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2012-03-17 Networking

** Chats Lobby

Start: 21:24:57
End: 21:24:57
Chatters: deannie

deannie: Evening


Start: 21:25:25
End: 22:31:53
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, Bearnut2, Daviss, deannie, vkn

deannie: Hi Daviss

vkn: Howdy howdy

deannie: evening vkn

vkn: and how is deannie

deannie: great and yourself

vkn: owdy Daviss viss I thought you ere in California Not too bad trying to get acustomed to this unseasonable weather

deannie: Here too....Chicago has had great weather....70's

vkn: 80's in Atlanta today I don't think Daviss was actually in the room

deannie: I think she was early and she just have not return yet...

vkn: I see

Daviss: hi there Dennie and vkn!

deannie: Do you have any research trips planned this summer

Daviss: sorry I was on the phone

vkn: heyyyyyyyyy Daviss

deannie: Hi Daviss

Daviss: heyy vkn lol and Deannie

vkn: I thought you were out of town Daviss

Daviss: I still am lol

vkn: oh oh I see

Daviss: here in Moreno Cali Moreno Valley

vkn: okies

deannie: I watching the marathon on The Green Hornet...I liked him better then Batman.....

vkn: What is the nearest real city lol

deannie: You get around Daviss

Daviss: came for spring break lol

vkn: ahhhhhhhh ok

deannie: You have spring break from the College of Genealogy lol

Daviss: took the kids to Knottsberry farm ha! @ deannie

deannie: I went to go to your college....where did I send my application

Daviss: lol it called the AA School of Genealogy Break when you can lol

deannie: Do they have dorm...I want to live on campus lol

Daviss: I hear ya deannie you see I am still thinking genealogy on here now my brother asked me if I ever took a break from computer

deannie: You never where you can network...... The answer to that is never,,,,,you may miss something

Daviss: hi bearnut2 lol

vkn: bearnut hiwdy

Bearnut2: Good Evening everyone!

Daviss: how's it going bearnut2?

deannie: Hi Bearnut2

Bearnut2: Good--but I'm beat! Did you have a good bd?

Daviss: yes thank you..

Bearnut2: I'm not gonna ask how old you

Daviss: 68 lol

Bearnut2: good for you!

Daviss: aint shame lol

deannie: Great age

Bearnut2: I'm not one of those women who is afraid to tell her age either

vkn: grrrrrrrreatt at 68

Bearnut2: thats right vkn!

vkn: lol

Daviss: glad to be on this side of the dirt

deannie: not meet me there.....beat me my motto

Bearnut2: love it deannie so...what are you "girls" talkin' about?

Daviss: we really just got topic really Do you have anything to report anything new at all

Bearnut2: I had to speak to my af am genealogy group today...boy was i nervous but i made it through

Daviss: was this your first

vkn: What was the subject Bearnut2

Daviss: and what was your topic

Bearnut2: first time i was officially on the program

Daviss: great bearnut what did you speak on

Bearnut2: basically they just wanted me to speak about the time investment in genealogy

Daviss: that is a good topic

Bearnut2: how it takes a lot more time than what they see on who do you think you are

Daviss: so true

Bearnut2: and how you can't just call the library and they'll be waiting there for you with your family

deannie: ditto...Friday"s WDYTUR was a rerun

Bearnut2: pped out all mapped out Something else new...I got two of my paternal grandmother's siblings to take a RITF test

Daviss: oh good! I wont hit them will I

Bearnut2: um...i don't know...I can't remember what side you're on lol

Daviss: I took the maternal

Bearnut2: No, your brother matched--whats your brother's name

Daviss: oh thats right!!! hmmmm I have to see which brother brb

Bearnut2: boy! don't we have bad memories ! lol

Daviss: 68 remember used to be 67 lol

Bearnut2: so deannie and vkn-- anything new with you?

AYWalton: Good evening, all.

Bearnut2: Hey AYWalton

AYWalton: just popping in to say hello. Not staying very long. Howdy Bearnut2, Daviss, deannie, Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deannie: Good you asks....I think I located my grandfather on the 1930 of my cousin had me looking into the wifes of my grandfather brother...and I think my grandfather is in the house 2 doors over I'm waiting to talk to my cousin Hi Aywalton

Bearnut2: cool deannie! where are you researching deannie?

deannie: My new found cousin I help me so much...I can't wait to meet in him in April...on my Mississippi trip Claiborne county,ms

Bearnut2: thats wonderful deannie! Finding new cousins is great isn't it!?

deannie: I know...because he working on our family tree too........

Bearnut2: I found a great one recently on Ancestry who had a picture of my great great grandfather--no on in the family I know had a picture of him.

Daviss: oops was it Theodore Daviss bearnut2 HEYYY AYWalton!

deannie: That want I'm talking with benefits

AYWalton: phone......better run.

Daviss: ok

Bearnut2: Yep Daviss! And you'll be happy to know that the connection is on that side cuz he matches my father and grandmother so look out for my great aunt and uncle in the next 6-8 weeks!

Daviss: ok

Bearnut2: try not sound so excited :p

Daviss: lol I am was just thinking

Bearnut2: lol

Daviss: he is my full brother

Bearnut2: I know--thats the randomness of dna! If he hadn't tested, we'd never know we were related

Daviss: I am excited trust me lol deannie did you test?

Bearnut2: Daviss you might end up having a match with one of them...

deannie: No....I work in correction and I did not know what they will do with it later...I have a lot of family on the other side of the law lol

Bearnut2: lol deannie

Daviss: oh no!!! dont think like that lol

deannie: No not really.....I just have not got to it cousin just called me...I going to talk to him...but I will still look at the chat.....

Daviss: I would like that bearnut2 to match with one of them lol plus I have two females also that tested

Bearnut2: I found two new cousins on Facebook this week (siblings) they are my 2nd cousins--their grandfather was my paternal grandfather's brother.

Daviss: How did you find them on FB

Bearnut2: I found their grandfather's obit online and did some sleuthing and found them on FB

Daviss: thats wonderful!

Bearnut2: I sent them both friend requests--one accepted but havent heard from the other.

Daviss: thats great

Bearnut2: I also was able to fix a photo of my grandfather in his army uniform...

Daviss: You are working it

Bearnut2: funny story...An uncle of his gave the pic to my grandmother years ago saying "Here, I thought you would want this picture of you and Woodrow"

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

Daviss: Hi BBenn

Bearnut2: she took it and thanked him, but the picture wasn't of her! It was some girl he was dating at the time waaay before he met my grandma lol Hi BBenn

bbenn: Hi Daviss, Bearnut2:}

Bearnut2: Its the only pic we have of him in uniform and there is some unknown woman with him, so I edited her out of the pic so its just him.

Daviss: we are talking about bearnut2's luck

Bearnut2: lol Daviss

bbenn: Sorry to tune in late... Bearnut2 - any news from my cousin?

Bearnut2: no prob bbenn -- so whats new with you?

bbenn: Vacation is over and I am back to scheduling guest for the summer months..

Bearnut2: I added some surnames and places to his profile. Its about all we have right now but his wife is supposed to look for the book from the reunion a few years ago.

bbenn: I played tour guide all last week. Now, I need a rest.:}

Bearnut2: fun! I think I need to come visit you and the National Archives! ;)

bbenn: I was filmed on yesterday in my volunteer duties at the National Archives working on the widows pension records.

Daviss: R U at the archives bbenn?

bbenn: Yes

Daviss: wonderful

Bearnut2: cool! Wish I had your "job"

Daviss: me too

bbenn: I am having fun and the files are much information.

Bearnut2: are you part of the digitizing project bbenn?

bbenn: Yes, I am part of the prep team.

Daviss: you guys are so luck to live out that way as it much going on

bbenn: Genealogist candy store....I love it. Just not enough hours in the day to research, analyze and write up the findings. I need an assistant.

Bearnut2: thats a great description--Genealogist candy store!

bbenn: :}

Bearnut2: I've got to make plans to visit that candy store--maybe next year... I've got Florida planned for this year.

Daviss: oops gotta run folks cya

Bearnut2: bye Daviss

bbenn: The University of Maryland has a great exhibit on Women and the Civil War. I hope that they will call in on Thursday to share what they have developed for the general public.

Bearnut2: cool!

bbenn: Folks are logging out. Next time I will log in earlier. Good Night..

Bearnut2: nite bbenn guess I'll go too... take care deannie!

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