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2011-10-30 DNA • Khathu searching


Start: 11:49:20
End: 13:57:42
Chatters: alt, bearnut2, Daviss, di, Khathu, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, statustray

Seventies Soulchild: good morning alt, how are you?

alt: hello Seventies Soulchild how are ya?

Khathu: hello alt

alt: hello Kahthu how ya doing?

Khathu: i am doing well and you?

alt: doing fine, not liking this chilly weather we're having.

Khathu: i absolutely agree. i hate cold weather hello di

di: hello

alt: Hi di.. how ya doing?

di: i am going to have to agree with the others! i hate cold weather!

alt: good time to research in, the house, on the "Net LOL

di: i think i am going to take the under the blanket approach and just watch some videos on youtube and any other sites i find---suggestions accepted

Khathu: unless it is your birthday and everyone wants to take you out

alt: I saw a posting of "new' records added to Ancestry, quite an impressvive listing

Daviss: hello alt, di and khathu!

di: hello daviss

alt: hello Daviss, ho are ya doing?

Daviss: I am well alt, thx did you notice by chance alt any new tx records

di: khatu is today your birthday?

alt: Not on this listing Daviss, nothing 'new' for TX, sorry

Daviss: ok thx alt not gonna complain lol lol its not ancestry's fault I can't get out of Texas

Khathu: yesterday was my bday

Daviss: whats up with you di? Are you taking advantage of that RTTF progect

di: well happy birthday weekend!

Khathu: we can't get out of texas unless i am researching for someone else

alt: well, y'all in TX were late in even finding out the CW was over and you be's free. LOL LOL

Daviss: khathu lol I thought you had gone to VA so true alt lol lol

alt: Happy belated Birthday Khathu

Khathu: but i keep going back to texas

di: rttf project is that the dna project?

Khathu: like dragged backed daviss i waited too late to participated in the RTTF

Daviss: I told you H-by on FB but I will say it again Khathu.. Happy Birthday!! no it has re opened for more

alt: yes di .. RITF is with 23andme...

Khathu: Yes you did Daviss, thank you

Daviss: Ilet me get you the link khathu

Khathu: thanks, i submittedf my name twice so far

di: ok yes i was able to get the kit. i am waiting to convince/ beg my great uncle to be the one to use it. and then i will do one later

Daviss: This is a direct link to order 2 to a household

di: i also have on my to do list research on it. i never really kept up with the information on dna research as i figured it would be a while before i could afford it

Daviss: I used another address to order two more di this is free

Khathu: so Daviss what is purpose of this?

di: thanks i just signed up again. this kit went to my moms house! Thanks

alt: di, it's nice and somewhat interesting if you have a 'paper trail' when you try to connect ot some of the folks 23andme will find as possible 'couisns' for you in their Relative Finder portion of their DNA project.

Daviss: you will be able to get your autosomal dna results and at the same time be able to help with a health inintive (sp) for AA's connect with those unknows perhaps

alt: and you can then submit your 'raw data' to a 3rd party to analyze your admixture results to determine where your ancestry "most likely' comes from in Africa and other parts of the world.

Daviss: thats what I like alt

di: i just had two shipped to my uncles house too so he can do it.

alt: It also tells you what % you inherited from each parent on your chromsomes other than the Y & mtDNA components I think it is some pretty exciting 'stuff".

di: well i sent to kits to my parents house. i know my mom will do it but i am not sure if my dad will. i may have to beg!

Khathu: please explain to me what autosomal is?

di: ? i have an uncle who my grandma was not sure if he was really a brother or cousin. he has a son. would this testing help me in identifying that?

alt: autosomal DNA is that which you inherit from ALL of your ancestral origins, not just your haplogroup signature which you get from the Y-DNA for males & the mtDNA for both males & females fro you parents. it ight not state exactly the brother/cousin relationship di .... that person would have to do the Y & mtDNA test to determine parental linkage. ight=might

di: oh ok.

alt: but it should at least put him in the 1st-2nd range

Khathu: okay i will order a kit for my grandparents

di: please excuse my questions if they seem elementary as i have not done the research..but since i ordered the test who is best served by this test. would it do me best to do mines and my parents, my great uncles and aunts, grandma, distant cousins or who.....i want to tell family to do the teest but i do not know who i should be focusing this particular test on to further my research

alt: the range of kinship is like 6-7 generations and Khathu your grandparents would allow you to look back another few generations really any and all di, but direct line relatives tell you the most about your DNA.

Khathu: does the autosomal result give you breakdown of you dna makeup or help assist with linking one to an African ethnic group or neither

Daviss: whew finally found the link I wanted to give you

alt: yes Khathu

Khathu: to all the above alt

di: thanks Daviss i just bookmarked! thanks for adding to my under blankets research!!!!!lol

Daviss: lol you are welcome di I was going to say that your mother or you can manage your dads account just so he spits lol

alt: Khathu, my admixture popualtion results and the tribe most closely linked to is Mende/Mandenka Population East_European 5.3% West_European 25.6% Mediterranean 10.1% Neo_African 28.5% West_Asian 2.3% South_Asian 1.3% Northeast_Asian 1.3% Southeast_Asian 0.4% East_African 5.7% Southwest_Asian 0.9% Northwest_African 3.5% Palaeo_African 15.1%

Daviss: is that McDonald alt

Khathu: you got all of that from RTT

alt: a nice website to look at is the DNA tested African Ancestry page on Facebook

di: so if i am understanding this test kit i sent off for....1. i should take it, parents should take it, grandma should take it. 2 great uncle (grandma brother) can take it but will not be extremely helful to me directly? 3. it will tell me health info from my personal dna strand? 4. help me identify my ethnicity makeup thru another test 5. help me identify my african ancestry thru another test yes daviss i will end up managing all three! but getting dad to give up dna and ship it off will be the fight lol..conspiracy of the black man may come up!

alt: it own't tell you health di... when/if you take the survey it will compare your 'situation with those in the data bank and give you a % for comparisons for various conditions davis those results of mine came from GEDmatch. com whic is a 3rd party analyzing unit like Dr. McDonald

bearnut2: Hey folks!

Daviss: ok can you show me how to get to that one alt I only have the RTTF results though Heyyy bearnut2

alt: hello cuz'n bearnut2

di: ok alt what i want to with my results when they come back are to then submit them to another company such as the one you mention hi bearnut2

alt: the liink to the DNA African ancestred page. yes di, exactly

bearnut2: Hi Alt, Daviss, di, and Khathu I see ya'll are talking dna!

Daviss: yes bearnut2 lol

bearnut2: lol

alt: and now we have a DNA testing expert in bearnut2

bearnut2: nice to see somewhat knowledgeable--yes expert--no! lol

Khathu: hello bearnut2

di: well i am taking notes today!!!!!!

alt: naw, y'all don't believe it bearnut2 is GOOOD!!!!!!

Daviss: quit it bearnut2!

bearnut2: ya'll quit it! So are you planning to get in on the RITF di and Khathu?

Daviss: lol khathu and di alt is correct about bearnut

Khathu: yes

di: yes

alt: bearnut2 an dI have found that we have a 'possible' common ancestor within the last 3-5 genearations.. we're now trying to dteremine who & where thru our paper trails.

bearnut2: cool! I saw the recommendations above and they are spot on! Looks like alt and Daviss are becoming quite the experts! lol

di: i have just been a little confused as to where to begin and who to begin with

Daviss: all I did was listen bearnut2 lol

bearnut2: di do you mean who to begin testing with as in company or family member?

di: well i was confused with both but because of my shallow pockets i am going with 23andme! the free test and learn from there!

bearnut2: with the free RITF kits, 23andme is definitly the place to start! lol

di: now is there a different company i should have my great uncle submitting dna testing to as well? i use him cause i really doubt grandma will do it

bearnut2: di, grandma might surprise you! I just knew my dad would be a "hard sell" and I agonized over just how to ask him for about a month after I had actually purchased the test...

di: i am going to try her!

alt: comapines I recommend di are Family Tree DNA, 23andme & if you only want to know your direct ancestral lineage if it is knwon African is Afrian Ancestry, Inc.

bearnut2: I finally called him and he said yes before I could even get the whole question out!

alt: older folks will surprise ya bearnut2 LOL lOL

bearnut2: And the folks I thought would be hard to explain to, like my grand uncle, were all for it!

alt: we older people really want to kow our roots bearnut2

Daviss: thats great bearnut.. I wish I had elders but it seems like I am it lol

bearnut2: Now my 1st cousin 2x removed, who is very into genealogy, has had his kit for 3 months and still hasn't spit! :( di---alt is right with his recommendations. I'm planning to get a couple of Ydna tests from FTDNA when they have their next good sale

alt: bearnut2 & Daviss, I'm npw up to 301 on the Relative Finder 'cousins'.. a couple of the newer ones look promising.

Daviss: whoa alt, is this as of yesterday

alt: yes Daviss

Daviss: gonna look now at mine lol lol

bearnut2: wow alt! thats great! I've got a known 2nd cousin 2x removed who tested but I have to "walk" her through the site. She showed up last week but is scared to look at anything without me lol

Khathu: What does RITF means

alt: she will have a good 'walker' bearnut2 .. you're doing great with me Roots Into The Future

Daviss: I gained 2 cousins

bearnut2: Funny thing is, she shares multiple segments with my mom and uncle as I thought she would, but only shares 1 segment with me. Just goes to show how random dna inheritance is!

Daviss: Roots To The Future khathu

bearnut2: Khathu it stands for Roots Into the Future

Daviss: ok bearnut2 what is best percentages or segments

Khathu: thanks i am drafting an email to send out to family and friend pertaining to the project just trying to do some background research before finalizing the email

alt: I think it is a great project and if folks will take their time and learn what the results are telling them it will demystify DNA for them.

bearnut2: Daviss there is no "best" its just what you get! lol Let me see if I can find a breakdown for you brb

alt: and also help to 'confirm' some of the traditional genealogy paper trail

Daviss: khathu I wish I could get all of my Harrison cty kin to do it as a group but so far no takers

Khathu: i am just sending the info out

Daviss: I sent out info when it first opened and got one Daviss taker I sent again this time and have heard from only 2 they were also Daviss folks and a Williams I need those Taylors

bearnut2: Daviss try this:

Daviss: I tried to explain as best as I could the concept but its spo frustrating ok thx bearnut2

alt: I put the 23andme Ad on my Adams Family website and have ordered test for grandchildren and great-grandchildren as I have no direct 'immediate' older relatives living.

Daviss: heck I am having more luck with those who are just friends of mine I also posted on the Daviss Reunion page on FB

alt: I figure grnads & great grands will cast a 'wider' net for possible connections.

Daviss: Tyler will be tested alt

alt: there you go Daviss , right on!!!!

bearnut2: Daviss as 2nd cousins 2x removed we "should" share about .78% but we actually share only .24%. So if I had been the only person tested and didn't know our relationship, I would have wrongly assumed that she was a much more distant cousin than she actually is.

Daviss: oh I see

bearnut2: She shares in the appropriate range with my mom and uncle for 2nd cousins 1x removed.

alt: bearnut2, wouldn't it be something else if we found that our Goochland co., VA coneection was thru NA rather than AA ancestors?

bearnut2: Makes me wonder how many of my other cousins in RF that I don't know the relationship are actually closer than predicted... yes it would alt!

Daviss: khathu did you see where bearnut2 and alt share a common ancestor lol

bearnut2: I'll have to check our segments in DIYDodecad bysegment

Khathu: no i did not

Daviss: I think thats great!

bearnut2: Khathu yes! after much "encouragement" for alt to test with 23andme we found out we are related! Totally unexpected! But a welcome surprise! lol

alt: encouragement translated means 'arm twisting" LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: and they met at the conference in FT Wayne

bearnut2: lol now cuz! Hey Selma!

Daviss: Hello Selma

alt: hi Selma... Lil darlings let you escape for a moment? LOL lOL

Selma: Afternoon folks... Just a moment. lOL

Daviss: lol

alt: tell them we appreciate them leting grandma join us LOL

statustray: Good afternoon everyone ;-)

bearnut2: hi statustray lol

alt: hello statutray, how are ya?

di: hi statustray and selma

statustray: i'm doing alright... can't complain ;-)

bearnut2: Khathu must be working on that letter... lol

Khathu: yes i am

alt: oh y'all.. my good news for the weekend... I finally got to see and hold the newest great-grandbaby yesterday... a boy 8 lb 9 oz & 20 inches long.

Daviss: lol hi statustray!

bearnut2: wb Daviss--I see you kept the big D lol

Selma: bearnt who are you researching in Goochland

bearnut2: wow! congrats cuz'n alt

statustray: congrats alt ;-)

Daviss: and the twos'es bearnut2 lol

Selma: Congrat alt..

alt: thank you all :))))

Daviss: congrats alt!

bearnut2: Selma the slave holders of my 3rd great grandparents-- Col. John Smith and his father Maj. Robert Smith

alt: oh yes Daviss,,, and bearnut2 has a Mariah also LOL lOL

Daviss: lol

bearnut2: lol yep i do!

alt: oh BTW bearnut2 congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Daviss: Selma alt and I had the news at the same time in FT Wayne about the babies.. His was a boy and my gr niece

bearnut2: lol Thanks alt! Its a madhouse here! lol Daviss-- you have a new baby too?

statustray: *wow* ;-)

bearnut2: in your family I mean!

Daviss: HEYYY! LOL

bearnut2: lol

Selma: Congrats to you daviss...

Daviss: I have a new great niece lol

alt: yeah Daviss... our families had new babies at the same time... not us LOL LOL LOL

bearnut2: cool! congrats to you too, great auntie! were they born the same day?

Daviss: lol lol mine is a day older by some hrs she was a week early. had to be taken

bearnut2: mom's good too though?

alt: mine was just like his great-grandpa.. .. he was late..... by 4 days LOL lOL

bearnut2: lol alt

Daviss: shes good thx

di: the dna testing shows relatives of all ethnicities? does this help link to white ancestors who decend from slave owners who played a part in my dna?

alt: you bet it does di

Daviss: yep it sure does di

bearnut2: di yes

di: so on this relative finder i could link to those cousins! cool

bearnut2: though you can get cousins who are related through an ancestor before the slaveowner...

Daviss: in fact I might take my picture off my profile so that one that is close to me will answer my into lol lol into = intro

di: lol good thinking daviss

bearnut2: for instance someone in england could have had 2 sons, one who went to America and became a slaveowner and the other who stayed in England. The cousin may descend from the brother who stayed and you could descend from the brother who was the slaveowner.

Daviss: I do have one cousin who sent me the basic of all her cousins

bearnut2: lol daviss

Khathu: i'm back

Daviss: ahhhh bearnut2 did you get letter all written khathu

bearnut2: all done Khathu? lol

Khathu: written and sent to over 100 individuals

Daviss: all right now!!!

bearnut2: wow! You know how to get it done Khathu!

Daviss: khathu, Seraph and I had hopes to link but no such luck

alt: here is a photo of descendants of the LaForce family with my cousin... the Laforce family 'owned' my Goochland Co. AA ancestor

Daviss: nice pic alt!

alt: who I now 'think' may be proven to be connected to me thru DNA testing

Khathu: I bet you and I may be linked

Daviss: who khathu you and me

alt: wb Selma

Daviss: wb lil darlins granny

Khathu: Yes Daviss

Daviss: That would be wonderful khathu I will keep my fingers crossed

Selma: You sent out 100 letters to who Khathu

bearnut2: wb Shelma oops Selma great pic alt! do you think any of them will test?

Daviss: brb

alt: I'm thinking a couple of them will bearnut2, they are all 'avid' genealogists and very curious as to the relationship.

bearnut2: cool! \

Khathu: family and friends via email regarding RITF

bearnut2: I do have a cousin match with a white Haddock descendant who has ties to the same area of Florida as my ancestors. He accepted my share and shares with my grandma, dad, and me but he hasn't answered my questions about who his folks in Florida are...

alt: I can't understand why 23andme is having difficulty in getting 10,000 A's to take advantage of the FREE dna testing?????

bearnut2: they're not...they are spacing the testing out so it won't overwhelm their system.

alt: doesn't want to 'out' his family bearnut2????

bearnut2: plus they still have folks who are purchasing kits to take care of thats what I'm thinking alt

alt: Okay, that makes sense spreading the testing out over time.

bearnut2: alt I just remembered, our common ancestor is African because it is the same segment shared with our 1% cousin

Khathu: have a great day everyone

di: told mom about it! she is waiting for her kit

bearnut2: yay di!

alt: okay bearnut2... We're back to Betty/Bess, her parents and/or siblings & possibly her children.

bearnut2: Seriously, RITf couldn't have come at a better time for me, personally. I was getting ready to spend some MAJOR bucks on kits! I wish Dennis would respond...

alt: I hear ya bearnut2 , that' why I was hesitant because I had already spent MAJOR bucks over a period of 5 years.

di: what is the link again for the free kit. i want to send it to a cousin


bearnut2: don't want to post it in an open forum oh well lol

di: oh i am emailing it

Daviss: Do you want me to tell vkn to delete bearnut2

alt: it's already all over Facebook bearnut2 LOL lOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol

bearnut2: Is it? Ugh! I hope we don't get the same problem as last time

di: cross are fingers no repeat

alt: we/you will ... folks not reading the offer and complianing about the 'financial' aspects of the offer.

bearnut2: no prob Daviss...I was hoping it wasn't going to go public again lol alt yeah that and folks who don't "qualify" taking advantage

Daviss: I got an email last night from Nina she said it will be in Nov issue of Ebony

alt: that too. the argument the AA's are getting something for FREE that's not available to 'other' folk.

bearnut2: Its there! Thats where I got it from. Though it doesn't actually SAY its an offer of free kits! It just says to go to the link for more information. Its pretty slickly done.

alt: they kearned a lesson, huh bearnut2?

bearnut2: yep! lol at least its letting you right back in Daviss

Daviss: Mariah back to her old tricks

Selma: Folks have to run..the "little darlins' are calling...Have a great day

bearnut2: Tell Mariah to behave! lol

alt: hey, I gotta split too... getting ready for the Cleveland Browns later this PM... the Ohio state Buckeye won yesterday YEAH!!!!!!

Daviss: Shes my granny and gotta respect her bearnut2 lol lol

bearnut2: good for you cuz! have a good one!

Daviss: Cards on now

bearnut2: true dat Daviss! yeah they're having a big parade and celebration downtown

Daviss: you know if she were "just" a friend I would have said a bad word by now lol lol

bearnut2: guess I'd better go too...gotta get over to my sister's for Sunday dinner!

Daviss: That was a good series

bearnut2: have a good week all!

Daviss: ok bearnut2 thanks for all your help

bearnut2: That it was Daviss!! Go Cards! yw!

Daviss: later folks bye di and statustray

di: bye

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