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2012-02-10 WDYTYA 2nd event


Start: 19:58:43
End: 21:02:35
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, Elyse, fierybug08, HistoryBuff, hzl523, jhonora, keli1, Khathu, mavisj, Nadasue, Nadia, rcs, Selma, vicjorob, vkn

AYWalton: Looks like I am opening the door tonight! I get the best seat! Front row center!

bbenn: Hello aywalton!

AYWalton: Hey there!!! good to see you!

jhonora: Buona Sera!

AYWalton: hey hey hey, it's honora!!!!! I hope tihs week is a bit more flavorful.

jhonora: Hey AYWalton, Elyse, bben, buona sera!

AYWalton: Hello Elyse!!!

Elyse: Hello All

AYWalton: Is that Elyse Doerfinger

jhonora: This week involves an Italian murder, from what I understand

Elyse: No

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!! ah another Elyse, well welcome!!!!

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

Elyse: Thank you

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyyyy AYWalton!!!!!!!!!!

AYWalton: and so it begins.....

fierybug08: Hello everyone!!!! I got home finally in time. lol

bbenn: I am looking forward to Blair's story.

AYWalton: so am I.

vkn: Hello bbenn

bbenn: Hii vkn lol

AYWalton: We will have to watch it next week in St. Louis over pizza, or something, bbenn.

vkn: Hello Elyse

Elyse: Hi

bbenn: That's right!

vkn: hello Fierybug08

AYWalton: Ok I am not on top of celebrities---who is Jerome Bettis?

bbenn: Hello HistoryBuff and Elyse

HistoryBuff: Hey everyone

Elyse: A Football Player

AYWalton: welcome mavis!!

Khathu: Hello everyone

vkn: Hello Historybuff

fierybug08: *virtual wave* to everyone bbenn Elyse vkn AYWalton HistoryBuff mavisj Khathu jhonora

mavisj: Thanks Angela. Hello everyone

bbenn: How old is Marisa?

AYWalton: settling to watch...

jhonora: Hey vkn, buona sera

AYWalton: her dad has done research already on his side. good to see you mavisj

mavisj: Great both of my TVs are having issues tonight.

AYWalton: large family. hope you can hold on and watch the entire episode, mavisj.

vicjorob: Hi all

AYWalton: ahh she used Ancestry

vkn: what network please

AYWalton: NBC

vkn: thankee ayw

Khathu: she is using a tablet

AYWalton: everyone does these days.

keli1: Hello everyone!

AYWalton: the brother seems to be indifferent....

HistoryBuff: Hey Keli1. Good to see you.

AYWalton: hmm........ howdy Keli1

keli1: So it looks like this season will focus on two sides of a family, a little different than last season.

Khathu: she is acting or a better actor than her brother

AYWalton: good point, khathu pretty Mediterranean town interesting that they are starting at the cemetery?

fierybug08: interesting how they are all buried near an archive.

HistoryBuff: That's what I'm talking about cemeteries with archives.

fierybug08: or is it the cemetery has archived the people who have died.

AYWalton: lol and he puts his hand on it right away.

fierybug08: no computers in the room lol

HistoryBuff: There you go, Fiery on the spot.

AYWalton: and they are touching the document with bare hands.

bbenn: I suspect that they are touching copies.

jhonora: The cemetery looks just like those here

AYWalton: let's hope, but in Spain last week they were not. and IN many places in Europe they don't use gloves.

vicjorob: True, because these records would have been in bound books

fierybug08: well the iPad3 will be out next month. How many suckers are going to line up to get one?

AYWalton: don't we all wish that we could pull out an ipad and find our folks!!! lol I guess if somebody promised that my family secrets are hidden inside, fiery I would bite.

mavisj: I've actually been wanting an iPad. Just can

vkn: maybe me fiery

mavisj: Just can't justify it right now

AYWalton: I hear ya, mavisj

fierybug08: well...I bought a Mac Pro. I like it alright. It just gets some getting used to.

AYWalton: same here.

fierybug08: yeah....but some libraries let you borrow ereaders and iPads.

bbenn: same here.

vkn: everybody meet Elyse who will be volunteering with us

AYWalton: I am a keypad kinda soul, so sweeping the screen with my fingers will require getting used to.

fierybug08: Interesting if we could find a grant to buy help with research. That would be greatt

bbenn: I just received a geneabloggers message, is Tom on right now?

AYWalton: and we are back............

Selma: Hello Elyse

AYWalton: Tom comes on at 9 pm EST, bbenn.

Elyse: Hello

AYWalton: he is sending out his advertisement.

HistoryBuff: He Elyse.

mavisj: hey Elyse

Elyse: Hi All

AYWalton: maybe he was poisoned. Poison can make you sick.

Khathu: This is a good example of oral history

AYWalton: a photo on the grave!

Khathu: and using it as a guide

AYWalton: I didn't know they did that 100 years ago.

jhonora: Modern family in Italy must be caring for that grave, for it to have miniature pictures on it

AYWalton: and a yacht is just waiting for her!!!

Selma: Now that is a way to travel.. LOL

AYWalton: and both gr. grandparents photos.

fierybug08: sounds like an STD death to me.

Khathu: i have several ancestors who's picture are on their tombstone and they died in the late 1800s

AYWalton: I find it interesting that folks are not interested in all---I would have been just as excited to see Leopolo's wife as well.

bbenn: Wow!

AYWalton: wow amazing records.

vkn: interesting re photo on stone khathu

AYWalton: nothing like good old Catholic sacramental records.

bbenn: This show is definitely better than last week's episode.

HistoryBuff: Wow 200 year old registries

fierybug08: okay...wonder who holds the

jhonora: From parish records, like those shown, I took my Italian line back to the late 1600s. My great-great grandmother was Angelina Amirati/Amoretti

fierybug08: wow jhonora

AYWalton: amazing!!! I can believe that!

vkn: 1641

AYWalton: jhonora is that the line you presented about at Ft. Wayne?

bbenn: Jhonora, this is wonderful!

keli1: The luxury of being.....

HistoryBuff: Italians kept records.

jhonora: Yes, AY, I did the maternal line (which was of color), the dad's side was northern italian

AYWalton: indeed they did. ahhh ok, that's cool!

bbenn: I like the way she is asking herself questions....

AYWalton: hello hzl523

fierybug08: wow...that's all I can say. I'm so jealous

AYWalton: hey Nadasue.

Nadasue: Good evening, everyone!

fierybug08: @ bbeen I agree

hzl523: Hey- Its Ari Wilkins

AYWalton: again no gloves, but that looks like a copy.

HistoryBuff: Hey Hz1523 and Nadasue

bbenn: copy..

fierybug08: Hi hzl523 Nadasue

AYWalton: Hey there, Ari!!

vkn: hzl523 heyyyyyyy Ari

hzl523: Hi Valencia! Hi Anglea!

AYWalton: good to see you!

Nadasue: Tried to stay away, but couldn't. :}

AYWalton: lol from Elba rcs, greetings!

keli1: I love hearing her asking questions and making assumptions

vkn: heyyyyyy rcs long time

AYWalton: now that is an original.

rcs: Greetings and salutations

HistoryBuff: Hey rcs.

AYWalton: no gloves!!

fierybug08: and its typed

hzl523: This no glove thing is driving me insane!

AYWalton: interesting!!!

fierybug08: was it newspaper?

AYWalton: looks like a newspaper or publication of some kind.

keli1: it might not be the real thing they are showing, could be a copy....

vkn: rcs angela will soon be in your town

Khathu: Never become wedded to oral history

rcs: oh my

AYWalton: rcs---hey---yes I was just about to tell you. actually bbenn and I will both be there.

jhonora: AY, many of our archivists have gotten away from gloves. They make you wipe your fingers with alcohol wipes. Have you ever experience this elsewhere?

rcs: ok

fierybug08: I don't know Khathu ...might could sell some historical fiction books...just change the names

AYWalton: I have never had that happen.

Khathu: I mean when doing research

AYWalton: there are natural oils in one's fingers, so I am quite suprised.

bbenn: I went to the Archives on Wednesday and had to use gloves.

AYWalton: it is the oil more than dust that damages documents.

Khathu: oral history should be used as a guide

fierybug08: yes AYWalton that's what I was thinking. And I have a bad habit of digging in my hair

hzl523: Thats what I was thinking Angela

vkn: That is new to me Jhonora

fierybug08: vkn...what's new?

rcs: my oral history was several times wrong

AYWalton: rcs, I will be at the St. Louis African American Genealogy annual conference at Harris Stowe next Saturday.

vkn: hey keli1 did not see you earlier

rcs: ok

jhonora: It's part cost and part theory for many archives, even cheap white gloves are costly and they say now that the fabric can damage ink on paper

rcs: ll visit

mavisj: same here rcs

keli1: hello there vkn

rcs: maybe I will visit

fierybug08: hi keli1

AYWalton: I would think that latex gloves would be useful.

fierybug08: man...we need a roll call

AYWalton: Provided that one is not allergic to latex.

keli1: hi, who are you fierybug?

mavisj: but there are times when I've doubted the oral history and it's been on point.

Nadasue: I agree fierybug08

vkn: rcs you cannot afford to miss two of our ***Stars***

AYWalton: Angela in Baltimore, checking in. others can jump in....

bbenn: latex may create a little friction on fragile paper..cloth gloves are better..

Nadasue: Renate in Newport News, VA

mavisj: Mavis

vicjorob: Victoria from Alexandria VA

AYWalton: from where, mavis?

mavisj: Charlotte,NC

Nadasue: I've found there are usually "hints" in oral history, but it's rarely 100% correct

fierybug08: I'm Ge Ge from Maryland

Elyse: Elyse, McDonough, GA

bbenn: Bernice in Silver Spring

Khathu: Khathu from Washington, DC

AYWalton: ahhh so he was killed.

jhonora: Jari from New Orleans, La.

hzl523: sorry - Ari in Dallas. bad speller tonight!

AYWalton: killed on the spot.

Selma: So much for illness

AYWalton: well gunshots do make you sick. Permanently.

bbenn: Ok, he was shot in a duel...

hzl523: lol

vkn: bad bad ayw lol

AYWalton: lol

fierybug08: interesting...

bbenn: fighting over a woman !

AYWalton: a duel...amazing! somebody insulted someone else.

fierybug08: Prof is from

AYWalton: ok a copy that's good.

Nadasue: AYWalton I always forget you are are in b-more. I always think of you in DC. Just got news that a family member was murdered there a few days ago.

AYWalton: still unknown. oh dear!! How tragic, Nadasue! insulted.

rcs: Well it is at least 10 minutes from my house to Harris Stowe

fierybug08: I'm sorry to hear that Nadasue.

AYWalton: and here come the details.

keli1: wow!

Nadasue: AYWalton Not someone I knew... very distant cousin. But I am the "historian" so everything is reported to me to put in the newsletter. I don't even know the family, but thanks, all.

mavisj: Sorry to hear about your family member Nadasue

AYWalton: that is still sad. Sorry to hear about the loss.


AYWalton: disloyalty

Nadasue: Thanks, Mav. Yes, it is, Angela. I googled it. It was street violence.

fierybug08: wow...disloyalty

AYWalton: that is last year's event, rcs

rcs: oh no

fierybug08: talking to competitors...wanting to strike out on own


HistoryBuff: Interesting

AYWalton: rcs that is the conference for this year. Hope you get to come by and spend some time. bbenn will also be there.

rcs: ok

vkn: wb mavis

AYWalton: wb mavisj ari did you get bumped?

vkn: oh dear

HistoryBuff: wb you two.

AYWalton: she got bumped again, I think.

bbenn: see ya in St. Louis!

mavisj: thanks. I accidentally logged myself out

vkn: bbenn you will be in StLoMo ?

HistoryBuff: Thank you for the stl link AYWalton

hzl523: yes but I'm back

AYWalton: hzl523 will you be at Samford?

bbenn: Yes, I am giving a little talk.

rcs: Are you presenting or attending?

HistoryBuff: wb rcs

hzl523: No. The classes filled up too fast. What about you Angela?

AYWalton: yes I will be there this summer.

hzl523: Are you taking the AA course or something else?/

AYWalton: am teaching in the Afr. Am track and taking classes in the South track.

vkn: interesting about focus on face

bbenn: So, Bianci started the fight?

AYWalton: wow that was an intense fight for sure. she is lucky to find out all of these details of a murder 100 years ago!

hzl523: I really wanted to take the Maps Class or the Genealogy as a Profession class again. but they weren't doing either one of those classes this year.

Nadasue: Very

bbenn: now, the truth is coming out

AYWalton: the Maps class was loads of fun, I took it last year. you are not going to be there at all?

hzl523: No, i hate it!

HistoryBuff: ancestral memory the ancestors spoke through her brother.

vkn: yes bbenn

rcs: I may get there -- I haven't been to any genealogy stuff for a while

hzl523: every year that I am not there - I go through withdrawl

keli1: oh my, he got off

bbenn: Wow, this is similar to my finding a 1907 article about my ggrandfather's murder in SC and then reading the inquest.

rcs: still looking for the flyer

AYWalton: interesting!!! he got off! noting like a good lawyer.

bbenn: self defense..

AYWalton: can get you away with murder.

fierybug08: OJ

keli1: money can buy them...

HistoryBuff: Oh he went there!

Nadasue: oh... they went there! lol

AYWalton: the lawyer must have been the Johnny Cochran of his day!

Nadasue: lol..... knock on wood, HistoryBuff !!!

bbenn: Good show with good solid research...

mavisj: One of my grandmother's first cousins was murdered and I've not been able to locate any information.

AYWalton: amazing.

Nadasue: Where Mav?

HistoryBuff: Indeed

mavisj: Walton County, GA

AYWalton: not the end of the story---he dared to ask for what?

Nadasue: Wow

jhonora: When was the murder?

AYWalton: I missed what he said?

mavisj: Happened back during the early 1900s

hzl523: i love it when they find new relatives!

fierybug08: looks like there was a child...

AYWalton: the man said something at the end that I did not understand.

bbenn: It is wonderful to meet a living relative you never knew existed. Somebody worked hard on this show!

fierybug08: a photo of a relative probably.

hzl523: 1911

keli1: they didn't say yet, but making clearing his name and his families, etc...but declared in self defense, so interesting

vicjorob: AYWalton -- he said that this was not the end of the story

AYWalton: then he said something right after that, and she reacted. what did he say after "the end of the story..."

vkn: howdy nadia

fierybug08: well we have 15 more minutes

vicjorob: AYWalton I don;t know

AYWalton: greetings, Nadia!

fierybug08: Hi Nadia

HistoryBuff: Hey Nadia

mavisj: Hi Nadia

Nadia: Hey everyone! Better late than never...

bbenn: Hey Nadia

hzl523: I wish they had an after show follow up so we could get another hour!

HistoryBuff: Hey Elyse.

Elyse: Hi

AYWalton: I hear ya!

hzl523: seems like there are less commercials than usual

AYWalton: good to see you Nadia!!

Nadia: Something about the story not being over because Marisa's ancestor said something during trial (I think)...hate commercial breaks, leave you hanging...

AYWalton: they have had a couple already, but not every commercial this time. ok back to the show.... so he wan'ts his change!!! lol wow!!

Nadia: Gangsta...

keli1: The man wants his money!

AYWalton: he gets away with murder and then wants his change!

HistoryBuff: Cold blooded

AYWalton: real men. hmm........

keli1: money and men!

fierybug08: that is dirty...killing a man in the back

AYWalton: he disappeared. true, in the back is not honorable.

Nadia: Like how she's analyzing the information, not being spoon-fed...

bbenn: cold blooded murderer!

HistoryBuff: She is truly analyzing.

Nadia: It's a process, Marisa!

bbenn: This is when she meets the relative! watch...

AYWalton: Ahhh a new relative!

keli1: oh go see the lady....

AYWalton: hand written!

bbenn: wow!

Nadia: Lucky to have a heretofore unknown relative willing to share! Touching...

hzl523: i wonder if they will post the letter in its entirety on the site

AYWalton: how nice....

vkn: nice photo

hzl523: who was the boy they snuck away with the coat?

keli1: nice ending

AYWalton: so does Maris descend from the man who was killed or the second husband?

bbenn: she is good!

keli1: first husband, the one that was killed

AYWalton: ok....

vicjorob: hzl523 boy was grandfather

hzl523: thanks vicjorob

Nadia: thanks!

AYWalton: I like how this story did not go back 1000 years like they do on some folks.

hzl523: me too.

fierybug08: me too AYWalton

AYWalton: this one focused on something within a time frame that I can appreciate.

mavisj: me too Angela

rcs: they could have puled a generation or two from the church records

hzl523: i also like that they did not try to follow several different stories.

fierybug08: yep...

AYWalton: I agree with that.

bbenn: It was definitely eay to follow this story

vkn: keeping it clean

AYWalton: and the story was far more meaningful.

bbenn: yes, it was...

hzl523: but I guess thats the reality of genealogy is that not every line (person) can fill an hour time slot

Nadia: I guess it all depends on the person, their family, and what they're looking for.... I love how she can help answer these questions for her mom!

AYWalton: I agree.

hzl523: Me too!

fierybug08: true. Secrets we carry and don't know that we carry. I believe that....spiritually the trauma or not knowing our families affect future generations

Nadia: Very true...

bbenn: yes, a gift!

AYWalton: good episode, I think. This was much better!!

vkn: nice ending

hzl523: yes i liked that one

AYWalton: ahh so that's the secret!!!

Nadia: :)

AYWalton: Blair underwood finds a cousin!!!

Nadasue: Can't wait for this one!

hzl523: i really hope they do Blair Underwood justice.

bbenn: Is Blair on next week?

hzl523: yes

Khathu: good night

Elyse: Was nice sitting in with you all, enjoyed.

AYWalton: yes, we will have to watch it over pizza next week, bbenn.

vkn: anticipating Blair Underwood

Nadia: "What?" - Great episode, can't wait for next week! Nite all, and have a great weekend!

Nadasue: Back to indexing. Night all.

AYWalton: Well night all---off to Geneabloggers for some Post RootsTEch chatter.

mavisj: night all

bbenn: ok, pizza ..

AYWalton: Night all.

Elyse: Will be back another time, bye.

hzl523: good night guys! great chatting with you!

vkn: Niters to all

bbenn: bye

vicjorob: nite

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