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2012-02-24 WDYTYA


Start: 19:59:43
End: 21:01:28
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, DrBlakemore, evpace, HistoryBuff, J Mark Lowe, keli, mavisj, One Drop, ProfDru, Selma, Sonia, VicJoRob, vkn

AYWalton: Hey there Bernice!!! Have you come down from last night's show?

bbenn: Hi Angela

AYWalton: You did a great job balancing!! Hello One Drop

bbenn: Thanks and you were fantastic!

AYWalton: welcome to the WDYTYA chat room on AFriGeneas.

One Drop: hi am I late

bbenn: Hi One Drop

One Drop: hi

AYWalton: and so it begins.... Hello there, mavisj!

bbenn: hi mavisj

mavisj: good evening everyone

AYWalton: glad you could join us.

One Drop: hi mavisj

AYWalton: He looks better without a mustache.

bbenn: One Drop- are you new to the chat room?

One Drop: yes to this one

AYWalton: an army colonel's son. I did not know that. Interesting. you are most welcome then to join us, One Drop.

One Drop: thank you

AYWalton: beautiful mother.

One Drop: yes

AYWalton: welcome keli

keli: Good evening Virginia roots

AYWalton: The wall of 1870, we are all familiar with it.

mavisj: yes the wall

bbenn: asking the right questions..what do you know and what do you want to know?

J Mark Lowe: Good evening folks

AYWalton: is that African Ancestry's kit or FamilyTreeDNA's kit? Mark!!! So glad you could join us!

J Mark Lowe: Ancestry DNA

bbenn: Hello J Mark Lowe

AYWalton: ahhh ok. Nice to have you hear, Mark! LVA---a great place!

J Mark Lowe: Wanted to watch this search with friends. Joe Shumway is great

AYWalton: hear = here. (I really do know how to spell) lol are those co-habitation records?

J Mark Lowe: Love VA marriage registers

AYWalton: greetings, vkn!!!

vkn: Howdy all

keli: HI Mark and Vicki. Yes it looks like it Angela

AYWalton: I was wondering.

J Mark Lowe: Looks like regular marriage registers. Stay tuned.

bbenn: how far back have they traced his family?

AYWalton: Greetings, Selma!!!

Selma: Would folks please stop staying there are no records...UGH Good evening folks

AYWalton: ahhh.........interesting. a mental hospital.

vkn: AYW, BBenn J Mark Lowe Keli1 mavisJ Selma

keli: Hi Selma

AYWalton: Sauny, a name that appears in many variations.

Selma: Good evening folks..

mavisj: hi vkn

bbenn: Hello Selma, Keli, vkn,

J Mark Lowe: Hi VKN,Keli, Vicki, BBenn, Angela, & all

AYWalton: Is the Ancestry test a new test?

Selma: Did they give any time frames for when these events take place?

AYWalton: I recognized the colors on the kit (clearly from Ancestry) but did not recognize the kit per se.

bbenn: Is it the admixture test?

mavisj: Angela, ancestry has been doing dna testing for awhile

J Mark Lowe: Yes, they said it would be released now. Haven't seen the press release. Asked about today. No answer yet.

vkn: evpace howdy

mavisj: I tested with them first.

keli: Hi Bernice!

AYWalton: I will be very curious to see how they break through the Wall of 1870 and what kind of documents they use for that.

evpace: Evenjng all!

mavisj: be back. mom's calling. need to call her back since she had surgery earlier this week

Selma: There is a Census for Lynchburg

AYWalton: (hope she is on the mend, mavisj)

keli: Hi Evpace..

vkn: mavisj prayers for good health

AYWalton: Selma or keli, are you familiar with that facility

HistoryBuff: Hey All

AYWalton: hello HistoryBuff

vkn: HiatoryBuff howdy

AYWalton: Ok I was wondering if he was going to mention looking at the 1860 census.

J Mark Lowe: Blacksmiths were financial centers for former slave communities in Tennessee after emancipation.

AYWalton: Ahh yes, the Wall of 1870--we all know about that.

HistoryBuff: Was it the first year African descent persons could vote?

AYWalton: depended on location HistoryBuff. varied from state to state.

keli: I missed it, which facility?

AYWalton: good use of newspapers.

HistoryBuff: Okay. Varied with their state legislature?

AYWalton: petiferous, my goodness!!! pestiferous.

keli: Unbelieveable!

vkn: newspapers!

keli: 1912

vkn: vicjorob howdy

AYWalton: well looks like our brother just "up and lost his mind," as folks say.

HistoryBuff: Something aggravated Sawday. Hey Vicjorob.

AYWalton: kind of sad.

J Mark Lowe: Wow, what records!

HistoryBuff: Sawney?

keli: Oh my he was touched a bit!

AYWalton: slightly!! wow he kept making headlines.

VicJoRob: Hi all. Real interesting story tonight

keli: we all have one in our tree somewhere!

J Mark Lowe: ... bigger news?

HistoryBuff: Indeed.

AYWalton: something probably made him lose it. Perhaps they found it.

bbenn: Yes we do!

HistoryBuff: I did see the beginning. Something set him off.

VicJoRob: keli- it was the Central VA Hospital in Petersburg VA

J Mark Lowe: We often *fail* to look at mental hospitals and such. Often records aren't available, but when they are...

mavisj: Ok, I'm back. What did I miss?

AYWalton: Well I suppose if you have to lose it, one may as well have illusions of grandeur.

HistoryBuff: Hey Mavis

AYWalton: Lots mavisj.

keli: I know of Western State but not family with that one.

J Mark Lowe: How old was he when he shot this guy. 50?

AYWalton: I have found when searching on Ancestry, to use the relationship of patient or inmate--it often brings up various institutions that I did not know existed.

VicJoRob: :) at AYWalton

evpace: He was driven out of his mind if the story is true! The reconstruction era was traumatic for many, especially in Va.

HistoryBuff: Keli1, the facility was Jones Memorial Library Genealogy and History Library in Lynchburg , Virginia.

AYWalton: oh quite true, evpace. who knows what he may have witnessed.

HistoryBuff: That you asked about earlier.

VicJoRob: keli -- apparently the first black mental hospital in VA, opened right after the Civil War

AYWalton: He lived through an err in which many horrendous things occurred. Does anyone recall his age in 1870/

keli: wow, the first one...interesting, now we have our own hospital.

J Mark Lowe: Amazing this man lived thru this - considering the conditions & attitudes. Maybe they feared him for his *mental* condition.

VicJoRob: My youngest and I are fascinated that Underwood's parents live in Petersburg. My oldest is going to college down there.

Selma: There was a mental instituttion in Williamsburg

AYWalton: I wonder if he had been in the war. Could he have had Post traumatic war syndrome?

Sonia: Hi everyone!

VicJoRob: AYWalton - he was 45

AYWalton: ahhh it returns..........

keli: I see folks like him running around Cville!

HistoryBuff: Probably his life also. Hey Sonia.

AYWalton: he was of age to have been in the war, then. NYTimes? what year was that?

keli: What I am curious to know, if folks were shipped to Central state hospital from other areas throughout the state

AYWalton: oh poor Sauny..... gracious.

J Mark Lowe: 1884

AYWalton: ahhh he was injured.

evpace: I don't believe it!

keli: now how many times has Sawney been shot?

AYWalton: several times it appears.

J Mark Lowe: "divine inspiration"

keli: geography, love the maps to piece the puzzle together

AYWalton: now is Sauney his gr. gr. gr. grandfather? A conjurer? hmm..............

VicJoRob: Yes, 3rd gg

AYWalton: ok, now are we jumping just a bit?

bbenn: Interesting!

keli: Conjurer...interesting

evpace: BINGO!!

AYWalton: hmm................

VicJoRob: AYWalton -- no, he is going to visit the places where Sauney was shot

AYWalton: yes I am following that........

bbenn: Good research...

HistoryBuff: Over property, eh?

Sonia: Though you can imagine that certain behaviors might keep others from messing with you

AYWalton: interesting.

mavisj: Wow, very interesting

keli: cow keeps coming on his land

VicJoRob: One of the better stories presented

AYWalton: but where is the evidence of his being a conjurer?

Selma: Conjurer..kinda stretching it to me

HistoryBuff: I 'll bet his mind is swimming.

J Mark Lowe: Testimony of court case shows a family farmer protecting family Conjurer?

keli: that testimate was dated 1875

AYWalton: indeed a stretch.

evpace: AMEN! Dx him as psychotic.

AYWalton: Just the imaginings of the man driving him around? hmm...........

HistoryBuff: This reminds me of Alex Haley's paternal grandmother Queen Jaconson Haley.

AYWalton: and they stopped!!

VicJoRob: Conjurer is what the researcher thinks he was, based on what Sauney presented himself to be (second Jesus), as well as the description of his clothing on one account

keli: Pretty Virginia

HistoryBuff: Lucky Duck

AYWalton: not enough evidence, many people thought many persons of color were not "normal" whatever normal means.

keli: as Selma S. says-all roads lead to Virginia!

HistoryBuff: :)

AYWalton: yes, I was thinking about Selma.

J Mark Lowe: many white women were hospitalized too.

Selma: I have taught you all well .. LOL

keli: yes ma'am you have taught us well. I continue to be a student!

J Mark Lowe: There are good records in the counties of Tenn for committals.

VicJoRob: lol @ Selma

AYWalton: I have to work the word "pestiferous" into my vocabulary. lol

evpace: My maternal ancestors are from the Lynchburg area/Campbell County,Va and most are burried there.

AYWalton: but that was a good use of newspapers.

Selma: Very good use of newspapers..interesting it was in the NY Times

J Mark Lowe: Selma, find amazing small clips from around the country in NYT. Amazing and online.

VicJoRob: We shouldn't limit our searches to local papers only. Regional ones often carried stories of interest

Selma: Mark...putting women in asylums a good way to take over her money

AYWalton: ...abd we are back......

Selma: Oh jeez..he was a free black in the register..Delaware

VicJoRob: What a name -- Delaware

AYWalton: Interesting!

keli: they did that to one of my relatives in Michigan, the wife fed her hubby ground glass, then they called him crazy and locked him up

Selma: One of the lines I research are Scotts in that area..they were free

AYWalton: a cooper. interesting.

keli: barrel maker

evpace: maiden name is Scott and I knew Lynchburg Scotts Selma on the block where your in-laws lived.

AYWalton: he had some property.

VicJoRob: Selma -- ever did Westovers?

Selma: No..vicjorob

AYWalton: ok evpace you and Selma will be connected soon.

J Mark Lowe: Coopers also make wheel staves and whiskey barrels.

AYWalton: glad he is enjoying the genealogical ride.

VicJoRob: Selma :(

AYWalton: greetings, Dr.Blakemore, to the AfriGeneas chat.

vkn: howdy dr blakemore

keli: I wonder if Dred Scott's folks were from the same area?

AYWalton: ahhh yes, the Free Negro Register!! born free.

bbenn: wow!

AYWalton: so his mother was free, which makes sense.

Sonia: wow - 1820s free

Selma: Cause she was fre

DrBlakemore: Hello all

vkn: Born free

keli: Hi DrBlakemore

AYWalton: exactly. she looks familiar.

HistoryBuff: Hey Dr. Blakenmore. I like Blair's questions

vkn: DrBlakemore glad you joined us

AYWalton: good legibility on documents. and they are NOT using gloves. Delaware Scott---I like that name.

keli: Virginia History Society I believe has 10 volumes you can order on line, I think they are $40

Selma: If they were free after 1806..they had to leave the state

HistoryBuff: extraordinary indeed.

AYWalton: yes, and put on the auction block.

vkn: None seem to use gloves

VicJoRob: Great education on the Black Laws of VA

HistoryBuff: I've heard that before.

AYWalton: Umbles? Probably Judd is Judy.

keli: I post Black Laws of Va on our AAHGS Central VA facebook page

AYWalton: good information, thanks to good VA records. wow Blair Underwood keeps finding amazing things on his lines!

VicJoRob: Yes, VA clerks of the court received very good instructions about how to organize its records.

AYWalton: ahhh back to Lynchburg.

Sonia: Loving those maiden names - precious.

AYWalton: I wonder if he had Patriot ancestors.

HistoryBuff: Me too.

keli: wow 200 acres!

AYWalton: quite a few.

vkn: very substantial

AYWalton: probably family as what happened in many cases.

VicJoRob: Owned his family members

AYWalton: often that was a way of keeping them from being sold.

DrBlakemore: That would make sense

Sonia: Yep that's what I'm thinking - post 1806

HistoryBuff: Probably to establish their eventual freedom.

keli: Slavery in that light was a way to protect them

VicJoRob: What I like about this episode is that it doesn't seem forced, trying to show similiarities between the celebrity and their ancestors. This is just plain research!

AYWalton: exactly.

HistoryBuff: I concur

J Mark Lowe: Love the church bldg, but wonder why they moved records out of their place.

AYWalton: that was missing in the first episode with Martin Sheen.

HistoryBuff: Hey ProfDru

vkn: Howdy ProfDru

ProfDru: hello gang--full house

J Mark Lowe: They have brought in some new directors this year.

VicJoRob: Hello ProfDru

evpace: AGREE

Sonia: Hi ProfDru

bbenn: Hi ProDru

AYWalton: Greetings ProfDru

vkn: J Mark Lowe how can you tell

keli: Hi Dru!

DrBlakemore: Hi there ProfDru

AYWalton: I also like how they have the guest actually thinking and conducting some of their own research.

VicJoRob: vkn -- he probably reads the credits lol

vkn: lol

J Mark Lowe: The records were tax records. Not located in a church. They often film in a different location for effect.

AYWalton: Clearly Blair Underwood was really analyzing things.

VicJoRob: Yoo bad this is not 2 hours long

vkn: ahhhhh thanx J Mark Lowe

HistoryBuff: lol

ProfDru: The Blair Underwood episode is great!

Sonia: I'll bet his brother who's been researching has been keeping him posted all along.

J Mark Lowe: This should have been the FIRST episode. Great!!!!

keli: I agree ProDru... enjoying it

HistoryBuff: me 2 Sonia

vkn: It truly is ProfDru

DrBlakemore: Right, J Mark!

keli: Mark, it should have been

vkn: Howdy Sonia

Sonia: Hi vkn!

AYWalton: he is really studying the document.

keli: wife

bbenn: That's a family member!

AYWalton: exactly.

vkn: hmmmmm

AYWalton: she explains this very clearly.

Selma: Thats why you have to know the LAW of the states you research

AYWalton: precisely.

Sonia: "You take care of your own."

bbenn: One died.

VicJoRob: AYWalton -- so right. One of the best I've seen on this show

keli: parents, I am loving this

J Mark Lowe: Love the extended explanations.

evpace: What Law is this? I didnt jot it.

Sonia: goosebumps

AYWalton: she did an excellent job at explaining a very complicated situation, and he got it!!!!

Selma: If you are freed after May 1, 1806 you had to leave the state..

keli: Okay time to get to Africa!

Selma: or petition the Legislature to stay..and they were flooded with petitions

Sonia: y-dna or the new autosomal

Selma: Many were granted..after Nat Turner..many were forced to leave

HistoryBuff: Wow!

AYWalton: good points made re DNA

keli: My same areas

Sonia: autosomal BGA Francais - Nice W. African chart

AYWalton: west Africa---no surprise there.

VicJoRob: In Loudoun County the state tried to arrest the sheriff for failure to issue indictments against freed blacks who stayed more than a year after manumission. My ancestor was indicted

keli: Camaroon!

AYWalton: Sonjowoh---where is th at from? Camerounian.

HistoryBuff: Aaaahhhh.

Selma: oh wow

Sonia: Wow!

AYWalton: fascinating!

keli: Love it....

Selma: What DNA company is this?

HistoryBuff: I love it 2.

vkn: wow

VicJoRob: Take your brother.

Sonia: I think is starting their own autosomal test.

AYWalton: I dno't think that was African Ancestry, butnot sure.

keli: I wanna folks are Tikar

VicJoRob: oh well, father will do.

vkn: oh really ?

Selma: father will do.. LOL

HistoryBuff: He's going to Cameeron

AYWalton: cute children.

HistoryBuff: Cameroon

AYWalton: they look like us. lol

vkn: lol

keli: They are us!

HistoryBuff: Look he gets the prodigal son welcom. :}

Sonia: Amen.

AYWalton: I am curious which test they used to find the cousin?

HistoryBuff: welcom,=welcome

evpace: I love it!

Sonia: Me too Angela

AYWalton: and one cannot help but wonder how far back their common ancestor was.

keli: I don't know, would that be like the 23andme tests,

VicJoRob: AYWalton THey had both submitted their DNA to a database and that is where they were matched up

vkn: So connecting with real people is possible

bbenn: I wonder how many people to tested to find a match?

VicJoRob: AYWalton -- they said it was about 10 generations back to late 1600s / early 1700s

J Mark Lowe: says new test is coming soon

bbenn: Maybe they found the match through the Sorenson database.

Sonia: I definitely want to know more about what type of test & how many markers - STRs? SNPs?

VicJoRob: Well, the firm was Ancestry DNA

Sonia: bbenn - good idea

AYWalton: I know that Dr. Kittles has a large African database, but do the other companies have such a database?

Selma: They are probably adding as fast as they can AY

AYWalton: thanks for the link Mark.

Sonia: Dr. Kittles has y-dna & mtDNA. Do they have autosomal dna now?

HistoryBuff: Thanks Mark.

AYWalton: they look like some folks I know. lol

Sonia: happy tears.

HistoryBuff: I love this picture.

AYWalton: his father looks like one of the people.

J Mark Lowe: cousins are cousins - no matter where they are

keli: for sure Mark

AYWalton: where is the translator?

HistoryBuff: I like that - 'forced migration'.

Sonia: Eric chose to test to help us.

keli: oh interesting he said they didn't keep records.

AYWalton: how nice

vkn: wonderful

HistoryBuff: Man, 7 years later.

AYWalton: HistoryBuff haven't you used that expression?

evpace: They subcontract with Dr.Kittles is my understanding.

keli: sniff sniff...I bet that was Kittles and African Ancestry...back in 2005

HistoryBuff: I'm beginning to since listening to your last podcast.

AYWalton: I think so too. He looks good in his agbada.

vkn: HistoryBuff I say "we were migrated"

AYWalton: both are correct, vkn. so well stated.

bbenn: That

evpace: Kittles owna his data base.

Selma: Hey where's seventies?

HistoryBuff: But the term migration is new to me as a descendant of captive prisoners of war.

bbenn: Africa is born in us!

keli: Wow...loved this one!...

bbenn: Good show!

vkn: Very rewarding

mavisj: this was a wonderful episode

HistoryBuff: Rewarding indeed.

Selma: It was well done

J Mark Lowe: Amen mavis!

Sonia: Excellent. Great sharing it with everyone here, too.

HistoryBuff: I was quite educational.

bbenn: time for geneabloggers! Goodnight everyone! Thanks Angela1

vkn: indeed great ayw

VicJoRob: Yes on all accounts

keli: see you all there

AYWalton: good show!!!

mavisj: goodnight all

AYWalton: thank you all for joining us!!!!

HistoryBuff: Goodnite all.

VicJoRob: Nite all

J Mark Lowe: goodnight. Thanks all

ProfDru: gotta run-- I will be on geneabloggers radio tonight

vkn: niters all

Selma: Whose on genebloggers

AYWalton: have a great evening everyone.

Sonia: Good night!

DrBlakemore: Good night everyone

evpace: Night all.

Selma: Good night Hey Mizz Pace

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