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2011-09-24 DNA 23&me


Start: 21:08:10
End: 22:29:47
Chatters: alt, BBENN, bearnut2, deannie, HistoryBuff, jhonora, vkn

jhonora: Hello deannie!

deannie: evening.....

jhonora: How are you this evening?

deannie: great and your's...watching some new tv shows on CBS

jhonora: Doing well ... multi-tasking between checking censuses and chatting

deannie: Good thing....I was texting with my daughter and she was at a step show at her school

jhonora: Oh great, was it a competition?

deannie: I do not think so...the school only has about 2 men chapter there and no women chapters...she attends western illinois univ...

jhonora: I see, I knew one or two folks who went to Souther Ill. but never Western Ill. Where are they located?

deannie: My niece attends Southern she's a senior..have you ever heard of Kappa Carvinal it was a big party at Southern durng the 70's

jhonora: I haven't, was it held at Carnival time? Evening alt!

alt: hello deannie & jhonora.. where's da folks? LOL

deannie: No, I do not remember the month that it was held. But i do remember that it took over the city of Carbondale must of the white student went home that week.... Hi alt The not call it the Player Ball but it not as big as Kappa Caranival was....I went about 3 time as a young adult

alt: oh, I spent 3 weeks in Carbondale 1 weekend LOL ..... It wasn't very pleasant for this brother.

deannie: alt....we should have crossed path....

alt: my son was playing basketball there at Southern ILL... this was during 1983-84 BB season. not for SIU, but against SIU.

deannie: OK

jhonora: Hello HistoryBuff!

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Deannie, Alt and Jhonora. How goes it?

deannie: Hi Historybfuu...u are new to me...welcome

alt: she's in disguise deannie LOL

HistoryBuff: I just changed my name Deannie. Ingrid wasn't exciting enough.

deannie: it

HistoryBuff: The African American Heritage Day Festival in Accoceek, MD was exciting and interesting. African American Genealogy attracted a lot of attention. That was today at 11:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST.

alt: deannie, I see your group is having a workshop on the 8th of Oct.. same day as the Indy group,, so I guess I won't see my Chicago in Indy this year. what city is Accoceek, MD near HistoryBuff?

deannie: That's the weekend of our annual conference

alt: my Chicagg buddies

deannie: What about the Black Summit on the 20th

HistoryBuff: It's near Fort Washington, MD and Washington, DC.

alt: I'll be there .... looking for deannie LOL LOL

deannie: OK....

alt: ah so, okay HistoryBuff I know FT. Washington

deannie: we will meet at DD lol :)

alt: you got it deannie LOL

deannie: coffee on me

alt: I'll buy the donuts LOL

deannie: ok I went to FGS and my society went to Ft Wayne last weekend...

alt: wow!!! you're gonna be too professional for me deannie.

deannie: no....I just have the time now with my daughter away a school....and I enjoy traveling....

alt: HistoryBuff, what kind of crowds has the MLK memorial been drawing? sounds good to me deannie

BBENN: Hello Everyone!

deannie: hi bbenn

HistoryBuff: Hey BBENN

alt: hello BBENN, good evening to you.

BBENN: Good Evening to you!

HistoryBuff: alt I haven't had a chance to hear anything about it since the celebration was postponed.

bearnut2: Howdy Y'all

HistoryBuff: Hey Bearnut2

alt: okay HistoryBuff

deannie: hi bearnut

BBENN: I hope that all of you tune to listen to my blogtalk radio show- Research at the National Archives and Beyond! this Thursday at 8 pm central time. My guest is Barbara Ricard Landix from LaCreole in New Orleans. Barbara will share records she has found on her ancestor Antoine Ricard and focus on his Southern Claims Commission file.

HistoryBuff: Thanks,BBENN I'll check it out.

BBENN: Hari Jones will be the guest on October 6 to discuss the role African Americans played in the Civil War.

bearnut2: I got kicked out

HistoryBuff: wb bearnut2

alt: bearnut2, I'm starting to learn my way around the 23andme community, but I'm gonna need your help. please!!!!

BBENN: Are any of you in Arkansas for the conference?

bearnut2: Hi jhonora, deannie, BBENN, HistoryBuff (Ingrid), and cuz'n alt

alt: not me

HistoryBuff: No

bearnut2: what conference is in Arkansas?

BBENN: 23andme is very interesting! Lot's of information. A match is worthless if you cannot find the paper trail to verify the DNA connection.

alt: bearnut2, should I pose my question on 23andme, your personal email, or both?

BBENN: The Afro American Historical and Genealogical Conference.

bearnut2: any way you want to cuz! when is it BBenn

alt: okay, need help, but don't want to be a nuisance.

BBENN: I posted my questions on 23andme and got responses through them. It is over tomorrow.

bearnut2: not at all alt--I get questions from Daviss all the time lol--I don't mind

alt: okay bearnut2

bearnut2: aw...darn!

BBENN: Angela posted the entire agenda on Afrigeneas. I mean on her podcast on yesterday.

bearnut2: I've been pretty scarce this week cuz I've been on vacation

alt: why do you say "23andme is very interesting! Lot's of information. A match is worthless if you cannot find the paper trail to verify the DNA connection" BBENN? hope vacation was enjoyable bearnut2

bearnut2: it was thanks!

vkn: hope all be well

BBENN: I have 100 matches. I am communicating with 4 individuals. Two of the individuals maybe able to figure out the connection but, we need to verify our information to make sure that we are looking at the right ancestor.

bearnut2: BBenn--even though 23 gives a match range its really just a "guess" so your match may in many cases be beyond "paper trail" info--even for european folk! lol

alt: okay BBENN, bearnut2 & I are matched on RF and we don't have the paper trail as yet, but it's something for us to work on.

vkn: alt, BBenn, bearnut, deannie, historyBuff, JHonora !!!!

BBENN: Hello vkn.

alt: and we had no idea of a DNA or genealogical connection.

bearnut2: yep! but we're working on it!

BBENN: You are right. I have a lot of European matches and I am not pursuing them.

bearnut2: which means it is even LESS likely that you are going to find a paper trail

alt: with a 52% European Ancestral Painting 90% of my matches are European. hopefully with more AA's testing I will have more AA matches.

bearnut2: I'm working with anyone who accepts my invite! lol

BBENN: Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on what I already know about my ancestors. I just have to do my homework and pursue all angles. Right now, I am concentrating on the promising matches that appear to want to find and verify a legitimate connection.

alt: me too bearnut2 .. and I've had several Euro's who want to compare the genealogies/paper trails.

bearnut2: The thing is, as mixed as we all are, some of those connections may actually be a european ancestor. A couple of my black matches appear to be european segments.

alt: With my Euro haplogroups that's why 'the devil' made me put up the profile photo LOL LOL

BBENN: My closest matches are with a T2 haplogroup and a X haplogroup. I have sent an invitation to communicate andhave not received a response.

bearnut2: speaking of vacation--I DID do a little work while I was visiting my ancestral area. I photograped all of the graves at the cemetary my family is buried in.

BBENN: I do not have a European haplogroup.

alt: wonderful!!! you were at the national park area?

BBENN: bearnut2, that sounds like an interesting vacation.

bearnut2: None of my family so far has a European haplogroup either, BBENN but a whole lot of our cousins sure do! lol it was! I really was hoping to find some info in at the archives but no luck again.

BBENN: I am lucky to have matched with someone who truly understands DNA.

alt: can't have it all bearnut2 LOL

bearnut2: But I did get my grand uncle to test and got to photograph the cemetary so it wasn't all a bust! Who is that BBENN?

alt: that sounds like a productive just in those two instances bearnut2

HistoryBuff: My allegiy medicine is kicking in. Talk with you good folk later.

bearnut2: bye History!

alt: take care HistoryBuff

BBENN: I am a genealogist and family historian with roots in Louisiana and South Carolina.

bearnut2: I think I wore my mom out at the cemetary lol she wasn't expecting me to photograph everything! no I meant who is ther person who understands DNA that you matched with. :)

BBENN: You are lucky to have time to take photos in the cemetery. My family has a cemetery and I spent time doing the same thing last summer. Do you want her name?

bearnut2: yes, if you don't mind

BBENN: Tamra Jefferson. I meant Tamara Jefferson.

bearnut2: ah--cool! I've seen her around the boards!

BBENN: Yes, we are a match and it is wonderful working with someone who clearly understands this stuff.

alt: I have an interesting situation with David Lawrence Grant.... no DNA connection according to 23andme's RF, but we have several 'collateral' genealogical family connections.

BBENN: I enjoy doing the research and looking up stuff but, this DNA is new to me.

bearnut2: BBENN--I'm sure it is! I, unfortunately, didn't have a match like that so I had to educate myself--and I'm still learning! lol alt--did you know him before 23andme?

alt: and doing a great learning job I might add bearnut2

bearnut2: thanks cuz! ;)

BBENN: The anccestors connected us!:}

alt: Yes I did know him before 23andme bearnut2 ... we corresponded for quite a while

BBENN: I did not know her and she semt me an invitation to communicate based upon our DNA match.

alt: and he has actually been to Africa and met some of his DNA kin, maybe about 7-8 years ago.

bearnut2: ah--my parents have no genetic connection but have SEVERAL cousins in common. I think they are up to 7 now. wow! someone on the FB page posted about doing that--but I think it was a woman.

BBENN: Goodnight everyone! I enjoyed chatting with you and good luck with your DNA matches.:p

alt: He has a blog about his trip to Africa and some great photos.

bearnut2: I'd love to do that someday! I could probably go visit Nigeria now since I know that at least some of my ancestry comes from the Igbo thanks to 23andme! you too bbenn deannie, vkn, you still there?

deannie: yes

bearnut2: you must be multitasking! lol

alt: Oops, we did go off on the darn DNA tangent sorry y'all

bearnut2: lol

deannie: just looking and learning....I was in a dna class at the local jr college and it was about dna...she talked about 23andme

bearnut2: oh wow cool! Do you have any interest in testing?

alt: deannie, you 'must' try and take advantage of the FREE offer by 23andme.

deannie: no...I watch a lot and tv and I do not want my the wind

bearnut2: unfortunately, if you leave you house its already in the wind...

alt: okay deannie, I can understand that, but it is different from what you see on TV with CSI and those types of shows.

deannie: The military already have it....that's ok for now I know....

bearnut2: anything you've touched your dna can be obtained from if someone really wants it

alt: okay, I'll stop 'selling' LOL LOL

deannie: That ok never give up I might change my mind.

bearnut2: my theory is I might as well get the info for myself since anyone else who wants it could get it! lol

alt: when we drink that coofee in Ft. Wayne I'll take your cup and then I'll have ya LOL LOL

deannie: Not...I know now to take it with me lol lol

alt: hehehehehehe

bearnut2: but seriously, what they give you on this test, no one can really use to do anything to you. Its only a small portion of your total genome. lol

alt: wow, it is getting late, if I want to make the sunday morning chat I'd better skedaddle outa here... laters y'all

bearnut2: at least ask for a kit while its free. Then you have a year to decide if you want to use it or not. If not, give it away (to someone black) or pitch it! later cuz!

alt: bye

bearnut2: I say give it to someone black because the kits are part of the Roots into the future initiative that is meant for black folk well, guess I'm gonna call it a night too! Take care deannie and vkn.

deannie: you too...good nite all

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