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2011-11-12 SatNite Chat


Start: 21:05:44
End: 21:57:24
Chatters: AmosNY, AYWalton, Daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, jhonora, Selma, vkn

jhonora: Evening Daviss!

Daviss: hello jhonora! how are you doing today?

jhonora: I'm doing well, and yourself?

Daviss: I guess the same as you lol

jhonora: Evening vkn!

Daviss: How has your research been coming along?

vkn: heyyyyyy heyyyyyy heyyyyy Daviss and JHonora

Daviss: hi there vkn!! how you doing vkn/ ?

vkn: Jhonora did you see the message on the Newspapers forum regarding RUDD who founded the Catholic Tribune?

jhonora: I didn't, Rudd is one of my favorite people

vkn: Doing well daviss how about yourself

Daviss: I spent the day at Curt Witcher's workshop. It was pretty good.It was a pretty good take on the military records especially 1812

vkn: Would be great if you would add a reply to that message to expand a bit about him. I was impressed t learn of him and Art has a connect with him on the edges.

Daviss: oh really vkn

jhonora: Daviss, do you have any anc. who fought in 1812?

vkn: Would be great if you would add a reply to that message to expand a bit about him. I was impressed t learn of him and Art has a connect with him on the edges.JHonora

Daviss: none that I am aware of jhonora

vkn: Yes indeed daviss

jhonora: I have one, but I know folks with three or four from the Fpc battalion

Daviss: nor any of the other wars except WW11 and Vietnam oh and the Korean conflict I think art may have some

vkn: I am sure he does

Daviss: I may even have a USCT but don't know it yet lol

vkn: Howdy AmosNY good to see ya

Daviss: hello AmosNY, how are ya?

AmosNY: Hi vkn,Daviss,Jhonora!

Daviss: it was a fairly good workshop though

AmosNY: I'm feeling great. I just joined the New York Real Estate Investors Association.

Daviss: thats good for you AmosNY

AmosNY: Its a great group.

Daviss: well its always good to join a group that peaks your interest and one you enjoy working with

AmosNY: Indeed it is.

Daviss: and that leads me into the 2nd portion of the workshop I attended today getting the Genealogy groups out of the bunk they are in and trying new things to go along with whats happening genealogy.

jhonora: What a great topic Daviss, we could all use that one for our soc.

Daviss: two many gen groups are failing because they are doing the same ole things they did 20 yrs ago and limit themselves to old ways you know that old adage about 'Thats the way we've always done it" lol

AmosNY: I'm sure that because of Ancestry there are many new ways of doing things that we did not have available before.

Daviss: new idea's attract younger people with all the new skills

jhonora: In my soc., we have about 15 researchers and 180 research cheerleaders

Daviss: yes but Witcher also said that there are thousands and thousand of links and sites that ancestry might not touch.. They kind of pick the low hanging fruit

AmosNY: I'm sure that's probably true.

Daviss: You just gotta know how to dig for them and not wait just for the green leaves to fall something to think about hopefully my group will gain more people, if not we have to work with what we have the ones that stay will have something to contribute so that we willbe able to help each other vkn how many in your group where you live? Hello Selma!

AmosNY: Greetings Selma!

Selma: Good evening Amos, Davis, jhonora, and vkn

jhonora: Hey Selma!

Daviss: jhonora is your group a mixed group or all AA's?

vkn: Howdy Selma glad to see you. Hope all is well

jhonora: All black creoles, daviss, about 215, but as I said only 15 real researchers.

Selma: Yep...been busy

Daviss: thats great to have so many card holding members jhonora lol

vkn: I am not privvy to the number daviss. The meetings seem to average about 100 and they have an average of 100

Daviss: thats good also vkn..What about you AmosNY do you belong to a Gen group

jhonora: It is daviss, but try to get 'em to work lol

AmosNY: No. I don't belong to a Gen group.

Daviss: lol jhonora hi HistoryBuff

jhonora: I also belong to the La. Hist. Soc. which only has one black member

HistoryBuff: Hey, Selma, AmosNY, vkn, jhonora and Daviss

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff apologies for the dis connect my plate runneth over

Daviss: interesting jhonora considering the makeup of La

Selma: Evening Historybuff

jhonora: One thing about those old rich white folks, they have good refreshments lol

AmosNY: Hello HistoryBuff

Daviss: hehehehehe

Selma: LOL

vkn: I am now listening to the Blog Radio of Angela talking about war records with BBennett

Selma: The repeat..

Daviss: ait was a good show vkn, one i enjoyed ait = it

HistoryBuff: Same hear, Vkn. I can relate.

vkn: Yes Selma I downloaded to my hard drive

Selma: Ok...I was afraid I was missing a "new" one, I heard that one

Daviss: speaking of the AY lol

AYWalton: Good evening all. uh oh, why were my ears burning? lol

Daviss: good eventing AYWalton

vkn: Howdy AYW listening to you talking with BBennett

AYWalton: ahhhh ok.

jhonora: Hey AYWalton!

AmosNY: Hi Angela!

AYWalton: howdy AmosNY, Daviss HistoryBuff, Ms. Selma, hey hey hey, it's honoray!

Selma: Evening AY

AYWalton: hope everyone is well.

Daviss: I just sent you en email AYWalton titled none

AYWalton: Yes, I responded.

Daviss: oh ok thx

vkn: I am just hearing that the McCormick Foundation is planning to fund the oral history of Tuskegee airmen

HistoryBuff: Hey AYWalton That's great hear.

vkn: $200 thou to a group called MilitaryMakers project based in SanFran Howdy deannie

HistoryBuff: Hey AY, I overheard last Saturday that Hari Jones is not only a USCT descendant but a Tuskegee Airmen descendant also. Hey Deannie.

deannie: Evening I'm a little late....I had a training today...was a little tried

HistoryBuff: wb Daviss

AYWalton: howdy Deannie

Daviss: :| thx HB

HistoryBuff: How did it go today, Deannie?

vkn: Good messages on Brickwall. Take a look and make a suggestion if you are so inclined...

Daviss: hello deannie

deannie: Hi AmonNY,AYWalton,Daviss,Historybuff,jhonara,Selme,vkn

HistoryBuff: What's new, AmosNY?

AmosNY: Hi Deannie!

deannie: Hi AmosNY long time no chat

AmosNY: HistoryBuff, I have nothing new genealogy wise.

Selma: Great responses from alt and others vkn...great leads,

vkn: agreed selma sort of refreshing

HistoryBuff: How about research wise, AmosNY?

AmosNY: Nothing new.

AYWalton: going to run, sore muscles from working in flower beds today. night all.

HistoryBuff: That's okay. It's still good to check in and listen. Cya AYWalton.

Selma: Time for me to run too folks..have agood evening

AmosNY: Good night all.

HistoryBuff: Nite Amos

vkn: niters 2 all

jhonora: Night vkn

deannie: I guess it a slow nite......ditto here have a great evening

jhonora: Good night!

HistoryBuff: Oh well. Cya next time.

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