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2011-08-05 Presidential Memorial Certificates


Start: 12:06:17
End: 13:09:51
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bearnut2, deannie, jhonora, ProfDru, Selma, vkn

AYWalton: Hey hey hey, it's honora!!!!! wassup jhonora??? hello there, bearnut2, howdy alt!

bearnut2: Hi AYWalton, alt, and jhonora

AYWalton: hope you are all well.

alt: hello AYWalton, bearnut2 & jhonora.. hope you all are doing well today.

AYWalton: how are you today alt?

bearnut2: I'm pretty good--just having a "discussion" on the 23andme forum about the African Health Project

alt: okay AYWalton, thanks

AYWalton: sounds interesting. what are folks saying?

jhonora: Hello alt, AYWalton, bearnut2

bearnut2: yeah, I knew there would be folks who suddenly decided to "use" their African percentage for a free test... I just didn't realize some would be so blatent about it. lol

jhonora: I hope y'all have been good, just back from a week in Los Angeles

AYWalton: are you saying that folks who live not as black but white, who are taking the test? hope you had a good time in LA, jhonora.

bearnut2: aywalton--yes

AYWalton: what took you there, jhonora?

alt: bearnut2, how 'deep' is the Y & mtDNA testing by 23&me? like how many markers for Y & what resolution for mtDNA

jhonora: Our Nat'l Convention with the knights.

AYWalton: alt they are actually conducting HEALTH analysis primarly, and want 10,000 black folks to submit samples.

bearnut2: alt--I'm not sure--we get a mtdna and Y haplogroup but thats the extent of it

AYWalton: they will do admixture as a throw in benefit.

bearnut2: hi seventies

AYWalton: the focus is HEALTH and genetic predisposition for certain diseases. genealogy is not their focus primarily, but they will do the admixture and include it in the results.

alt: I saw the ad & submitted for the 'free' kit, was gonna try and get a couple of grandkids to test with them.

bearnut2: they also have relative finder that is similar to family finder

AYWalton: which is probably why they have Skip Gates---the only non-scientist listed as a "sponsor".

jhonora: Forgive me, which test service is this?

bearnut2: 23andme

alt: welcome home jhonora, hopr your convention was successful

ProfDru: hello gang

alt: Hello ProfDru...

bearnut2: jhonora--what are "knights"--Knights of Columbus? hi ProfDru

jhonora: close bearnut2, Knights of Peter Claver

AYWalton: 23&me is the test, bearnut2--the same group you were in a forum discussing. how was the convention, jhonora? Ah---ProfDru is in da house!

ProfDru: still a tired professor dru lol

jhonora: It was good, I think many more people are encouraged about sending me items for the history project, AY.

AYWalton: oh that is wonderful, jhonora!!! I am excited to hear that!

jhonora: AY, I also had a long conversation with Ms. Yvonne Lansey before I left, she was the last president of Ideal Bank in Baltimore.

alt: wonderful jhonora, a "heightened' awareness is always good for any organization.

AYWalton: how is ProfDru today? what did you all talk about, jhonora?

ProfDru: tired

AYWalton: still tired, ProfDru?

ProfDru: tired, but making myself get up and moving.

bearnut2: aywalton--yes--there was a guy on the forum who identifies himself as "Hispanic"--and would probably be offended if anyone called him "African-anything" but he wanted to participate so he could get a free test. When he found that he may or may not get a test, he then decided that it was a waste of his time if he wouldn't get the free test. hmmm...

jhonora: About her family, their bank, and their long history in Baltimore, I thought you might know of them.

AYWalton: that is interesting, bearnut

alt: bearnut2, do you think the 23&me is misleading as to the genealogical statements of the testing?

bearnut2: alt--I don't know what you mean...

AYWalton: I am not a Baltimore native (remember I am really Arkansas/Oklahoma), but I have heard of the name is all.

jhonora: lol I remember, you are from the "territory"

alt: other than a basic haplogroup assignment... a "letter", how deep is the Y & mtDNA?

AYWalton: lol that's right. I am an intruder here in Baltimore. who just left the room? ahh ProfDru, she is still tired. Her grandmother died last week and the funeral was this week.

bearnut2: alt--ok I must not be getting it--the test at 23andme is autosomal they use SNPs not STRs so for Y and mtDNA you only get a haplogroup assignment...

alt: example bearnut2, I'm I1d1-P109 from the 67 marker Y-DNA with FTDNA would 23&me simply state I'm "I" as a 12 marker test would tell me.

bearnut2: You then get percentages of your "makeup" (African/European/Asian) and you also get matches to other people who have DNA in common with you.

AYWalton: Howdy Ms. Selma!!!

bearnut2: alt--Ahh--now I understand--you would get the same depth as you would for the 67 marker--for example my mtdna is L3d1-5

alt: okay bearnut2, on FTDNA's Family Finder I have 22 matches .... 3-5 cousin range... is that similar to Realtive Finder?

bearnut2: ok lost some letters! lol Hi Selma!

AYWalton: Selma how long do you have to wear the cast?

alt: WOW!!!! that's at a pretty deep level for a 'free' test.

Selma: 2 weeks weeks If all goes well I will be getting a walking cast

alt: your hardcast have a 'heel' so you can use your walker Selma?

Selma: heel..I use the walker but I HOP

alt: okay Hopalong LOL

AYWalton: no crutches, Selma?

Selma: Oh yes I have those too...I am like a rehab center here

AYWalton: lol

bearnut2: alt-yes I have around 200 on relative finder

alt: Anita has 'crutches', no weight on the 'bad' foot for two weeks.

AYWalton: well hang in there---once you get the walking cast I know you will be happy so you will have some mobility! have to run folks.

alt: is that right bearnut2 ... 200, that's a sizeable number.

AYWalton: jhonora will send you Agnes Callum's number. take care everyone, have a good weekend.

jhonora: Thank you!

bearnut2: alt--yeah each of my family's profiles has around that number but out of all 5 of us, I'm only sharing with 158 selma--ouch--hopefully you were having fun right before you broke it ;)

Selma: Yes I was

bearnut2: lol good! lol

alt: she was 'slidin' bearnut2 LOL

bearnut2: electric slidin' maybe?

Selma: no

alt: when does school start jhonora?

jhonora: On the 29th

alt: okay, you're a Jr. this year, right?

Selma: Is your summer going well jhonora

jhonora: Going well, Selma

bearnut2: brb

deannie: Hi Lunch Bunch

Selma: Hi deannie

deannie: I'm at home today....and I remembered to come in

alt: hello deannie , how are ya?

deannie: Great and you alt

alt: tolerable deannie, just tolerable

vkn: Howdy to all

deannie: Hi vkn

alt: I got an email from my AfriGeneas Angel..newspaper article... the ancestor in CA was suing the Tehama Co. bBoard of Education in 1871 for discrmination of AA students.

Selma: Great alt

alt: she also sent pics of tombstones and an Obit.

vkn: Wow civil rights ancestor alt That is terrific congrats

alt: yeah vkn... the were suing school districts in Ohio, Iowa & now CA about the treatment of Black students.

vkn: What was the year

bearnut2: alt --wow thats great!

alt: this with UGRR & CW activities makes me feel 'pretty good' about the ancestors.

bearnut2: deannie what areas are you researching

alt: Selma. tiger's 1st round wasn't too bad, huh?

Selma: Didn't see too did he do

alt: 2 under for 1st round....

deannie: States...Mississippi, Illinois, this moment I am working on Presidential Memorial Ceritificates for deceased veteran

bearnut2: deannie wow! How do you get the PMCs for deceased veterans?

deannie: What about you bearnut2

Selma: Gotta run folks..need a nap..all this hopping is tiring:} Have a great day

alt: sleep well LOL

bearnut2: Im in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee

jhonora: deannie, you prepare those?

deannie: I not good at sending website but just good to google and but the name in they will give you the wedsite...with the form

bearnut2: cool deannie thanks!

deannie: You are welcome////

jhonora: alt, did you hear, they just honored the original Metoyer as a Rev. patriot

alt: thought I saw sumpin' bout that jhonora

jhonora: Thanks to the work of Michael Henderson

alt: Henderson is 'working' the SAR thing quite well jhonora

bearnut2: deannie what a great program! I will definitely be sending for certificates for all of my family's deceased veterans! :)

alt: quite meaningful with Pres. Obama's signature, huh bearnut2?

jhonora: He is alt. I know some other SAR/DAR, one was the first black president of Mississippi State Chapter.

bearnut2: Yes! Very meaningful! deannie

deannie: I have received 2 as of today,,,Civil War, WWII and waiting for 2 can requests for as many copies of the same give other family members a copy too

alt: I think the Lineage Society things are great jhonora, great wau to honor ancestors and to have your documented research verified & perserved.

bearnut2: I will get started on my requests this weekend. Thanks again for the info--I'm excited!

deannie: Good Luck

jhonora: I think so too, alt. But as I have discussed with Henderson and others, the "proposers" thing often deters blacks and those not well-connected.

bearnut2: well, guess I'd better go too. Have a good day everyone.

alt: later bearnut2, take care well deannie, you made someone's day with your PMC information.. congrats!!!!

deannie: Thanks alt...I have learned a lot in this site and Im glad to show others what I have learned....I have had great teachers I'm planning on taking a genealogly class at the local junior college do you think I will pass lol ....the Army giving me a certificate for classes so I'm only taking funny classes

alt: only if you study hard deannie lol might be careful.. yo could end up teaching the class LOL

deannie: I i need help with my homework I will go to this site called AfriGeneas to get help That what one of my co worker said.... I we going to be in the same place to year I=Are

alt: probably and I'll ask again.. Do you know ???? LOL

deannie: I know i'm going to FGS in Springfield it so in Illinois,,,want to go to the Black Summit in October

alt: I'm outa here y'all take care.

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