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2012-03-16 WDYTYA


Start: 20:08:37
End: 21:02:27
Chatters: bbenn, evpace, keli1, vkn

keli1: Hi evpace, how are you?

evpace: Hey Kelli; I was on the phone with Selma who is being granny. Where b Keli 1 Hi bbenn.

bbenn: Hello evpace and keli1! I was unsure if anyone would be on the chat tonight. I forgot that this was a rerun...

evpace: Repeats are helpful for re-enforcement.

bbenn: I decided to tune in to see what I missed with the first episode.

evpace: Me too.

bbenn: Maybe we will have others to join us.

evpace: Keli 1 was here.

bbenn: Has she signed off? How old is Martin Sheen?

evpace: No.

bbenn: Nice is always nice to look at old pictures.

evpace: For sure. The clothes,background, facial expresions tell a story.

bbenn: Yes, they do tell a lot.

keli1: Hi Bernice

evpace: Where are you located bbenn?

bbenn: Hi keli1, where is everybody? Maryland, where are you located?

keli1: I am thinking since it is a rerun, they decided not to show, I always watch each show twice, lol

evpace: Dc. Where in md?

bbenn: You are probably right.. Silver Spring DC? Do we know each other?

evpace: Keli1 I miss clues thr first time around.

bbenn: So do I?

keli1: evpace what is your name?

bbenn: They always seem to be jumping around...

evpace: Veronica

keli1: okay, I try to remember folks by their names instead of their computer ids I am Shelley

evpace: Also, this show is important to St.Patricks Day and the Irish connections.

keli1: Yes i will celebrate my Irish roots with a nice cold beer, lol

bbenn: Are you tuning in to geneabloggers tonight? This is the night to get in touch with your Irish roots:}

evpace: If not there is Irish whiskey and the Irish Shake.

keli1: yea I will be there, I sure missed you last night, not sure if you say the couple of posts folks made about missing you

evpace: Explain gbloggers and access,please.

bbenn: I also missed connecting with folks last night. Still on vacation with my sister. I did post one of the old shows on-line and don't know if it came on or not.

keli1: Yes it came through, lol...we are pityful, I said I have two dates a week, Thursday and Friday at 9p

bbenn: Geneabloggers is a 90 minute internet blogtalkradio show held every Friday night to share topical areas of interest to genealogist and specifically bloggers.

keli1: I hope you are having a great time, I am sitting here logging ED's

bbenn: Yes, I have been playing tourist in DC. So much to do and see here...went to the Archives and introduced her to my fellow researchers.

evpace: Great bbenn.

keli1: I need to get back up there, my card expires in July I think I am missing some more of my great grandfather's pension record and his wife's

bbenn: The Public Affairs sent a camerman into the Archives today and I was interviewed about a Civil War Widows Pension Record I was preparing for digitization.

evpace: bbenn I do blogg elsewhere and of course I am an addicted genealogist. Do you know Reginald Washington?

keli1: oh nice bernice, I hope we get to see it when it airs

bbenn: Really, what is your blogs name? I am doing a show on blogging on June 21. I have one blogger booked and need two additional bloggers. Sure, I know Reginald. I see him everytime I am in the Archives.

evpace: Next time but thanks. Evening vkn.

bbenn: Hello vkn:)

vkn: howdy all evpace 6d to see you and bbenn and keli evpace good to see you and bbenn and keli

bbenn: vkn, we have a small group tonight

evpace: Thx. We have a small but dedicated crew tonight. Selma is babysitting.

vkn: I see we do bbenn I could not get your program last night

keli1: HI Vkn

bbenn: I uploaded one of my old shows! It should have come on automatically! I need to check the link to see what happened.

vkn: aaaahhhhh

bbenn: I am on vacation! Needed a little break to spend time with my sister.

evpace: bbenn breaks are healthy.

vkn: daviss is traveling and we are competing with another friday night blog radio

bbenn: Looks as if Martin's grandfather was a player:}

vkn: Yes there is a lot going up

bbenn: geneabloggers is on in about 9 minutes focusing on Irish ancestors.

vkn: okies

evpace: BIG TIME PLAYER who was the law and ruled by edict and double standard.

keli1: he was a MAN! and felt it was okay to cheat

bbenn: YES,

vkn: lol

keli1: well i am heading to geneabloggers, folks, enjoy your evening

vkn: thanx keli

bbenn: Good night!

evpace: Sinful for a woman but not for Don Juan man,keli1.

bbenn: Double standards!

vkn: It has ever been shameful for the female

evpace: And still is vkn.

vkn: indeed How does this show compare over the series

bbenn: I had trouble making sense out of some of the sources they used to research his family. Reba's show was interesting. More genealogy resources used to track her family...

vkn: I see

evpace: More informative for me the second time around. He now knows where his activism came from; also the history is very telling.

bbenn: checking out! nice chatting.

vkn: okies nice chatting evpace

evpace: Tje research of tax records with Rebq was helpful to me Same here DIVA Teacher. NItey.

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