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2011-10-20 This N That


Start: 12:15:31
End: 13:04:03
Chatters: HistoryBuff, Selma, vkn, VKNGA

VKNGA: Good Thursday All regular chatters are in Ft Wayne doing their thing. AYW is in the great library there getting in a search or two. Daviss and Alt are tweaking the AfriGeneas table and prepping for the AfriGeneas tour. All is well!!! Looking to see Selma and Seventies to come in soon!

Selma: Afternoon here by your lonesome..

VKNGA: Ahhhhhh Good morning Selma

Selma: Have you heard from the Conference folks..

VKNGA: Yes Daviss said if I hear drums beating it will be her knees knocking lol

Selma: LOL

VKNGA: Angela was off to the library after the plenary session

Selma: Glad to hear they all made it there safe and sound..

VKNGA: Alt sent word that there was a meeting with all last evening Guess we will have slim log ins today

Selma: Looks like it..

VKNGA: Audrey Battiste chauffers me around I don't do interstates

Selma: Afternoon History buff...

HistoryBuff: Hey good folks

Selma: Welcome back vkn

vkn: Got the boot. Howdy history thankee Selma

Selma: Are alt and daviss doing a presentation in a room?

HistoryBuff: Wb VknGA

vkn: HistoryBuff are you in by cell?

Selma: The radio interview with Alonzo was wonderful vkn..nothing like having parents who "give you wings"

vkn: I see a strange icon by your name Thanx Selma he got off to a good start

HistoryBuff: Yes Vkn

vkn: ahhhhhh nice how is it working for you historybuff Only a cell away lol

HistoryBuff: Its slow getting use to

vkn: Oh I see I tried it once but had a time figuring it out Selma did you see the post from AfricanAncestry re their new DNA approach? I have the 23andme kit not sure why I am slow to do the testing

HistoryBuff: At least I can see the session online.

Selma: They almost had no choice vkn...

vkn: So much of this dna business is way above my pay grade and has something of a voodoo element to me. Sides the companies are money hungry HistoryBuff that is good

Selma: Oops History buff is gone

vkn: Regina found the biological family of that last post. Parents are deceased but he will reunion with remaining family on Saturday

Selma: I saw that vkn..Regina is very, very good

vkn: Indeed she is and does it so quietly

Selma: I hope it is a good reunion

HistoryBuff: Got knocked off changing settings.

vkn: yeah these things are often shaky at best I still see the cell icon History. Thought you got kicked Well dear loyal chatters I best be moving along

HistoryBuff: I've returned

Selma: Ok vkn..have a good day

vkn: Niters Selma and History

Selma: History time for me to run too..have a good day

HistoryBuff: Bye

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