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2012-02-25 Slave Laws VA NC

** Chats Lobby

Start: 21:28:35
End: 21:28:35
Chatters: deannie

deannie: Evening


Start: 21:01:41
End: 22:04:36
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, daviss, deannie, freeaainnc, jhonora, Khathu, Selma, vkn

AYWalton: Greetings, my friend!

Khathu: Good evening

AYWalton: howdy Khathu! How are you doing this evening?

Khathu: I'm good, thanks for asking And yourself?

AYWalton: doing fine.

Khathu: My proposals were accepted by the IBGS

AYWalton: wonderful!!! Mine were too. how many did you submit?

Khathu: Congratulations!!!

AYWalton: I will present two sessions.

Khathu: I submitted two

AYWalton: great!!!! I know you will enjoy being there. I plan to go a day or two early so that I can do some research at the Family History Center. glad to know that good folks will be presenting.

Khathu: I think I am going a day early as well

AYWalton: it is worthwhile. the facility is an amazing one, for sure. I wonder how many speakers they plan to have. I should have asked Angela McGhee last week when I was in St. Louis. I think she was on the committee. What did you think about WDYTYA last night?

daviss: Hello there AYWalton and Khathu!!

AYWalton: ahhh there you are! You must have been multi-tasking.

daviss: lol I ran in to make a salad

Khathu: i've been there a couple of times

daviss: I forgot to turn up the speakers

AYWalton: no problem, daviss. so you are familiar with the facility. It is useful for sure.

daviss: Oh reading back, Khathu Congrats to you..

AYWalton: yes he will be a speaker at IBGS, which is nice.

daviss: I am glad to see that you were accepted What will your topic be Khathu?

Khathu: Thanks Daviss Slave Era Research Strategies and the 1867-1868 Voter Registrations

daviss: AY I posted a list of They Are There on the AfriGeneas page on FB lol

AYWalton: ahhh I will take a look, daviss. hey hey hey, it's honora!

daviss: I am hoping others will post names

jhonora: Hello Khathu, daviss, AYWalton, bbenn!

daviss: Hello Jhonora and bbenn

AYWalton: greetings, bbenn.

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

Khathu: hello bbenn and jhonora

AYWalton: how is everyone this evening?

bbenn: Hi Khathu

daviss: Nice topic khathu!!

jhonora: Doing well, thanks

AYWalton: that's good. bbenn what's new in your part of town?

bbenn: JHonora, do you know of a repository in New Orleans where I can track the cargo from a slave ship that arrived there in 1849?

jhonora: should have the Inward manifest for the slave ship

bbenn: AYWALTON- I am tracking the owner of a slave ship that transported my ancestor from Richmond to New Orleans in 1849.

AYWalton: wow that was late in the importation of slaves wasn't it? ahh that's right I believe you mentioned that someone arrived from Richmond.

jhonora: You can then check the Conveyance Indices to find the act of sale

AYWalton: Any idea if they had arrived from outside the country before Richmond?

bbenn: Yes, I found the manifest on and I want to track the purchase after arrival in New Orleans.

daviss: did you look at that list here bbenn

bbenn: daviss, I have not looked at this list and will do so, thanks.

AYWalton: Hey there, Ms. Selma!!!

daviss: welcome bbenn

jhonora: I see, bbenn, it can be an arduous task but doable. Do you know who their buyer was after they got here? Hey Selma, vkn!

daviss: hello selma and vkn

bbenn: I noticed that the slave trader brought cargo from France to Canada arouond 1800, but, this slave trade is much later.

Khathu: Hello Selma and vkn

Selma: Good evening AY, bbenn, daviss, jhonora, Khathu and vkn

AYWalton: true, that is much later. hope you are well, Mizz Selma!

bbenn: I have the owners name and it looks like the buyer is a David Cune. Good evening Selma

vkn: Howdy to all Angela!!!!! bbenn daviss Jhonora Khathu Selma

bbenn: Hello vkn

jhonora: So, bbenn, Cune bought them from the shipper, from what we can tell?

vkn: Good post Jhonora

AYWalton: Thanks for your post, vkn on FB.

jhonora: Thanks, vkn

vkn: lol you be welcome AYW

AYWalton: lol

bbenn: That's what it looks like to me. I will be in New Orleans and wanted to see some other slave transactions when I am there...

Selma: This trader took the slaves from Richmond VA to NO?

vkn: Recd message bbenn can talk after 8 2morry

jhonora: O.k., bbenn, you can go to the Recorder of Conveyances Office in the Amoco Building on Poydras Street and check the vendor (a.k.a. buyer, purchaser) indices for Cune or check under the seller's name. Then you can run upstairs to the Notarial Archives and pull the original act.

bbenn: Yes, his name is William F. Talbott and he managed a large cargo from Richmond to New Orleans in 1849. Thanks jhonora. I knew that you could help me. I am going to have fun going through those records.

AYWalton: did Talbott remain in Louisiana?

vkn: Grrrrrrreat responses AYW

bbenn: I have tracked him around the country..he also traded in Kentucky.

AYWalton: I thought there were some good responses in the thread as well, vkn.

bbenn: ok, vkn.

AYWalton: (I got a bit wordy though.) lol

Khathu: good night

daviss: I see on that list a Talbot and Bowers bbenn

vkn: Its all about words AYW

bbenn: Daviss, where are you looking?

AYWalton: Indeed it is, vkn.

daviss: On the link I gave you

bbenn: Oh, ok.

vkn: Great lunch bunch Friday log ayw

AYWalton: ahhh I will have to take a look.

Selma: Elvatrice Belsches might have some info..she did some work on slave traders in Richmond

bbenn: Thanks Selma

vkn: howdy deannie

AYWalton: howdy deannie!

daviss: hi there deannie

Selma: Evening deannie

vkn: lost the IM daviss

deannie: Hi Angela, daviss, bbeen, jhonora, selma, vkn.......................

bbenn: Hi deannie

vkn: Good show on Thurs bbenn

AYWalton: how is Chi-town>?

daviss: what about now vkn

bbenn: Thanks vkn...quite a juggling act!

vkn: lol

deannie: Chicago is great....we did get the big snow like to said......

AYWalton: well the week has been a busy one for sure---Bernice's show was good, then we had WDYTYA last night which was interesting, and then the Geneabloggers show was also interesting, and on and on.......

vkn: Its a lot

bbenn: Definitely a week to remember!

vkn: s there a link to geneabloggers?


vkn: Thanx ayw

AYWalton: the entire show was devoted to African American Genealogy.

vkn: Will take a click may get kicked

AYWalton: speakers were Shelly Murphy, Tim Pinnick, and Drusilla Pair.

daviss: I did get to hear a smidgen

freeaainnc: hi!

AYWalton: Howdy free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Hi free

freeaainnc: finally made it!!

jhonora: Hello freeaainnc

AYWalton: good to see you, free!

freeaainnc: hello everyone!

deannie: Evening freeaainnc

Selma: Long time no see

bbenn: Hi Free

freeaainnc: you too AY!

daviss: hi there freeaainnc

Selma: So are we going to pick over the episode from last night?

freeaainnc: hi bbenn hi daviss, deannie, jhonora, AY, selma, vkn

AYWalton: good question----well what did folks think? I thought it was a better episode than the one with Martin Sheen. that episode was bland. this one was better done, and the guest (Blair Underwood) seemed involved in the research himself.

bbenn: One question, how did the researcher come up with the theory that Blair's ancestor was a Conjung..probably spelled this incorrectly.

freeaainnc: conjung?

Selma: I thought that was a stretch bbenn

jhonora: I thought it was very good, did I miss something, or did they not mention how his folks were involved with that church

daviss: witch doctor

jhonora: conjurer

AYWalton: I thought that was a true reach.

freeaainnc: oh! ok

Selma: They were one of the founders jhonora..

AYWalton: there was NO evidence that Sauny was a conjurer, and it was based on nothing! At all!!!!

bbenn: I also thought that that was a stretch. That man was mad because those cows were eating his corn.

deannie: ditto...he said from the strange hat and badge and things her wear

vkn: Howdy free

freeaainnc: howdy vkn!

vkn: long time

Selma: What was Sawney last name?

bbenn: Well, the newspaper protrayed him like that but, he did not present any other evidence to support his theory.

freeaainnc: yes indeed! I was in lunch bunch the other day, but didn't see you

AYWalton: and that is charactaristic of a conjurer? Hmm.....lots of folks "do roots" down in the country and they don't have to dress the part. I didn't see that in the news papers.

jhonora: Early, Selma

vkn: freeaainnc I skip in and out Time is at a preemie

bbenn: He read a description of Sawney from a newspaper article

AYWalton: He was suffering from delusions, but it did not say that he tried to put spells on people nor did people come to him for help with any kind of voodoo, or other traits of a conjurer.

freeaainnc: yep, I know vkn and even when you're here, you're not usually HERE hehe MT extraordannaire

AYWalton: if anything he had a spell on him---he was clearly not mentally stable, but a conjurer?

daviss: well being shot so many times sheesh

freeaainnc: MT-multi task

vkn: Too many irons in the fire free and some burning

AYWalton: yes, bullets can do that, for sure.

bbenn: vkn, I also have too many irons in the fire! Grandbaby is complaining right now that I am not giving her any attention.

deannie: I do not thing he was mentally...I think he just did not take any stuff from any body...and they did not like he for that

AYWalton: but beyond that it was quite interesting, anyway. I wonder why they seemed to stop though on his lines. seems like they would just get tired and simply stop.

vkn: tend to the babies bbenn they have top priority

bbenn: deannie, that is probably why he told folks that he was Jesus Christ. Don't mess with me...:}

Selma: and the 2 slaves in Delaware's household..they could have been relatives, but he was born free..which meant his mother was it wasn't his mother

AYWalton: yes the grandbabies are at the top of the line. that's right that was an error on the genealogist's part.

deannie: My thinking also

AYWalton: if his mother was free then the older woman was not his mother.

daviss: mabe an aunt or MIL

bbenn: that's right...I definitely need to tend to her needs now, so that she will be there for me in my old age...:}

deannie: I think so bbenn

vkn: Perhaps ancestry could issue a research summary after show is done

Selma: The register that they showed..the Free Negro Register for Amherst County was transcribed and published in 1993 in the book Strangers in Their Midst

AYWalton: I think someone said there is a behind the scenes link. I have never looked for it though.

daviss: hmmm I did not know that

vkn: I see

Selma: I will tell those of you in the room..that the Scott line is one I research. It is one of my husband's lines.. I was quite familiar with the material they showed

vkn: Did that one cross your line selma

AYWalton: quite fascinating, Selma!

Selma: I believe so..

daviss: interesting Selma...

vkn: ahhhhhhhh so

AYWalton: I wonder how your husband's relatives reacted to the program.

Selma: I haven't talked to any.. Not sure if they saw it Will have to call them and tell them to watch on line

AYWalton: would be interesting to hear.

Selma: Many of the FB men in that area worked as coopers..and boatman on the Batteau boats that worked on the rivers.. Apparently enough of them owned their own boats that VA passed a law about them working on the boats

vkn: I would like to hear also Selma what the Scott's think

Selma: I Scott female married a Stewart... She came out of Amherst..

AYWalton: whenever there are lots of folks doing things a law is passed about our doing it. Hmm.........

freeaainnc: sounds like the coast of NC too, they passed laws too when slaves started using boats to escape

vkn: Y'all be good. I will not be here 2morry

daviss: Selma would the name Cooper be related to say a person who worked on boats

freeaainnc: by vkn

Selma: The coopers made barrells barrels

daviss: ok thx

freeaainnc: coopers were a profession, very common

AYWalton: was that in the Outer Banks area, free?

bbenn: Good night everyone! Nice chatting.:p

freeaainnc: Let's see if I can remember the areas that passed laws...

AYWalton: nite bbenn was just curious, when you mentioned the coast.

freeaainnc: Washington, Wilmington, Fayetteville (cape fear river), and there was another along the coast

AYWalton: ahhh ok. how interesting.

freeaainnc: Those were the only towns that required free blacks to register too, as a means to protect them from being stolen and sold into slavery

AYWalton: ahhh ok.

freeaainnc: they had to wear a patch with the letter F on their shoulder

Selma: In 1836 VA passed an act to regulate the conduct

daviss: My Cooper was bought from NC and taken to Texas freeaainnc

freeaainnc: it was probably to discriminate against them to

Selma: of certain boatman it is enacted that when any free Negro shall give a manifest

AYWalton: well, going to run folks, have a good evening.

freeaainnc: bye AY

daviss: nite

Selma: of any loading put on a boat he shall obtain a certificate from some respectable white person cerifying the truth of the manifest

freeaainnc: the laws in NC states that negroes were not allowed on boats after dark unless employed on the boat

jhonora: The State Archives recently published the Free Registers for Orleans Parish, Louisiana

freeaainnc: and then what selma is talking about for VA sounds very similar to another law passed too later in nc, another law was passed stating that only blacks who were employed on the boats were allowed, no others

Selma: Gotta know those laws, laws generate documents

freeaainnc: definitely selma!!

daviss: ya gotta love this habit we have lol lol

Selma: Thats why I copied at 5 cents a page..the Black Laws of VA written in 1936.. LOL

freeaainnc: lol! the whole book??

Selma: All 249 pages Yep at William and Mary

freeaainnc: OMGoodness!!

daviss: and I know loads of people who would rather have paper

freeaainnc: I bought the book

Selma: It was republished a couple of years after I copied..but it was a must have for me daviss..I copied this in 1992

daviss: I can imagine Selma..

freeaainnc: don't remember where, I think at a sale of used books to raise money for the nc state university library and if that is the case, it would have been only $4 when I was a student, I always made sure I was one of the first people there so I had the best selection of history books

Selma: Many of the other states laws are based on these VA laws

daviss: gotta run but this is a topic I love, thanks

freeaainnc: agree, but it's funny, according to dr. John Hope Franklin, the VA law requiring registration comes from the NC law - but there was NO NC law, at least not on a statewide basis and the only law they did have was for those 4 towns I mentioned with the "F" patch

daviss: I will chat later

Selma: OK daviss... Registration?

deannie: Good nite here also

freeaainnc: That was a case where he should have used primary sources - he paraphrased from an earlier researcher rather than look it up and the earlier researcher was wrong

jhonora: I'm signing off y'all, bye!

freeaainnc: Yes, all the registers of free people of color in VA, there was a law requiring that apparently he claimed was based on an NC law that never existed

Selma: Umm..

freeaainnc: but like I said, he was basing that on someone else's work, not through original sources, and the person who first wrote that was wrong

Selma: Goes to show you.. Well time for me to go Good to see you

freeaainnc: exactly! and he did an excellent job

Selma: Good night..

freeaainnc: overall. night

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