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2011-12-05 Talk Radio • Mobile devices


Start: 12:02:54
End: 13:34:37
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, bearnut2, Daviss, vicjorob, vkn

bbenn: Hello Daviss

Daviss: oops

alt: hello Daviss

Daviss: Hi there alt!

alt: How ya doing today?

Daviss: doing great, what about you!

alt: Okay.... I see bbenn was in for a moment... I just finished listening to her blog radio program "Finding Agnes".

Daviss: I saw her too but missed her how was your football day

alt: I won't be here tomorrow.... Ms Anita & I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

Daviss: My Cards won Oh how nice alt!! Congrats to you and Anita

alt: I noticed the Cards... me , Browns & Bengals both lost ..... badly. Khathu will be on bbenn's shaoe this coming thursday 8 Dec @ 9:00 PM Eastern.

Daviss: What are you two gonna do today..

vicjorob: Congrats alt!

Daviss: oh I hope I can remember that alt

alt: Hello vicjorob

Daviss: hi there vicjorob!

alt: nothing today... tomorrow is the day I'll have to do something special for her. or get out of Dodge LOL LOL

vicjorob: What is the blog Finding Agnes?

Daviss: lol lol alt I hear ya

alt: Michael N. Henderson's story of fining his ancestor Agnes Mathieu and her connection to the Rev. War and his entry into the Sons of American Revoltion

Daviss: I will check it out also alt.. btw I just finished my Blog if you would like to read it

alt: sure would

vicjorob: What' the blog address Daviss?

Daviss: getting link now lol Hope you like it

alt: vicjorob, do you have any connections to Ross County, Ohio? I know you connect to Gant & Zanesville, Ohio.

vicjorob: Thanks. Will check into it. I also have a blog but update infrequently. Only two posts thus far

alt: got it marked Daviss ... thanks

Daviss: I am slow at mine also vicjorob

vicjorob: Alt-hmmm. Don't know about Ross County. I know that a Wheeling Gant is alleged to be linked to My Gant.

Daviss: Ohio has some great records

vicjorob: Yes Ohio does. I research Muskingum and Gallia counties and there is a wealth of info. I need to check Onerli

Daviss: brb

vicjorob: Wilberforce records

alt: I was looking at census records and it just dawned on me that my Allen's were neighbors to the Hemmings in Chillicothe, Ohio and also to the g-father of John Mercer Langston.

vicjorob: Alt- cool

Daviss: thats nice alt

alt: Gallia & Pike are also two counties I research in SE Ohio. course I'm really all over Ohio LOL

Daviss: lol that you are alt

vicjorob: Alt- what surnames in Gallia? Mine are Goss, Stewart, and Liggens

Daviss: and the neat thing is that you are basically in your area of research

alt: I know of Liggens and Stewart's in Gallia & most of southern Ohio from the 1850's forward.. perhaps some of the same folk you're looking at.

Daviss: as I read thru the newspaper articles I see a lot regarding Wilberforce oops Daviss is innocent this time alt

alt: Wilberforce, yep 12-15 miles down the road and I went to Central state which is in Wilberforce. and also do lots of research in Xenia 5-6 miles from Wilberforce

Daviss: what year did you go to Central State

alt: the library in Xenia has a 'fabulous' genealogy section. 1952-1956 Daviss

Daviss: I can imagine alt

alt: it's a 'mini-Ft. Wayne"

Daviss: oh wow! lots of UGRR info too I bet

alt: yes, there and the Ohio Hiistorical Society in Columbus. they have the 106 boxes & all of the microfilm for Henry Siebert's UGRR research.

Daviss: a one s cousin and their family live on a place in Farmington MI that was once a stopping point

alt: is that right? FArmington, isn't that near Detroit?

Daviss: I have never been there but they once talked about having a reunion there

alt: okay....

Daviss: I think I asked Irita about the area once Do they let you go in the boxes wb vicjorob! I was telling alt that I was innocent and did not bump you out lol

alt: the UGRR boxes ? yep, with gloves and someone hovering over you.

vicjorob: I don't know what I did. Was looking for the stepping away button because a coworker came over and asked a question.

Daviss: can you take pictures of what they have in the boxes alt look at the top where it says online

vicjorob: So Alt, you know Liggens' and Stewarts, huh

Daviss: there is a dropdown menu vicjorob

vicjorob: Daviss- I am on my iPhone. Different interface.

alt: you could, but I have copies of all of the interviews of AA UGRR operators that I could find... maybe 30-40 interviews.

Daviss: oh thats right, my bad!

alt: I have some of both in my database vicjorob

vicjorob: Can't chat via office computer for dome reason. Alt- anyone of interest?

bearnut2: Hi alt Daviss vicjorob

alt: all are to me vicjorob LOL google Art's Families & Other Folk & look for Liggins/Stewart... there may be some connections for you.

vicjorob: My 2g grandmother Susan Stewart Goss Mason Alexander was the daughter of Alexander Stewart of Staunton Va and in known Liggens of Va. The only Alexander I found was a white slave owner.

alt: Hello cuz bearnut2 ... how have you been?

bearnut2: super busy! I've been missing chat!

alt: don't think I have those connections by name vicjorob

Daviss: hello bearnut2!

vicjorob: Hello bearnut2

bearnut2: Week of thanksgiving I had to work split shift everyday 8-noon then 3-11...

vicjorob: Alt- are all those folks your relations?

bearnut2: and then last week I had to finish a photo job that I took on.

Daviss: those days I remember bearnut2

bearnut2: its so nice to be freeeeeee! lol

Daviss: lol lol

alt: Liggins I know came into Fayette co. from Gallia and Stewart's came from VA/NC area beginning in the 1820's forward.

bearnut2: Has anyone here done any work with homstead records?

vicjorob: I am looking at your web as we speak Alt and I am impressed. Will check for possible connections.

Daviss: no not I bearnut2 hello bbenn

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

bearnut2: hey bbenn

vicjorob: Bear- just for my 2g grandfather down in Southern Ark

Daviss: wb bbenn, I saw you in earlier and just missed you

bbenn: I thought that you were not on...

bearnut2: just the person I wanted to see bbenn

bbenn: Hi bearnut2, have you reviewed those records?

Daviss: I ran in to get a cup of hot java but forgot to turn up sound

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Daviss: hello AYWalton!

AYWalton: Howdy alt, bbenn, bearnut2, Daviss, hey vicjorob!!!! good to see you all.

bearnut2: On my homestead info, it mentions that my 2nd grgrandfather purchased the land from someone--I thought with a homestead you didn't purchase it

bbenn: Hi AYWalton! Thanks for mentioning the show of your podcast.

bearnut2: hey AYWalton

alt: Hello bbenn & AYWalton .. good to see both of you.

vicjorob: Alt- looks like the Henry Liggens from your site is the same as the Henry living in the 1880 household with my Susan Stewart and what appears to be her siblings

bbenn: Thanks interesting! Generally the land is owned by the Federal Govt.

alt: Is that right vicjorob!!!!!!

vicjorob: Right back at ya Ang

bbenn: Good to see you alt!

bearnut2: Thats what i was thinking but it says that he bought the land from a man named Allen Jenkins wow vicjorob! looks like you just found a "cousin"! lol

bbenn: Let me take a look at the file. Allen Jenkins could have been the register of claims.

bearnut2: maybe he bought it but it wasn't Jenkins to sell? ok...will do

bbenn: Technically, they are purchasing the land with a small filing fee.

bearnut2: Thats what I thought and thats why i was confused lol

bbenn: Hello vkn

vkn: howdy

bearnut2: hi vkn

Daviss: didn't you have to homestead for so many years and then have the option to buy hello vkn!!

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vkn: bbenn bearnut AYW vicjorob alt

alt: hello vkn... how be's ya?

vkn: I be better

alt: and I've been better LOL

bbenn: Yes, you either had to live on the land for 5 years or you could purchase the land outright.

AYWalton: hope you are not down with a bug, vkn!

vicjorob: Greetings vkn

vkn: Heyyyy bbenn need you to register so your posts will not need to sit in the approval que

bearnut2: hmmm---guess a look at deeds might be in order

vkn: Daviss

bbenn: I thought that I was registered. Will do...

Daviss: hmmmm yes vkn

bbenn: Yes, check with the Florida land office.

vkn: watch it daviss lol

Daviss: or are you just saying lol lol

bearnut2: will do bbenn thanks!

bbenn: I am looking for an expert in Georgia genealogy resources, do any of you have any recommendations?

alt: hey y'all bbenn is gonna have Khathu this thurs on her radio program.

AYWalton: Sadonya is a good GA researcher, bbenn. And of course our fearless leader vkn. that's right alt, looking forward ti hearing khathu on bbenn's show!

bbenn: Yes, I am looking forward to his discussion on Slave Era Research. Tell all of your friends to listen on Thursday at 9 pm. Vkn, let's talk later.

AYWalton: I mentioned it on the podcast this past Friday! Your show is so enjoyable, bbenn.

bearnut2: I'll second that AYWalton

bbenn: Thanks aywalton!!:}

vicjorob: Is bbenn's show available as podcast?

bbenn: Thank you very much!:p

vkn: okies bbenn

bbenn: Yes, all shows are archives and available anytime.

vicjorob: What's your show called?

alt: just finished listening to Michael Hendrson this AM bbenn ... that was a great program... he was so enhusiastic .

Daviss: do you have the link for vicjorob bbenn?

vkn: vicjorob I see you ar iphoning it

bbenn: Bye everyone...I need to close down the FHC. My SIG members said hello to everyone.

alt: later bbenn

vicjorob: Alt- what program do you use to generate your surname pages?

vkn: hello back

Daviss: ok bbenn, dont forget to reregister

alt: Tribal Pages vicjorob

AYWalton: later bbenn.

bbenn: ok

AYWalton: vkn, I shall be creating my Evernote account, today!

vkn: yayyyyyyyyyy

vicjorob: Von- yes. No choice because my work computer won't give me access.

vkn: you 2 alt and daviss vicjorob do you use evernote I know that bearnut does

AYWalton: lol I had to re-watch the webinar and get refreshed, though. Just did that this morning.

bearnut2: I still haven't watched that webinar!

vkn: very good ayw

bearnut2: do you have the link again?

Daviss: vkn, I just learned how to make muffins lol

AYWalton: It is useful if you have never used it before.

vkn: lol

vicjorob: I have Evernote on my nook but have used only once.

AYWalton: Mmm.....mmmm.......good, Daviss!

bearnut2: vicjorob me too! I love my nook!

AYWalton: you have the Nook color, vicjorob?

alt: vicjorob, I think I have some Liggens & Stewart photos on my tribal pages site.

AYWalton: I have the Kindle and love it! Just a regular Kindle, not the Kindle Fire. The week I got my Kindle then they came out with Kindle Fire!

vkn: alt did you and edith connect

AYWalton: but I am downloading free books like crazy and love it!

bearnut2: aw man! AYW you should take it back and upgrade!

vkn: Going through old pics and putting some on line from the Albany movement

alt: Not recently vkn, but I know she re-connected with her Fisk classmate.. cousin Vici.

vkn: did u see the andy young one alt surrounded by the brother apes

alt: sure did vkn

vkn: ohh ok

vicjorob: Yes I have the Nook color. I rooted it with an SD card so it runs as a full android tablet.

AYWalton: I like that idea, vicjorob! I love having something lightweight, too!

bearnut2: yep XDA forums are wonderful

AYWalton: how long does the battery last.

Daviss: ;)

AYWalton: vkn where are you finding those images?

vicjorob: VJR- what does Evernote have to do with live chat or dies ut? I mean does it?

vkn: my ipad battery is 10 hours average

bearnut2: Mine is manualnootered so it runs both native BNN software and android

Daviss: ;)

vicjorob: Bear- mine exactly. I use the cyanogen mod 7 ad card

bearnut2: I don't run it all the time so I'm not sure how long it will last but I only charge it every couple of days or so

vkn: On my puter AYW

bearnut2: vicjorob--I was thinking of returning to stock and going to a card sorry we're leaving you out Daviss ;) lol

AYWalton: Evernote is a way of capturing notes from online sources.

vkn: Have about 500 photos. Daughter has just finished organizing them by events. The recent ones are in an album called the movement

AYWalton: I had to watch the webinar again to appreciate the features. your daughter is a gem for doing that!

vicjorob: Good idea. Works great. I get apps from both the Amazon marketplace and the Droid market

Daviss: lol bearnut2 thats alright. I was just thinking that I never learned to operate my vcr

vkn: I went looking for the webinar and it never popped up AYW

bearnut2: AYW where is that webinar

AYWalton: bearnut2 what was it you said that lasted 8-10hours? A nook, or tablet?

vkn: lol @ daviss

AYWalton: Oh I found it let me get the URL for you again.

alt: vkn, ever thought of putting them in titled albums on your Tribal Pages site?

vkn: I am working on it alt but need your help

bearnut2: I don't know how long it will last if used continuously I'll have to check the website--but I only recharge it maybe once a week or so... Its a nook color

AYWalton: Here you are, vkn: that is the only reason I hesitate to rush to Kindle Fire.

alt: vkn, I have over 900 photos on my site in labeled albums.. family, census, military, events, etc.... very easy to uplaod.

AYWalton: My Kindle stays charge for an entire month!!!

vkn: Thanx ayw muchly

AYWalton: can't beat that! I just have to remember where I put the power cord when it's time to charge. you are welcome vkn!

bearnut2: lol AYW I just charge mine while I'm sleeping

AYWalton: good idea, bearnut2.

bearnut2: thanks for the link AYWalton

AYWalton: I have so much stuff that I have to charge at night.

bearnut2: lol

AYWalton: cordless phones, cell phones, (when I can remember where I put them.) lol

vkn: Evernote is available from ALL devices

bearnut2: I keep everything in the same place otherwise I WILL lose it! I learned that the HARD way lol

vkn: ne and it appears on all Have to sync periodically

AYWalton: keeping things charged, I can imagine in the future will become amusing to the next generation. Like young folks today cannot imagine the old rotary phones, or the old party lines. I hear ya, bearnut2

bearnut2: vkn yep I access through my home computer and nook. I did have it on my phone but took it off because I was running low on space and I usually have my nook with me anyway

AYWalton: Daviss that was a great blog post today. is the nook light weight bearnut2?

Daviss: thank you AYWalton lol

bearnut2: lol AYW I'll say! We were laughing the other day at some of the terms we still use from the "old days"...

vkn: But also ayw the poster who asked for help transcribing the pension file could not read cursive lol

bearnut2: yeah it is for me. I carry it around in my purse.

AYWalton: I almost typed "you're kidding, right?" to the poster, but then realized he probably was having a hard time.

vicjorob: Okay I must have missed it. What is the name of bearnut2's blog and bbenn's radio program?

AYWalton: so I stayed nice.

vkn: So that is young cause it be perfectly clear to me

AYWalton: I was referring to Daviss's blog: Mariah's Zephyr.

bearnut2: I think that is Daviss' blog

vicjorob: Got it. Thanks. Was looking around it earlier. Nice.

bearnut2: stuff like "Hang on..." when you're on the phone (from the days when you couldn't take the phone with you) lol Or "so-n-so has a new album out" kids today don't even know what an album or record its is

vicjorob: Bear-so true! As to the cursive, kids aren't being taught that at all.

AYWalton: bbenn's radio show is called, National Archives and Beyond.

Daviss: or to tell time

vicjorob: Kids don't know about the flip side, either

bearnut2: or I often say "I need to tape that show" lol

alt: that's an amazing statement vkn..... can't read cursive writing... WOW!!!!

AYWalton: Kind of hard to find her current show, because it was once part of Antoinette's show. She is now producing it on her own.

vicjorob: Ayw-thanks

bearnut2: Hang on I'll get a link...

alt: vicjorob .. google bernice bennett talk radio

AYWalton: I think they still make albums--the big ones for promotional purposes.

vicjorob: Alt thanks

AYWalton: I notice on Late night tv, Jay Leno holds up a huge old time album size image of a musician's latest album when he has them on as a guest.

alt: and once there you'll see here archived programs and her upcoming programs

AYWalton: I miss the big size.

Daviss: I think you can get Diamond needles too but they cost a arm and a leg

AYWalton: I loved reading the covers! I bet they do, Daviss. Does anyone remember the Santana Abraxas cover?

bearnut2: Try this:

AYWalton: that was a wild image. and there was the one with the image and the human form embedded into it. amazing art from some of the old album covers especially in the 70s!

Daviss: not sure AYWalton

AYWalton: It was full of odd details (once I got over the shock of the nude woman.)

vkn: AYW that was after my time lol My time be Nat King Cole Ella Fitzgerald and so on

bearnut2: wow! hadn't seen that one

AYWalton: in those days, it was usually the photo of the artists prior to that.

Daviss: oh yes, now I remember AYWalton

AYWalton: ALTHOUGH in the early days of "cross over" (late 50s) they often would not put a black artist on the cover.

bearnut2: with the strategically placed bird lol

vicjorob: Alt- is the name of her show your ancestors stories?

bearnut2: vicjorob try the link i posted above

vicjorob: Ate- yes a lot just had the artist's name

AYWalton: or this one, Daviss:

Daviss: Billy Ekstine vkn lol

alt: Researching at the Archives & beyond

AYWalton: thanks alt.

vkn: yuppers but what you know bout dat daviss

AYWalton: I usually have to google it several ways to find the right way to enter the show and hear it.

Daviss: lol @ vkn wb vicjorob

alt: gotta run y'all ..... take care....

AYWalton: Daviss remember this cover by Stevie?

vkn: wb

Daviss: I bet you were swooning back in the day vkn!

AYWalton: later, alt.

vkn: okies alt

vicjorob: Gotta stop hitting other links. Gets me booted out. BTW link doesn't work but I will find it.

AYWalton: I often found, back in the 60s that album covers provided the few glimpese up close of black artists.

Daviss: now that one is nice AYWalton

AYWalton: we did not have magazines that featured colored images of them.

vicjorob: Later all.

AYWalton: so albums provided that outlet quite often.

Daviss: underground albums also AYWalton bye vicjorob

AYWalton: and Ebony or Jet. lol

bearnut2: thats weird it works for me--maybe it doesn't like ur phone lol

vkn: okies vic

bearnut2: bye vicjorob

Daviss: I mean alt

AYWalton: going to the old fashioned record store was an adventure.

Daviss: now they are far and few

AYWalton: yes, those underground albums, too.

vkn: far and few

bearnut2: does the link for bbenn above work for anyone else?

Daviss: I have to run also folks, have a good day

bearnut2: bye Daviss

AYWalton: I remember my brother and I would get to listen to black music only on Saturday evenings---by tuning in to WLAC from Nashville, TN.

vkn: i did not try it bear

AYWalton: I might have to blog about that one of these days. well I too, better run.

bearnut2: could you vkn? please

AYWalton: Have a great day, ladies.

bearnut2: have a good one AYW

vkn: give it again


vkn: It worked

bearnut2: cool thanks

vkn: ja velcom

bearnut2: guess I'd better go be "productive" lol

vkn: okies

bearnut2: take care and have a good day

vkn: U 2

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