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2012-01-09 Solomon Alexander NC


Start: 12:09:23
End: 13:31:10
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, gareysherrod, HistoryBuff, jhonora, kim, ProfDru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

daviss: Hello alt! I guess we are it for now

AYWalton: Good afternoon, alt, and daviss! How are you both today?

daviss: hi there AYWalton!

AYWalton: Hope all is well. Hello HistoryBuff! How are you today?

daviss: I wonder why I could not hear when you came it..My volume is up over half way

HistoryBuff: Hey everyone

AYWalton: Not sure why not, daviss. The settings may have changed. I did not hear HistoryBuff enter the room either.

alt: HI y'all was reading about 'citations' and got carreid away LOL

Seventies Soulchild: Good afternoon all

daviss: I am good AYWalton, how about you?

AYWalton: I think I just hear the welcome when SoulChile came in, though. doing gine. wassup SoulChile?

daviss: Hello there HistoryBuff and Sdeventies

AYWalton: HisotoryBuff what is new with you?

HistoryBuff: Good. How are U?

alt: Hope everyone had a great weekend.

AYWalton: you have a lot to read, then alt. lol

daviss: I can't complain alt lol

ProfDru: hello gang

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt. Hey ProfDru.

Seventies Soulchild: Nada just trying to get this photo blog entry together.

daviss: Hello ProfDru!

alt: sure do AYWalton, juts read Geder's repsonse to and he 'tore him a new one" LOL LOL

AYWalton: ProfDru is in da house!

alt: Hi ProfDru

daviss: ooooh alt, where was that one

Seventies Soulchild: um okay

alt: I did a google on blog and there was a 'lengthy' repsonse by Geder.

daviss: I am always so late on the read..It may be the fact that I am behind in the hrs

Seventies Soulchild: let me do my hello run down.. hi alt, AYWalton, daviss, HistoryBuff, ProfDr ProfDru... :-)

daviss: hmmm hello again Seventies

alt: I saw a post by Megan about "Roots TV shows" and the fact there will be about 4 of them between now and March.

AYWalton: wassup with you, SoulChile?

HistoryBuff: Hey 70s

Seventies Soulchild: Nada. Just trying to make some photos line up correctly on the blog.... harder than it should be. ProfDru, I see you are writing about church hats. :-} :}

ProfDru: yes Seventies Soulchild

alt: Seventies Soulchild, does putting a "date" on the photo tags help to line them up in the sequence you want them to be shown? Sequenceing photos was always the 'big' problem with the Family Tree Maker websites.

Seventies Soulchild: Not in my experience with blogger. Hey Kim

kim: Good afternoon

AYWalton: Hello kim

alt: Hello Kim

daviss: Hi there kim!

AYWalton: welcome to the Lunch Bunch chat. Are you new here to the AfriGeneas chats?

daviss: Happy New Year to you Kim!

kim: No I'm an oldie, just been away a while

HistoryBuff: Hey kim.

AYWalton: well good to have you back, then.

kim: Happy new year to all of you

daviss: welcome back then kim, refresh my who are you searching and from where?

AYWalton: so alt did you finish the thread, or still pouring through it?

kim: well, Alexanders in Va. Downings & Cherry in Nc

alt: I finished it AYWalton

daviss: oh I think I remember now. I believe I had asked you if you had any Cherry's in Ariz

alt: Cherry in NC.. wouldn't happen to be in the Edgecombe Co. area?

kim: Yes Edgebomb county nc

daviss: However since then the Cherry person I knew told me that Cherry was not their real name

alt: oh my, have we 'talked" before?

kim: my gg-grandfather is bert cherry no we haven't, but we have to

AYWalton: oh daviss, I sent you a photo via email. an image taken of someone in Marshall TX.

daviss: Ok thank you AYWalton

AYWalton: you have probably seen it before.

ProfDru: .gotta run

alt: I have Cherry's 'hooked' to Lawrence, Dickens, Dawes, and other Edgecombe surnames.

daviss: breaking myneck to get to email lol

alt: and White's in Edgecombe

kim: Me too! Been searching all morning. Found out the lawrences this weekend

alt: oh, oh. kim

kim: and Dolberry

alt: check out my Cherry connections on

kim: looking for Lafayette Downing in 1870..can't find him

daviss: hmmm not there yet AYWalton

AYWalton: oh ok.

kim: my gg-grand was a downing, his son bert cherry was sold away from the downings to the cherry's

AYWalton: check your spam as it had attachment, and may have gone there, daviss

kim: one of the downing girls married a lawrence and the other married a dolberry

alt: kim, when you get a chance.. scrool down to surname's & C, then Cherry.

daviss: ok AYWalton1

alt: Hello gareysherrod... Welcome!!!!!!

kim: I will do that. Small world

daviss: hello gareysherrod!

kim: hello gareysherrod

gareysherrod: Hello My First time here

alt: Welcome gareysherrod .. this is Art Thomas

daviss: Welcome!!! Oh you two know each other alt!

gareysherrod: OMGoodness

alt: only thru AfriGeneas daviss

gareysherrod: Really ! Hi Art

daviss: thats great!!

kim: please advise, what records would use to prove parenthood. I've tried marriage record, death cert. freedmans bank records, and military records.

AYWalton: Just sent you another one, daviss.

HistoryBuff: Hey gareysherrod

gareysherrod: Art is the only one I know w/ Afrig

AYWalton: hello gareysherrod

kim: I've posted this question on the brick wall forum

daviss: Share your surnames and state gafreysherrod

gareysherrod: Hi Buff, hi ay

AYWalton: kim, are you referring to one ancestor in particular?

alt: all of the above kim... & birth, wills, estate records. census in conjunction with each other.

kim: yes. Soloman Alexander in North Carolina, Hallifax county

gareysherrod: Yes, Kim I think I remember

alt: I saw your posting kim ....

Seventies Soulchild: Hello gareysherrod.

kim: yes, help me out here

gareysherrod: Hi Soul

alt: parentage prior to 1850 is one of the difficulties in AA research kim

kim: I went to NC last weekend and located his grave.

AYWalton: and what time period did Solomon Alexander live?

gareysherrod: Ok, Daviss here goes : Sherrod - North Carolina

kim: I know he is my gg-grandfathers brother that migrated to NC by the naming of his children but I want it on paper

alt: not impossible, but difficult

kim: Soloman was born in 1844 died 1901

alt: you have suspects from the 1870 census records? slave schedule possibilites? any wills, estate papers?

kim: Someone posted a document on the forum but I can't read it.

AYWalton: ahhh ok, so kim I am guessing that you have him in 1900, 1880 and 1870 census records is that correct?

kim: Yes

AYWalton: (daviss you should have 3 emails from me---all with photos.) And you want to know when he was really born?

daviss: ok Aywalton, they just came through

kim: no. just the parents names

AYWalton: ahhhh I see.

kim: Hi Selma

alt: Hello Selma,,,

AYWalton: well, keep in mind you may be talking about a time period in which birth records were not kept.

Selma: Good Monday afternoon folks

kim: just the person I need

daviss: The man on the steps is one that I researched. His last name is Young.

AYWalton: But as I understand it, in some parts of NC, on marriage records, you can find parental data---at least sometimes.

daviss: I was going to blog about him but my trail ran cold

kim: selma did you see my posting on the brick forum yet

Selma: No sorry...

gareysherrod: Question for the room. I'm now using the resources of the local library. There is a Genealogy Lab on site. What would u suggest I should do to research the North Carolina Libraries?

AYWalton: Howdy Ms. Selma!

daviss: Hello Selma, I did not see you come in

Selma: I came in quietly for a change Daviss...

alt: you might even try cohabitation records for a clue.... look for persons of that surname & county with a relationship going back to the 1840's.

kim: not in scotland neck records, somebody did away with the parent info

AYWalton: gareysherrod are you in a library in another state outside of NC?

gareysherrod: Oh, I'm in Calif.

Selma: gareysherrod..there are actually Sherrod's in Barnetta White's books on Cohab records in NC...been meaning to email you.

AYWalton: kim are you saying that on the marriage record the parental data was blacked out?

kim: does mecklenburg county, va. have cohabitation records

Selma: Is that a question for me kim?

kim: no they destroyed it yes Selma

gareysherrod: TY Selma

Selma: There is a census done for Mecklenburg in 1866 and AA census Who are you looking for him I mean kim

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma sorry I missed. U.

kim: really how do I get

Selma: Hold on

alt: perhaps there are parents listed on the DC's of siblings. I have found parents on NC folk born in the 1840's-1850's from the DC's of siblings.

kim: looking to confirm Soloman alexander parents name

alt: NC DC images on Ancestry was my source.

kim: soloman died in death cert.

HistoryBuff: Sorry

alt: kim, a suspected sibling may have died after 1901 and have parents listed on the DC.

kim: I wanted to confirm that soloman is listing the same parents as his siblings

alt: I have seen that situation with Cherry/Dickens descendants.

kim: wow

Seventies Soulchild: Ok I gotta run. Y'all have a good afternoon.

AYWalton: bye SoulChile

alt: wb gareysherrod

AYWalton: HistoryBuff how is the docent position going?

gareysherrod: Idk what happened

daviss: wb gareysherrod did you try to click on a link?

alt: it happens to us all gareysherrod ... being bumped

gareysherrod: So, Any suggesttions?

daviss: you may have to copy and paste if so

Selma: Hold on kim..I am checking to make sure I did not confuse with Montgomery County

gareysherrod: Daviss -yes that was it

alt: bumping ? could be browser you're using or just a server problem

gareysherrod: :} Is there Voice to this Chat?

Selma: I am going to have to check later kim...

daviss: no, not yet lol

AYWalton: no this is an on-screen only chat, gareysherrod.

kim: so, do you all believe I'm at a loss Selma

alt: are you looking at Barnetta's books Selma?

kim: ok selma

Selma: No..but I can go get alt..

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!

kim: ?Barnetta had my gg-grandfather sandy downing in her book

alt: I have them handy... what are we looking for kim... surname & county for co-hab records?

daviss: Hello vkn!!

alt: hey Ms vkn,, how be's ya? LOL

Selma: Ok is on Freedmen's Bureau is on line...

gareysherrod: What is the title of that book--alt

kim: Halifax county, NC Soloman Alexander or Mecklenburg county, Va

alt: or how you be's? LOL

vkn: b's good

Selma: I will have to explain how to get there.. Is this person in Mecklenburg Co. VA..

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn

kim: no. was from Mecklenburg county

Selma: Somebody Knows My Name is in 3 volumes

kim: moved to halifax county, nc

vkn: Kim how goes the research? I am following your dricjwall postings

daviss: Are the books still available Selma?

kim: I glad to be back

jhonora: Wow! A full house!

Selma: Is this what you posted on the Brickwall .. kim?

kim: yes

Selma: I believe so the books..

alt: I don't see Alexander in the Index kim

vkn: alt ayw daviss gareysherrod historybuff jhonora kim Selma howdy and y'all be looking good

kim: this is so exciting! Glad I'm back

daviss: ok thanks Selma

jhonora: Hello alt, AYWalton, daviss, gareysherrod, kim, Selma, vkn

kim: hello jhonora

alt: glad you're back kim :}

daviss: Hello jhonora!

alt: hello jhonora

AYWalton: hey hey hey, it's honora!

alt: why aren't you in school .... boy lol

daviss: lol @ alt

jhonora: Hey AYWalton, had a very nice conversation with Mrs. Callum and Mr. Brown of St. Louis

AYWalton: you did? when did you speak with her? Charles Brown is a very nice fellow.

kim: selma can email me the information. I have a eye appt. that I took off work for and I'm late


HistoryBuff: Hey Jhonora

AYWalton: Hope that your conversation with Mrs. Callum went well. she knows the folks at the Josephite Archives well.

kim: alt I will check out your cherry and lawrence families..we may be conected

jhonora: Ay, I spoke with Mrs. Callum this morning, and Brown, yesterday evening. She has a good memory for names, if not dates.

alt: okay kim, I'm sure there will be a connection

kim: is my email on the forum

AYWalton: true.

vkn: No your email is not Kim

AYWalton: her health is declining, but she is still alert.

kim: here it is

Selma: Garey..there were 10 couples in Wayne County NC..with the surname SHERRD

kim: have a good day everybody

vkn: bye

daviss: u2 kim have a good day

kim: and thanks for everything

gareysherrod: bye Kim TY

vkn: u 2 kim

gareysherrod: TY Selma

AYWalton: I have to run, folks. Have a great day everyone.

daviss: later ay

Selma: gary - there are a couple in Edgecombe County - SHEROD & SHERROD.. Do you have a specific couple you are looking for

alt: oh wow in the cohab index a bunch of sherrod's w/ varous spellings perhaps 35-30, at least

gareysherrod: Those r good hits

daviss: gareysherrod has your research gone back to the slave era?

alt: gareysherrod, do you have a township in Edgecombe co. to zero-in on?

daviss: wb HB

vkn: ouchies historybuff

HistoryBuff: Thanks Daviss.

gareysherrod: I'm descendant of Jack Sherrod b; 1842

alt: Swift Creek, Deep Creek, Tarboro, etc.

Selma: In Edgecomb there is a Jack SHEROD and Hasty SHEROD been together for 5 years

alt: those are my primary townships

gareysherrod: No, alt not specific

alt: good job Selma LOL

gareysherrod: Jack was marr. to Cassie Exum/Hall

Selma: Barnetta writes - All the info for Edgecombe County has survived on individual pieces of paper.

daviss: Selma do you have the webpage to barnetta never mind, I can probably google

Selma: Apparently those loose certificates never made it to the book kept for that purpose. Some of the records are on printed certificates with the only writing being the name of the husband and wife and length of cohabitation. The others are entirely handwritten.

alt: Yeah, I have written to Edgecomb for the Peter & Louisa Lawrence paper... nothing returned to me as yet... this was 2 years ago.

Selma: Barnetta white spent over 10 years locating these records for NC..

daviss: that may call for another write alt

Selma: It appears that the orginals are at the NC archvies.

alt: I think so daviss

gareysherrod: Selma- email me the title(s) of the book

Selma: Source...C.R.037.603.2; M-W Miscellaneous Records

alt: okay, sounds like a call/message to Erin (freeaainnc)

daviss: [yep alt lol

Selma: I was just thinking the same thing alt...where is she, haven't seen her here in the chat

daviss: see, this is another reason why I wish I knew a county I have Davis from NC :{ millions of them she has been on FB

gareysherrod: Daviss-have just started to slave research, ....haven't got past Jack's father Dennis Barnes who was a slave

vkn: gareysherrod have you posted to the surnames forum?

Selma: There are a 2 1/2 pages of the DAVIS surname in her index ...

gareysherrod: Yes, i think so

daviss: ok gareysherrod thanks for answering

Selma: When was Jack born garey?

gareysherrod: I'm slow I

daviss: :o

Selma: Somebody Knows My Name Marriages of Freed People in NC County by County by Barnetta McGhee White, Ph.D.

vkn: Is Edgecomb the county in NC gareysherrod

gareysherrod: 1842 Wilson, NC

alt: got folks in Wilson & Nash too gareysherrod

Selma: Both Jack and his father Dennis Barnes were enslaved


daviss: my folks were slaves in NC so......

alt: throughout that area gareysherrod Bertie. Halifax,etc. oh, oh wife looking at me like she has some 'honey-do's" that need to be done.....

Selma: then you better hop to it alt.. LOL

alt: let me skedaddle... later's y'all LOL

vkn: lol

daviss: oh oh better and quick lol

alt: yeah chop, chop LOL

gareysherrod: :( Bye alt TY

daviss: he will be thru by tomorrow gareysherrod lol

vkn: Y'all be good and I will be listening HistoryBuff

daviss: we are here m-f

gareysherrod: Thnx Daviss

daviss: same time, same station

gareysherrod: I'll be back Wed.

HistoryBuff: Sounds good Vkn

Selma: Ok..have a great day I have to run too folks have a great day.

daviss: ok bye

gareysherrod: Bye Selma

daviss: we are also here on sat and tues night chats and on Sun morn lol

gareysherrod: Gr8

daviss: so you can see our live is genealogy life right HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Have a great day good folks. I concur Daviss.

gareysherrod: Yea I'm an addict

daviss: Yes so welcome to the club lol

gareysherrod: 8) lol

daviss: I will cut the lights out gareysherrod if you will put the chairs away

gareysherrod: ok, i'll go now too

daviss: lol ok and please come back

gareysherrod: Thnx for ur welcome

daviss: oh one more q

gareysherrod: sure what?

daviss: where in Cali are you, they have several gen groups they may be a great help for you

gareysherrod: Tehachapi, CA 661-822-5121.....75miles north of Los Angeles

daviss: ok

gareysherrod: In Kern county close to Bakersfield

daviss: I know where Bakerfield bro lives in Moreno Valley

gareysherrod: I've heard of it

daviss: they may have some sort of conference coming up near you I will check around and let you know on Wed

gareysherrod: Ok, keep me informed

daviss: talk later bye

gareysherrod: TY TTYL

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