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2012-01-13 Cats & Ladders,• Watch It !!!


Start: 12:05:38
End: 13:01:19
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, fierybug08, HistoryBuff, Soulchile, vkn

Soulchile: hi alt brb

alt: Hi & bye Soulchile LOL ... see ya when you get back LOL

daviss: Hello alt and soulchile!

alt: Hello daviss. how are ya today? t you a genealogy narrative on John Legend.. Pedigree chart to follow.

daviss: I am doing good alt! What about you

alt: okay

daviss: oh ok thanks

alt: t=sent

daviss: I have not been in email this morning

alt: just sent it about 10 mins ago... this is in preparation for when they do his DNA/Genealogy show...

daviss: Ok thx

alt: tell the players woithout a scorecard LOL can't tell

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Howdy alt, daviss, SoulChile.

daviss: Hello AYWalton!!

AYWalton: And here we are The Gang of Four.......... lol how are you all today?

alt: Hello are ya today.... I'm cold & snowed in :{

Soulchile: Hi AYWalton, and daviss

alt: saw y'all in the chat last night for Charles program.. I was guest 9198

AYWalton: snowed in, huh? No snow yet for us. you were hiding, huh alt?

Soulchile: no snow yet. Two days of rain and strong winds

alt: couldn't remember my user anme/password LOL LOL

daviss: you can go in as as guest

Soulchile: lol I wouldn't normally recommend this, but you should write it down.. lol

AYWalton: SoulChile I saw you post on FB about folks getting disease. I was curious though you said something about USCT's and WWI. That was two different wars more than 50 years apart.

daviss: Hello Soulchile!

Soulchile: Well just going through some of the records I saw quite a few deceased from disease on the death records for the 58th and the 5th Heavy Art Then looking over the WWI records, the few that are available seems like there were quite a few dead from Pneumonia.

AYWalton: Yes, disease killed many soldiers white and black. Close contact, unsanitary conditions always brought about disease.

alt: I think there a figures about 40-50 % or more deaths in the CW were a result of disease and not battle.

AYWalton: Same thing happened in the contraband camp at Corinth. Major measles outbreak. Lots of lives lost.

Soulchile: I understand the timeframes were when certain diseases Flu swept the population.

AYWalton: Pneumonia, and I suspect possibly TB as well.

daviss: speaking of death records I saw my first one that had Anglo Saxon as the race lol

AYWalton: and don't forget the great Influenza epidemic of 1918. Killed thousands in the large cities. now what is interesting, daviss.

Soulchile: Flu, TB etc. I know that probably there wan't the best of diagnosis and treatment at that time either.

alt: WW I (1917-1918) was around the time of the Big Flu epidemic

daviss: usually american or white lol'

AYWalton: Find any with Ethiopian? I see that often on Draft Cards. exactly alt

Soulchile: I have, AYWalton.

alt: yep AYWalton

daviss: yes I ran across one

Soulchile: My great granduncle Joseph Callins is listed as African on his WWI draft card.. lol I was truly surprised.

AYWalton: yes one sees that from time to time, as well.

alt: My father's brother later died from the effects of 'mustard gas' poisioning he suffered from combat in France during WW I.

AYWalton: and weren't those who were gassed, troubled with respiratory problems for the rest of their lives?

daviss: Alt my grandfathers brother also

Soulchile: They are saying this about the Agent Orange now again. during the Vietnam era.

daviss: my sisters x died from the effects of Agent Orange

alt: so I guess biologocial & chemical warfare ain't anything 'new'.

AYWalton: wow.

Soulchile: no not at all.

AYWalton: true alt they have been around for a while.

Soulchile: Agent Orange is some sort of awful. Imagine what it did to the people who had to live with it in their environment. Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

daviss: Hello HistoryBuff!

AYWalton: hey there HistoryBuff

alt: I remember those 'radiation' thingee's we were given to check for the radiation warfare... this was back in the 1950's.

Soulchile: That was equally as terrible alt.

AYWalton: Something to write down, alt.

alt: Hello Historybuff

AYWalton: amazing things.

HistoryBuff: So

Soulchile: then there were tests most recently on children in foster care with HIV drugs. that was exposed recently.

HistoryBuff: speaking of warfare...

alt: I see Bennie McRae's site at Hampton UNiv is finally 'up & running" , but noted as a work in progress.

Soulchile: Yes it is warfare. I hadn't checked since november... let me go look at it.

AYWalton: oh do you have a URL? I was wondering what exactly he was giving to Hampton.

alt: It is posted on FaceBook AYWalton .. don't have URL handy & afraid to click out of Chat for fear of being bumped

Soulchile: getting it now, hold one moment.

AYWalton: Ok I have it from FB.

Soulchile: For those who don't use facebook.

alt: I search his site for myself and found 6 'hits' hello vkn...

HistoryBuff: I listened tp Bernice's show last eve.

daviss: hi vkn!!

alt: me too HistoryBuff

Soulchile: hi vkn

daviss: Good for you HistoryBuff! It was really good

vkn: Howdy all ;'all

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

alt: charles has quite a story about that incident

HistoryBuff: Indeed Daviss.

vkn: It was a good program last night

alt: the producer of the documentary, Marco Williams, has another great docu on PBS " In Search of Our Fathers"

daviss: that should also be a good one

Soulchile: Hey fierybug08

AYWalton: hello fierygub08

alt: Hello fierybug08

daviss: Hi there fierybug08

vkn: hey fiery

fierybug08: hello everyone *virtual wave* to daviss Soulchile AYWalton alt vkn HistoryBuff

Soulchile: I will have to listen to the show tonight. I was exhausted last night

daviss: Its well worth it soulchile

fierybug08: wow...great website

daviss: and also I would like to get the film Banished

Soulchile: lol I almost fell asleep while talking on th phone to a certain afrigeneas member... lol I was so tired I couldn't even yawn! lol

AYWalton: Greetings, VKN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you on Twitter, VKN!!!!!!!!!!

Soulchile: What is going on in your respective cities to commemeorate MLK day?

vkn: LOL me and twitter have no idea what I am doing thanx for your help AYW!!!!!

AYWalton: Lots of MLK Breakfasts everywhere.

fierybug08: lol

AYWalton: LOL, you look like you know what you are doing on Twitter, vkn! And you are doing just fine.

Soulchile: Exactly. :}

alt: and luncheons LOL

Soulchile: oops and dinners.. lol

daviss: Lots of 3 k's, A breakfast and other stuff

Soulchile: I guess black folk love to eat, huh? LOL alt will you be doing the play you did last year?

AYWalton: Now later today you will see several #FF messages. That is a tweeting meme to mention followers by name. Helps you to find new people to follow.

vkn: PBS has a good deal on their civil roghts beginnihg with the Haiti revolution and includes the Emmitt Till murder etc

AYWalton: BRB folks.

daviss: Vkn so you are a tweeter

alt: no, this year our program is honoring those AA's who have had some degree of success following the CR Act of 1964...The Legacy of MLK.

Soulchile: sounds good.

vkn: hah at daviss

daviss: lol

fierybug08: I'm a Twitter lerker whoops lurker

vkn: jump in fiery

alt: and those ar "local" AA's Soulchile

fierybug08: i can limit myself by 140 characters

vkn: ayw is teachin me to tweet

Soulchile: ah ok

fierybug08: whoops CANT

daviss: Aha!

fierybug08: what are you drinking soulchile... Pepsi?

Soulchile: alt you know, although they were a music group, I was really impressed with the Troutman family. They did a whole lot for their community. lol no!

HistoryBuff: Brb

alt: from Dayton, Ohio... the Ohio Players

Soulchile: No Zapp, Roger and Zapp

daviss: wb history

vkn: wb historybuff

Soulchile: they had a construction business, a transportation business and really helped to build up the black community in Dayton.

HistoryBuff: Hey Fiery. Thanks Daviss and Vkn.

Soulchile: They brought the entire family in on their business enterprise.

alt: thsoe are the Troutman broathers and they got their start, or started out with the Ohio Players at Lakeview Park in Dayton, Ohio Soulchile Soulchile

HistoryBuff: Wow!

fierybug08: wow!

Soulchile: No they never played with the Ohio Players as far as I know. But they are big fans though.

alt: their office is still on Salem Ave. in Dayton If you say so Soulchile

HistoryBuff: Sharing a little music history are we?

Soulchile: I did say as far as I know. Doesn't mean that it didn't happen. :}

HistoryBuff: R&B Music History? :}

alt: not Lakeview, but Lakeside Park in Dayton

HistoryBuff: Who was that who started playing their moog synthesizer with Stevie Wonder?

alt: beats me HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Okay. I'll look it up.

alt: okay

daviss: sorry folks I had a call

alt: no problem daviss. we waited on ya. LOL

daviss: lol I saw that on the Troutmans

HistoryBuff: What was it you saw on the the Troutmans, Daviss?

alt: Yeah, several groups came out of Dayton during those days

daviss: It was on tv BET they highlight folks The cat has my tongue for now for the name of the show

alt: tragic family situation in the later years.

daviss: yes alt I think Millie Jackson wil be coming up soon

alt: really, I like her!!!

HistoryBuff: yes Alt and Daviss

daviss: I do too alt lol lol

alt: she's "earthy" LOL LOL

daviss: lol lol that she is

vkn: Short day today

alt: look slike it vkn .. Friday the 13th

vkn: ahhhhh I am just remembering the 13 and Friday

HistoryBuff: That's one of the things I fail to pay attention to -Friday the 13th.

alt: me too vkn.... everyday is Fri & the 13th LOL LOL or is it Saturday

vkn: lol lol lol lol Watch out when you walk under a ladder History

daviss: lol

HistoryBuff: I try to avoid walking under ladders.

alt: and for those black cats & broken mirrors and other bad omens LOL

vkn: lol lol

daviss: lol Someone should have told me about one black cat I knew lol

alt: besides cold and snowy, the 13th is another reason for me to stay in the house today. be careful now daviss LOL

vkn: and toting a bad headache as I am today

daviss: but then again

vkn: Talk at y'all ;ater sp enjoy the rest of it

alt: you too vkn

daviss: ok vkn

HistoryBuff: Now I believe the black cats. lol It's cold and in the 40s here in DC. I suspect the midwest snow falls are headed our way here in the east. Well Good folk have a great day and great weekend.

daviss: u2

alt: you can have our's HistoryBuff. I''ve had enough and this is the 1st snow we've had this winter. bye y'all

daviss: bye

HistoryBuff: bye

daviss: bye

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