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2012-03-19 HBCU's • Migration• LouGossett


Start: 12:10:58
End: 13:35:16
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, L.T. Lanier, Selma, STG, vkn, yatah

vkn: Howdy

L.T. Lanier: Hello vkn

vkn: Howdy and how are you

L.T. Lanier: doing good and yourself?

vkn: Not doing too badly

L.T. Lanier: good. :}

vkn: L.T. Lanier and where are you located Is this your first time here

L.T. Lanier: Its just me Seventies Soulchlid

vkn: lol oops doing a double take okies

L.T. Lanier: This is the real me. :}

vkn: That was a super great chat on Sunday. Read the log

L.T. Lanier: It was a great chat.

vkn: L.T. Lanier is the real you

L.T. Lanier: Yes! :} I am thinking about how I can market this upcoming reunion event for my Thompson - Galmore family in MS this summer. I already have a couple of news outlets that I'm going to use. I was also seriously considering contacting Black newspapers in Louisiana and Illinois

vkn: what plan do you have in mind for marketing what will registration cost

L.T. Lanier: Well I'm working on my presentation research, want to get a prepared article together, and will post on my blog, facebook groups, Afrigeneas etc. AFTER the reunion.

vkn: howdy Selma

L.T. Lanier: For those who have already paid for the event, its $110 per family.

Selma: Good Monday afternoon vkn..

L.T. Lanier: Hi Selma

Selma: and seventies (alias L. T. Lanier).. lOL

vkn: seventies is disguised as her real self selma

L.T. Lanier: I'm trying to keep in constant contact with my family in preparation for this. But I think I'm going to handle all of the media things myself.

Selma: I was on Grandma duty yesterday..what was the focus of Sunday's chat

L.T. Lanier: Mississippi! lol

Selma: Well I know that made you happy.. LOL

vkn: It was a super great chat selma

L.T. Lanier: Yes it did! :)

Selma: Where is alt.. Too Much March Madness?

L.T. Lanier: vkn, did you get your toll free number set up?

vkn: Selma did your mom go to Bluefield State

Selma: No but my mother in laws sister did vkn

vkn: Not set as yet L.T. Lanier

L.T. Lanier: lol Call him and he comes! lol Hi alt

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyy alt

L.T. Lanier: How are you feeling today?

Selma: and so did my mother in laws father sister..I think I got thatright

alt: hello Selma, vkn & L.T. Lanier LOL

Selma: Are you looking for somthing at Blufield State..we are talking WVA aren't we? Hi alt..I just called your name..thought you might be recovering from March Madness

vkn: I came across an old album of my hubby Herman from Bluefield Not recognizing any of the Peeps

Selma: What time frame vkn?

vkn: 44 48 Selma WVA by God lol

Selma: Not sure when my mother in laws sister attended her name was Helen Hill

vkn: I will check the name out

Selma: Was your hubby from WVA vkn?

vkn: Boones Mill in Franklin County. He is a Keeling

L.T. Lanier: vkn, this is a lazy person's question, but I'm going to ask. When was statehood for Alabama

Selma: jeez L.T... Lol

vkn: about 1819 L.T. Lanier

alt: vkn, check for a Clarence Harmon or a Elwood Moss in the Bluefield album? They are from Springfield and went to Bluefield around that time.

L.T. Lanier: I said it was lazy. It just came across my mind... thank you vkn

vkn: I will do so alt

L.T. Lanier: I am curious if my family FPOCs would qualify as Alabama pioneers since they came to AL early on.

alt: Springfield used to have a Bluefield alumni chapter, there were so many from here who went there vkn

vkn: The first Capitol was in Madison County Huntsville L.T. Lanier

L.T. Lanier: ok... another random type thought. I ordered a Kindle Fire. :}

Selma: glad to hear that L.T...keep the economy going..

alt: a John Adams would have been there in that 44-48 timeframe I think.

vkn: The work of Gary Mills identifies all Alabama FPOC L.T. Lanier

L.T. Lanier: lol thanks Selma

vkn: okies Alt

L.T. Lanier: The family is listed in his papers vkn. Didn't know if they came from GA early enough.

Selma: I hope you are taking notes, from the list alt is sending vkn..

vkn: I am Selma

alt: and a Steavie Mitchell (female) was a Bluefield grad.

vkn: I am understanding that Bluefield is primarily an all White school now

L.T. Lanier: oh that school... isn't that something.

vkn: Alt covers the waterfront lol

Selma: I think I posted an article a couple of years ago on just that subject vkn..whether it should still be considered an HBCU..cause they only had 1 or a couple of black students

alt: vkn, I have John Adams A Phi A pin from when he crossed the Sands @ Bluefield.... his daughter gave it to me about 25 years ago.

vkn: wow alt Seems I recall that article Selma

alt: Bluefield & West Virginia State are both predominately 'white' students now vkn.

L.T. Lanier: brb gonna get a bite to eat.

vkn: How did we let that happen okies

alt: How? Nor plan B for integration ... or desegregation.. Nor=No

Selma: Actually I think the black population has dropped overall in WVA vkn

vkn: or free education lol

alt: yep vkn... lots of reasons

L.T. Lanier: I had someone from WVA, a white woman, tell me that there were no black people in WVA... lol

vkn: Did y'all get that index to NGS and FGS presentations Lots of Peeps from PA in WVA and vice versa or so it appears

alt: Yes, I did vkn... thanks... one of the presenters (1986) was a Mrs. Betty MeGee, she was the wife of the ex-Mayor of Dayton, Ohio. She was an AA genealogy pioneer here in Ohio.

vkn: 80 degrees here yesterday

L.T. Lanier: We're getting that kind of weather up here this week as well. upper 70's

Selma: Here too vkn..this weather is wierd..the daffadils are up, trees are blooming, trees budding

L.T. Lanier: alt was Mrs. McGee part of the OGS?

Selma: Weeds everywhere

L.T. Lanier: And where can we find her work? hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Selma: Afternoon AY

alt: yes, she was an OGS member L.T. Lanier ..... Probably at the Dayton Public Library, OGS Library & for sure the archives at Wright State Univ.

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Mizz Selma, Soulchile, (L.T. Lanier). :) greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: Yes I had forgotten about David Streets but saw him in the index. No longer a mention in the literature

L.T. Lanier: lol hey AYWalton

alt: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: hope you are all doing well today.

vkn: Heyyyyyyy AYW

Selma: I think I have his book vkn

L.T. Lanier: alt are there any projects underway to document the affect of the Great Migration on Ohio state history? Or just to document it altogether? That would be a great read. definitely.

vkn: I think I still have his book also

L.T. Lanier: Or have I already missed the boat? :}

alt: not sure of any "new' projects" L.T. Lanier, but there is a great deal of documenatation already in existence on FPOC settlements in Ohio from 1803 up to & thru the Civil War.

vkn: David Thackery is a good read L.T. Lanier

alt: He's from Urbana, Ohio vkn ... He knew my folks LOL

L.T. Lanier: the reason I'm asking is because I have identified a couple of relatives who left the south and settled in factory towns, Steubenville, OH and Akron, OH.

vkn: as I said Alt covers the waterfront lol

Selma: Jeez about 6 degrees of separation..who don't you have a connection to

L.T. Lanier: My uncle was heavily involved in union activity in the 50's through the 80's.

alt: L.T. Lanier, go to the Ohio Historical Society site and look at the AA experience in Ohio 1850-1920 for starters.

L.T. Lanier: thank you alt.

yatah: hello

AYWalton: howdy yatah

Selma: Good afternoon yatah.. You might quiet AY

vkn: Howdy Doody Yatah

Selma: mighty

alt: hello yatah

L.T. Lanier: Hello yatah

yatah: i hope if you can help me little thing on my family history i try work on my mom's side

alt: L.T. Lanier, your folk in Steubenville may have been familiar with Blair Underwood's family there in Steubenville..... same time frame as Frank Underwood, Sr. s family.

yatah: i take care on davis and darby and quiller next month when 1940 come out

L.T. Lanier: ok. This is on my Henyard line. St.Claire Henyard. was there probably during the 1930's. I have him there during WWII on a draft card working for a steel mill.

Selma: what are the surnames on your Mom's side?

vkn: That will be good Yatah we all are looking forward to 1940 data

yatah: madison

Selma: I like that name L.T..St. Claire Henyard

yatah: hawkins

alt: L.T. Lanier, Frank, Sr. was born about 1932-1934 in Steubenville...

L.T. Lanier: I know Selma, me too. I think it was pronounced Sinclaire

vkn: In NC Yatah ?

yatah: selma , i lose most of more family name but i try start with madison

AYWalton: Selma did you see that Melvin Collier spoke with Lou Gossett, because of what he wrote in his blog?

vkn: In NC Yatah ? you may be kin to 3rd

yatah: ost from ky and ohio most

L.T. Lanier: I read it and that's pretty wonderful AYWalton

Selma: No I didn't AY..been on Grandma duty past couple of days..been outa the loop

alt: yes I did AYWalton, fantastic response to Mlevin's blog posting.

yatah: melvin collier work on quiller right ?

AYWalton: wasn't that great? He has inspired me to put up my data that I have on Don Cheadle's family. I have had it for two years.

vkn: Selma is doing the lil darlings

AYWalton: what is quiller, yatah?

Selma: Send me the link to Melvin's blog somebody

yatah: oh QUILLER last name

vkn: Super great AYW "Tell the stories"

AYWalton: ahhh ok. No, he posted a blog on the ancestry of his family ties to Lou Gossett's history. he did not mention Quiller that I recall.

L.T. Lanier: I'm sure Melvin has a lot of stories to tell. Especially the ones that he didn't put in his book.

yatah: jonathan madison and jeanetta hawkins parent abd thier child is mary madison 23 nov 1930 born ky, lexington

vkn: STG !!!! joins life amid da lowly lol

alt: Melvin's "exercise' shows how adept AA genealogy researcher can be ... and this took hime relativlely speaking very little time to uncover the Gossett link with information he had already collected on the area in SC.

yatah: ok maybe differnt person or wrong person

STG: :)

L.T. Lanier: hey STG how are you?

alt: hello STG.. how the heck ya doing!!!!

STG: Great how are you all doing?

L.T. Lanier: Agree alt. And his attention to detail He did mention the Gossett family in the promo for his first book. I want to see the Mahalia Jackson connection as well. Hopefully he will write about that soon.

alt: yes, he dotted his "I's" & crossed his "T's" quite well L.T. Lanier

L.T. Lanier: I know that AYWalton and he mentioned it on facebook briefly. Then AYWalton wrote about it on her blog.

AYWalton: the Mahalia Jackson connection is on my blog. See the story of how I found Madame Martha Hockenhull.

yatah: ahh leave me blank of parents yike

L.T. Lanier: that was a good piece AYWalton.

AYWalton: Here you go, SoulChile:

alt: Melvin's blog is a great example of how your research can be expanded out when you do it from "community" prespectrive and don't just zero in in your family... that's been my experience for the last 15-20 years or so.

AYWalton: Martha Hockenhull was the mother of Robert Hockenhull.

L.T. Lanier: I read it when you first posted it.

AYWalton: Robert Hockenhull, her son, married Mahalia Jackson.

Selma: So Lou Gossett contacted Melvin AY?

AYWalton: Martha---was Melvin's gr. aunt--Aunt Mattie.

L.T. Lanier: alt, you know it didn't take me long to figure out that everyone in the community where my mom was raised is pretty much related in one way or another. I suppose I always knew it.. lol

AYWalton: and I found the connection while googling her name. It turned up a photo right here on AfriGeneas, in Precious Photos. He had posted the same photo that I had, several years ealier.

alt: right L.T. Lanier, you may not know how, but you know you're related LOL

AYWalton: I contacted him and we spoke about it. Lou Gossett called Melvin! he mentioned it on Facebook.

Selma: that is great

L.T. Lanier: he did. just to tell him thank you... that's awesome! I wonder what kind of conversation they had at the gossett household that night.

Selma: Afternoon STG..think I missed saying Hi

alt: it seems as if Melvin's "discovery" went beyond what was shown on his PBS segemt.. at least beyond what was shown on the PBS segment.

STG: Hi Selma

Selma: Folks..I have to run..have a great day.

AYWalton: alt was Lou Gosett on PBS? I don't think he was.

yatah: can you help me one thing ?

AYWalton: He did it on his own in an imitation of WDYTYA, but Lou Gossett was not on that show, either. what do you need, yatah?

yatah: i try find jonathan madison he born in ky, lexington and find his parent

alt: he was on one of the Gate's show's , perhaps not PBS but one of the networks... anyway Mel's blog hit area I don't hink the Gossestt episode on TV covered.

yatah: aywalton he born 1910 dead 1987

vkn: STG I need you to help me understand FaceBook you are an expert

alt: wasn't ther a Gossett episode on TV? by Gates w/ other AA celebrities?

AYWalton: I don't recall there being a Lou Gossett episode, alt, but perhaps there was. I don't see his name on the Af. Am. Lives site, alt.

alt: Gosset, Morgan Freeman, Oprah, Tina Turner, etc. .... Chris Rock, the priest form Boston, segment, if not episode.

AYWalton: \ Melvin was performing an exercise on Lou Gossett because his family was from the same community. I am trying to see if there was any mention of Lou Gossett on Afr. American lives.

STG: Me? expert? LOL!!!

alt: oaky AYWalton

yatah: there is dead record ?

vkn: yes you be stg

STG: What's the problem Ms. VKN? I know they are switching to the timeline. They will have to kick me over themselves

L.T. Lanier: lol STG I read that photos are now disappearing from pages...

vkn: lol lol lol

L.T. Lanier: Under the new timeline format

AYWalton: just found a photo list of every episode alt. No Gossett.

STG: L.T.--posts,comments,and photos are probably all coming and going. I am not switched over and sometimes I don't even see my own posts

L.T. Lanier: Same here and yes I will have to be kicked over too. Though I did change to timeline for my public page.

STG: :)

AYWalton: greetings, bbenn

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

L.T. Lanier: hello bbenn

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyy bbenn

bbenn: Hi:} What's new!

L.T. Lanier: Not much...

vkn: face book changes are new to m e bbenn

alt: hello bbenn

bbenn: Hi alt I changed one of my pages to timeline.

L.T. Lanier: Did anyone see the lecture at the Nat'l Archives on the USCT this weekend on CSPAN history?

AYWalton: the new changes on FB are so annoying.

vkn: bbenn you are a courageous adventurer

AYWalton: they keep changing things about every 2-3 weeks.

bbenn: I missed it.

L.T. Lanier: You didn't miss much except humming and hawing... lol

AYWalton: I wanted to attend an event week before last, but schedule conflicted.

bbenn: I decided to just try it out and it's ok. I created a banner to announce my it's working for me.

alt: I saw a guy yesterday L.T. Lanier , think his name was Dobak (?) not a very good presenter, IMHO

L.T. Lanier: Not at all. I was wondering, what the heck was he talking about??

AYWalton: that's good, bbenn

yatah: oh well guess not help me i go to find someone will help me thanks i go now

bbenn: I attend the PG AAHGS meeting and the speaker was from the University of Maryland. They have an exhibit on the role of women in the civil war.

alt: there was an AA fellow in the audience who had his 'stuff" together, he answered more questions than the presenter did LOL

L.T. Lanier: I am wondering who the gentleman was who asked the question about the role of USCT in Reconstruction. Looking forward to reading that book

vkn: Send an email yatah or post to forum yatah

L.T. Lanier: That's the man alt. He said he was in the process of writing a book about it. the Archives should try to book THAT man!


bbenn: Who was the man?

vkn: okies Yatah

yatah: no, vkn

L.T. Lanier: I cannot recall his name. But he was effective... lol

yatah: not ok

AYWalton: Are you speaking about Hari Jones? L.T. Lanier?

alt: his name escapes me bbenn , he was a memebr of the sons & daugethers USCT organization there in the DC area.

vkn: ahhhh yatah I see you are on a mac

L.T. Lanier: No it wasn't Hari Jones. This was an other gentleman.

alt: No it wasn't Hari Jones

AYWalton: Dr. Frank Smith?

bbenn: Have any of you used

yatah: yeah

alt: not me bbenn

vkn: Super cool yatah

yatah: that cloud e mail address vkn

AYWalton: I am not familiar with that one bbenn

alt: nope, Not Frank Smith either

vkn: I see that

L.T. Lanier: Ok let me see if I can get the link to the transcript for this event from Cspan

bbenn: I just tried it. I had a large slide presentation and could not send it through my drop box and tried

yatah: let me know anyone has name hill and hawkins , thomas e mail me ok and madison

vkn: Oops gotta run come back tomorrow yatah and we go to separate room niters all

yatah: ok e mail let me know ok thanks

AYWalton: from where yatah

alt: later vkn

L.T. Lanier: bye vkn

bbenn: bye vkn

STG: She's quick

yatah: aywalton, ohio , alabama , ky, lexington

STG: :-D

AYWalton: ahhh ok. take care, yatah

yatah: k bye

alt: faster than a heart beat STG LOL

L.T. Lanier: Hammercy that yatah.

AYWalton: well I am tweaking my Don Cheadle blog post. Melvin has inspired me to put it up. Have had it for several years since the PBS program aired.

L.T. Lanier: Please do share.


bbenn: That's great! Cannot wait to read it.

alt: wasn't 3rdthawkins.. a Thomas Hawkins and his folks were from SC ? that was for yatah.

STG: She's gone too Alt :)

L.T. Lanier: ah huh... makes me wonder seriously if he's on meds. SERIOUSLY.

AYWalton: I am focusing exclusively on the Indian Territory side of his family. There are tons of Kemp and Cheadle cousins that he has--and has no clue about! Still living in Oklahoma today.

STG: L.T. she's not.

L.T. Lanier: Let me go. I'll see y'all on facebook.

bbenn: kemps?

AYWalton: Yes, from Indian Territory, bbenn. The Kemps were big time slave holders. and Chickasaws.

alt: go for it AYWalton

AYWalton: actually they were white Kemps who married in to a Chickasaw family and ended up in Indian Territory. Very wealthy Indians. will have it up later today. have a good one, folks.

bbenn: Well, yes they were big slave holders. Unfortunately, I have the papers to prove it. Only, I am looking at SC. I logged in to late to chat. I will catch everyone earlier...bye.

alt: later

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