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2011-10-31 Conflicting info • DNA


Start: 12:07:43
End: 13:35:51
Chatters: alt, bearnut2, Daviss, fierybug08, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

Seventies Soulchild: good afternoon alt.

alt: Hello Seventies Soulchild, how are you this afternoon?

Seventies Soulchild: LOL right after I logged in yesterday I lost my isp. grrrr

alt: oh my, the 'weather' got ya, huh?

Seventies Soulchild: So I can only login from work... The entire area. People are still without power including the ISPs and cable company. We also don't have TV. Since Saturday night and all day Sunday.

alt: oh my, that's not good!!!!

Seventies Soulchild: Not at all.

alt: are the boys out of school today?

Seventies Soulchild: 2 hour delay. Our schools suffered a power loss as well. There were about 50 accidents yesterday and Saturday. It has been pretty bad.

alt: I know how that is... we had that problem last winter... hope it doesn't happen again this year.

Seventies Soulchild: I don't think that you all will have it as bad this year. but I don't know about the east coast. So far all sounds pretty bad.

alt: well, wishing you the best.

Seventies Soulchild: Me too. :} Alt I have a question for you. Have you ever had a CW record set that was conflicting in information?

alt: we've got sunshine here today, but it is a littl chilly ... low 40's.

Seventies Soulchild: supposed to be 50's here today. which means with the melting snow, black ice. When I say record set, I mean Pension, service record and regimental records.

alt: Not sure what you mean... I've seen information on a pension file that was 'different' from what I had in my records. I had marriages, but pension records said the folks weren't married, but living together.

Seventies Soulchild: I have a soldier who when his pension was applied for, his death was reported as march 1864. His service record says that he mustered out in 1866, his regimental records state that he was promoted in Aug 1864 and demoted in Aug 1865. Now how can a dead man be promoted and mustered out?

alt: hello vkn, how are you today?

Seventies Soulchild: I would guess that the pension file is incorrect. ???

alt: I would go with the service record Seventies Soulchild .. the folks applying for the pension may have their years mixed up.... service record is closer to the actual event.

Seventies Soulchild: ok thank you for changing your screen name. :}

alt: now we can recognize her, huh Seventies Soulchild? LOL LOL

Seventies Soulchild: lol exactly

vkn: Well one must experiment and explore to learn what is possible Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: I can't type that many letters in a reasonable amount of time lol

alt: vkn, we've been having some pretty good chat sessions lately from reading the logs.

vkn: Yes indeed alt we be doing beautifully Seventies Soulchild if you click the name no need to type lol

Seventies Soulchild: I suppose I can track down some additional records. I'm really glad that I copied the 5th Heavy Artillery records. They offer some good info.

alt: lots of 'good' information exchanged in the sessions lately.

vkn: and that is wonderful y'all

Seventies Soulchild: yes it is

alt: yeah Seventies Soulchild.. try and find as much information as you can surrounding any given event. there may be conflicts in the information, but at least you will have 'most' situations covered.

Seventies Soulchild: I am wondering if the records may have been for William Galoway. Another name of a soldier who served with James Galimore and the name originally used on the pension filing. so in the meantime I'm exploring these new Mississippi records on Family Search. Loving the tax records.

alt: hey Daviss, how ya doing today?

Daviss: hello alt, seventies and vkn!

Seventies Soulchild: hello Daviss. Still no internet or cable. No power at the school this weekend, so there was a 2 hour delay

alt: good Seventies Soulchild, I'm busy organizing and cataloging photos taken this past year... got some good ones from the NBGS to put up on AfriGeneas Talking

Seventies Soulchild: excellent.

Daviss: I figured that it would still be that way seventies.. Did you have trouble making it to work?

Seventies Soulchild: No got to work right on time. thank goodness for cell phones

Daviss: Isn't that the truth and charged cell phones at that lol

Seventies Soulchild: exactly! :}

alt: why did you go to bed early Daviss? trying to be the early bird? LOL LOL

Daviss: I got a major headache watching the cardinal game :? I had to take to bed early lol

alt: yeah, the Browns gave me a headache too LOL

Seventies Soulchild: Hey Selma. I was just thinking about you... wondering if you all had power and internet.

alt: Hello Selma, how are ya?

Selma: Good afternoon Lunch Bunch Regulars...

Daviss: hello Selma!

vkn: Well alt how do you figure my query re Millard Bell. Died in Paris France 1927. Circumstances unknown. Buried in Choccolocco AL Gaines Cemetery. Has what appears to be a USCT marker. Was at Philippines Manila in 1904-1911 with naval hospital unit.Shipped out on The Logan.

alt: now we're Regulars.. Friday we was a "Gang" LOL LOL

Selma: I am fine..we just got rain and winds and high tides in this part of sister lost power Saturday afternoon she lives in Jersey

vkn: Registered for Army in 1913 at Des Moines IA

Selma: They shipped his body back from France?

alt: really vkn .. I had a great uncle who was in the Philippines in 1911-1912.

Daviss: I read your query vkn.. its heavy

alt: gotta take a look at that query vkn.

Selma: When I was doing some indexing for Family Search, it was of records for soldiers in Philippines the dates you mentioned alt

alt: that's quite a bit of good information to have vkn.

vkn: We have a cursory service record showing him in a prison unit in Hardin KY. Family rumor is that he was a cadet at West Point

Seventies Soulchild: Oh I can check that for you vkn... what is the full name?

alt: is that right, West Point.

Daviss: lol @ seventies

Seventies Soulchild: hey what's so funny Daviss??

bearnut2: Mornin' everyone!

Seventies Soulchild: hello bearnut2

Daviss: hello bearnut2

Selma: Alt..tell Bennie Obama is designating Fort Monroe a National Monuement

alt: hello cuz'n bearnut2 , how are ya?

Selma: Afternoon bearnut

vkn: Selma nothing showing how body got back to US

Seventies Soulchild: Oh gosh.. I may as well spill the beans....

alt: okay Selma, but knowing Bennie I'm sure he already has that news LOL

Daviss: sheesh seventies

Seventies Soulchild: Not that you all care, but I work in the Admissions at West Point. And there are a lot of archival records at my disposal.

vkn: Howdy Daviss Howdy Bearnut

Selma: Obama is signing the papers tomorrow...folks did what the "whole" base a National Park

Seventies Soulchild: But none of the records I need! lol

Daviss: lol seventies

vkn: Well I care Seventies Soulchild

Selma: Was that a secret told us awhile ago.. LOL

alt: Ft. Monroe is finally getting it's "props" Selma

Seventies Soulchild: lol It must've been a long while ago! lol

bearnut2: I'm good cuz alt trying to get rid of this sinus headache thats been lingering for 4 days :(

alt: ohm that's too bad bearnut2, take care of yourself

bearnut2: That is great news Selma! Its a surprise for me lol oops Seventies

vkn: Interesting announce from CharBah about her blog on Alexandria VA

Selma: I was counting on you getting my Grandson a scholarship seventies..

alt: vkn, see you 'drop' some information out here in the Chat and 'wham' someone has a way to gather some more information on the subject.

Seventies Soulchild: We don't have scholarships... lol Its free thank you taxpayer! lol

Selma: Its a nice Blog vkn..she has done al ot of work on Alexandria Ok then you are my IN

alt: work it Selma.. lay the ground work LOL LOL

vkn: I like her introduction Selma. Very thorough. Yes alt chat is the place to be for learning whats happening

Seventies Soulchild: lol alt

bearnut2: so, Daviss were you surprised when you got that invite yesterday?

Selma: the rate college expenses have risen we need all the help we can get

Seventies Soulchild: Unfortunately, I think that if our HBCUs don't get it together our people will be finding themselves out in the cold in regards to higher education.

alt: you bet Selma

Daviss: yes bearnut2 I was. I sent you email with a "WOW" lol so this is a cousin of yours?

bearnut2: lol I knew you would be! I told my cousin that when I saw you in her RF

Daviss: lol

bearnut2: yep shes my 2nd cousin 2x removed our common ancestors are Leyes Cage (Zack Cage's daughter) and Calvin Jenkins from Rutherford Co. TN

Seventies Soulchild: Daviss, I posed the same question I asked you to the chat here. RE: James Galimore records

alt: di you know of her before 23andme bearnut2?

Daviss: what was the answer seventies pose again

Seventies Soulchild: The conflicting information in the CW records for James Galimore. When he died? Why he was promoted, demoted and mustered out/

Daviss: gotta figure out how with me and cuzzie lol

bearnut2: oh yeah, alt, I found her earlier this year through a common cousin on Ancestry. I gave her the RITF test kit.

Daviss: vkn that new cheese sounds yummy

alt: okay great bearnut2, this is proving that the DNA can be verified thru a paper trail.... Great!!!!!

vkn: twas and tis lol

bearnut2: mmm cheese?

Daviss: lol

Seventies Soulchild: yucky... :P

Daviss: vkn did you get my snail mail

bearnut2: yep and it also "proves" the randomness of dna inheritance. I inherited much less dna that what I "should have" for us to be 2nd cousins 2x removed.

vkn: Not as yet daviss. Of course I only go to mail box once weekly so Monday is my mail day.

bearnut2: and you like peanuts Seventies Soulchild! lol

Seventies Soulchild: Yes I do! That's normal. lol

bearnut2: lol

Daviss: should be there then vkn lol Conference goodie

bearnut2: if I had been my only family member tested and didn't already know of our paper connection, I would have wrongly "assumed" that we were more distantly related because of the amount of dna we shared.

alt: I gotta read up on the amount of shared DNA in the 23andme stuff.... how much & on what chromosome.

Daviss: I sent a major call out to all my kin.. one side is more responsive than the other. Grrrrrrr

Seventies Soulchild: I just say keep in mind black people that we have a very wide range of dna combinations.

alt: and from what parent

bearnut2: grrr sorry Daviss

Daviss: thx bearnut2

bearnut2: If you have a few addresses you can use, it might just be easier to order them yourself and send em' out that we do Seventies Soulchild thats what I do Daviss

Daviss: I wonder if when we order and put names on kit can we change names if need be

bearnut2: yep Daviss the names aren't permanent

vkn: You mean email addys bearnut?

alt: what is interesting to me is those 100%'ers that have other RF matches than what the ethnic group is supposed to be.

bearnut2: You can even change your name on your kit now

Daviss: and also can we gather all the folks and put under one email

bearnut2: vkn no the most recent initiative is 2 per household (address)

vkn: Hmmmm

bearnut2: Daviss yes I put one email in when I order but I register them all under my email addy (for my immediate family only) alt do you mean 100% black or 100% white? vkn the one posted in Ebony has a 2 kits per household limit

alt: either way bearnut2.. I think it means someone else in their family line did some 'river crossing' or something. LOL lOL

Daviss: hahahahaha river crossing

bearnut2: right! thats exactly what it means! lol

Seventies Soulchild: lol we still have more genetic diversity.

vkn: Thanx bearnut2

Seventies Soulchild: Mixing with us is definitely a step up.

Selma: I would think that should not be a shock to black folks..

Seventies Soulchild: But funny it seems to shock every white person who has African ancestry in their family... lol brb

alt: Seventies Soulchild, my thing wiis with us now associating ourselves with the name of today's African counties, when it should be the varions Tribes and/or kingdoms we should associate with prior to colonization.

Daviss: but I don't think its a shock, I think they just don't want to know it happened in their family

Selma: I know..I think thats where this term "multi racial" is coming from ..a more politically correct term than the previous term

bearnut2: only some of em Seventies Soulchild I've seen a lot of them on 23andme who are excited and intrigued about having some "exotic" ancestry lol

Selma: Well I guess "exotic" is a considered politically correct

bearnut2: "multiracial" gives a new meaning to the mu designation? lol

Selma: Folks act like "biracial" is new..

alt: yes it does bearnut2, when I think in the beginning it simply referred to or meant 'not all white"....

Seventies Soulchild: Yes they do... and SPECIAL. Mostly because they are ignorant. oops did I give up too much honesty? lol

alt: not really Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: You know some people get offended if you tell them that they have African ancestry by virtue of their history. They act as if its shameful.

bearnut2: yeah there are those out there like that...I can think of a couple offhand...

Daviss: brb

Seventies Soulchild: Latinos are the #1 offenders, but that is changing.

alt: with me Seventies Soulchild, knowing and being multi-racial in my DNA composition it just that I don't have a 'better' position... all are equal genetically... now politically that's something else. not multi-racial, but multi-ethnic

Seventies Soulchild: well there have been genetic studies done in the past regarding the diversity. And well, politcally speaking its not benefical to have brown or black skin. Genetically speaking it is an advantage.

bearnut2: whats nice is, for the most part, the folks I've seen on 23andme are embracing all of their heritage, be it expected or not...

Seventies Soulchild: And I always remind my son that African people range from yellow to black. That's the way I was raised, black is black.

bearnut2: yeah, me too Seventies especially having a grandmother who could have passed

alt: well, again here Seventies Soulchild, I don't think folks really look at the continent of Africa in total... they/we tend to regionalize it.

Seventies Soulchild: In some ways it is regionalized, but in some ways not. Again politically speaking it is under the right circumstances. Like Egypt.

alt: like all European's are one way and neither are all Asians. are NOT one way

Seventies Soulchild: How can Egypt be in the Middle East, when its clearly part of the African continent? That's a long standing argument though.

alt: by and with whom?

Seventies Soulchild: Now for African-Americans, the majority of us have Western African Ancestry.

Daviss: back folks

bearnut2: wb Daviss

Seventies Soulchild: lol alt, don't get me started today... lol

alt: I'm trying lol lol lol

Seventies Soulchild: well quit! lol

alt: okay

bearnut2: lol

Seventies Soulchild: hey fierybug08!

bearnut2: Hi fierybug08

fierybug08: hello everyone. virtual wave to alt bearnut2 daviss seventies vkn

alt: well hello stranger, how are ya fierybug08 .. and a 'virtual' back atcha LOL

Daviss: well look at who I see lol if it isn't fierybug08 Hi fiery

fierybug08: lol....i know :( i have been busy at work...learning cataloging

Seventies Soulchild: good.

Daviss: I've been asking about you fiery so wb

fierybug08: but i did get a chance to spend time with my grandma i missed everyone dearly

bearnut2: ooh cataloging! fun! :p

Seventies Soulchild: I have been planning, still am, on coming down to D.C. for Kwanzaa

Daviss: wonderful fierybug08

fierybug08: *brain cramp*

alt: wonderful fierybug08, any 'new' oral history from grandma?

Seventies Soulchild: So my D.C. folks get ready to see me :}

Daviss: where does granma live fierybug08?

fierybug08: turns out my grandma went to Lexington Academy in Mississippi

Seventies Soulchild: ooh what county Fierybug?

fierybug08: my grandma now lives in metro atlanta

Seventies Soulchild: Sounds like upstate MS Its probably now closed though. Was this a college or a girls school?

Daviss: fierybug08 did you get a dna kit? Your granny would be a good fit for that

fierybug08: she told me how her grandpa would charge people to ride horses. she said in the mountains of hawk? I only found my grandpa Jim in Yazoo, MS with much fussing within myself...I gave in and ordered mine.

Seventies Soulchild: Yazoo City, MS?

fierybug08: :)

Daviss: lol great!

Seventies Soulchild: lol

fierybug08: yep...I found him in the 1920 Census Seventies

bearnut2: good for you fierybug08!

alt: yes fierybug08, good for you, on all accounts.

Daviss: did you get the freebie

fierybug08: i think i might actually have to drive up and make a local trip. My grandma sounds like she wants to go back to visit

Seventies Soulchild: there is a website that lists now closed private black high schools. Something I came across before I started doing genealogy. Wish I could find it now. lol

bearnut2: even if in the end you decide not to use it, at least you have the option

fierybug08: yep...daviss...although I am a little hesitant about the 'free business'

Seventies Soulchild: fierybug08 yea I can definitely understand that.

fierybug08: well...just keep a look out no worries.

alt: it works fierybug08 .. bearnut2, Daviss & I will testify to it.

Daviss: I had that site also seventies and looked for it last week with no luck

fierybug08: my dad's sister also contacted me via facebook

Seventies Soulchild: Webpages come and go Daviss. .. ok

fierybug08: well alt...I know where to come to ask about figuring out the results. :)

alt: have y'all googled for 'black prep schools' lately?

bearnut2: Fierybug08 what 'free business' are you worried about?

Daviss: fierybug I am glad you decided.. Cass county just may hook us up as cousins lol

fierybug08: privacy issues...bearnut2

Seventies Soulchild: alt there are only 3, one in Troy, NY one in Philly, PA and Piney Woods, MS that's it.

bearnut2: ahhh--gotcha

fierybug08: daviss...we are kin...Cass County is the size of a sweetpea :)

Seventies Soulchild: lol wow!

Daviss: lol fierybug surrounded by several counties

fierybug08: i found a website about Lexington, MS...nothing too extensive. I have to make time to do some map hunting. I like to see things close up.

alt: how bout Wilberforce, New Albany, Ohio, Union Literary Inst. in Darke Co., OH and I could name a few more Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: they are public or private?

fierybug08: daviss...also LA & AK

Seventies Soulchild: These are the only three I've ever heard of.

Daviss: yep! tx has over 260 counties alone

Seventies Soulchild: that are still open.

alt: public, "for colored kids" in Ohio prior to schools being desegregated.

Seventies Soulchild: ok yes I"m talking about those that are still around.

alt: okay, I see Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: The school in Troy recently opened in about 1995 It would be great to have some of those schools back. Really all of them. yes high school drop out rates are at 50%. We are facing a disasterous situation with the kids.

alt: for sure Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: Oh did I tell you all that the town I live in is contemplating a "saggy pants" law?? :{ I probably did... lol

Daviss: lol seventies you told me

bearnut2: We've got a couple of those here in the school systems

alt: that's another story Seventies Soulchild.. the 'system' doesn't want educated black folks and too many of our families do not stress education. so it is a 'self-fulfilling' prophecy.

fierybug08: This is the website about Lexington, MS

Seventies Soulchild: Agree alt and we just need to do something about it. Its our future generations on the line.

Daviss: thx fierybug

bearnut2: can't say I disagree with it...

Seventies Soulchild: oh I do.

bearnut2: I figured that by the mad face lol

Seventies Soulchild: If they couldn't uphold the law before then why target our young men now?? They can kiss my saggy pants! LOL

alt: as Daviss says.. Each one, Teach one... and that starts with our respective families...

Seventies Soulchild: its all about equity and them doing their job in the first place. This is outright racism Especially where I live. that's that.

bearnut2: we've got young men of all races wearing their pants around their thighs here--I don't want want to see anyones draws! lol

Seventies Soulchild: Look even if they kids weren't wearing sagging pants, it would be something else. Its just a money making scheme. Period.

bearnut2: we'll just have to agree to disagree on this issue Ss

Seventies Soulchild: Me either, but there is a way to go about stopping that without criminalizing our kids yet again.

alt: dunno Seventies Soulchild, I upset a couple of my grandkids this weekend when I saw their boys 10 & 11 y/o and their baggy pants. I pulled their pants up and read the riot act about respectability to the

Seventies Soulchild: where did vkn go?

alt: grandkids about their children LOL

fierybug08: why did I find a reference to Juanita Bynum. She went to a school near Lexington, MS

bearnut2: lol

Seventies Soulchild: alt I don't have a problem with that. they belong to you.

alt: not me,,, they belong to my grandkids.

bearnut2: if more parents did what they should be doing...

Seventies Soulchild: And there is a way to talk to young people respectfully about their attire. I've seen it done.

Daviss: fierybug08 thats good to know

Seventies Soulchild: Well you know what I mean alt.. lol

fierybug08: i still have the 'respect your elders' and that there is a certain way to act around

alt: yes i do Seventies Soulchild, I'm still messing with ya LOL

Seventies Soulchild: And the 'elders' (not all old people fall into that category) should carry themselves with respect.

fierybug08: whoops...alt you did right. I don't like seeing saggy pants or muffin tops

Seventies Soulchild: LOL fierybug08

bearnut2: lol fireybug08

fierybug08: i am for real. I am tired of seeing women wearing their little sister's clothings

bearnut2: or their daughter's clothing!

Seventies Soulchild: Like I said, this is a case of racism in my town. Most of these white folks can't speak to you when they see you so they can kiss my saggy pants. lol

alt: they may wer them baggy somewhere else, but I'll bet a 'dollar to a doughnu' they'll pull them up when they see me LOL

Seventies Soulchild: The same ones who are proposing this law. and they should alt... lol

fierybug08: i hope it stays cold for a 'hot minute'. I do not want to see anymore muffin tops or tight pants.

Seventies Soulchild: So I am writing a letter to the editor laying them out. almost done.

alt: go for it Seventies Soulchild , express yourself.

Seventies Soulchild: lol

Daviss: I am trying to remember what my mom did not like when we were teens lol

alt: well, let me get back to labeling and organizing these photos .. later y'all.

Daviss: I can't think of anything yet lol lol

Seventies Soulchild: alright have a good day alt huh??? lol

fierybug08: all was great chatting. I got to get back on this work. see ya laters

Daviss: Just saying lol

Seventies Soulchild: ok well I am way past my lunch hour.. lol

Daviss: ok bye 7

Seventies Soulchild: Thanks to alt! lol bye all

bearnut2: looks like everybody's going! take care!

Daviss: bearnut2 wait a min

bearnut2: yep

Daviss: so how do I get to cuzzie is she on FB

bearnut2: yes... hang on...

Daviss: you can e me if you want to keep it to I will chat later

bearnut2: ok will do...I'm monitoring her 23 account for right now

Daviss: ok thx

bearnut2: later! cuz! lol

Daviss: lol later

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