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2011-08-26 FreeGen • Webinar • Grundy • TomS


Start: 12:03:31
End: 13:33:56
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, fierybug08, ProfDru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

daviss: Hello there alt!

alt: hi Ms daviss, how are ya?

daviss: pretty good thx...what about you?

alt: okay, bought a new 'Netbook yesterday and going thru the 'learning curve".

daviss: I thought about you this morning and wondered when you were going to comment on the Lloyd post great alt, you like the netbooks huh

alt: I might be too grumpy to respond to Lloyd, but the others have done a good job... sounds like he wants folks to "give" him their 'stuff'.

daviss: Lucas was your mentor wasn't she

alt: yes ma'am, she sure was.

daviss: I think you are right about the giving part alt give and giving sure is a potent word

alt: he's right about the information being in 'public records', so why doesn't he go and dig them out for himself LOL

daviss: exactly!!!

alt: that's how genealogy societies made their money for years.. digging out public records, indexing them and then putting them in a book form. so, how is your gen group in AZ coming along?

daviss: I think some people are really clueless.

alt: they really are daviss

daviss: we are meeting again next month at the LDS Center in Mesa

alt: will that be your regular meeting place, the LDS Center?

daviss: I will more than likely spend another day doing a line by line search again

alt: wishing you the best

daviss: oh no, the place where we usually meet is remodeling

alt: oh, okay

daviss: so we meet where we can Mesa though is rather far away for some even though we had a good showing this last time

alt: I can understand that... that was one of our big problems, a regular meeting place, but since we cover a 9 county area we meet in a different location every month.

daviss: oh thats nice..are the counties close enough hello fierybug08

fierybug08: hello everyone *virtual wave* to daviss alt

alt: yeah, no drive is more than 25-30 miles from anywhere within those 9 counties. fierybug08, waving back atcha

daviss: how's it going fiery?

fierybug08: i'm cold....tired of hearing about what Irene will do.

daviss: cold??

fierybug08: lol i wish the weather men would quit making up stories

daviss: whats the temp my friend?

fierybug08: well...i'm cold-blooded. i have a chill

daviss: get you some chicken broth or soup

fierybug08: mid-80s, but my office seems to always hold on to the A/C. I need some gloves. i'm eating spaghetti

daviss: broth will hit them bones lol not spaghetti

fierybug08: daviss your friend from Atlanta, TX? Do you think they would mind looking at a cemetery for me nearby?

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

fierybug08: hello AYWalton

alt: hello AYWalton, how are ya today?

AYWalton: howdy alt, Ms. daviss, fierybug08! fine and you?

alt: okay

AYWalton: fierybug are you ready for the rains?

alt: AYWalton, I see 'your guy' is busy with his posts/writings to the Examiner... he is all over the place.

fierybug08: i guess, i was tell alt & daviss that I have a chill already

AYWalton: true, alt. you have a chill? are you feeling under the weather?

alt: hello vkn, how are you?

daviss: that was the librarian in Atlanta.. Don't know them but she did say that she had a list of the folks that were buried in the cemeteries around , She told me that they did not have Lovenia listed in their book for Domino

AYWalton: do you have a chill when out of an air-conditioned building, fierybug?

fierybug08: so so...i guess with the weather changing. I'll be okay. good thing it's friday

vkn: Howdy to each and all

AYWalton: you might have a low grade fever.

daviss: hi AYWalton and vkn!

fierybug08: okay...thanks daviss

daviss: you are welcome fiery

fierybug08: i am planning a trip to the Virginia library next month in Richmond

AYWalton: I did not realize that you had VA ties, fierybug08.

daviss: me either fierybug08

AYWalton: of course Selma says all roads lead to Virginia.

fierybug08: of my friends has family from there. even a revoluntary war vet relative

alt: vkn, daviss & I were talking about the guy who wants his stuff for free... thanks for your repsonse to him that there is a cost to genealogy.

fierybug08: i am going along for support

vkn: lol

fierybug08: hey....yesterday, i was unable to get free image access to FamilySearch.

AYWalton: vkn, I followed the link---but did not see his original post in that article.

vkn: The news is hyper hysterical AYW

AYWalton: was wondering where he had placed the original query.

fierybug08: apparently you now have to be at a library or LDS church or index 900 items quarterly

vkn: alt he got me riled

AYWalton: did he write it to you directly?

alt: me too vkn....

daviss: not understanding that fierybug08

AYWalton: I too am confused fierybuy--what is hyper hysterical?

vkn: oops it is on Slave research AYW with a topic of Edgefield

AYWalton: Oh I see.

fierybug08: on the census images (pdf) were downloadable for no charge. However now you have to either be at an LDS, pay for a license, or index 900 items before being able to access the pdf images

daviss: hmmm I was there last night

vkn: Cynthia responded 2 him with a resource and he countered with "I don't want to pay $50.00 etc

fierybug08: i guess i will try again. daviss

AYWalton: Now I get it. I saw a post via email, clicked on a link to the article but never saw who had posted the statement and I wanted to put it in context.

vkn: yassum

AYWalton: Now it makes sense.

fierybug08: hi 3rd

alt: hello 3rdthawkins, how you doing?

AYWalton: I think that many don't understand that they are not paying for INFORMATION---because they can go and find it themselves for free. They are paying for the CONVENIENCE provided by the work of others, who have made the search easier.

daviss: I just went to family fierybug and no problem

AYWalton: FIRE---which brings heat is free-----but I prefer the convenience of turning on my central air---which pours into my home coneveniently---and so I pay for the CONVENIENCE of heat provided by BG&E, but if I don't want to pay---I could build my own fire and stay warm that way. we have to think about what we mean by FREE.

alt: yep, that's it AYWalton.... so if it is public information and FREE... have at it and go get it yourself LOL

fierybug08: lol alt

AYWalton: that's right, alt.

fierybug08: i agree

3rdthawkins: doing good alt, thanks

daviss: mabe the area that you wanted was down for maint or additions fierybug08

AYWalton: But don't ask me to give you my work--which is done to make the process convenient ---for free. Unless I have decided to volunteer. we don't always think that everything has a cost.

daviss: mabe so fierybug08

vkn: everything

AYWalton: I take it that the initial poster on that thread has not responded since.

alt: methinks he might be 'new' to genealogy, this was the 1st time I recall seeing his name on a posting.

3rdthawkins: familysearch been running slow on me lately for some reason

AYWalton: are you related to the person on that page, fierybug?

3rdthawkins: hello SElma

fierybug08: i'm not sure. i was trying to look at the record, but it says that licensing prohibits display of image on FamilySearch. I am getting really irriated with this.

AYWalton: howdy Ms. Selma!!!

Selma: Good Friday afternoon folks

AYWalton: Did you log in, fierybug?

daviss: oh ok I see fierybug. Texas had that problem not so long ago. They had to work out details with them

fierybug08: yep

AYWalton: sometimes you have to log in, to see an image.

alt: Hello Selma, how you doing?

AYWalton: I think they are having some kind of glitch in the system.

fierybug08: AY, it doesn't work when I log-in.

daviss: now the records are back up

3rdthawkins: fierybug08 1910, 1920, and 1930 census images are not available at Familysearch, never were, you have to go to another site, the 3rd party site for familysearch is ancestry, that's where they will take you....if you can access HeritageQuest (usually using your library card) you can see that image

AYWalton: they are having a glitch--I have the same problem today.

fierybug08: okay, thanks 3rd. I almost forgot about HeritageQuest.

AYWalton: hopefully it will work out in a few hours.

Selma: Glad to hear that about family search..and the has been slow for 2 days

3rdthawkins: 1910 1920 and 1930 census images are not avaible at familysearch, it will only take you to

daviss: fierybug08 what I did was call familysearch and they told me what the problem was

fierybug08: HeritageQuest records are much better too.

daviss: hello Selma

fierybug08: scan quality is better= HeritageQuest

Selma: For the poster who wanted FREE...I wanted to spend 6 years working on a project..then you can put it out there for FREE?

alt: get him Selma LOL...

3rdthawkins: I use familysearch as a helpful hint when I am looking for someone, the name could be spelled different, since HeritageQuest doesn't have wildcard searches, so FS is just a cross-reference

alt: that's why I didn't respond.. kind of got 'under my collar too'.

Selma: Since it is a public record he/she can get it themselves

vkn: lol selma

daviss: lol selma none of this tell me everything you have stuff

AYWalton: I suppose he got the message since he has become quiet.

Selma: You got it davis...researching Smith's in VA and NC..send me everything you have.. LOL

daviss: my email addy is

fierybug08: and it need it in 2 hours ;)

Selma: Yes, my family reunion is Saturday

AYWalton: I think that many beginners frame their questions like that---"send me what you have." And when you don't know, you don't know.

alt: is this family you are searching known to be 'caucasian" fierybug08?

fierybug08: yes and no alt

vkn: no for the family reunion this weekend lol

AYWalton: fierybug is the Grundy line in Conn, connected to the Grundys in OK/Ark?

alt: Genevieve is classified as 'white' from the description fierybug08

fierybug08: I'm not sure about the connection, although I do know that the Grundy family lived in Kansas.

vkn: y'all be good. nap time

AYWalton: laters, vkn.

fierybug08: I know...I usually also like to look at the neighbors too. I am trying to see if I can see a pattern

AYWalton: the family you showed is in Connecticut.

fierybug08: There were several mulatto Grundys in Cass County, TX. [in the 1910 Census]

daviss: fierybug08 what is gr grands name again

fierybug08: idabell booth grundy

daviss: oh yeah

Selma: Booth is her maiden name?

daviss: yes Selma

AYWalton: I would focus on the geographic areas in the region where the family was known to have lived.

daviss: fierybog08 how did you come up with Conn?

AYWalton: as well as black families in Ark/Okla areas.

daviss: oops bug

fierybug08: yes booth is her maiden name. i am not looking at Connecticut, i just clicked on it-- curiously

daviss: oh I see

AYWalton: some around my area---including the Felix that I mentioned before.

Selma: What year was she born

fierybug08: i haven't looked in Oklahoma AYWalton

Selma: What year was Idabell born?

fierybug08: Ida was born in TX Dec 1912, married 1937 in AR, died in 1974 in TX I have Idabell's death certificate

AYWalton: do you have the marriage record fierybug?

fierybug08: yes...I have a copy of it.

AYWalton: oh that's good. Where did she marry? which part of AR?

fierybug08: Miller County, Texas southwest AR (oops)-- Miller County, AR

3rdthawkins: husband name Earnest Grundy fierybug08?

fierybug08: yes

Selma: What are her parents names, was it on the marriage record

3rdthawkins: ok, I see the AR marriage record, you have that?

AYWalton: is that around Texarkana.

fierybug08: but I cannot find Earnest Grundy.

AYWalton: Selma Arkansas does not record that---at least the early records never did take that info.

3rdthawkins: yes Aywalton, part of Texarkana is in Miller Co.

fierybug08: AYWalton-- I believe so. I plan to go to Univ of MD to look at the Map of Texarkana, AR and Cass County, TX. It's in the archives

3rdthawkins: if she was underage, they would include parent or guardian's name

fierybug08: Selma, Ida's parents names are John C. Booth and Luna/Laura Webster

AYWalton: you are going to the Univ. of Maryland? Or are you going to the National Archives?

fierybug08: 3rd...Ida was over 18 when she married

3rdthawkins: ok, so you wouldn't see parents' name on marriage rec

fierybug08: AYWalton- the map is at College Park according to the ARC Catalog from the NARA no 3rd, it was on the death certificate

AYWalton: yes, fierybug---they mean the National Archives Branch located in College Park Maryland. NOT-------the University of Maryland College Park campus. They are two entirely different entities.

fierybug08: I have already found Ida on the census before she married

3rdthawkins: ok, so you can't find Earnest

AYWalton: Like Nordstrums and Home Depot. Two unrelated, un-connected entities.

Selma: Miller County Arkansas...abuts Bowie and Cass County Texas

fierybug08: thanks AYWalton. In the ARC Catalog, I searched on the NARA website, it gave me specific address, telephone number and location of the specific maps

AYWalton: and NARA in College Park holds their massive map collection. But it is not the University of Maryland, which happens to be in the same town. Two different entities.

alt: fierybug08, unless you just want a trip to U of MD and/or NARA you can probably find maps of the area in question online...

AYWalton: and yes, alt is quite right.

fierybug08: alt, I found the maps, but I can't read them clearly. The maps online have the enunerated districts drawn on them too

Selma: So you are trying to locate Ernest before he marries

fierybug08: Selma, yes I would like to find Earnest.

Selma: When was he born? How old was he when he married Idabell?

Seventies Soulchild: hello all! 3rd, alt, AYWalton, daviss, fierybug08, Selma

daviss: hello Seventies

Selma: Hi seventies

AYWalton: howdy SoulChile!

alt: hello Seventies Soulchild

fierybug08: hi seventies

Selma: I got rain storm going on here..and the Hurricane hasn't even gotten here yet

3rdthawkins: hello Seventies

Selma: Hi seventies

3rdthawkins: fierybug08 I got the same questions as Selma about Earnest, birth date/place, residence, I see a few Earnest Grundy's in Texas and Kansas

AYWalton: don't send it up this way, Selma!

fierybug08: Earnest was born around 1882.

3rdthawkins: ahh, ok

AYWalton: have you made a straight line connection going back in time for those Grundys?

fierybug08: no because I am trying to find Earnest.

3rdthawkins: you know Earnest' parents' name?

fierybug08: I found an Earnest and Ida in Kansas in the 1930s Census.

daviss: one question for me fierybug08 any idea where he was born

AYWalton: sorry, I meant have you gone back in time from the present---and have each line documented at least back to Ernest?

daviss: seventies stay safe, I have to keep that bar of soap handy

AYWalton: what part of Kanas?

Selma: Not sure I understand..did you say your Earnest and Idabell married in 1937?

fierybug08: if I look at the Kansas Census he was born in NEBRASKA, father from Germany, mother born in the United States yes

Selma: Yes to marriage in 1937?

daviss: hello profdru

AYWalton: I see one in Kansas---and his name is Earnet Grund and this is a white family.

fierybug08: sorry Selma, they were married in 1937

3rdthawkins: hello ProDru

AYWalton: ProfDru is in the house!

ProfDru: howdy gang

fierybug08: well darn, I can't distinquish my Ns from Ws.

3rdthawkins: if Earnest was born in 1882, it would seem he may have been previously married, that could be a possibility, right fierybug08?

daviss: what census is that aywalton

AYWalton: fierybug, this Ernest and Ida are already married, with children over 10 years old, and they are a white family, if it is the same one that I am looking at. 1930, in Arkansas City, Kansas. And the man is German. and since your Earnest and Ida were not married till 1937, you can eliminate this one as being your family.

fierybug08: okay, sorry for the confusion. It didn't sound right

AYWalton: Ok since they did not marry till the late 30s they will not appear in the census till 1940 as a couple.

alt: Seventies Soulchild, Tom Smith is found in Woodson's Free Negro Heads of Families on page #1 Alabama - Dallas Co. age bet 36-55 w/14 persons in the Household.

AYWalton: So any other Earnest and Ida who are married are NOT your Earnest and Ida.

ProfDru: Did you all sign up for Angela's webinar on August 31st?

AYWalton: So------decide who you wish to follow in the records. you can follow Earnest since males are a little easier.

fierybug08: okay, AYWalton-- I will stick with Earnest.

daviss: seventies soulchild

ProfDru: This is a historic webinar--the first AA one offered by Legacy

AYWalton: ok so----how old was he when he married. thanks for the mention ProfDru. I am excited. and tweaking the Power Point as we talk. lol before I upload my podcast!

alt: guess 70's ain't with us daviss

AYWalton: fierybug how old was Ernest when he married?

Selma: fiery, he was approximately 55 when he married?

ProfDru: why is no one answering my question?

fierybug08: no, I am looking for my notes

AYWalton: and glad to see that ProfDru's webinar is now up on their page.

3rdthawkins: sorry ProDru, trying to help fierybug

Selma: You said he was born circa 1882 earlier..

AYWalton: I guess they haven't registered, ProfDru.

Selma: Gonna register this afternoon AY

AYWalton: thanks, Selma.

alt: I just saw your message in an email this AM ProfDru

Selma: And I expectt to get a seat upfront.. LOL

AYWalton: lol

fierybug08: Selma, I think you can ignore what I told you about his age. I was looking at the wrong record. I don't have the marriage license with me

ProfDru: My webinar on voice technology will be in October--however this is not race specific. Nevertheless Angela and I have brought some color to the website of speakers. MLK and others would be proud of us. LOL

AYWalton: trying to represent!

Selma: yes he would

ProfDru: ok alt

AYWalton: does oral history indicate that is the case, fierybug?

alt: Yes, I noticed you and AYWalton were the only 2 persons of color in the lineup of upcoming Webinars... Congrats & kudos to the both of you!!!!!!!!

ProfDru: Legacy is also interested in a second webinar from both of us and we are in discussion about this now. thanks alt

AYWalton: fierybug--- I see a marriage record for Earnest Grundy. he married Idabel Booth.

daviss: does it give an age ay?

AYWalton: he was only 24 years old! NOT 55.

alt: sounds wonderful ProfDru .... hope you two "knock'em out!!!!"

daviss: ok thx

ProfDru: we will alt

daviss: what yr ay what yr was the marriage ay

AYWalton: SO---he would have been born in 1913.

daviss: ok thx

AYWalton: You will only have found him in 1930 and 1920 census years.

fierybug08: it was 1937

AYWalton: Looks like he was born in Queen City TX.

fierybug08: i want to take a better look at the enumeration districts because I think that they grew up near each other idabell and earnest

AYWalton: so we are looking for Ernest in Cass County TX as a child. ProfDru I am really tweaking the PowePoint in overdrive today!

fierybug08: that will be my assignment...look for earnest in cass county 1920-1930 census. thanks for helping me guys

AYWalton: well the answer lies in the geography. You don't need a map----they are near each other. just google the two places. yes they are close to the state line. and follow the records.

Selma: and Cass County borders Arkansas

AYWalton: I bet you can find them within an hour or less.

fierybug08: it also makes me wonder why if they lived in texas they had to go to arkansas to marry?

AYWalton: maybe her family or her church was there. keep in mind---- Texarkana Arkansas is also part of Texarkana TX.

fierybug08: well from my one childhood memory of a family reunion...we could literally cross the street to be in arkansas

AYWalton: Main Street divides the town in half----half in ARK and half in TX. exactly so that is not a major question. Maybe they liked the preacher on her side of town---not a real question or concerrn there. and often times weddings occur near the bride's home.

ProfDru: gotta go--just got an email from my sister about Hurricane Irene being worse than Isabel in 2003.

AYWalton: find Ernest in the census. say what Dru?

Selma: Oh good grief..and she would know

AYWalton: don' tell me that. gracious!! where is she? Fierybug, there are clues all over that marriage record for you.

ProfDru: my sister works in emergency management for the state.

3rdthawkins: I see a male Negro in 1930 census in Linden, Cass, Texas, 19 years old (1911), E.G. Grundy, a Prisoner

fierybug08: okay...thanks AYWalton

AYWalton: then she would know.

fierybug08: see...i was trying to figure that out earlier 3rd. i saw that awhile back

3rdthawkins: possibly could be your Earnest I wouldn't rule it out until you are sure

fierybug08: but, that may not be him if he was born in 1913. whoops...i just misread your last entry 3rd

3rdthawkins: age is only 2 yr difference, he may not have been informant when giving his age and name

fierybug08: okay...thanks for letting me share. I feel like a hogger. I will be back next week to share what I found

AYWalton: take care, fierybug. I have to run, folks.

fierybug08: I have to go back to work. :( Be safe people

daviss: later

3rdthawkins: oops, found another one she left was gonna tell her about it

Selma: Well time for me to go folks..hopefully I will still have tomorrow night for the chat

daviss: well at least she got a lead on the correct years

Selma: Trees going down and tearing down power and phone lines is a big thing here

daviss: Selma stay safe

alt: 70's signed in and left

Selma: Bye

3rdthawkins: alt and daviss, do you remember her mentioning searching for a Ragland??

alt: who 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: fierybug

daviss: not sure

3rdthawkins: I see a 3 yr old L G Grundy in 1920 Cass Co, but can't see the record, it could be E G, not sure

alt: me neither 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: ok, will have to get my library card to check HQ

daviss: later folks

3rdthawkins: see ya alt and daviss and 70s

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