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2012-03-11 Webinars Home Grown


Start: 11:36:33
End: 13:03:26
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, keli1, Nadasue, Selma

alt: hello keli1, happy Daylight Savings time LOL

keli1: Good morning to you! how ya doing? health wise, are you being good?

alt: doing fair healthwise so I have to be good LOL... how bout you?

keli1: doing good so far, everything is working, LOL. I am going back on weight watchers, got to loose weight the healthy way

alt: wonderful.. good luck with WW, I could stand to lose 70-80 lbs.... the healthy way.

keli1: it is the only one that works, at least for me and it is about portion managment, lol..need what I can. I just booked my flight to SLC

alt: I've gained about 50 lbs since 2009 & Ft. Wayne.. I was on Nutri-System then and it was working. so you're 'good to go' for SLC.

AYWalton: greetings alt, and keli1

keli1: Yes I am going, first time, plus want to be there to support others, etc

alt: good morning AYWalton, how are ya?

AYWalton: yall talking diets?

keli1: Good morning to you Angela!

AYWalton: I need to lose about 30 pounds myself!!!

keli1: I need to lose 50

AYWalton: and it is almost afternoon! I just realized that. Forgot to set my clocks! we should all do one together!

keli1: I am doing weight watchers, was successful before...

AYWalton: I have done WW in the past as well.

keli1: I want to look like my ancestors, lol

AYWalton: it is a good program. your ancestors probably were not sedentery folks. you know genealogy does add pounds. and now that we have computers, we don't even have to walk to the car to go to the archives or library. we click away in our pajamas.

keli1: for sure! I like the change of behaviors and can't get it from prepared foods

alt: that' my 'main' problem is I'm too sedentary, not burning any calories at all with activities.

AYWalton: but I like cooking and need to add more healthy dishes to my diet.

keli1: I just finished my application for first families of ennsylvania

AYWalton: we need to reward ourselves with computer time instead of interrupting computer time with moving around. lol

alt: wonderful keli1 FF of PA... is this with the PA Gen Soc?

AYWalton: I have noticed at many genealogy conferences how many folks have a hard time moving around. what is FF of PA?

keli1: yes with the GPS

alt: First Families of Penn.

keli1: just getting a certificate from them, lol

AYWalton: ahhhh ok.

keli1: Irita got one for Ohio.. I have one for Benzie Michigan

alt: do you have to be a member of GPS & what is the time period? documentation required?

keli1: I am not sure, but will do it if necessary, they have 3 different time periods any documentation that we have, so I hope it is accepted I think most socities have them now

alt: okay .. Ohio has FFO before 1820... Settlers & Builders before 1861.. Irita & I have family in both.. as a matter of fact we both have AA family in Ohio before 1803.

keli1: Colony and Commonwealth 1638-1790, Keystone & Cornerstone 1791-1865 and Pennsylvania Proud: 1866-1900 mine so far is under Cornerstone

alt: For OGS you have to prove ancestral lines & residence generation by generation back to the given time period.

keli1: yep, pretty much the same

alt: it is a great exercise in documenting your 'tree' & having it reviewed by a 'peer' group for acceptance.

keli1: yep, we did Benzie County years ago.

alt: okay, comments on WDYTYA... I thought it was a very, very good episode.

keli1: I was not able to see it, will have to watch when they put it up on the website

alt: okay, I think you will enjoy it

keli1: I actually like all of them... I heard they had a black researcher involved

alt: there was a good posting on FB about Jerome Bettis "other" family lines this morning.... someone has done a lot of research into his genealogy.

keli1: yea I read that

AYWalton: the episode is online, keli1 I watched it yesterday. they always have it up the very next day. it was a good episode.

keli1: oh is it up now, really, at the main website, yeah..

AYWalton: they had two history professors have face time with Bettis. no genealogists---but at least they were black. genealogists, might have gone further to learn perhaps how Bettis's slave ancestors were acquired. but they did a good job. and didn't feel a need to connect to a remote village in Africa---they stayed in KY, mostly. and there were good records.

alt: I would think that they did go much further than what the program showed AYWalton

keli1: oh that is good staying in KY, I have some research in KY, Bell & Harlan Counties

AYWalton: that's right----there is supposed to be a missing episode somewhere online. I did get to see the missing episode with Blair Underwood. there is probably more on their site also for the Bettis episode. Will have to check.

alt: I wasn't aware of the "dowry" records for KY, need to check them out for a couple of counties to see if they exist.

AYWalton: is it "dowry" or "dower" (and hopefully not "dour") :)

alt: I thought they did a good job with the records they showed .. Census, vital, Newspapers, Court (Probate & Civil) photos & oral history. Dower

keli1: oh they have those records that is good, not all states have them

AYWalton: I was wondering how many states have them.

alt: I've seen & heard of "Dower/Dowry" slaves mentioned in estate records, but never seen them recorded as such prior to an estate settlement.

AYWalton: don't think we have them west of the Mississippi.

keli1: that is something to find out and post.

AYWalton: I wonder if Virginia has them. being one of the oldest states.

keli1: Question: why do they include Michigan being west of the MS, is it because of the colonies, etc?

alt: I have no idea

keli1: what about Ohio...

alt: Never heard of Mich being considered west of the MS.. since it is directly north of Ohio and we're east of the MS.

keli1: I guess my question is coming from the homestead act of 1862, they always says west of MS states

AYWalton: they include Michigan?

keli1: just doesn't make sense to me, LOL

AYWalton: I have never known that.

keli1: yes, I downloaded both of my family patent from glorecords

AYWalton: but east of the river?

alt: I've looked and I can't see Ohio as having 'homestead' lands... it was pretty much settled by 1862 and the 'districts' were pretty well determine by then. .

AYWalton: Michigan is east of Illinois, which is east of the Mississippi.

keli1: just says west of MS

AYWalton: where was that? on which site does it call Michigan as being west?

keli1: reading about the Act

AYWalton: I see.

keli1: also listened to the webinar on FTU virtual conference, they mentioned it as well, maybe I am reading it wrong

alt: the Ohio HIst Soc has a book/booklet "Ohio Lands" and it show how Ohio was 'tracted' out by VA mil district, Western Reserve, Connecticut lands, etc., but not sure it mentions Homestead Act

keli1: I really wish that Afrigneas and AAHGS would provide webinars or podcast...

alt: OH, MI, IL, IN, & Ws all came out of the Northwets Territory Act of 1787.

AYWalton: something to suggest, keli1 I know that ProfessorDru has a channel. much needed and a great idea!!!

keli1: I have been saying that for a while...getting a bit tired of it... broken record

AYWalton: perhaps we can become proactive about it!! make some and offer them to AfriGeneas. greetings Ms. Selma!!!

keli1: Hi Selma

AYWalton: did you change your clocks Selma?

alt: who among AfriGeneas would take the lead in finding 'sponsors' for Webinars, lectures, etc.

Selma: Good afternoon folks..Alt,AY, and keli

alt: Hello Ms Selma.

Selma: Most of them AY..gotta change the one I am looking at now.. LOL Need a step stool

alt: careful Selma, we don't want another accident.

AYWalton: don't step on it---wait till a tall person comes. Remember your ankle, Selma!

keli1: step stool, what did you do?

Selma: "Dower" records..not dowry

alt: okay Selma thanks re:Dower vs Dowry

keli1: lol a give and take thing-dower

Selma: I have a two step , step stool..clock is on the wall...I changed it I am safe..although the clock is now crooked.. LOL

alt: were these the type of records Geo. Washington's wife would have had recorded prior to her marraige to him for the slaves that she brought into that marriage?

Selma: If the slaves were inherited by her from her husband.. 1st husband

keli1: it covered a lot of what was coming to the marriage...goes back to the mother land

alt: and her's were right?

keli1: could a will change a dower or does it matter which one was filed first

Selma: Hold on reading B. Vines Little book on inheritance in Colonial VA..

keli1: yea I attended her talk in richmond but can't remember, hmmm I should still have her handouts

Selma: This i prior to the revolution

keli1: Charlottesville LDS/FHC is scheduling their family history day for June 16, they are looking for speakers

Selma: Under common law a married women did not exist as a separate person but became one with her husband Whatever personal property she had prior to marriage was vested in the husband He only gained title to the rents and profits of any real estate during the marriage, it remained entire to the wife after the death of husband..or to her heirs if she died before him

alt: In the case of Geo. Washington it is often stated that he couldn't free most of his slaves because they were "dower" slaves of his wife Martha.

keli1: Men took it all! gotta love em'

Selma: LOL..and thats how the men are acting in the VA Legislature we speak

alt: y'all want me to step out of the room LOL ... course you're talking about 'white' men and the olden days genealogically.

keli1: yes my gosh, darn can you believe the ultrasound bill that just passed

Selma: I have not seen the type of record referred to in the Bettis episode Which appears to be a separate type of document based on a law passed in KY..and said to be in other states, but they didn'tsay which ones.

alt: me neither Selma, wonder if is specific to KY?

Selma: Mark Lowe and ask the "Dower Records

keli1: he does KY and TN..

alt: Mark's gonna be at OGS in Cleveland again this year.

Selma: I think he mentioned in the chat that night that another state had the same records, but didn't say which states

AYWalton: I don't have Mark's email, but I am sure I can easily find it, Selma.

keli1: I have it, hold on

AYWalton: ahhh ok.


alt: I found the Civil court case in the Bettis story to be interesting. and the older gentleman who could relate to the oral history of that case.

keli1: Angela are you podcasts on Afrigeneas website, or the link to hear them?

Selma: AY..must be mulit-tasking

keli1: what about Dru's or are any on AAHGS or Afrigeneas website

AYWalton: oh ok, back.

alt: y'all remember William Carson aka 'Hollywood"... his folks were from Paducah, KY and during the same time period as Bettis' g-father 1920's .. he still has family in Paducah.

AYWalton: what was the question keli1? I don't think so.

Selma: I saw your post to him alt..

keli1: how do we get them up?

AYWalton: the website has old software and some things will have to be updated to make changes to the site. it needs a new design.

keli1: who is the web master?

AYWalton: the family is the largest item on the page, yet it is not a link and the ads take up much of the rest of the real estate. I know that there is an effort to streamline the page a bit. don't know where the design is, yet, though. howdy Nadasue!

alt: Hello Nadasue.

keli1: hi Nadasue

Nadasue: Hello all!

AYWalton: hey Nadasue, great photo of you, and keli1! Nice photo!!!

Nadasue: Ah, thanks! It was great to meet her. keli1 :)

Selma: Afternoon Nadasue

Nadasue: Howdy, neighbor!

keli1: thanks it is good to meet people when you chat with them for a couple of years, lol

Selma: Took me almost 10 years to meet alt.. LOL

keli1: lol

Selma: in person and JArrin..

Nadasue: I've only met AYWalton and now keli1 as far as anyone out of my immediate area

keli1: so Angela is that going to happen re: website?

alt: 2009, right Selma and we immediatley recognized each other LOL

Selma: LOL

AYWalton: Much depends on the webmaster. You can share ideas with BJ and VKN. they know more about the status of things.

Nadasue: Talking about the afrigeneas site?

AYWalton: yes, Nadasue.

Nadasue: k... good

keli1: okay, I will email VKN, etc

Nadasue: Anybody see my tweet this morning? I got through another brick wall!

keli1: No I have not pulled it up today..

Nadasue: Well, at least chipped it down a bit... :)

AYWalton: I missed your tweet, Nadasue.

alt: AYWalton,just received the AR AAHGS newsletter in my email uesterday, I have yet to read it.

AYWalton: it is good, alt. they do a good job.

keli1: does anyone have plans for Greensboro in Oct

alt: not me

AYWalton: not sure, keli1. I am going to Salt Lake City, so I have to count my pennies. but I can easily be convinced.

keli1: I just booked my ticket to SLC

AYWalton: I am excited about SLC.

Nadasue: Found death certificate for collateral relative, which gave new burial location in Warren Co., NC. Decided to post it to FAG. God there and even though that person wasn't on there, the second name on the interment list was that of my maternal GG-GF!

AYWalton: FAG?

Nadasue: Clicked on it and there was a HEADSTONE with named spelled differently, birth year, and DEATH year! Find-a-Grave

AYWalton: ahhh ok.

Nadasue: I

Selma: Great find Nadasue

keli1: Find a grave is awesome!

Nadasue: I'd only had his name before thie (which I found a couple years ago) and didn't know when he died or where, etc. Nice inscription on headstone too. Gave me an indication of how he lived.

AYWalton: we need to have a glossary lol --for FB / Tw / FAG and others.

keli1: lol

Nadasue: Yes

AYWalton: that's good, Nadasue! You must be so pleased!!

keli1: I am happy for you!

Nadasue: VERY. I almost jumped in the car right away to go there! Decided to make myself wait because I'm going there on 31st. Thanks.

AYWalton: lol I know you were excited!

Nadasue: :):}

alt: Yes, congrats Nadasue, shows we have to 're-visit' thes sites on a frequent basis as new data is being added everyday, plus data that we can now connect with that has been on the sites for years.

keli1: I hope to stay hot on the trail to find Anderson Russell, just found his 2nd wife's death certificate which is the first lead...that should lead me back to him she never remarried, died at the age of 102, in the same area they lived in 1880

Nadasue: Well, the thing is, I never would have found it on a search because the spelling was different. If I hadn't gone to the cemetery to look for the other person, I'd have never known! That's great keli1 Such a simple thing, too. His name was spelled Asy. I've tried Acey, Ace, Acy, Asa, Acee.... Just never thought to try ASY....

alt: the Bettis episode showed us a great example on spelling LOL

keli1: really I need to locate it on and watch today

Nadasue: I always try so many variations on surnames. This shows how it can happen with given names, also.

Selma: AY...did you find the video on chuch controversy on Bettis family

AYWalton: not yet, Selma

keli1: I posted a note on facebook to remember that death certificate creates more records

Nadasue: Here ya go keli1

alt: that was a GREAT posting keli1, how many of us think of a 'record tree" I know I hadn't realy thought of it in that sense.

Nadasue: Yes, I LOVE death certificates, and since most of my folks are from NC, I'm especially lucky that so many are online

AYWalton: I think I found it, Selma.

keli1: yea, the presenter made the reminder, so back to basics again

AYWalton: going to go and watch it. Plus it is almost 1 o'clock, so going to sign off. have a good one folks. take care everyone.

alt: I've had good fortune with NC DC & images on Ancestry Nadasue

Nadasue: Just which VA would be accessible

Selma: Like eveyrthing on the death certificate is only as good as the knowledge of the person giving the info

keli1: does the link so just the highlists or the whole show, it says 2:09 that in minutes

Nadasue: True... you have to use discernment, but still it opens doors

keli1: okay got it,

Selma: I think AY's link goes to the segment that explains the split in the church ...which pitted one side of the family against the was not on TV

keli1: yea Nadasue's link is 43 minutes I need to buy one of those things to hook my laptop to the tv

Nadasue: The link I sent is for the whole episode

keli1: I am waiting to hear back from Vicki on Mariah's timeline, lol, but I might of scared her

Selma: LOL

Nadasue: Selma How was the meeting Wednesday night?

alt: the point of keli1's post wa show to think of how many other records a DC will connect you to .... an obit, a funeral program, a coronor's report, a cemetery, etc.... not just the information of the event re:death.

Selma: It was good..we talked about the Pleasant Shade cemetery project..will be sending out info once we get a date and time..we need volunteers to come and help transcribe the info

keli1: yea Art, we typically will stop once we get the death records, but oh so many more hints on other things

Selma: A number of our members are local..and have folks buried there...

Nadasue: Okay. Good.

Selma: It was the only black public cemetery here in this area until about 1960's

Nadasue: Yes.

Selma: So folks from both Hampton and NNews are buried there

keli1: selma do you get trickles of the community (non-members) coming to your meetings?

Nadasue: Well, I'm happy to help. I think I responded to the email saying so.

Selma: or I should say folks who were lving here at the time of their dealth..many folks here are from other places Oh yes..we have folks who show up..pick our brains...then come back 5 years later to pick our brains again... I usually remind them LOL Oh you are on my list Nadasue

Nadasue: :}

keli1: just thinking of more ways to market the meetings, etc

Selma: Folks..I have to leave..have a great day..

alt: yeah, Selma we 'jump' on the visitor's for a membership... we get them for at least a year... and we can always use that 20.00 for the membership LOL

Nadasue: Well, folks, I'm going back to my lazy, movie-watching, little bit of indexing and research day. Cya

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