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Start: 12:07:35
End: 13:24:40
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, daviss, freeaainnc, Selma, Seventies Soulchild

3rdthawkins: what's up alt

alt: hello 3rdthawkins .. not much with me, how bout you?

Selma: Afternoon 3rd and alt

alt: Hello Selma.. how goes it with you today?

3rdthawkins: one of those days alt, everyday is something and everyday throws something at you. But I'm ok. hello Selma

Selma: Alt..I just read your DNA response to Linda...I am impressed with your understanding of the whole subject. Went right over my head.. LOL

alt: hang in there young fella,, it will get better.. I promise thank you Selma...

3rdthawkins: :) thx alt

alt: and BTW Selma, it may be that you are 'easily impressed' LOL

Selma: LOL...actually no I am not

alt: are you FaceBooking it now Selma?

Selma: Actually I suppose to sign in..I think I am dropping out

alt: like the Mafia, once in you can't get out LOL

Selma: Actually you and AY have a way of explaining the technicalities of the DNA process so that it makes sense to the lay person.. Although I do think some folks have unreasonable expectations

alt: I find it (FB) interesting, been able to find photos and make connections to many of the 'younger generations' in my family lines. on DNA yeah, what it can do for you, genealogically, is greatly misunderstood

3rdthawkins: for some reason, I just haven't been able to connect with anyone on facebook, then again, I don't know anyone, especially on my dad's side

alt: and I'm seeing more and more 'older folks' involved with FB.. seems to be a way to communicate with grandkids and even great-grandkids. and some of the 'organizational' pages can be interesting

Selma: I think seniors are becoming great users of FB

alt: yep, our genealogy group AAGGMV just started a Facebook page this last weekend.

Selma: Is that something you initiated

alt: we already have 2 websites, I was against a FB page, but if it will make us a better organization and get folks involved I'll have to 'go with the flow' lol

Selma: I was gonna is that different from your website?

alt: on our member website we can upload more information in the types of files... pdf, wav, word docs, photos, etc. and place the information in categories within website sections the MyfFamily website is more of an 'archival' type of site if you will FB is like 'what's happening now'.

Selma: Ummm

alt: and the website is 'searchable' within each section by category using keywords.

Selma: Seems like just one more thing to keep up with to me.....

alt: example, we have 10 years worth of quarterly newsletters on the MyFamily site, along with meeting minutes, bylaws, etc. hello daviss

daviss: hello, sorry I am late

Selma: Well, well, look whose late...hi daviss LOL

daviss: lol

Selma: It ain't like this is a job.. LOL

daviss: hahahahaha I know

3rdthawkins: hello daviss

alt: it's not Selma LOL

daviss: hello alt and third seems like it

alt: naw, this is a labor of love.

3rdthawkins: it is if you older people wanna keep us younger people attentative lol

daviss: I was trying to figure out how to post a newspaper article but having trouble

alt: we do 3rdthawkins .. and especially make y'all appreciate 'older' things. is it an article that has a "share' and/or 'print me' thingee daviss?

daviss: I had to put it in Word but cant copy and post from there

alt: hmmmm, print it, then scan it and then upload the image daviss that's one way of doing it

daviss: The scanner is off at daughters house and I can't find the CD to put it online again.

alt: Oops is it a 'current' article?

daviss: brand new scanner and for some reason its unhooked no its an article from 1913 but it is very just like it is for today. Its on Voting I am going to send it to you alt its a good read

alt: okay daviss thanks

daviss: I was going to put on FB or on my blog but now I am frustrated

freeaainnc: hi all

3rdthawkins: hello free

alt: hello freeaainnc daviss, a scanner solution may be in buying an all-in-one printer... then it will always be 'hooked up'

daviss: you should have it now alt hello there free

3rdthawkins: what are you trying to upload it to daviss? I can try to help if you want

freeaainnc: hi vicky, alt, 3rd

daviss: I am over to daughters house now alt. If I were at my house the scanner would be up

alt: my email is slower than ........ daviss

daviss: thx third but too frustrated now. I have been trying since 7 30 this morning

3rdthawkins: oh, ok

daviss: lol slower than daviss or slower than ........

3rdthawkins: I'm use to this because my mother is the same way

freeaainnc: lol

alt: slower than ........ the chat room won't let me say what LOL

daviss: lol lol

freeaainnc: lol

daviss: what have you been up to freeaainnc

freeaainnc: work and also working on my tribalpage

daviss: any more afrigeneas people come in to the library as of late

freeaainnc: but decided to come in today since I won't be able to tomorrow

alt: good freeaainnc , how are they coming along, both TP & work

freeaainnc: not that I know of Vicky

alt: have you shared your TP URL with us freeaainnc?

freeaainnc: alt - one thing I love about my new job is I'm surrounded by resources to help my own research. At work, I'm trying to get the November display table for Native American heritage month up when I first started it alt! lol, just a sec and let me get it

alt: wonderful freeaainnc, you're fortunate in that regard

freeaainnc: on the display table this month is one of AYW's books! I didn't even know we had a book by her, but found it

3rdthawkins: I know she will be estatic

freeaainnc: yep! :)

daviss: good job putting it up freeaainnc

freeaainnc: I've been pulling books for the table this past week and today looking for articles in our journals on the topic and finishing up the sign thanks vicky been using books here during my lunches to update notes for individuals and also added a few

daviss: I wish I were there to see your display

alt: gotcha in my favorites now freeaainnc, gonna keep up with ya too LOL

freeaainnc: I'm thinking about starting to take pictures of them just for my own memory how they were displayed so the next year I'll have the idea to do it again, but with different books lol alt, ok :)

daviss: What tribes are you focusing on free that are specific to NC

alt: greta idea on the photos of previous display free

daviss: yep, sure is alt

freeaainnc: Well, Cherokee of course, but since everyone associates the Cherokee with NC, trying to look for info on lesser known tribes like the Tuscarora, Tutelo, Lumbee, Saponi and Sappony, etc.

alt: it will also 'document' your talents in making up displays... a good feature for future use on your resume

freeaainnc: That's true alt and thanks :)

daviss: I have not heard of the first two but have the Lumbee and Saponi

alt: daviss, you do have Richard Haithcock's books on your self's, right?

freeaainnc: see, that is why I want to work on the lesser known. Lumbee and Saponi are tribes there are still here, but not the others

alt: Oops, the was for freeaainnc

freeaainnc: what book is that?

daviss: lol thought so alt

alt: He has several works on the Occanechie, Tutelo, Saponi & Catawba's freeaainnc

freeaainnc: I can only use books that are in the library

alt: I know freeaainnc, thought you might have been familiar with Haithcock.

freeaainnc: I don't think so, I don't recognize the name. will look in the catalog

Selma: You have Heinnegs book on the table..any number of the families in his book claim Indian ancestry

alt: Hi MOM

3rdthawkins: hello alt's mother

freeaainnc: hi alt's mother

Selma: You all do have his book don't you

daviss: hello alts mother

freeaainnc: yes selma we do

Selma: Who was that alt?

alt: Selma, I have an edition from back in the 80's (?) his work is os large now that he has put i on-line dunno Selma.. os=so

Selma: That wasn't you playing around alt

freeaainnc: alt, we DO have that book! I missed it before, but will definitely use it for the table

alt: nope, not with Mamma, evn to' she's been gone since 1961 she would still whip my butt for fooling around with her LOL

freeaainnc: oh wait, that might be the missing one!

alt: thoguth you would have Haithcock freeaainnc

daviss: see free we learn something new everyday

Selma: You mean someone walked off with it free?

freeaainnc: I don't know selma, let me go look and keep y'alls fingers crossed it is not missing

daviss: hurry and look free cause I use those fingers for typing :?

Selma: LOL

alt: I saw a post on AfriGeneas Western Forum today that was 'enlightening' on Native American & Black relations.

freeaainnc: *sigh* yeah, that is the missing one! lol vicky!

alt: haithcock or Heinegg?

freeaainnc: haithcock

daviss: someone checked it out or took it free?

Selma: So sorry free...I suspect that is a problem in many libraries...sticky fingers

daviss: thats so sad

freeaainnc: thing is though that we have tattle tape here so I'm surprised it is missing

daviss: I did read an article last week where someone sent in a library book after 35 yrs

freeaainnc: we have very few missing books here in the genealogy section because of that

alt: oh my, that is a great book,, bout 700 pages in the latest volume .. Selma his work somewhat parallels Heineigs work only it is on NA's

daviss: they could not pay the fine but sent a nice donation lol

Selma: I will have to look for it alt...

freeaainnc: oh, let me check something else

Selma: That happened at William and Mary..daviss I think I still have a book out from the NY Public Library that I took out as a kid..oh the guilt...its at my mother's

freeaainnc: drat! not there either!

daviss: yeah Selma ! lol what is the name of the book by haithcock

Selma: Folks gotta an appointment..have a great day

freeaainnc: alt, the one we have is from 1995

alt: Me too Selma, I 'borrowed' a course book when I was in college, too poor to buy the book so I checked it out from the Library.. still have it from 1954 LOL that is a 'good' edition freeaainnc

freeaainnc: '54??? wow alt! LOL

daviss: now adays you have to turn in all your library books before the end of the school year or they hold up your grade or pay for the book in grade school I wood check out bios like davy crockett.. no AA books in my school Louisa Mae Alcott, Betsy Ross wood = would

alt: freeaainnc, you have books by Art Burton in your display?

freeaainnc: don't recognize the name

alt: Loren Katz?

freeaainnc: don't recognize name we don't have a lot of NA books here and most are on the Cherokee

alt: these are more recent writers on the NA/AA 'confluences'. Art Burton is recognized quite a bit here on AfriGeneas.

daviss: whoa I have Katz. Bought a first edition at the book fair cost me only 15.00

freeaainnc: we don't have any books on Art Burton

daviss: The one I have by Katz is The Black West

alt: is Raleigh near Lumbee country? that's Pembroke, or sumpin', right?

freeaainnc: we do not have Loren Katz either I don't know where Pembroke is (except for "east") LOL We aren't *right* by it, but then again, it only takes 2 hours driving time to get to the coast

daviss: eventually I will get The Black Indians by katz

freeaainnc: alt, you know these sounds like great books that we don't have here (budget, we can't buy anything new at all for the past 2 years or so), but we're happy to take gift donations :) hehe

alt: I'll take a gift donation too LOL .... money be tight all ovah da world LOL

freeaainnc: lol

Seventies Soulchild: Hello LunchBunchers!

daviss: alt according to the report on CNN and MSNBC the top 2percent here in these united states made huge profits

alt: where have you been Seventies Soulchild?

freeaainnc: I'm gonna buy and donate Dr. John Hope Franklin's book hi SS!

daviss: just in the last two years I might add

Seventies Soulchild: Hey its about 70, out enjoying the last of the warm weather! lol

daviss: hello seventies soulchild sounds like a winner free. I commend you

Seventies Soulchild: Free I'm going to have to communicate with you more on FB. I always have questions for you and when you come on I've forgotten them! lol hi alt, daviss, freeaainnc and 3rd3

freeaainnc: LOL email them or post to my wall

alt: Seventies Soulchild .. check out a couple of AA Yellow Springs, Ohio grads from West Point... William Alexander & another guy, can't think of his name now, but he is now a Lt. Gen.

Seventies Soulchild: Are you talking about Gen Brooks?

alt: don't think his name is Brooks.. from YS...

Seventies Soulchild: hmmm I'll take a look at the general officers website.

freeaainnc: what is ys?

Seventies Soulchild: General's Brooks both are general officers twin brothers in the Army They are pretty nice guys.

alt: name-dropping here, but I knew the both when they were grwoing up here in the area, good friends with their parents, a classmate and frat brother with Alexnaders' father.

Seventies Soulchild: Both are AA ok

alt: not the Brooks

Seventies Soulchild: See I keep telling y'all alt knows everyone and everything! lol YS = Yellow Springs

daviss: oops brb

freeaainnc: he doesn't know the brooks :P

alt: yep

freeaainnc: oh ok

Seventies Soulchild: lol free

alt: YS= Yellow Springs

freeaainnc: lol

alt: gotta run y'all take care

Seventies Soulchild: I'm looking up William Alexander now. ok later alt

3rdthawkins: going to, have a good day

Seventies Soulchild: bye 3rd

freeaainnc: bye

Seventies Soulchild: daviss is going to come back and no one will be here. lol

freeaainnc: and then there were 3 lol I know

daviss: ok I guess I will go and look around for Silas

freeaainnc: ok

daviss: a new brick wall lol lol

freeaainnc: oh joy! LOL

Seventies Soulchild: ok update me

daviss: hehehehe

freeaainnc: have fun with it vicky!

Seventies Soulchild: who is "Silas"?

freeaainnc: I need to go too. lunch ended 23 minutes ago LOL

Seventies Soulchild: lol

daviss: a greeat great uncle of mine Silas Dickerson later ladies

Seventies Soulchild: ok I hope you find him & his people too... :}

daviss: yeppers byeee

Seventies Soulchild: byeee daviss

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