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2011-12-18 Xmas Means What?


Start: 11:51:55
End: 12:46:01
Chatters: alt, Selma, vkn

alt: hello vkn, how are you doing today?

vkn: Mawnin dis Mawnin mister Alt

alt: what's keeping you busy? today?

vkn: No major complaints in fact doing rather well Mustering out of military is an interesting discussion

alt: good, I'm in the process of renewing memberships to genealogy & historical societies for nest year.

vkn: OUC$

alt: Yes it is.. more to it (mustering) than I thought. Ouc$ is right lol

vkn: Well we sure don't know everything about anything

alt: and that's the truth

vkn: Just spent morning reading research of bben grrrrrreat work

alt: BTW, how old is "snaggles' now? that's the cutest picture I've seen in quite some time.

vkn: and beautifully presented

alt: bben research? is there a link(s)

vkn: He is 5 and holds up a spreaded hand for verification

alt: hehehehehehe

vkn: His football team were champs he got a trophy but says he did not like all those guys piling on top of him

alt: what's your take on the FPOC forum and the 'criticism' of Paul Heinegg?

vkn: he is personality plus

alt: that's great... the football story..

vkn: Well I am both sides of that thread with the stitch from Tim. All info is valuable. It is the analysis and the threading that makes the difference if there is a difference

alt: you gotta love'em at that age, especailly when they are so outgoing. yeah, I was gonna respond to Tim's posting about all documents matter and 'community' research.

vkn: I recall my Genealogy society in Alabama requiring one to register a five generation pedigree chart for membership. Well where was the Black applicant in such an environment

alt: yes, a 5 genearion chart was a 'standard' requirement for most gen societies.. however much one had filled out.

vkn: So standards are guides and no more than that

alt: they do let the organization know 'where you are' and where you might need some help on your genealogy journey. and it is a 'record' of what you have done to a certain point in time.

vkn: Talking with a relative this morning who is determined that 1st cousins are actually half siblings

alt: that's interesting...

vkn: [ as in crazy] but why not ??? I not fighting with the lady. It is her call

alt: children of siblings being 1/2 siblings... Hmmn LOL

Selma: Good morning vkn and alt.. Is she claiming that they are both first cousins & half siblings..good grief how would that work

vkn: Her basis is common fathers different mothers where brothers have children

Selma: Oh OK... Do they know that..or is it a family secret?

vkn: It takes all notions I reckon

alt: I can see where that might be a scenario, but that is not what is thought of as siblings, whole or 1/2, & 1st cousins.

vkn: and this lady is an attorney

alt: no wonder she might think that way LOL LOL LOL I gotta stop clicking buttons lOL

vkn: oops welcome back

alt: ty do you have the Lil Darlin's ready for Santa Ms. Selma?

vkn: u must know these buttons by now. I will send you the bbenn documenrs

alt: okay thanks

vkn: She does interesting work coming from slavery period to the present

alt: Tims' post on documents matter.... I was gonna post my TP page with 100+ plus documents collected over time, but thought better of it.

vkn: Using wills and probate records intermingled with the slaveholder history

Selma: Just have one more that I have to pick something else up for...when you ask her she wants "Dora the Explorer Lip Gloss"...I bought her one a couple of months ago and she lost

alt: that's great.. intermingled they do tell a story. Oops, what do you expect grandma LOL

vkn: lol dora the explorer lol

Selma: Lip Gloss only costs $1.00..the others want more expensives stuff.. LOL

vkn: like ipads huh

alt: Oops... Ipads

Selma: they are now sitting down watching the Barney Christmas movie..we went to breakfast with some friends..they were well behaved..they know Santa is watching.. LOL

alt: better watch out, Santa is coming to town LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol lol stop abusing the darlings selma

Selma: I am not abusing them... LOL

alt: oh yeah... holding Santa over their heads is not 'abusing' LOL lOL

vkn: dangling santa to get good behavior lol

Selma: I think one of the teachers at daycare told her when kids weren't "good"..they got "sticks"...she has been on her best behavior for the past 2 weeks

alt: hehehehhehehe

vkn: lol lol lol

alt: that's great Selma... I wonder bout today's folks.... How can you take Christmas away from the youngsters, if you had Santa & christmas in your life?

Selma: They will know about the "real life" soon enough

vkn: Well guess a bit of hokey pokey never hurt anybody?

alt: yep, give them 'something' to believe in and learn from during the Holiday Season. IMHO LOL

vkn: when they start putting xpensive gadgets on the list then one can say without pause heyyyyyy the santa game is ended

Selma: LOL

alt: you got that right vkn and tell'em it's the season for 'giving' and not receiving

Selma: One Xmas I had my 2 oldest volunteer at the Salvation Army..they were in either HS or College..

alt: wonderful message there Selma

Selma: I thought they would be distributing gifts to kids..but in fact they were distributing gifts to adults who couldn't afford gifts for their was a real eye opener for them

vkn: great giving back lessons selma

alt: truly folks must be gtting into the 'spirit' today

Selma: Or going crazy.. LOL

alt: that too Selma

Selma: I am trying to pull out my Xmas decoration..I am so overwhelmed with genealogy stuff... Like my son said a couple of years your stuff has tumbled out of your office room Ma..your stuff

alt: I hear you bout being overwhelmed Selma... I can't seem to keep up with the things that matter because of all of the genealogy stuff & so cail media happenings.... New Years resolution.... slow down LOL lOL

Selma: Alt got my brother in law about book on History of Blacks in Golf.. Will tell you what he thought about it..

alt: I'll bet that makes for an interesting read Selma I never Golfed, but sure do 'member toting those bags LOL LOL

Selma: I usually get his "Redskins stuff", but he mentioned to my sister that it was enough Redskin stuff..I started to get him a Cowboy Sweatshirt

alt: aw shame on you LOL

Selma: He is a big golfer...think the Q's have a tournament in Florida

alt: I hear once you get the Golf 'bug' it's on ya... just like genealogy.

Selma: Oh yes it is addictive..there is a public golf course, up the street from their house.. ?

alt: don't think Anita would have gone for Golf AND Genealogy LOL LOL

Selma: Agreed alt..that would have just been TOO TOO Much...

alt: well guess it's time to 'cruise' the Forums and do some Surfin' later's y'all.

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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