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2012-03-09 WDYTYA


Start: 20:03:31
End: 21:04:16
Chatters: bbenn, evpace, gsft, HistoryBuff, J Mark Lowe, keli1, Khathu, lockwin0781, Nadasue, Nadia, rcs, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, sjtaliaferro, Sonia

Khathu: hello lockwin Hello everyone

Nadasue: Hey there, Khathu. Where is everyone, I wonder?

Khathu: I don't know

Nadasue: For once I'm on time, :) That's great that they have pics and mom already knows names Divorced Hi evpace

evpace: Evening all.

Khathu: Hello evpace

J Mark Lowe: Good evening. This is one of my shows.

Nadasue: Oh, that's great Mark

evpace: Great Mark.

J Mark Lowe: The name was spelled almost 20 different ways in the 4 counties around Paducah. Even when signed by the people.

Nadia: I bet! Hi everyone....

Khathu: hello rcs

lockwin0781: Hello All: This story is getting off to a interesting start.

rcs: hello

Nadasue: Not surprising

Khathu: hello gsft

gsft: hey

Nadia: hello

Nadasue: hey Nadia!

gsft: hello all

J Mark Lowe: Hello

Nadia: Hey Nada...great pic yesterday....

Nadasue: Oh, thanks. :)

Nadia: boy...

Nadasue: A rebel indeed!

evpace: Mark, what category did he search at the Library of Congress web site?

Nadasue: He wasn

J Mark Lowe: Chronicling America

Nadasue: He wasn't going to be bullied

gsft: This season has been really good...Reba and Blair Underwood were really good.

J Mark Lowe: All of the Kentucky newspapers are also at Kentuckiana Web Site.

gsft: Chronicling America is a good resource.

J Mark Lowe: There's a great back story to the divorce.

Nadasue: I thought so, too, gsft. Hard to believe the Blair Underwood episode had the lowest ratings

Nadia: Really? Perhaps because of the break?

J Mark Lowe: Just before the divorce, there was a split in the church.

Nadia: Over?

J Mark Lowe: The family took different sides. (incl husband and wife) Who was in charge?

Nadia: Oh dear

J Mark Lowe: The family split at that time. There was a court case over the church division.

gsft: Yea, maybe it was the break. I thought it would be on one week and the NAACP awards were on.

Nadia: No kidding...

bbenn: Hello Everyone! sorry I am late.

Nadasue: WB bbenn

Nadia: Evening...

bbenn: Hello Nadasue and Nadia!

Khathu: Hello Selma and bbenn

Selma: Good evening everyone..

Nadasue: Howdy neighbor!

Nadia: Hey Selma

bbenn: Hi Khatu and Selma!

Sonia: Hi Everyone!

bbenn: Hi Sonia!

Nadia: Hi Sonia

Nadasue: I just love how the show makes it look like someone is alwys just waiting for you when you walk into the archives and And you never have to wait for anything, of course.

Nadia: lol

Selma: Mark Lowe..what happened with the church court case

HistoryBuff: Hey all

J Mark Lowe: The church jury found against Abe and Burnett. They refused to listen to church. Went to court - court judgment against Abe and Burnett. His son-in-law, dau-in-law and others won the case. Abe, Burnett and others lost and separated from family.

Sonia: Hi HistoryBuff

bbenn: Hi HistoryBuff

Selma: Wow

evpace: Nadasue....we wish it was so but hours and days of research must be compressed into a one hr segment with commercials.

Nadasue: Of course

J Mark Lowe: That's really why Jerome's Mom said they disappeared. Her Gmother lived 4 blocks away and never associated with them.

HistoryBuff: Interesring

Sonia: @J Mark - Wonder why they're not filling us in on this. We had a "falling out" between lines that weren't reconnected until 75 years later.

evpace: Mark what is a church jury?

J Mark Lowe: 42 mins of tv time.

Nadia: Sad, but not unheard of. Genealogy sometimes unearths many family splits.

J Mark Lowe: Church jury - made up of members of the church. like a commission - but this ultimately was brought to civil court.

Nadasue: Hey keli1

keli1: Hello, how is everyone

J Mark Lowe: Hey keli1

keli1: hi there Mark

Nadia: Hi Won the case in that era...

J Mark Lowe: The case was appealed and remanded back to court. Then the settlement amount was reached.

Sonia: Hi Keli1

HistoryBuff: Hey Keli1

bbenn: Hi keil1

keli1: I have a question, are you all seeing the show, it is not on here in my area...

HistoryBuff: Nice Abe won the case and Jerome gets t speak with a witness.

keli1: I just saw a tweet about it.

HistoryBuff: Remarkable inideed.

Khathu: the Prof. was not a witness

keli1: Hi Sonia and History buff

Khathu: he was retelling the story that was past down

J Mark Lowe: There were no witnesses who testified in the case.

keli1: Hi Bernice, your show was great last night, I ordered Marion's book.

Khathu: That is 12 years before the end of slavery I am wondering why he is not using the census

rcs: not much glamour in the census

Khathu: well that is the baseline set of records

J Mark Lowe: It's tough to know all of this story and not see all of it shown for all of you. I have to remember "it's a TV show."

Sonia: Keli - it's on here in Bflo. Did something preempt it in your area, or a diff time zone?

bbenn: Thanks keli! Marion did a great job!

Sonia: I sjtaliaferro Hi

sjtaliaferro: Hello ev1

Nadia: Hey sjtaliaferro

keli1: We have March madness which I am watching LOL. I will catch it on the website later.

bbenn: Hi sjtaliaferro

Nadia: Oh that's right...

sjtaliaferro: Hi

evpace: Mark can we linger after the show and you fill us in?

keli1: Bernice the link you posted on facebook, Australia I loved the young girls story, I watched all 4 segments.

HistoryBuff: Hey sjtaliaferro Hey Sonia

J Mark Lowe: Jerome's story was directed by Matt Mays, who is an outstanding young director from Indianapolis. He does a lot of NFL productions.

bbenn: very interesting stories!

J Mark Lowe: Sure. I am in Alabama researching,but will be glad to answer ?

Sonia: HistoryBuff - Who are you ?:}

Nadasue: Welcome sjtaliaferro! Glad you made it!

sjtaliaferro: tks

keli1: Is the show good?

Khathu: It is okay

J Mark Lowe: That's a little funny. Those books stacked behind a shelf.

HistoryBuff: Sonia, I'm just an average researcher located in Washington, DC.

Khathu: I wish slave era research was that easy

Nadasue: For real Khathu

bbenn: The books in St. Helena Parish, La. look just like those books.

J Mark Lowe: The slave owner signed his name with an X also.

Sonia: HistoryBuff Thought I might know you from here - one of our group members (from Buffalo) used that as an email name.

bbenn: Yes, I also wish that slave era was that easy.

Sonia: Nice to see other record types being brought in during this episode.

HistoryBuff: Doesn't sound like me.

Nadasue: He sure is lucky.

J Mark Lowe: Ky dower slave schedules are wonderful for this research.

Nadia: Only two documents...

J Mark Lowe: There were docs for most every year from 41 to 60

Nadia: Well, three, including death certificate....four (deed)

lockwin0781: What is a dower list?

evpace: Do all states have dower slave schedules?

Khathu: No evpace

J Mark Lowe: Slaves left by will to a widow (entitled to a life estate) reported each year to court.

Nadia: Haven't seen any here...

Nadasue: NO Sorry... wasn't

J Mark Lowe: Not in Tenn. They are in KY and a few other states.

evpace: What about Virginia?

Khathu: I haven't seen any in VA

Selma: Me either

Nadia: Meant, haven't seen any in Virginia (Richmond through Tidewater)

Khathu: Selma is the VA expert

J Mark Lowe: The specific law for dower slave schedules was passed in Ky.

Selma: LOL

J Mark Lowe: Virginia dower laws report the assets in estates, but not a yearly report like KY.

HistoryBuff: Jerome presents a good question regarding family reunion.

Khathu: good night everyone

J Mark Lowe: Some KY counties had separate books for the Dower Slave Sched, but most are found in Estate Settlements.

keli1: time to go to geneabloggers for tips on researching female ancestors, hope to see you all there

Selma: It appears to be a great resource Mark

Nadia: Here's your census...w/great news...

J Mark Lowe: Yes, Selma. I wish we could find them in every case. Of course, we had that census from the beginning. We traced the family back 3 more generations from NC.

Selma: But it made for great suspense..

Nadia: Yes

J Mark Lowe: Yep.

sjtaliaferro: Reunited!

Nadasue: What part of NC J Mark Lowe ?

Selma: So the white slave owning family migrates from NC to KY

J Mark Lowe: Granville/Edgecombe.

Nadasue: Really? Same surnames?

J Mark Lowe: They actually mig to TN then to KY

Nadia: Oh goodness, my neck of the woods....

Selma: Ok

keli1: that seemed to be a trend TN to KY what was the attraction?

Nadasue: And the name has been passed down in the family. Butch's name is Abram

J Mark Lowe: In this case it was just across the TEnnessee River.

HistoryBuff: I love watching his mother's and uncle's reaction to Jerome

Nadia: I love the connections made at the end...relating the information to the extended family...

J Mark Lowe: This is the best part to me.

HistoryBuff: Jerome's report.

J Mark Lowe: Jerome was so excited about the process.

Nadasue: Well, goodnight al.

Nadia: 'night all!

Nadasue: all

HistoryBuff: Good good folks.

sjtaliaferro: Good night!!

Selma: Good night everyone..

Sonia: Night all!

evpace: Good Stuff Mark; Fhanks for your work.

keli1: good night all

J Mark Lowe: Fun to share with friends.

lockwin0781: Informative show. Good night.

J Mark Lowe: Thanks evpace.

bbenn: Goog night

Seventies Soulchild: hello???

evpace: Nite all.

Seventies Soulchild: good bye!

rcs: good night

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