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2011-08-19 DNA Testing • Townsend


Start: 12:00:39
End: 13:09:38
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, bearnut2, daviss, fierybug08, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy

3rdthawkins: hey alt

alt: Hello 3rdthawkins, how ya doing today?

3rdthawkins: good alt, Townsend family research coming together now

alt: okay, sounds good, you been busy then?

daviss: hello 3rd and alt!!

alt: WOW!!!!!! Hello daviss, welcome back you've been missed!!!!!!

daviss: thanks much alt, I sure have been having withdrawals lol

3rdthawkins: yeah, talked to my mother's aunt last nite, gave me info on my 2nd great grandmother Effie Roquemore, thought she died after 1900, turns out she was still living, died in 1968, found her death certificate and SSDI. she also married in 1930 hey daviss, good to see you

daviss: thanks 3rd I see you are still rolling around 3rd and getting more info How have you been alt?

3rdthawkins: yes, just got my mother connected with her father's side, the Townsends, this past Weekend daviss

alt: I've been doing well daviss, thank you for asking

daviss: thats great 3rd, had they been out of the loop, the Townsends?

alt: Effie, that would be your mother's grandmother?

3rdthawkins: no alt, my paternal grandfather's paternal grandmother my mom never knew her dad or her dad's family daviss

daviss: oh ok 3rd, thats good to hear they were connected Are the Townsends from Tx?

alt: okay 3rdthawkins... I keep forgetting how young you are and have to put your grand's & great-grand's into t time frame.

3rdthawkins: yes daviss, Camp County most of them are in California right now

alt: when you say grandparents you talking my age LOL LOL

daviss: oh ok, I have Motens/Mortons in Camp County I believe

3rdthawkins: Im sorry, Townsends in Panola County, it's my Cummings line that's from Camp County, I always get it confused

alt: so what have you been doing for yourself daviss as you were going thru 'puter 'withdrawal pains'?

daviss: absolutly out of wack alt. I did not know what to do with myself. You know I had tried for years not to do any work AND THAT STUCK WITH ME LOL LOL

3rdthawkins: hello fierybug08 and Selma, ran into each other coming in, I see lol

fierybug08: lol

Selma: Good afternoon everyone


fierybug08: hello everyone *virtual wave* to daviss 3rdthawkins Selma daviss alt

Selma: good to see you..missed you

alt: Hello Selma & fierybug08 ...hope you two are doing okay today.

daviss: whoa not screaming at ya'll lol

fierybug08: i am now...i've been missing everyone

daviss: thank you so much Selma and ditto

fierybug08: is anyone going to the upcoming FGS Conference?

daviss: I did get to go over to the State Archives one day and looked for some information on the AA schools here in Az from back in the day

alt: that sounds exciting daviss. glad you weren't completely inactive. FGS ..... not me fierybug08

fierybug08: *blushes* I was working too hard. But I did go to the library on Saturday. I found somemore of my people back in the 1900s

3rdthawkins: yeah, that was cool, I wish we could have drove by my mom's school, Mary Bethune, it just wasnt' close enough

fierybug08: I ask because I want to get the program syllabus. There are a couple of programs I would like to see. FirstSearch is offering to videorecord the conference proceedings for free

daviss: I was a bit disappointed that the microfilm for the pictures came out dark and triple disappointed to hear the lady tell me that once they put articles on microfilm that they destroyed the originals for lack of space

3rdthawkins: wow daviss

bearnut2: Hi everybody! Welcome back daviss!

3rdthawkins: hello bearnut2

fierybug08: i contacted FGS and they said that if they have leftovers (program syllabus) then they will sell them.

alt: hello bearnut2, how are ya today?

daviss: heyy bearnut2! thanks good to be back

fierybug08: wow daviss. That is very disappointing

Selma: Hi bearnut

fierybug08: hi bearnut2

alt: yeah, that was a 'bummer' daviss

daviss: The lady said that she will double check and get with me. I also told her that I would gladly take some of that old stuff off their hands

fierybug08: is there a way to lighten up the image?

daviss: no, we tried the scanner that they had

bearnut2: I'm good, alt! I hate that they destroy the originals!!! :(

fierybug08: i got a stupid question

3rdthawkins: hello AY

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

fierybug08: hey AYWalton

bearnut2: no question is stupid fierybug08

alt: hello AYWalton.. G'Day to ya.

AYWalton: howdy alt, bearnut2, Daviss!!!!! (hurray you are back!)

fierybug08: do people still put things on microfilm?

AYWalton: howdy fierfybug08, Ms. Selma!

daviss: I also talked to the school archives and the fella did email me some old pics they had

AYWalton: you made it back, huh, daviss?

bearnut2: thats not stupid at all fierybug08 --I have no idea!

daviss: Heyy Aywalton! I sent you email last night lol

Selma: Yes, things are still put on microfilm..all of RG 105 was filmed first

fierybug08: microfilm reminds me of 35mm exposures. i wonder if you can use a method to develop the microfilm into a photo? I don't know, but this is a great question to ask a librarian

AYWalton: yes, I just got it a few moments ago!

alt: good question fierybug08, I have no idea if they still do microfilming

AYWalton: you can find the answer on Google fierybug.

daviss: you know I was up late last night staring at the keyboards lol lol

fierybug08: lol @ daviss

bearnut2: I'm googling right now lol daviss

AYWalton: Just google it, fierbug08

fierybug08: I'll have to look into that. My work neighbor is the archivist


3rdthawkins: I was over looking my maternal grandmother's step-dad's family in census, saw some Waltons living with them and thought about you AYWalton

AYWalton: most information (that is not classified) can be obtained by asking the question the right way. Sometimes you just have to reword the question if you get no hits.

3rdthawkins: alt, did I say my PATERNAL grandfather's paternal grandmother was Effie? I mean my MATERNAL grandfather's paternal grandmother was Effie Roquemore..just for clarification, don't want any confusion in the future, lol

AYWalton: My Waltons are not related to other Waltons. The name came from Walters, and gr. grandfather changed it.

3rdthawkins: ok, was just thinking of you when I saw it AY...

AYWalton: he only had one son who had children, and the one son had 3 sons and of the the three--only 1---my dad had children. daviss did you see the article from Jet that I posted that mentioned Zephyr's name?

3rdthawkins: ok AY, sounds good but ain't htat something, only a few have children, I see that a lot in my family tree

fierybug08: i found out that old Jet magazines are archived on Google

daviss: yes I did AYWalton

AYWalton: I was so surprised to find it. yes, fierybug that is where I found the article from a 1967 issue online.

alt: Ebony & Jet fierybug08

daviss: yes fiery and also Ebony

3rdthawkins: yes, they are fierybug08

AYWalton: and then I found that wonderful article about Zephry Wright! Great article indeed.

fierybug08: i didn't know. 8)

AYWalton: well I have to run and go tape the podcast! Have a good day everyone!

3rdthawkins: Google books have just about every book imagineable

alt: neither did I until just this past year fierybug08

3rdthawkins: welcome back vkn

daviss: and even more remarkable is that she is from Marshall Texas as well as my Zepher

fierybug08: hi vkn

bearnut2: Hi vkn

alt: Hello vkn... how are ya?

daviss: heyyy vkn!

alt: look at who is back with us vkn

daviss: oh AYWalton left {sniff} ;) @ alt

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: bearnut2, are you a 'contirbutor' to the 23andme online community?

bearnut2: yeah alt I'm A10SCN2

vkn: Howdy and heyyyy to each and all. i am working under the hood so not to mind me DAVISS!!!!!

bearnut2: I've contributed to a "tussle" or two... lol

daviss: speaking of 23and me alt did you get in that last venture

alt: okay bearnut2, thanks... I don't know if I can post until I get my results back.... is that right?

daviss: lol vkn!!!

bearnut2: no, you can post now--join in!

alt: Yes I did daviss .. and they received my sample 16 Aug... so I guess I'll hear from them toward the enod of Sept... if not sooner.

bearnut2: did you get in daviss?

alt: think I'll do some more reading bearnut2. I'm not quite ready for prime time LOL LOL

daviss: That will just be for the health portion won't it

bearnut2: nope--its for everything daviss :)

daviss: aha! bearnut2 thanks

bearnut2: lol alt

daviss: and yes I did bearnut2

vkn: fierybug how you be? Missed ya

bearnut2: yw daviss they combined everything last year so there is no longer a health only/ancestry only pay--you get it all!

alt: good daviss, glad you made it.... just you, or did you have other family members invilved?

bearnut2: yay daviss--glad you joined the "family" too ;)

daviss: no, I wish I did.. Its to late now isn't it

alt: I think so.. at least a post from 'cynthia' indicates the offer has elapsed

bearnut2: I don't think its too late but I know they are being a bit more "discriminating" as to who they offer the kits to now--due to some complaints of folks who really don't qualify being given kits

daviss: how so bearnut2?

bearnut2: It has always been said by 23andme that participants should be those that identify as African American, black or African ancestored...

daviss: right!

bearnut2: but some folks who have found they have .8% african in 23andme have applied for kits and some folks who wouldn't "dare" be called African anything have all of a sudden decided that they should participate so they can get a free kit...

daviss: I see so how would they know

bearnut2: its mainly all about the "free"!

fierybug08: what? the kit is free?

alt: yeah, I read some of the post that called 23andme being discriminatory by only offering this free test to AA's and those with AA ancestry.

bearnut2: I think they are going to target the remaining kits to AA organizations kind of like they did with the Urban League

fierybug08: that's not discriminatory... *eyerolls*

alt: it is according to some of the posters fierybug08

fierybug08: I can assume these posters are of another persuasion?

bearnut2: alt--yeah and they have constantly said that if this venture goes well, they will then target other under-represented groups

vkn: y'all be good and take care

daviss: so I guess its no use asking my daughter to send for one or mabe her father

bearnut2: I always found it kind of "funny" that the Fibroid info was only tested on Europeans and

fierybug08: Okay...since I am slow. I guess I can go to 23andme website and see what they are testing for

alt: I can believe that bearnut2 .. as they state the project is for the under repesented AA's in the health/medical arena and not for the genetic genealogy aspect.

bearnut2: daviss--you can try--can't hurt

fierybug08: but, they provide genealogy aspects with the test?

daviss: ok, I think I will bearnut2 thx

bearnut2: fierybug08 --yes the "project" is mainly to get AA specific health info but once you test, ALL of 23andme's resources are available including genealogy

alt: yes fierybug08, the genetic genealogy Y/mtDNA and admixture, right bearnut2?

bearnut2: you got it alt! lol and also relative finder which is like family finder on FTDNA

daviss: ok so would there be an extra fee bearnut2 for that

bearnut2: nope! daviss with the RITF project EVERYTHING is FREE!!! Thats why folks who don't really qualify want the kits so bad!

alt: that's what I'm interested in... the Relative finder aspect to see if there are any crossover's from FTDNA.

Selma: Folks I have to run..have a great day

daviss: wow!!! that is wonderful'

fierybug08: okay...i just looked and i don't see free. I see a $9 per month fee to try

bearnut2: daviss--normally a kit is $99 up front and $9/month subscription for a minimum of 1 year. With the RITF project there is no cost up front and no subscription.

daviss: I would love to do the Relative Finder

bearnut2: You'll have it daviss 23andme differs from FTDNA in everything is included in the one test. You get Mt haplogroup, Y haplogroup (if you're male), percentages of African, European, Asian, and matches to dna cousins.

fierybug08: Here's the link

daviss: surveys here I come lol

alt: bearnut2, on the relative finder.... do you have matches that includ matches outside of your known relatives who have tested with 23andme?

fierybug08: they say you have to enter your email address then they will notify you.

bearnut2: yep thats it fierybug08 alt--yes I have matches to my parents, grandmother and uncle of course and then about 200 other matches to folks that I had no idea I was related to I found a "real" cousin there who there is a paper trail to but she hasn't yet spoken to her mom to find out exactly how we are related. ugh!

alt: 200 wow!!!! I only have 25 matches on the FTDNA Family Finder... no known relatives

daviss: interesting

bearnut2: alt--yep and thats only my matches--my family has others which i don't have oops I think we chased everyone away with the 23andme talk lol

alt: I can belive that bearnut2 .... admixture casts a very wide, broad 'net'.

bearnut2: that it does alt--thats why I'm so glad I got my family tested too

daviss: alt you did the admixture at FTDNA didn't you

alt: could be bearnut2, but we listen to their 'interest' & findings" yes daviss and AncestryByDNA about 6 years ago.

daviss: ok

bearnut2: very true lol I think I've earned a rep as the "dna-nut" lol

daviss: so besides alt I can rattle you bearnut2

bearnut2: yes rattle away daviss! lol

daviss: :?

fierybug08: no...i'm here, just reading on the website

alt: well, I certainly respect your insight & opinion bearnut2

bearnut2: thanks alt--I really appreciate that and as soon as FTDNA opens up their database I'll be bugging you for info!

alt: when I talk with you bearnut2 it is always enlightening.... I get more than the "I've done DNA testing"....

daviss: when my results get in I sure will look you up because my head is thick and need down to earth explainations that I can understand lol

fierybug08: i'm going to run. I have to prepare for a meeting. I will see you wonderful folks later.

bearnut2: lol I'll do my best daviss

daviss: hehehehe

bearnut2: I think I've got dna-on-the-brain alt...

alt: OH, I saw Linda's repsonse to me and DR. McDonald... seems I can download the FTDNA FF raw data at this time LOL

bearnut2: whan I first got my dad's results I was CLUELESS but I really wanted to understand so I just dove in and asked a bunch of questions and started reading up...

alt: can=can't download at this time

bearnut2: there's still a bunch I don't know or understand and some stuff I don't even TRY to understand but I know enough for what I want to do with it :) why not alt?

alt: dunno.. that's the message I got this morning when I tried to download the raw data.

bearnut2: hmmm--hopefully it will be fixed this afternoon

alt: I'll try later....

bearnut2: That really good though because you can send him your FF data now and then your 23andme data later and compare

alt: that 15 minute turnaround time that was mentioned really has my interest.

bearnut2: alt lol don't rely on that too much--he does it in his spare time so sometimes its quick and sometimes it takes a few days...

daviss: I better run now.. I am using grands computer for now and need to use it to the max until she needs it back lol lol

alt: okay, understood

bearnut2: lol take care daviss

daviss: take care bearnut2 and alt

alt: later daviss , glad to see you

bearnut2: glad to see you back in action

daviss: thx much and see ya later

alt: and I'll be in touch DNA-wise bearnut2

bearnut2: alrighty then! c ya on 23! lol

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