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2011-09-25 DNA & more


Start: 10:45:28
End: 12:49:59
Chatters: alt, bbenn, daviss, di, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Selma, seraph1959, Seventies Soulchild, statustray

di: Good morning

Seventies Soulchild: hi di I wasn't expecting anyone in here. :) How are you?

di: doing well and u?

Seventies Soulchild: Doing good. How is your research coming?

di: stale how bout u? any new discoveries

Seventies Soulchild: A few. I'm all over the place lol I tracked an ancestor outside of slavery, another one all over the country. Working on a presentation for an upcoming reunion. can you see my updates? My feed is coming through slowly. Do you have any new discoveries or reviewing any old information?

di: thats cool. my fam does not have reunions,. lol i research for my mom and kids, no pressure....i have been just browsing the internet seeing what new sites are out there and looking at the information on possible indian heritage

Seventies Soulchild: ok

seraph1959: Morning

Seventies Soulchild: Hey seraph1959! long time no see. Glad to see you on chat this morning! How is everything going?

seraph1959: Every thing is grand

di: good morning seraph! i will be working on a presentation myself for a meeting i am going to hold with my elders. i want to show what i have and hope to loosen some lips or trigger some memories!

seraph1959: very cool di! Maybe it will start a competition of who knows more , just let the video or tape recorder roll :-)

Seventies Soulchild: right

seraph1959: I did get my dna results from 23andme no big surprises except the 7% from Asia

di: cool. i saw the post yesterday and signed up right away!

seraph1959: I am still trying to process all the information , but I am enjoying the health information hopefully they have more funding and can send out lots and lots of kits! wb di is some velcro :-) I wonder if vicky will be in today

di: wont work! lol kids knock my internet cord to router out frequently!

seraph1959: I was wonder what her Dr. Daviss initials are

Seventies Soulchild: Good question. it's very early for her to come to Sunday chat. Its very early for me. lol Good morning Selma

seraph1959: I was working on something else , saw a TX reference mext thing I know I am searching surnames :-) Hey Ms Selma!

Selma: Good Sunday afternoon di, seraph and seventies

Seventies Soulchild: :) Isn't that how it always happens seraph1959?

seraph1959: too many times ...

Seventies Soulchild: I was looking for Margaret Meade/Mead/Meads, sister of my enslaved ancestor Charity Rounds, and found Christmases who are also married into my Rounds family on other lines. Quick question, has anyone seen the same person in two seperate households in the same census year?

Selma: Yes Dates the census was done was in different months..someone appeared in another household in a later census.

Seventies Soulchild: Are they usually of some sort of relation to the individuals?

Selma: In a later month

Seventies Soulchild: OK

Selma: Can't remember the specifics.. Have you run across that seventies?

Seventies Soulchild: Yes Margaret Meads grandson Richard Christmas was in her home in the 1880 census, then in his parents home up the road in the same year. Which was helpful because that's how I was able to quickly tie the families together. wb di

Selma: Welcome back di

di: i made it back. lol combo this time power cord and net.

Seventies Soulchild: lol

di: thanks glad to b back

Seventies Soulchild: Check out this link:

di: hello selma

Selma: Hi that her talk on Book TV done yesterday? I saw this AM

Seventies Soulchild: yes

di: seventies i have a relative in two households in same year

Seventies Soulchild: ok Did it help your research di?

di: not as of right now cause i did not research the 2nd family. he was listed as a boarder and i was told he went to dc (2nd place) to work on a job contract

Seventies Soulchild: ok

di: i will say it has made me more aware of dates of documents

statustray: Good morning everyone ;-)

Seventies Soulchild: hey statustray!

di: hello statustray

Seventies Soulchild: Selma, what did you think of the talk?

statustray: hey Seventies Soulchild, di, Selma, and seraph1959 ;-)

Selma: It was great.. She is a very good writer and speaker..

seraph1959: Hello statusray

Selma: Afternoon statustray

statustray: :}

Selma: Why,what did you think? Well don't everyone speak at once.. LOL

Seventies Soulchild: lol

Selma: Morning daviss..

Seventies Soulchild: She is a very good speaker. Hi daviss

statustray: hey there daviss ;)

daviss: hello di, Selma, seraph whoa all these "S'es lol

di: hello daviss

daviss: hello seventies and status

statustray: hehehe... i hadn't noticed that until u just mentioned it.... rofl

alt: Wow!!! got a seat left?

Seventies Soulchild: hi alt

Selma: Afternoon alt.

alt: Hello all, daviss, di, Selma, seraph1959, Seventies Soulchild & ststustray why did it get so quiet?

di: ok...anyone ever used a fire insurance map? did it help ur research?

alt: sanborn maps ? yes.. they plot the neighborhood with lot sizes and shapes and an number the houses by street.

di: i never used it. i came across it browsing the internet. do i need the address from the directory or is there another way to identify where family could have been

statustray: hmmm... interesting indeed.... i wasn't aware of this

alt: Sanbornmaps don't neccessarily identify lots by family names.... ownership and residency's change over time, but the lot size and shape most often do not. di, if in a city, don't census records usually list the street name in the margin of the page and they have the street number as a column entry on the census page.

di: understood. i only have one area in my searching locations that the map is available for. i was looking to maybe match family from census and directory. most of my family has been in rural areas to my knowledge so i have not noticed street names in the margin

alt: am I talking too much?

di: not for me....

daviss: me either because I am learning

statustray: me too!

alt: often in the margin they will have a county road name name and the later years the house number is the RFD number.

di: now i need to go back and look at those images....

alt: hehehehhehe

statustray: hey there bbenn

di: hello bbenn

daviss: hello bbenn

seraph1959: hey alt and daviss

bbenn: Hello Everyone,

statustray: hey there Khathu

Khathu: hello everyone

seraph1959: hi khathu

daviss: seraph1959 lol hi

alt: hello bbenn & Khathu

daviss: hi khathu

Selma: Afternoon bbenn and Khathu

seraph1959: daviss what are your Dr. Daviss initials?

bbenn: Hello alt, Khathu, Selma

di: hi khathu

Selma: Oops

daviss: whew here we go again

seraph1959: hahaha hold on

bbenn: I do the same thing1

daviss: do you mean my gr grandfathers initials seraph1959

alt: daviss, you ever get your font size issue corrected?

seraph1959: The one who was in Houston?

daviss: his name was James D Daviss

seraph1959: the ad I saw was for E P Daviss Ear Nose and Throat

daviss: same last name spelling seraph

seraph1959: have you used this resource

daviss: @alt yes and no with the font. I have to keep enlarging it

alt: Khathu, I thought I saw in the Indianapolis Recorder where one of your surnames and one of my surnames were mentioned in the same article.

seraph1959: I got excited rarely see the double ss

Khathu: really?

daviss: oh yes seraph1959 that is where I saw an unidentified picture of my Uncle Leslie They corrected it for me

seraph1959: cool beans

alt: I got excited and didn't record the date Khathu, If I find it again I'll make note and send the article to you, if you want it.

daviss: check his pic seraph thats Mariah's grandson lol

seraph1959: OMG how did they come to have his photo and it be unidentified

Khathu: thanks alt

alt: yw Khathu

seraph1959: hiding must be genetic lol

daviss: I don't know but as i was cruising there i saw the picture and it said unidentified

seraph1959: wow

alt: old "eagle eyed' daviss LOL LOL

seraph1959: I tell you the info is there , if we are just looking when we pass by 8)

daviss: I also found a picture of one of my Uncles X wives lol @alt I can agree with that seraph

alt: yep seraph1959, often we aren't ready to 'absorb' what we see because we aren't there yet in our research.

daviss: They also have old maps on that site of harrison County

di: amen alt

seraph1959: when I have the time I will definitely go back to the site

alt: BTW seraph1959, how's the school year going? I read where Sonia is having a tough year with some of her students.

daviss: I had a question for khathu but for the life of me I can't remember what it was

alt: Selma, did you get your package from me?

daviss: I think it had something to do with your dixon or Dickerson

Selma: Haven't checked my mail box from yesterday was pouring...will check after the chat

bbenn: Have a good week everyone...signing off.

seraph1959: alt it feels like January to me only after 5 weeks

alt: okay Selma... just wondering.. I see Tony is going to present two of those lectures in Grand Rapids, MI in Nov.

daviss: church time ya'll talk at cha later

alt: hehehehehe @ seraph1959

seraph1959: learn a new software program to track my data is called EASYIEP...but I have yet to find the EASY part

Selma: LOL

alt: LOL @ seraph1959

seraph1959: I have 3 meetings to prepare for tomorrow and I could not finish at work so I will be working at home this evening , this happens daily working at home :| y is come on 3 years so I can retire :-)

alt: oh Selma & seraph1959, I saw Irita yesterday, she is in the area for a family thing this weekend and attended our gen meeting.

seraph1959: y is ...hahaha suppose to be come on cool did you get a chance to visit?

alt: yes, after the meeting I had dinner with her & her mother.

Selma: glad you got to see her and her Mom...tell her to come and visit us here in the chat

alt: I did

Selma: Anybody have anything new to report

alt: I posted on the Military Forum about theCivil War VA pension payment cards are now online for FREE at the Allen county Library site. 2 million cards from RG15

Selma: Wow..great news alt

alt: from 1907-1933 well, let me go get ready to watch some fottball... later's y'all football

seraph1959: my sister helped me organize our family history files, we are about 3/4 done. The info is in folder in a file cabinet, photos are in archival safe have fun alt

Selma: Good for you seraph..send her to my house.. LOL

alt: great seraph1959 , nothing like being organized, right Selma LOL LOL

Selma: Well time for me to run too...have a great day folks.

HistoryBuff: Hey Di and StatusRay. How are you? Sorry I missed everybody. Have a great week all.

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