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* SunMornBrunch

Start: 11:28:43
End: 13:09:03
Chatters: 3rdhawkins, alt, AYWalton, fairwinds, jhonora, keli1, Khathu, ProfessorDru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, trisha, vicky

3rdhawkins: hey alt

alt: Hello 3rdhawkins ..whas up?

3rdhawkins: nothing much, trying to gather all the records and information I have on my maternal family to give to my grandmother for her birthday

alt: wonderful... when is her birthday?

3rdhawkins: in June, in about 2 or 3 wks

alt: okay, a nice package would include, charts, copies of records & perhaps a family timeline.... can you do something like that with your software package?

3rdhawkins: I wanted to give her some indexes from census, but it's hard doing it horizontally. I don't know how to make it vertical where it will print out wide yeah, I can do that....

alt: I did a package for Anita's oldest sister 86 y/o. her ancestors & descendants charts, narratives, w/copies of census & other records and she will enjoys reading & re-reading it. will=really

3rdhawkins: how do you do the census? make copies

alt: made copies of the printed pages from Ancestry.

3rdhawkins: oh, did it come out good? I did it from my computer, but the writing is too small

alt: or rahter the image pages

3rdhawkins: oh, Ok, and you wrote the information in yourself?

alt: I did the feature where you printed only the section you wanted.

3rdhawkins: oh, ok I might have to do that

alt: she wasn't really concerned with the full image page, just the sections that showed her ancestors for any given censu year. she was on the 1930 page.

3rdhawkins: right, that's one thing to think about, especially given it to someone else, for me, I would rather have the hold thing, I like having everything right there in my face will I search on the computer hold-whole

alt: yes, me too, but they don't know or really care about ED's and all ot the header inforamtion

Khathu: good morning everyone

alt: just their names & ages

3rdhawkins: that's true........even though I included it

alt: Hello Khahtu

3rdhawkins: hello Khathu

alt: the other parts to the package show all of the other 'stuff' they are interested in. the charts & narratives , especailly w/photos if you have them are you doing a descendant thing for her too?

Seventies Soulchild: Hello 3rd, alt, Khathu

alt: Hello Seventies Soulchild

3rdhawkins: yes I am, that is the main thing hello Seventies

alt: they really enjoy that 3rdhawkins

3rdhawkins: alt, I am thinking about including the children of others, such as my great great grandfather's and my grgr grandmother's siblings, maybe not go in depth with their descendants, but just show other families...but that may be census or something

Khathu: Hello Seventies

3rdhawkins: or a family group sheet

alt: I took the package... about 50 pages to Office Max and had them put a cover on it... used a photo of her and her husband for the cover photo

Khathu: That sounds nice

alt: the more you have the better they like it 3rdhawkins

Seventies Soulchild: Nice alt. 3rd are you making a family memorial booklet or something along those lines?

3rdhawkins: no, just something for my grandmother to give to her for her B-day

Seventies Soulchild: I wish I had made plans for this weekend. . .

alt: ancestor chart, descdant charts, narratives, cipoes of records (census, etc.)

3rdhawkins: alt, really? I might go to office max also

alt: family group sheets .. just about anything your software package can generate.. put it in there

Seventies Soulchild: does your software provide footnotes and references?

3rdhawkins: yes

alt: the binder w/cover makes it really attractive & they don't have loose pages to keep up with and it is in some kind of order for them to follow yes, the narratives can include, notes, indexes & source references

3rdhawkins: I just feel bad that I couldn't find anything on her father so she'll just get her maternal family

alt: you'll find something AFTER you finish and present her with the package LOL LOL

3rdhawkins: lol I know, right :) it may take a trip to AR which I can't do right now

alt: you're in Joplin, right? how far into ARK will you have to go?

3rdhawkins: I'm in SW MO (Joplin), Hempstead Co. is SW AR near TX and LA

alt: okay

Khathu: Have a great everyone

3rdhawkins: you too Khathu

alt: I used to drive thru Joplin on the way to OKC ..on I 44

Seventies Soulchild: I've got to get going too. Parents anniversary dinner today...

alt: enjoy Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: I'm going to be marinating in red wine. . .

3rdhawkins: ok Seventies, bye have fun

Seventies Soulchild: I will try. . .

alt: how many years 3rdhawkins

3rdhawkins: you mean, for my grandmother?

Seventies Soulchild: bye fellas

alt: gone, I meeant for tha anniversary, but yes 3rdhawkins .. how old/young will your grandmother be?

3rdhawkins: 80 she just missed the census by about a couple of months

alt: okay, my age then LOL I just turned 76 on the 11th of May your gift is great!!!! just wish my grandkids were interested in genealogy.

3rdhawkins: but she has already got to she her parents and siblings in 1930.........she has seen all of the census, so it won't be too much of a surprise she-see

alt: well hello fairwinds, how have you been?

3rdhawkins: hello fairwinds

fairwinds: hi! good- thanks and how have you two been?

alt: how are ya fairwinds?

fairwinds: Alt are you still in MD?

alt: trying to stay out of trouble me, no I'm in OH fairwinds

3rdhawkins: doing good fairwinds

fairwinds: oh, ok- whats good these days?

alt: it'a all good LOL LOL

fairwinds: gearing up here for Memorial Day protest at the cemetery

alt: is this the Auburn cemetery?

fairwinds: yep- I'm still at it

alt: stay on it fairwinds

fairwinds: until my last breath :):{

alt: wonderful.. it takes that kind of determination to get things accomplished

fairwinds: hi jhonora

3rdhawkins: Hello Jhonora

jhonora: Morning alt, 3td, fairwinds

alt: hello jhonora, is school out?

jhonora: Yeah, school has been out since first week of May

fairwinds: yes- reunited quite a few families and helped with some local research

alt: good man

fairwinds: got it cleared, but the preservation part isthe biggest battle you mean good woman? xoxoxo

alt: money and a sustained effort

fairwinds: had the clearing done by the dept of corrections. More people should use this resource.

alt: no that was to jhonora fairwinds,,, I know you're a good/great woman xoxoxo

fairwinds: hahaha

jhonora: Which cemetery are you preserving fairwinds?

fairwinds: xoxoxo back atcha...

alt: ty fairwinds

fairwinds: Mt Auburn in Baltimore

3rdhawkins: hello Selma

fairwinds: hi selma

jhonora: Morning Selma

alt: Hello Ms. Selma

fairwinds: prisioners need something to do, what better cause than a cemetery clean up

Selma: Good Sunday morning/afternoon everyone...

jhonora: Is it a church cemetery? How old is it?

alt: right, an article in today's paper mentione the help in prisoners... said they need something to do other than TV and playing cards.

fairwinds: The "stewards" are a church. 1872 inception

Selma: fairwinds...I was thinking about you, I think there was an article about Mt. Aubern in the Morgan STate University alumni journal

fairwinds: Yes- I am sure of it-I saw it also

Selma: Prisoners here do the mowing on our roads... Do you have a copy?

fairwinds: Morgan's beginning ties are at rest in the cemetery yes

jhonora: I've had prisoners to clean a cemetery i'm working on preserving.

fairwinds: they are honestly helping to make a difference out there-the church though has other motivations, money and greed

jhonora: Which denom.?

alt: Selma, I gotta find the information for you on the desc. of a McCollough (sp) from Hampshire Co., VA that had an investment in Morgan State..

fairwinds: I spoke with Dr. Richardson before he left Morgan-they truly want to make it a part of the Museum Studies Department.

Selma: Money investment

fairwinds: it's all good as long as they keep the families best interest at heart. which is not happening now... all of the ground markers, (trees, large stones etc) have been removed. in alot of the burial descriptions it read like this "third marker from the pine tree" thoas are lost forever

jhonora: Have you though of organizing a descendants society for the graveyard?

Selma: jhonora..I found an article circa 1951...3 soldiers stationed at Ft. Eustis from New Orleans..they were military police in charge of patrolling Negro Town..

fairwinds: yes- we have a families division that now speaks on behalf of some 80+ families

jhonora: Really, Selma, what were their names? fairwinds, do you all have a website?

alt: fairwinds has not left many, if any 'bases' untouched


alt: wb 3rd

fairwinds: thanks alt, its been a long hard fight to do the right thing

3rdhawkins: oops, not what I meant to push

fairwinds: :)

3rdhawkins: Let me go, have a lot of work to do....also cleaning and cooking

fairwinds: site is a little out behind-concentrating more on the battle field" then cyberspace :)

alt: take care 3rdhawkins , congrats on Grandma's birthday gift

jhonora: You probably have thought of it, but if there are any CW vets, having a Veterans Day ceremony with the local SUVCW can draw publiciity

Selma: Let me see if I can find the article...

fairwinds: We invited the Parks Service out about 5 years ago due to the number of sevice members there. Theyhave been coming out on Memorial Day ever since...

vicky: hello!

jhonora: Morning vicky

fairwinds: Hi vicky!

alt: vicky, hi....thought you would be at a track meet, or was that yesterday?

jhonora: Fairwinds, y'all are on the ball!

fairwinds: hi Angela!

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: Hello AYWalton

jhonora: Morning AYWalton

AYWalton: Hello alt, fairwinds, Selma, Ms. Vicky, Hey hey hey, it's honoray! howdy jhonora

vicky: it is today also but tyler is not running

fairwinds: A- are you coming out for the AAGHS picnic?

AYWalton: probably so---if the weather is good.

alt: told ya jhonora... fairwinds has left no bases uncoverd, she is on Da Case!!!! bigtime!!!

AYWalton: if you are speaking about hte BAAGHS picnic on Saturday.

fairwinds: it'll bee good to see you there yes-that one on the 5th

vicky: I was there last night until almost 9pm alt

AYWalton: likewise, fairwinds.

Selma: Grandma duty.. LOL

alt: hehehehehe @vicky.. A grandma's gotta do what a grandma's gotta di

Selma: I gots the little angels here... LOL BRB

AYWalton: how old are they, Selma?

vicky: Hi finished 5th alt. He said he got tired so he slowed down a step or two lol

fairwinds: Selma-did you find the article?

vicky: sel is off line right now

alt: ain't that what you're supposed to do when you get tired.. slow down LOL

fairwinds: lol @ alt

jhonora: One more thing, fairwinds, the UM's have an excellent system of archives and hist. societies. Has the national level been of any help?

vicky: yep, lol he is a smart kid

AYWalton: what areas are you researching, fairwinds--are you a Maryland researcher mostly? as you know most folks are MD/VA in the chapter. I am lone soul west of the Mississippi.

jhonora: We think of ourselves as the better half.

alt: hello trisha

fairwinds: Yes- to some degree- the "stewards" were receiveing National money for a Cold Storage House on the cemetery grounds. But, much to our dismay they let it collaspe

trisha: morning everyone

vicky: 'hello trisha!

jhonora: Morning trisha

fairwinds: yes- a- md/va

alt: money is a BIG problem with restoration and preservation fairwinds especially when it comes to AA projects

AYWalton: which cemetery, fairwinds--sounds like Mt. Auburn.

vicky: MT Auburn AY

fairwinds: Absolutely, but here there are private funds available, but not as long as the church is involved. they have wasted millions in donatoins over the last 20 years

jhonora: How is their archival center, fairwinds, much of anything??

fairwinds: Yes, one in the same

alt: exactly fairwinds

AYWalton: anyway to get the cemetery away from Sharp Street? I would think that they would welcome the relief. It is in such sad condition.

fairwinds: We were able to move some of the records down here from Schomberg in NY to the Pratt Free Library on Cathedral Street- can't tell you how many families have been reunited from these

vicky: hello keli1

alt: hello keli1.. whas up?

jhonora: On their website, they claim to have Saturday clean-ups and all. They don't even link to your site.

keli1: good afternoon, hope all is well

trisha: hey Keli

vicky: fairwinds how did the documentary turn out?

fairwinds: been to the BW Methodist Conference to try to do just that- I will never give up! I hope to see it incorporated in the AA experience in Balto or at the least have Morgan oversee it

keli1: If anyone gets a chance to look at the 1900 census, Richmond VA for Christopher Baker, b. 1860, wife Martha, tell me what you see as his occupation, I am trying to figure it out. thanks

fairwinds: the trailer is up on you tube-PBS has picked it up locally-we are reaching out to HBO

AYWalton: hey there, Keli1! didn't see you slip in--I had stepped away from the computer.

keli1: howdy Angela...

fairwinds: j-they don't even acknowledge us-we have been at odds from the beginning-we are fighting as families to do the right thing, the church is looking solely at it for profit.

AYWalton: that is wonderful to hear about the families getting info from the Schomburg records.

alt: what do you think the occupation is keli1?

AYWalton: are burials still going on at Mt. Auburn?

fairwinds: you read my mind- A

keli1: he worked at a medical college, I am seeing super(visor) ??, Hall

alt: okay

fairwinds: 6 in the most recent months-There is still NO map telling or showing where anyone has been buried

keli1: but just can't get is one of those challenges

AYWalton: taking a look at the census keli1

alt: keli1, Robert Goins is getting quite excited about his findings in Belmont Co., OH, huh?

keli1: he is well known in the Richmond area, they are now trying to determine if he was the child of an enslaved couple, since there was a slave owner with the same name.

AYWalton: He was superintendant of Secting Hall.

keli1: yes he is, I am excited for him!!!

fairwinds: disgraceful! we will be looking to file an injunction in the coming months-that should force them to produce a viable map (which we know does not exist) and stop the burials

AYWalton: Did he work at a college keli1?

keli1: yes it was a medical college AY!

AYWalton: there was probably a building with that name, Secting or Sector, or something similar.

keli1: Secting was what I pieced but just not sure, it is not connecting to anything yet.

fairwinds: A-any Baltimore support is welcome or anywhere else too, for that matter :0

Selma: What medical college was that?

AYWalton: and the last word is Hall---look at the H in Hughes on the bottom of the page---same crazy "H". Something called Sector's Hall or Sexton's Hall probably on the campus. a near neighbor was a janitor at the college (or some college) and he probably was the Super or head of a staff at the Hall---which might have been a residence of some sort.

keli1: might be supervisor of section hall, it is now MVC I think Selma, his son also worked there as well, John Baker. I just received several write ups about him

Selma: AY I mailed you the inntro to the FB Index book...and the section with the info you are interested in.

trisha: I am trying to find family for a Lillian Wesley Lee married to Howard Nathaniel Lee. She was born in Savannah GA in 1936, Howard was born in Lithonia, GA in 1934. Lillian's parents are: Earline Hagood Wesley (married to Sumpter Wesley), Earline's parents are: Walter Hagood and Sarah Villard Hagood...any info, dates would be appreciated

fairwinds: hi Dru

ProfessorDru: howdy brunch gang

AYWalton: filing an injunction will be the way to go, fairwinds.

jhonora: Morning ProfessorDru

keli1: hello Pro..Dru!

trisha: Hello ProfessorDru

Selma: Hi Dru and trisha

AYWalton: Fairwinds have you considered keeping a blog about the conditions at Mt. Auburn. You have TONS of data on it and blog would be great! ProfessorDru is in da house!!!

Selma: Jeez jhonora..had the article last week when I thought you were going to be in the room..will have to find it again.

AYWalton: I have to run out shortly to try to find the FT Magazine August issue---so I can see the article Dru and Keil1 were telling me about.

fairwinds: Though about it-not sure if I could keep up with it... :(

keli1: Congrats to you Angela for being recognized in the current issue of the Famiy Tree Magazine.

AYWalton: thanks keli1, I still have to get a copy. I did go and renew my subscription that had expired.

jhonora: fairwinds, if you go to the Methodist conf. bishop or national leaders an really push the "deplorable" conditions of the "souls' resting places." It should work, never failed me, sell 'em on the souls part.

trisha: Fairwinds, the cemetery where my father is buried was a total disgrace. We would clean our section and other areas. We appealed to our city council and the city has taken it over, it is so pristine.

keli1: i never see them on the stands, so I subscribed, if you don't find one, let me know, I will be glad to send you mine

AYWalton: that is a great strategy, jhonora. I see them at Barnes & Nobles usually.

fairwinds: failed here - J- been to them 3 times-but never gonna stop putting it intheir face-they need to see it for what it is

trisha: Where there was neglect, families came out the day it was cut and cleaned, nd started putting flowers onthe was amazing.

AYWalton: Oh fairwinds----jhonora has a good point----AND I would also write a personal letter to Bishop Johnatha Keaton. He is the first Afr. Am. Bishop of the United Methodist Church.

fairwinds: trisha- there are 34 acres that have been virtually cleared since I began this 6 years ago-

AYWalton: He grew up in my hometown, and though he went to Catholic Schools---his family were loyal methodists, and he is a great person, I think who might take a personal interest in the case.

alt: fairwinds has been running into a money thing about /property/ and not doing the right thinr

AYWalton: I have to find out where he is based.

trisha: I did some editorials to our paper discussing the deplorable state of the cemetery nd the Mayor of the city emailed me. Subsequently my city councilman became involved and I was appointed to the city's cemetery committee.

fairwinds: A- I will try to see him-He was on the list but for later- Bishop Jonathan Keaton, thank you politics are deeply rooted in this preservation mission, unfortunately


AYWalton: I will try to get some local (Arkansas) points to put into the letter. He attended Philander Smith College in Little Rock, an HBCU, and a Methodist College. If you write you local bishop for MD, AND to Keaton, you might get some results. (and file the injunction)

trisha: like in lot of things in life fairwinds...unfortunately

Selma: I gotta run folks...Have a great day

vicky: fairwind is this the one

fairwinds: Morgan's involvement has helped, I must admit

AYWalton: wathing the video right now.

jhonora: AY, there have been Afr.Am. UM bishops since 1858

keli1: I saw a documentary on An Old Negro Burial cemetery in Richmond, where they believe the first enslaved of Virginia were buried-hwy 95 is over it and it was just paved, they been trying for a few years to get it recognized

AYWalton: I will put that out on Twitter for several hundred folks to see, fairwinds.

keli1: Me too

trisha: well folks I gotta run. You all have great day.

fairwinds: Keli, we had that done here also, Rt 1-right down the middle of our cemetery

alt: fairwinds, is one of the problems the church stewards fear is that it wil be at their expense to maintain the proerty once the renovation/preservation aspect of the property is finished?

fairwinds: That is a good idea-Angela-

alt: and they are more interested in the 'value' of the proerty as property and not so much a cemetery

fairwinds: No, if that was all, we gave them a solution for that. With the monies that would be coming into the cemetery fund. Creating a perpetual trust would take care of that

jhonora: Are they still burying there fairwinds, maybe they don't want to loose income.

fairwinds: the stewards are only interested in "lining there pockets" just like before yes- 6 in the most recent months

alt: it does sound political & financial

fairwinds: when I wanted to bury my creamated aunt there they wanted $1600- and could not give me an account of what that money would ne used for crooks- unfortunately, the word that frequently comes to mind-church people are human too-

keli1: called Meet me in the Bottom: The Struggle to Reclaim Richmond's African burial ground

fairwinds: I will take a look at that Keli- thanks

keli1: it was used from about 1750 to 1816

vicky: I have to run also..Time for Church

alt: laters vicky

AYWalton: am I back in the room?

keli1: I need to get back to my school stuff, enjoy your day..

fairwinds: yes :)

keli1: yes you are back

AYWalton: ok---I was in a room by myself, I think.

fairwinds: take care, keli

AYWalton: the system was acting up.

alt: fairwinds is unfortunately involved in a 'power struggle' and the church gas the upper hand .. legally. or at least this particular congreagation

AYWalton: the winning hand will be through the public humiliation, fairwinds is fighting a moral battle.

alt: lets hope so AYWalton

jhonora: I don't know if you answered this, but is their archival center of any help?

AYWalton: they should either do what should be done OR----relinquish their contorol.

alt: power is not given up easily.

fairwinds: hopefully, not for long, alt-Angela is right-morality is at stake and to preserve and restore this cemetery is the absolutely right think to do. this is God's path...

AYWalton: quite true!

alt: oh, I understand completely fairwinds

fairwinds: j- the church still has some records that they refuse to release of let anyone see and charge $25 per inquiry-what we were able to bring here from Schomberg are the only free records available

AYWalton: I have to run, folks. Best wishes fairwinds, and hope to see you on Saturday.

alt: laters WAlton-Raji

fairwinds: see you there, Angela- take care

jhonora: The cemetery I'm working on has one congregation which was merged after katrina and another with an 80+ old preacher. All I've been able to do is have the prisoners cut the grass.

fairwinds: are you in NOLA

jhonora: Yes, fairwinds.

fairwinds: I have been there many times and have visited many of the cemeteries there- So peaceful and beautiful!

ProfessorDru: gotta go

fairwinds: by Dru!

alt: laters ProfessorDru

fairwinds: me too, Alt-great to see you jere\

alt: my turn to split... laters y'all

fairwinds: me to- take care jhonora- great talking with you!

jhonora: Bye y'all

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