss: what was the Wanda Sykes info

alt: not sure, I know I didn't watch it last week.

AYWalton: Oh I forgot to mention that I posted an article on Don Cheadle's ancestry on one of my blogs.

Daviss: I was busy mt'ing and did not see what you all said

AYWalton: Melvin inspired me to dig out my data I have had for ages and put it up.

L.T. Lanier: They found Wanda's 9th great grandmother Elizabeth Banks a woman from Scotland.


yatah: i have no idea about jeanetta birth date , davis they has child girl born 1930

vkn: It is on FPOC daviss and I not read ayw gave me a summary

yatah: i know she remarried last name i forget

Daviss: yatah, the conference is Oct 18-20th in SLC

L.T. Lanier: brb

AYWalton: Alt are you going to go to NGS in May?

Daviss: AYWalton I read your blog and it was wonderful

yatah: ok thanks if i can find the interpreter for tht day lol

AYWalton: thank you Daviss. where do you live, yatah?

alt: yes AYWalton, NGS is on my schedule, especially 12 May, that's the day keli1 presents.

yatah: i live in orem, utah

AYWalton: ahhh that's good! I never realized you were in utah, yatah!

vkn: lol she is near slc ayw

L.T. Lanier: let me get going. Y'all have a good chat.

AYWalton: that's nice.

yatah: lol about 45 t0 50 min from orem to slc

AYWalton: Do you get to the FHC often?

yatah: no

vkn: I am sure we can help you get an interperter yatah

yatah: i need go there sometime i know fhc has more information

AYWalton: oh wow---the genealogy capital of the world. It is an amazing place.

yatah: vkn , thanks yep

AYWalton: I found Oklahoma records in SLC that I never saw in Oklahoma.

Daviss: thats why I need to go a day or so ahead

AYWalton: that's what I hope to do Daviss!

yatah: that how i found my quiller and darby in fhc in 1998 something after that busy lot after have kids lol

alt: Daviss, Wanda Sykes' story is a little earlier (1683), but there are 'dozens' of similar stories here in Ohio coming out of VA & NC in the late 1700's of white women/black men.

AYWalton: I will spend one full day at the FHC before the conference. Also similar stories in MD.

yatah: you will like there

vkn: Start making your plan now yatah. No excuses

Daviss: 1683 wow alt

yatah: lol

AYWalton: Agnes Callum here in MD also has a 1600s era history.

Daviss: alt its something about you men lol

yatah: i promise my self i must finish that family history before kids get adult lol

AYWalton: She has a free line and an enslaved line that go back into the 1860s. It's never finished, though yatah.

yatah: i hope

AYWalton: Always another line, always another story to tell, always another question to answer.

yatah: true

Daviss: yep

alt: and my LaForce story dates to about 1725-1735, but it is the ususal white man/black woman story of which there are literrally thousands in this area..

AYWalton: The moment you find a new name---the question is---who were their parents? You might choose to stop--but stopping does not make it finished. lol

yatah: talk to me ?

AYWalton: plus some ancestors like mine---keep messing with you to keep going. lol

vkn: lol true indeed ayw it never ends

yatah: yeah ight right

AYWalton: and as long as I enjoy the journey--which I do---I keep following where they lead me to go.

yatah: do jonathan has brother or sis what said ? , vicky

Daviss: I agree with that AYWalton.. I am hoping to at least get a new name sometime or another

AYWalton: quite true, Daviss. and of course one can visit what we already have and study those records for more clues previously missed.

alt: a wonderful journey AYWalton and getting better all of the time with newer data becoming available and online.

AYWalton: I agree alt. Well, I better run, folks. Have a good day everyone.

yatah: good day which one best to search on family history on www?

vkn: alt and daviss do we need to do a special chat to watch the Gates event on the 25th

alt: I was fonna say not so much of what we missed, but the surrounding data that we didin't know about is making review of older materials a "must do" thing.

vkn: do a go to meeting type setting Indeed it does alt

Daviss: ancestry is always the first source yatah I would say

yatah: wait vicky jonathan live in 1930 he has daughter born 1930

alt: not sure vkn, I'm slowly 'backing off' of meetings, readings, etc. not enough time or energy to stay current,..... but that's just for me.

yatah: so there is list on that ?

vkn: I understand alt not enough hours or days

alt: so you will notice my 'absence' from the scene as time goes by more and more....

Daviss: he is around 19 in 1930 Yatah unless you gave me the wrong date why alt???

vkn: He be aging daviss also tired lol

alt: just tired Daviss,

Daviss: oh you are talking about going to the conferences alt or chat?

yatah: vicky, i sure he born 1910 and death 1989 let me look up agian

alt: all of the above Daviss LOL LOL lOL

Daviss: oh ok well if I call you on the tele don't hang up on me lol

yatah: vicky , he born 1910 and death 1987 in ky lexington

Daviss: You are my partner alt

vkn: hang up daviss better hope he answers in the first place lol

Daviss: lol lol lol

alt: oh no, never that DAviss..... I think it is really a problem with going over "old' ground with this newer generation... they act as if they invented the wheel LOL LOL

Daviss: then that would be the one I gave you yatah

vkn: sorry alt had to drive the mack truck through that opening lol

Daviss: you heard that vkn,

alt: you drive well too vkn LOL lOL

vkn: lol lol lol

yatah: there is child on list , vicky ?

Daviss: no yatah he is single at home yatah do you have ancestry

vkn: yatah maybe we start group with speech and hearing challenges there may be such already

yatah: davis, i use once i not want payment after free trial

Daviss: oic

yatah: vkn, good idea

vkn: alt did you get a look at the archives on mail list

Daviss: its rather hard yatah to research without having Ancestry or Heritage Quest

vkn: Perhaps Free Erin Bradford will help yatah

yatah: ok

alt: yes vkn.. and having a hard time getting used to the "new" format... BUt EXTREMELY pleased those mail list have been saved and are still available.

Daviss: me too vkn

yatah: i use heritage quest before it close ?

alt: and I've been menaing to post to the mail list vkn, but ... afain time & energy gets in the way.

Daviss: how are you going to look at the 1940 census yatah?

vkn: get HQ from library yatah to use at home at no costs

yatah: i use search. org i dont know i have look up thanks

Daviss: depends vkn if they offer it.. Here they do not have it from home

vkn: ahhhhhhhhh

yatah: i mean i use family search

Daviss: Wish the libraries here would do that but you have to go in

vkn: Such is not available in phnx daviss

yatah: mine not have one take out

vkn: Such is not available in phnx daviss ???

Daviss: no vkn

yatah: never mind i found

vkn: a shame Log for the past Sunday chat is excellent

yatah: i found genealongy thur libaray yah

Daviss: I know vkn and its hard for the elderly that dont get out but love to research

vkn: why not available daviss

Daviss: yatah does your library let you search from home with your card

alt: see, I haven't been able to read the chat logs you posted vkn.

Daviss: no idea vkn.. mabe they feel like they need the bodies to stay open

vkn: Oh why not daviss still catching up from trip

yatah: pin number mean i have call libarary

Daviss: can you access heritage quest with your card and pin number from home yatah

yatah: i cant open that pin number

vkn: When we configure toll free number person can leave question

Daviss: call the library yatah and have them help you./ ask them if you can get it from home

vkn: Do you have tty yatah

yatah: yea i am now

Daviss: what do you mean yatah

yatah: i call relay on aim on computer ga

vkn: she has tty I think daviss

Daviss: alt, I am trying to find an Old Soldiers home in Cleveland but with no luck

yatah: you know aim ?

vkn: then you are all set yatah

Daviss: I dont have a name .. This Lee man I am looking for was supposed to have died in an Old Soldiers home in 1951

yatah: yep

alt: not sure about Cleveland Daviss ......

Daviss: ok alt

vkn: Can VA help daviss

Daviss: googled last night for about 30 mins lol

alt: he should be on the familysearch Ohio DC's up to 1953 Daviss .. try Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

vkn: and or the VFW in Ohio

Daviss: I could not find him to really confirm.. lots of Williams

vkn: they just fade away daviss

Daviss: looked for him telling names of parents but no luck that way

alt: Dayton, Sandusky & Chillicothe had the only 'Old Soldier's homes that I know of in Ohio Ross, Montgomery & ERic Counties in Ohio Daviss

yatah: ok ohio hard find name ?

alt: Erie county

Daviss: thanks for that info alt

alt: what's the name.. I'll take a look also

Daviss: William A Lee alt.. parents Samuel/Sam and Julia Lee

yatah: when slave finish in south carolina i want know

Daviss: oh born in Ala but died in Cleveland Ohio

vkn: 1865 yatah where in AL daviss

alt: gotcha..... You got my message on Malone college in Canton, OH?

Daviss: He was from Shelby County

vkn: May be buried in AL Daviss

alt: shelby County, Alabama?

Daviss: yes alt


yatah: ok bec my gggreat parents was slave before my grandma born

alt: okay, cause my family is from shelby County, Ohio LOL

Daviss: He went from Ala to Ok to Ohio oh wow Alt, I did not know that what county are you in now alt

alt: Daviss, if Wm A Lee is a CW vet who might be buried in Ohio go to the REsting Places for CW vest in Ohio website.

Daviss: He was not alt.. He was born around 1898

alt: okay Daviss ... I'm now in clark county, Ohio okay y'all .. quittin time for me... see ya later.

Daviss: well folks I have to run.. Grand-daughter wants to shop before she goes back to her dorm dont forget to call the library yatah about your card vkn I will chat later bye vkn and yatah

vkn: Niters yatah

yatah: yeah

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